Season 8 Episode 7

The Lost Picture Show

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2005 on The WB

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  • The Lost Picture Show

    The Lost Picture Show was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama, and intrigue. It was interesting to watch Piper and Leo switched into each others bodies to walk a mile in each others shoes. The story was fun and full of surprises. I liked how every thing played out in the end. There was a lot of character and plot development, humor and magic. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • The eighth season of Charmed is the worst among all season.

    Something is terriblely wrong with Charmed. Begins with the first episode in this season, the episode getting bored and filler. Nothing happened!! What happened in this episode except the demon who trapped Sam inside a painting? Half of this episode is full with Billie. Billie, Billie, Billie. Billie's the reason why I should stop watching this series. I love Kaley Cuoco, but I hate her character so much!! She's just Paige's charges, she should not be a main character. The appearance of Billie is just making the show worse!!

    A filler episode with nothing happened at all. One of the worst episode in this series.
  • Picture, Not Perfect

    An episode which has a ton of different storylines, some that are successful and some that aren't, The Lost Picture Show was an episode I was looking forward to but which never really fulfilled my excitement.

    The episode sees Paige's dad Sam popping up to ask for help when one of his missing charges suddenly re-surfaces after being abducted by a demon who locked him and other future Whitelighters in photographs for 50 years. Meanwhile, Piper and Leo swap bodies and Phoebe, in another desperate attempt at getting knocked up, becomes a prostitute... kidding.

    The whole episode feels a lot like somebody got hold of the scripts for Sam I Am, Siren Song and The Painted World and then through in a little Chick Flick for good measure. Disappointing. Besides the basic storylines having been done to death already, I did find most of them entertaining. Despite being slightly anti-climatic, the Paige/Sam story was enjoyable, mainly down to the excellent performances from Scott Jaeck and (shock horror!) Rose McGowan. What's happened to you Rose? After three years of shoot-me-now performances, you suddenly start getting good again! Yay!

    The demon-polaroid thing was kinda lame but still fun to watch. The photographs themselves looked really corny and the ending was complete garbage but the journey getting there was enjoyable. The ending seemed slightly rushed, however, and I was disappointed that everything was undone just because Paige called her father "Dad".

    The body swap was kinda pointless. We've seen power swaps, pregnancy swaps and, uh, body swaps countless times before on Charmed and, to be honest, do we really need another one? The previews made it seem that this was the main storyline but far too little screen time was devoted to it and I thought Holly Marie Combs was pretty useless throughout. Whilst Brian Krause looked like he had put at least some energy into his performance as Piper (probably because he's leaving in 3 episodes), Holly just sleepwalked through the entire thing and acted like, well, Piper. Still, there were some funny moments, in particular the screaming in the car and the "tinkling standing up" line.

    The other two subplots weren't so successful. I am getting increasingly bored with Phoebe's attempts to get pregnant and I can't help but want her to get possessed by a demonic hooker so she could get the deed done as soon as possible! Thankfully, the storyline appears to be over at the end of this episode but I guess we'll have to endure her finding a new man sometime in the near future.

    Billie's subplot was also a mess. Why is she there???!! I am completely uninterested in her personal problems and her little thing with JD in this episode felt out-of-place and unneeded. Kaley Cuoco just can't convince at anything she does! Even her hugs seem weird! Get her off the show! Fire her instead of Brian! And fire her make-up artist! She looks like a 60-year-old drag queen with all that plastered-on eye shadow and lip gloss! Aaaggghhh!!!

    And what the hell was with all the 50's characters that looked like rejects from Beach Blanket Bingo and then Phoebe's shrunken cardigan! It looked like the costume designer completely forgot about her job and just threw together any old garbage for the cast members.

    Thinking about it, the more and more I remember this episode, the more I start to hate it. Some parts were enjoyable but most of it was gouge-out-my-eyes bad. Simple, cheap-to-make, unmemorable Charmed.

    Rating: F
  • Did anyone get the ending?

    I didn't get the ending, Paige finally calls Sam 'dad' and all the victims are magically freed....ooook. I get why it would free Sam, hearing that would free him from his pain and therefore from the prison where the demon feeds on pain, but what's with everyone else getting free? And the whole Piper and Leo switching bodies thing...they did that before and needless to say it was more funny and more effective then than it was in this episode; I mean they don't truly even reconcile Phoebe has to counsel them which I found pretty corny. And what's with JD just dying like that? Everyone else except the Charmed Ones primary innocent was saved...? Another question I have though: WTF did Billie do to her hair she looks like she aged like 15 years and got beaten with an ugly stick in the process. Anyway for a final season I gotta say it doesn't look like Charmed is gonna go out with a bang.
  • Some really boring and way overused story lines, but a familiar face lightens things up a lot. Average Charmed.

    As so many other Charmed episodes, this one featured some bad things, and some good. The demons was very boring, and as they mostly are; a bad actor. He overacted and his acting just seemed strained and off. He was very unoriginal, even though the photography part was new. It didn’t work out very good, so he might as well have been one of the same old demons we always see. The JD/Billie romance was badly made, and although they were very much alike, it just seemed to fast, and they weren’t at all a matching couple. When Billie throes herself around his neck, it just feels desperate from her side, and not the genuine, sad feeling the writers must have imagined. The fact that they both played their roles very dull and bored didn’t make it any better. Phoebe’s story line was also very boring, and the baby obsessive Phoebe was just wrong. The fight between Leo and piper was refreshing and fun, but the way it developed was terrible. How many Piper/Leo body/power switches have we had now. Four? It’s just so overused, and they should know by now how the other one feel. Bad writers. The fact that Agent Murphy made an appearance wasn’t very good either. I’ve always found him boring, and this was no exception. His not having anything to do just made him even more boring.

    The only really good thing about this dull episode is the great interaction between Sam and Paige, and both of their acting. Their journey through the episode and the emotions it brought up was perfectly written and acted. Paige being the only sane one in the house and her struggle to reason with her sisters and her father was fun and so Paige. Week after week Paige is becoming more fabulous, and this episode is a great example to show that she’s the best sister at the time. I like that she’s accepting her whitelighter half more and more and is becoming more whitelightery. She really fits as one.

    If it hadn’t been for the great Sam/Paige story line, this episode would have been a complete catastrophe, but their great acting and excellent writing really heightened the episode very much, and kept it from being the worst episode in almost a year. It just felt like it kept going on and on, without ever ending. But despair not; only one semi-bad/average episode left, and then we’re at the two best episodes of the season, and one of the best episodes of the show.
  • JD is a man who was trapped in a photo for 50 years and manages to escape. Sam (Paige\'s father) is JD\'s whitelighter. Meanwhile, Leo and Piper see a magical marriage counselor.

    I think that Piper is right. How many times a day do they have sex??? That\'s ridcitulous. Also...Paige got her father out of the picture by saying Dad instead of saying Sam??? That\'s not an easy fix to a problem. Also...I don\'t get how JD found his father\'s tombstone so fast...wouldn\'t it take him a lot longer. This episode was okay...

    Smile please!

    I remember watching this when it first aired. Makes much more sense now I've seen the 160 odd earlier episodes.

    Each sister gets her own story this week. Paige gets the demon plot and a visit from her father. It's good to see Sam again and the banter between the two of them is excellent. Thankfully, the writers have also woven a pretty good plot around him. The magic camera is slightly daft but at least it's different. Look closely and you'll also notice the demon shimmers out in sepia. Neat touch!

    The idea of taking someone from the past and watching them cope with the modern world has been done before and JD is so dull I thought he might be Phoebe's next boyfriend. His 'relationship' with Billie is pretty pointless and is hardly helped by the wooden guest actor. On the upside, the scene where he escapes from the sun room is hilarious. A couple of things don't make sense, however. Firstly, it's never stated why the demon frees JD in the first place. And, secondly, how did Paige free all the innocents just by calling for Sam?

    After one whole week of not getting along perfectly, Piper and Leo go to see a marriage councillor, who switches their bodies. Nice idea but falls short of its full potential. For some reason, Holly makes no attempt to imitate Brian during her stint as Leo. Brian, by contrast, has Holly off to a tee. There are plenty of laughs - I particularly liked the scene in the kitchen at the start.

    Phoebe gets the least airtime but still manages some great comedy with her visit to the sperm bank. Classic Phoebe. This episode also marks the beginning of the "Billie searches for Christy" arc, which seems to drag on forever.

    Overall, one of the wittiest episodes in a while, with just a hint of danger.

    Score: 9.0
  • It was ok! But I din't like it! What the hell did they do to the Charmed wicca lifes? It's so frustrating! No good effects, no good demons, no good charmed ones... just good halliwell sisters instead...

    I know that a lot of people prefer the Halliwell sisters intead the charmed ones... I mean they prefer to see the personal lifes histories instead of the magicla ones! i love both but I hate when the do a very great episode of their lifes forgetting the magic! DIRECTING AND CAMERA: It has a good camera job! Or let's see a normal camera job! The photography is great (For example the photography in the Billie-Phoebe kitchen scene)

    THEIR LIFES: This one I would do it another way...

    Piper: I know that it has been before but not the same way! Tehy changed powers not bodies remenber? I think is quite original the idea (it's after all a new one!) And the scenes between Leo and Piper are funny enough to give it a good opinion! (When they enter in the car...awesome actuation!) Let's repeat that they didn't do it before. What I don't get is why they are fighting?? I don't get it. She has lose so many times, now they are together again it would be imposible the fighting thing...The writers did it?? Phoebe: Think is strange for me, because I don't usually say this to alyssa but I liked her performance alot in this episode. Do you see the Phoebe-Billie kitchen scene!? It was perfect! Alysa did it great!

    Paige: Another prove that she is so so talented! A "oscar" performance! Xd Love her! The scene figthing with sam was quite remarkable!

    THE DEMON STORY: Here is were they trhow away the episode! What was that! A great idea of a story (Camera, hiding ...) and a bad result! i hate when they do that! The final scene was awful! What was that? A fire balls and ...puff the end!? The Demons appear... photo Piper, photo Leo! tehy disapear. Paige and his father hide! Phoebe gets upstairs get photo too! If Paige gets photo the P3 disapear! the demon get close... That was a example of a better ending!!! They have been doing this all overthis season they forget about the demons and all!
    PD: the effects were so bad! The photos were bad too! When Sam is photogra by the demon... it sucks that effect!! At Least they do a great job in the stun scene with the car. That boy fell so strange that is a great scene (Maybe he fell badly and that's why it seems so real!)

    I give a 8 because if you eliminate the demon story you have a good scenes and a good story for Paige and Piper. Tecnically if I rate for the 50% thing style (normal-supernatural) this episode would have a 6 or so

    PD: I have to add ...!! Phoebe is now a freaky-neurotic or what... was very poor that idea, phoebe should have been more serious! And Billie the same. Billie: "ohh I see the boy he is so hot!!!" that seems like a freaky little girl with hormones!! Take the character serious please! Those things make Charmed appears like a stupid show! (Oh my god, this thing is too much bigger, in the future I will do a smaller reviews! Xd)
  • Wanting to return to her old career as a social worker, Paige's plans get put on hold, when her Whitelighter father, Sam, returns asking for her help with his charge.

    Great episode! Sam is back! After like 3 years. I thought he would come back before and for Paige's funeral or what they thought was her funeral. I wonder if Paige will date Agent Murphy like she did with Brody. J.D. was funny when he was walking around clueless and the cops came by on scooters and looked at him because he was acting weird. Billie did a good job at explaining things to him. Piper and Leo have to see the marriage guy who switches them into each others bodies and later they make up and get along again.
  • Paiges father is back and he needs help !!

    Wanting to get her old job back as a social worker, Paige's plan changes when her Whitelighter father, Sam asks for her help with his charge, JD, a future Whitelighter, who recently re-appeared after fifty years. Paige and Sam learn that JD escaped from Vaklav, a demon who has kidnapped people throughout time by holding them hostage in an evil photo collage. Meanwhile, Piper and Leo go to see a magical marriage counselor who switches their bodies, forcing each to walk a mile in the other's shoes; Phoebe visits a sperm bank in hopes of finding the perfect donor to father her child !! , and Billie blames herself for not being able to protect JD. I loved this episode it was different then other episodes but differntly good !!! Ohhh and Paiges father is back aswell !
  • Coming from the past and going to the cool is that.

    It was kinda weird how the demon is evil yet the worst he does is traps people inside pictures. That is funny. Also that would be so cool to be able to go into your spouses body for a while. And a sooth-sayer who is a that is cool. I loved how after all those years Paige got to see her father though very reluctantly. That was cool. Plus I too thought JD was hot!!! And Billie likes him too. But I thought he died to quickly. There was no chance of saving him. This is a really cool episode that I really enjoyed.
  • Holly Marie Combs & Brian Krause, the reason why i watch the show!

    Even though, Piper and Leo have switched bodies before, this episode was special, because we never saw them performing like that! Brian Krause as Piper was simply perfect! Very funny, and believeble... Holly as Leo was absolutly somethinh outta words. Holly get all faces and expressions that Brian have done and she uses all here. Congrats to both! They are the reason why this episode didn\'t crack!
  • Not great, I give it this rating because I love the show.

    The Lost Picture Show begins with Billie searching for her missing sister. I don't believe that she just realised the Christy was kidnapped by a demon. She must have always known deep down that a demon took her, how else would she explain it. Phoebe decides to go to a sperm bank, but then realises she can't go through with it. I'm so glad she didn't, but I hope she finds the love of her life soon (I think she had that love with Cole, and she wasted her time with him if he wasn't going to be around for her after three years.) I was also glad to see that she let her hair down this week. Paige decides to return to her old career as a social worker, but manages to put of her interview to help her biological father, Sam, with his charge JD, who has been trapped in a portrait after having his photo taken by a demon with a camera. Of course they manage to vanquish the demon, but JD loses his life. Piper and Leo go to see a magical soothsayer who makes them walk a mile in each others' shoes. Eventually they realise one another’s' roles in the family and switch back. This week wasn’t as great as I had hoped, I'm hoping for a better episode next week.
  • Not very good episode.

    Well, honestly I don't think that this episode is very good. Firstly, I didn't like its content. There were almost everything, but it was very sily and not ineresting at all. The Lost Picture Show showed us the realation between Piper and Leo, Sam and Paige. Phoebe was looking for her little girl. I don't understand why. I mean that she shoulldn't do this because I think that she has to be preagnent from smb. All in all we also saw a demon with photj, who photoed many people and they were dissapearing. Bu I don't understand why he did it.
  • Sam returns to get Paige to help im with an chrge of him

    Dont have a lot to say, the episode wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either.

    Leo and Piper switched bodies (again..)
    Phoebe FINALLY came to her senses about her baby-issue
    Rose McGowan has never acted better in the drama scenes, I have to say she did a hell of a job!!
    Very good

    Nothing else 2 say, it's an above average Charmed epi
  • I don't get the ending. Did anyone?

    Okay, I didn't really understand the story line. Why did the demon release JD from that piece of paper? He's a demon that feeds on pain, and clearly JD still had a lot of it. So, why didn't he need him anymore? AND, why did the demon want to kill him so bad if he didn't need him anyways, I mean, he didn't know anything of what happened to him. And another thing, why did Sam come back after Paige called him "dad?" Did that release him from his pain that his own daughter won't call him "dad?" Probably. Little cheesy though. But then why did those other people come back too? I just have to say, the story up to the climax was good, but the ending was real bad! And bring Dex (Jason Lewis) back to the show, he's HOT! Even though I didn't like how he handled finding out Phoebe was a witch.
  • A good episode but not spectacular.

    It's definitely an improvement over last weeks episode and seeing Sam is always a treat. I enjoyed Paige finally venting her anger at her "father" and showing us how deeply he wounded her. The Piper and Leo switching bodies has been done so many times before and is just tiresome. Alyssa Milano gave a great performance as the lonely Phoebe desperate for a child but even more desperate for love. The Billie/JD storyline seemed like something designed to make Billie forget about her sister and the ending was the second in a row with Billie sitting silently contemplating things.
  • I mean WOW...Lemme just say WOW !! I laughed sooo much in this episode !!! I loved it !!

    This episode was da bomb ! I loved every bit of it...Sam coming to paige was pure genius !! Leo and Piper changing places was soo funny, I couldnt stop from laughter, while im in Love with Pheobe and Dex, i Love them !!

    I think Charmed is really trying to do better, and with what ive seen so far they are !!!

    This season is the best so far, hands down !!

    Forever Charmed ;)
  • It was an ok episode but they did the Piper and Leo story already and they were flat out using lines from past episodes...but to my shock Rose McGowan was actually good in this episode by hardly twitching and not flapping her hands like a crazy chicken.

    Rose McGowan as "paige" has been know to burst out into spastic twitches and exaggerated hand gestures when shes acting but i think by looking at this episode that shes calming down or they're shooting her up with tranquilizers but any way the episode was mostly about her and she handled it well. When piper and Leo switched bodies Holly Marie Combs made no effort to immitate Brian Krause's "leo" while Brian did a good job as Piper (although he looked kida gay doing it). Phoebe had very little screen time in this episode which was good considering her Dex/Baby story line lasted a good 7 episodes bored me senseless and that "billie" character which in my mind im trying to figure out why in the world she is in this show had a bit too much screen time. All in all it was just Ok
  • Back to the good old days.

    I have watched the beginning of season 8 with a bit of hesitation to what to think. At first it seemed like they had ran out of stories. Adding the carachter of Billie was not the move i would have wished for but she is growing on me and reminds me somewhat of the sisters in the beginning of the show. But this last episode really rocketed me back to the first seasons with a extremely well written script and excellent acting. Once again the acting of Holly Marie Combs is outstanding and even though I am not the biggest fan of either Alyssa Milano or Rose McGowans acting skills they really where good in this episode.
    I am starting to wish for a ninth season even though I don\'t think that will happend.
    Overall I give this episode a 8/10 rating and a 10/10 rating for Holly:)
  • And now Piper and Leo are going to a crazy little old garden sex maniac for marriage counseling...

    Okay, I'm with Piper an this one. "How many times a day do you have sex"? What the hell? What was up with that? And coming from this little old soothsayer, it just sounded WRONG. It's funny, everybody's commented on how they already had Piper and Leo switch bodies/powers, but what made ME think "they already did this one' was Paige meeting her father. Also, Paige seems to have trouble accepting her biological family, because this also really reminded me of how Paige was having trouble accepting Grams in Happily Ever After. Even the whole "I wouldn't dream of replacing your adoptive father/grandmother, but do you think there's room in your heart for me too?" speech in the end was almost word for word. Also, Piper and Leo are always having marital troubles and then making up, and we don't even get a kiss out of them? I would really like a little more action out of those two! Take note, screenwriters, because I'm sure I'm not the only Piper and Leo fan out there!
  • Oh no, are they slipping into the Charmed slump?

    Well I must say I was a little disappointed with this episode. They had already done so much of the issues raised in the episode. Here are a few examples:

    Piper and Leo switching bodies, they did this one already for the same reason.

    Phoebe saying something to the effect of “Any good therapist would want you to walk a mile in the others shoes”, yep she already said this too. The last time Piper and Leo switched bodies.

    The innocent trapped in the photograph. Yeah the last time it was a painting…same theory.

    I mean I understand they are under some budget cuts but geeze at least make me want to tune in next week. I just hope this is not the downward spiral, and I am a huge Charmed fan but I was just plain disappointed with this episode.

    But I guess I will see what next week brings, because I just can’t seem to miss an episode.
  • Sloppy. While it atempted to further a few story lines nothing much happened.

    Paige's dad Sam comes back and asks her for help with a past charge who after 50 years has come back on his radar and is now in hospital.
    Piper and Leo end up swapping bodies in a gardeners attempt to make they sort out their marital difficulties and Phoebe goes to a sperm clinic and back again.
    Overall the episode was enjoyable but many aspects of it were just sloppy, Paige investigates what happend to her dads charge, yet without really much looking speaks about other "victims" yet the incidents happened 50 years ago with the only clue being a 'flash', which seems a bit rushed.
    The plot involving JD and Billie really didnt go anywhere espicially for him to just die at the end. The ending was also really rushed with no explantion of how calling dad managed to free everyone trapped at once and then with the demon being disposed of without any build up in the next minute.
  • Paige, trying to win back her role as a social worker, is reminded of her role as a whitelighter and witch when her birth father Sam drops in for a visit. At the same time a soothsayer, Leo's friend, forces Leo and Piper to "walk a mile" in eachother's sh

    This was definitely the best episode I've seen this season. I have to admit I was a bit worried with where they were taking Charmed, but this episode quenched by fears.

    Alot of character development, on all sides.

    With Paige, she comes to grips with how she must deal with her relationship with her birth father, Sam, all the while being conflicted, wondering if she is betraying her "real" father.

    Piper and Leo once again must work out their problems to realize what they have as a couple.

    As for Pheobe, she is slowly learning not to rush the whole baby business as a woman at a sperm bank explains that there is no substitute for love.

    Last but not certainly least, Billie continually grows in her understanding of both the magic and the "real" world.
  • Best episode of the season

    Best episode of the season, finally a taste of the best of the show. It was good to see the witches getting that old .. umn.. feel again. It felt like up to this point they had forgot what they were, and the writers all were vanquished, but this episode was really fun to watch, hopefully it will grow from there.
  • Yes, they did this one before but there was more to this episode than Piper and Leo switching…

    This episode dedicated almost equal time to four storylines. There was Piper and Leo with their marriage troubles. Secondly, there was Paige and Sam’ story with Paige’s refusal to think of Sam as her father and being a whitelighter. Then there was Phoebe’s search for a father for her perfect little girl with brown eyes, sandy blonde hair and a button nose. Lastly, there was Billie’s story with the demon de jour.

    Piper and Leo went to the park to see a Soothsayer and he changed their places. They were not able to go back to themselves until they really understood what each other was experiencing. Leo was able to see that it was hard for Piper to be a mom, wife, breadwinner and witch all at the same time. Piper was able to see that Leo was having a hard time doing all the day-to-day menial tasks and not having any powers to be able to help the sisters as had been able to do for seven years.

    Paige and Sam worked together to try to save an innocent but at the same time they were able to forge a relationship as father and daughter. Paige wasn’t taping into her true whitelighter abilities until she had lost Sam. When Paige finally called for Dad instead of Sam, she was able to save him from the demon.

    DJ, the innocent gave up his life to save Paige. DJ in the end made the right choice. He will get to be the whitelighter that he was destined to be.

    Phoebe realized that she isn’t going to find her future daughter’s father by any other means than love.

    Overall, it was a good episode. Hard to place it in just one category because it wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst.
  • Piper and Leo, Paige and Sam, Phoebe and Baby.

    If you're one of those people saying, "This has been done already!", you're wrong. Piper and Leo switched powers in season 5, not bodies. Besides, as the years go by, more marital problems arise. This is one way other than switching powers that can get to the bottom of it.
    I am glad they came to an understanding about what its like in eachother's bodies, especially with Piper being hard on Leo.

    I'm also glad the Paige and Sam storyline has more development. Paige last left off liking her long lost father, but in 3 years he hasn't come visit her, so I can understand her not wanting to be bothered with him or his problems. As for Phoebe, its about time someone put her in check about what shes looking for. Shes been on this baby kick since season 6, and it has gotten her nowhere. Someone just needed to tell her shes looking for love and not just to get pregnant.

    This was overall a great episode, in my opinion. 6 out of 6 great episodes this season. No matter what haters or dislikers say, Charmed is still the best, and will make it.
  • Awesome episode. Definitely the best one this season. Easily.

    Awesome episode. Definitely the best one this season. Easily.

    It was great to see Season 5 clips mixed with clips from last week's episode in the "Previously on." Finally, Sam has returned. Kinda funny how Paige mentioned that he "comes around every three years," as he was introduced in Season 2, returned in Season 5, and is now back in Season 8.

    Well, the demon resurrects a mortal, future whitelighter from some sort of photo or painting and then loses him. After he is hit by a car, Sam asks Paige for help finding him. Posing as an ER resident, the demon tries to take JD, but the new homeland security agent stops him in time. Sam gets JD back to the Manor and upon waking up, finds out that the last thing he remembers was something taking a "flash photo." Paige, the agent, and Sam try to locate the demon by talking to the father of another victim, who reminds both Paige and Sam that a father never stops loving his daughter. But Paige doesn't forget that her "real" father was a firefighter who is already dead, and tells Sam that he isn't her father, and that no matter what he believes she isn't a whitelighter like he is. After Paige leaves the demon arrives and takes a picture of Sam, trapping him.

    Billie, still searching for her sister, is given a task by Paige to "babysit" JD. However, her attitude changes when she sees him and instantly falls for him. After he starts figuring out that things are not right (the scene with him being all 50s and being weirded out by the 21st century stuff was funny), he gets freaked and races outside, where he sees stuff he can't believe. Billie finally admits to him that he's in the future, but tells him that she knows what he's going through. He finds out that his father is dead, that he buried him thinking he was dead 50 years ago, and that he is now alone in a strange world. After JD learns that everyone he ever loved is gone, he makes it his mission to save Sam, who still has family and friends and people to help. He's happy to have known Billie, but stops her from stopping him by using the same trick he used on the demon, something he learned from his dad. However, the demon murders him.

    Meanwhile, Piper and Leo are still having marital problems and seek marriage counseling (again). They visit a mystical soothsayer, and after Piper becomes fed up (what a surprise), he uses his magic to swap their bodies, making Piper Leo and Leo Piper (like this hasn't happened before). Decent job acting as the other from both. Despite walking in each other's shoes, neither is able to appreciate the other until Phoebe intervenes and teaches them why they need to understand how the other feels. Thanks to her, the spell is reversed and Piper and Leo are whole again (oh joy).

    Meanwhile, with Jason Lewis now gone, Phoebe turns to the sperm bank in an eager attempt to get that little girl of hers. But what she ends up finding out is that she can't decide on a donor, because what she's really looking for is the father of the child.

    Awesome ending to a great episode. Paige finally admits that Sam is her father and frees her and the others from the picture. She then takes the demon's picture and traps him. Afterwards on the bridge she apologizes for pushing Sam away, and he too admits that he didn't know how to fit himself into her life. But now she wants him as her father. We also find out that in giving his life JD finally proved himself worthy of being a whitelighter, and Billie is shown standing over JD's headstone flower in hand.

    Awesome episode. Definitely the best one this season. Easily.

    My rating:

  • they did this already

    they used the same storyline as in season four when wyatt switched piper and leo's powers it is not exactly the same but the storyline is similar i hope that this turns out to be a good episode and i can't wait till tonight whern i can watch it! write more later