Season 6 Episode 14

The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2004 on The WB

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  • Magic School and Gideon are introduced, and we get a bigger reveal about Chris than we did in Chris-Crossed.

    I first have some advice for some people- DUCK.

    In usual Charmed style, the writers juggle about 6 balls at once, and they do a more than admirable job in this episode of keeping them all airborne. We have dark magic, a new recurring character, a new full time setting, further study of the sisters' characters, a big secret revealed, AND much lighthearted humor all in one episode.

    The main plotline is a whodunit, an original idea for Charmed, which involves the introduction of Magic School and the head schoolmaster, Gideon. The Magic School, even if unoriginal, is very cool and becomes a mainstay throughout the series, in fact, sometimes underutilized. Gideon, played by Gildart Jackson, is a fantastically played character who ends up being one of the best bad guys the show has ever seen.

    The Headless Horseman not only incorporates another storybook character, but it also leads to the humor in the show as our actresses get to show how well they can act from the neck up. And of course we get more progression for our characters. All three sisters are unhappy with magic's intrusion into their lives at the start. By the end, they are more at peace with who they are. Paige finds her calling, sort of, and Phoebe gets the first of many premonitions where she sees the future following the end of the series. The writers were brilliant to do this. It gives us the viewers something long term to look forward to even when the short term is not going very well. This premonition happens to have a wallop of a reveal, none other than the fact that Chris is Wyatt's little brother.