Season 2 Episode 3

The Painted World

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1999 on The WB

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  • Go Phoebe!

    I don't know what more I can say on top of some of the reviews below. I was glad it was Phoebe who got to save the day for once and it was solely her (even if it was the smart spell assisting). I honestly also see NO chemistry between Piper and Dan, honestly after the wine bottle scene in the opener, I thought Dan and Phoebe had good chemistry and would be better suited.

    Part of me likes that Phoebe hasn't had any real love interest so far, she obviously was a wild child and was the same in New York and now she's devout to witch craft and discovering herself as a person and took a break from guys, which I feel suits her character.

    Jenny can still just go disappear into a hole somewhere. Her character is annoying and pointless. And I'm sorry but 1. Dan asked Piper to help Jenny with her paper, but when Phoebe draws a rather pointless picture, Dan is all "let her do it herself". 2. Jenny knocks and Phoebe says she's busy so Jenny knocks again only to come in and say "I know about sex and just want to chill".... seriously.

    Think it sucks that when Piper is calling Phoebe smart, instead of Prue just asking "what do you mean" she automatically shuts it down and thinks it's a joke... way to talk Phoebe up?

    Also when the smart spell wore off just because she couldn't read latin anymore doesn't mean she can't recognise the words... I mean I don't read latin and know what it means but if I remembered the first word was 'Vervas' (or whatever it was) I'm sure I could at least find the word that sounds like that... Piper doesn't read latin but she was able to read a piece of paper.

    The warlocks had NO scare value, they were just pointless really.

    Fashion: All the girls look alright this episode I suppose, nothing special.

    Phoebe is still looking lovely as usual.
  • The Painted World

    The Painted World was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was fun, there was some action, intrigue, humor and drama. Phoebe had some good character development and it was fun watching her help her sisters. I liked the idea of the painting being a magical prison of sorts. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Verdas ermos Liberace!

    This is clearly a slower episode after the most excellent start of Season 2. I was fine with the idea of the guy stuck in the painting and then Prue joining him. The problem was the mix of boredom and silliness that followed once Prue got in there. What was with the fire spitting statues and booby traps? Wasn't being stuck in a painting enough? If they wanted there to be some danger to being trapped in the painting, then the writers could have done about 100 times better in creating it. The warlock was about equally frightening, meaning not at all, and the twist of finding out he was a bad had zero shock value. His witch girlfriend also had like zero play.

    Phoebe writes a spell here for one of the first times, and it makes complete sense that she would become the spell writing extraordinaire for the Charmed Ones. This blatant show of personal gain is a little odd following Morality Bites, and much of the humor that this subplot was intended for also came off as silly. Some of it worked. Some of it didn't. Jenny's role in that continued to irritate.

    A positive thing was the continuity shown with Piper needing her club to be remodeled before it could be opened. Very realistic. This also served to introduce Dan to Piper. Those two still continue to have zero chemistry between them, but we all know where this is going.

    Basically, what makes this as good as a 7 episode is the ending. This is a rare time when the fate of Prue and Piper all falls in the hands of Phoebe. All alone, Phoebe has to face a warlock and witch and save her sisters, and she pulls it off. Excellent ending.
  • Prue Stuck in a Painting for 40 Minutes... Oooooohhhh!

    Why? Why did the writers think Prue getting stuck in a painting for 40 minutes would be entertaining? Shannen Doherty does her best with the material but... who cares? Even Phoebe getting a dose of smartness (for once) couldn't save this episode from being a complete disaster.

    The Painted World has Prue getting stuck inside a painting which was delivered to Buckland's. Whilst in the painting, Prue realizes she is stuck inside with a warlock. When Piper also gets sucked in, Phoebe must save the day and using a Smart Spell in the Book of Shadows, manages to save her sisters.

    This episode adds nothing to any ongoing storylines and Jenny continues her successful run of being the most annoyingly pointless character in Charmed history (well, until Billie pops up). This episode sees her asking for help with her sex ed class from Phoebe. If you need sex advice, just go to the resident neighborhood slut! At least Jenny did something intelligent for once!

    Despite that, Phoebe is the best thing in the episode and the Smart Spell at least gives her something to do. Piper and Dan have some nice chemistry but I still can't get over the fact that Dan is completely devout of any personality. Stick with Leo!

    This isn't a good episode at all and there's hardly anything redeeming about it. Instead of watching something about somebody getting stuck in a painting, why not just smash a painting over your head until you're in a coma, dreaming about more exciting things...

    Rating: D-
  • Prue and Piper become trapped into a painting with a deadly warlock. While Phoebe casts a super-smart spell to increase her chances of getting a job

    A very underrated episode. The Painted World contains a fresh and intriguing storyline and even though it appears dull on paper, the episode makes up for it with the amazing setting of the castle, great twist in innocent Malcom, who turns out to be a warlock and a humorous subplot involving a super-smart Phoebe.

    What brings the episode down is the writers futile attempt in giving neighbour Jenny something to do. Today she isn't discussing tampons. But sex for a homework assignment. Who does she ask none other than Phoebe, wise choice! Phoebe will tell her everything she always does!

    The best acting comes from Shannen, she makes Prue's scenes in the castle very lively and hilarious, with her backchatting the seemingly innocent Malcolm who is very scathing to say the least. Malcolm is able to gain an escape out of the painting thanks to Phoebe who sent Kit and a return spell into the painting

    The realisation that Prue has been tricked is handled delicately and when Phoebe sends Malcolm and his warlock lover Jane into the painting after Jane torched the painting. A fight ensues in which Piper freezes the warlocks and the girls escape into the real world. I loved the way the flames appeared around the frozen warlocks. Some dame good looking special effects their

    I'm glad to see that Phoebe's own smarts enabled her to save the day. Which of course is shown again later in the series

    Overall an interesting episode that contains great plots, action and suspense!
  • There's something strange about this episode…

    There's something strange about this episode although I can't put my finger on what it is so until I do, I leave my introduction to this review like this!

    I liked the idea of the episode although I don't think it was used as well as it could've been although, I thoroughly enjoyed the sub-plot in which Phoebe cast the smart spell. I thought the scene in which she attempted to explain 'the birds and the bees' to Jenny was acted out brilliantly. Her acting was fantastic in this episode too and she definitely stood out from Holly and Shannen which is a rare occurrence. Unfortunately, Dan once again put a downer on this episode for me. As I've said in previous reviews, he ruined season two for me (and from reading other reviews, he did the same for a lot of other people, mainly the Brian Krause (Leo) fans).

    A pretty mediocre episode overall which was disappointing because it was written by Constance, but as I said previously, it could've been a lot better because of the originality of the idea behind the episode.
  • To be honest, I found this one pretty weak. Poor script, poor acting and forced dialogue.

    Prue, as a part of her work at the auction house, comes across a mysterious painting which appears to have a light shining in the window. Thinking that this isn't possible, she looks at it more carefully and then notices a latin inscription in small lettering written on it. When Piper helps to read the inscription aloud, both girls are drawn into the painting itself and find themselves trapped there with an evil warlock.

    While all this is going on, Phoebe, who wants to get herself a good job, casts a 'smart spell' to make herself extra clever in the hope of being able to impress prospective employers.

    This whole thing bored me senseless. I felt that these excellent actresses were given a very weak script to work with and that came across in the finished product. "Charmed" is a far better show than this episode would suggest.
  • A women wants to sell a painting but Prue sees a man in the window shining a light and she investigates. There is a Latin phrase underneath the paint and Prue then Piper recites it trapping them in the painting as well. Phoebe must save them all.

    There are a number of problems with this episode. Phoebe just escaped being burned alive in the previous episode by doing a spell for personal gain. So she does something just as frivolous, maybe even more so this episode. When you are faced with a Latin phrase buried beneath the paint of a cursed painting you don't recite the words while standing within proximity of the painting. Both Prue and Piper do this.

    A couple of additional problems. Jane must be over seventy years old. OK, she could be hiding her age. She has been searching for the charmed ones that long? Of course Malcolm had to be a warlock. Why is the spell he had to recite written below the painting on the canvas? How did the original witch trap him and if she did why put that spell on the canvas below the work? The idea of putting the escape spell on Kit's collar was very smart and not because Phoebe had cast the smart spell. It was something Phoebe would think of. Also dragging the bad witch and the warlock back into the burning painting knowing she had lifted the collar was brilliant again.

    So we had a few moments of clarity in the midst of some really dumb story lines. I like the overall story idea. Just not how it was executed. Thanks for reading...
  • Life is a painting

    Bucklands receives a painting that has a man trapped inside it. Prue and then Piper get trapped in the painting's haunted mansion leaving a spell made super genius Phoebe to free them.

    This was a reasonable episode let down by a lot of overacting (the warlock in the painting) and another appearance from the boring neighbour girl. Phoebe's super intelligence p.s. not for personal gain was fun though. The club P3 is nearly up and running but has structure problems or something which gives us a side story of Piper/Phoebe getting to know Dan. This is obviously just filler however as they need to put off opening P3 for another week. Not really one of my favourite episodes and frankly a little boring.
  • Picture Imperfect

    The Painted World-Prue finds herself trapped inside a magical painting with a dangerous warlock. Meanwhile, after damaging Prue's car, Phoebe casts a smart spell in hopes to land a high-paying job to pay for the repairs.

    Despite a weak storyline, "The Painted World" is at least entertaining, providing some funny moments and a great sub-plot with Phoebe casting a smart spell on herself. The idea of getting trapped inside a painting could have been a creepy concept, but the writers don't really make much out of the mansion setting which Prue and Piper get stuck in for the majority of the episode. While I do love the statue shooting out fire balls and booby traps with knives coming out the walls, the "stuck inside the painting" scenes drag for the most part.

    Phoebe's smart spell is much more entertaining and interesting as Alyssa Milano looks like she was having fun with the storyline. Some scenes are just hilarious with Phoebe giving Jenny some advice about sex by drawing her a diagram of sperm and egg. The revelation of Malcolm being a warlock didn't come as much of a surprise as well as Jane being his lover. Although, it does give Phoebe a chance to show off her marital art skills and save the day by pick pocketing Malcolm, allowing her and her sisters to escape from the painting. All and All, "The Painted World" is a pretty entertaining episode despite a weak main plot but a fun sub-plot to make it watchable.
  • Trapped in a painting...

    Phoebe bumps Prue's car into a post and casts a spell in order to become smarter and to get a job that will pay for the repair. Meanwhile Prue receives an old painting for evaluation and she finds a man trapped inside. She sends the painting to the x-ray and finds some expressions in Latin. When she reads the words out loud, she is sucked to the painting and meets Malcolm, who has been living in the castle for seventy years. Piper finds the painting in Prue's office and brings it to their house. Then, she also reads the words and becomes also trapped with Prue and Malcolm. When Phoebe helps them, the Halliwell sisters disclose that the man is actually an evil warlock.
  • You've been framed

    This is the first of a number of episodes to feature the sisters getting trapped inside something, in this case a painting. Not all that original, perhaps, but certainly worth watching.

    The castle itself is pretty silly with those fire spewing gargoyles and some very blunt looking blades, but it is Prue and Malcolm's mistrust of each other which makes the story.

    With Prue and Piper both having read the curse and got sucked into the painting, it is left to Phoebe to free them. Luckily, she has cast a smartness spell which enables her to read the latin charm needed to get them out. Smart or not, I don't see how she is able to get the cat inside without getting sucked in herself. Cats can't speak so it must have been Phoebe who read the curse, in which case why wasn't she drawn in? Tut tut! On the subject of nitpicks, did anyone else notice that Malcolm was in the room on four occasions when Piper used her power and yet he only froze on one of them?

    There are also two pretty uninteresting sub plots involving the new neighbours. Piper asks Dan for help in doing up P3 and Jenny asks Phoebe for help with her homework. I'm already getting annoyed with Jenny. So far all she has done is impose on the sisters and talk about sex. Let's hope a warlock blows her up or something.

    This is the first episode to feature a spell written by one of the sisters, in this case, Phoebe. A few people on here have asked how she can read the pages of the book just by holding her hands over them. Well, that's because her spell says:

    Spirits send the words from all across the land
    Allow me to absorb them through the touch of either hand
    For twenty four hours from seven to seven
    I will understand all meaning of the words from here to heaven

    Not the greatest start, but Phoebe does go on to become the best spellwriter of any of them.

    Paul Kersey makes a very cute warlock by the way. Why couldn't they have had him playing Dan?
  • The idea of it was great - especially Phoebe casting a smart spell xD How irresponsible of her.

    Jane's actress was honestly horrible, and Malcom just looked... weird. o_0

    I wonder where Phoebe got the power to move the pages of the book from. Dx We may never know.
    This certainly wasn't my favorite episode, not sure why though. The second season wasn't the best, that's for sure.

    The castle and the painting are excellently designed, and this episode captures how a warlock could attack Prue at work - other than Rex. xD

    Overall, a really good episode, but something just ticks me off about it o_0
  • My favourite !!

    Piper prevails upon her new neighbor Dan to help her renovate P3. Elsewhere, Prue attends an art auction, only to be sucked into another dimension, joining a poor soul who has been trapped in a painting for seven decades! And Phoebe suffers some surprising consequences when she casts a spell in anticipation of a job interview (which, in turn, would not have been necessary had she not damaged Prue's car).
  • Prue is in a painting

    Why didn't the warlock kill Prue when there was just him and her in the painting. Surely he knew she was a charmed one. Why wait for the posibility that she will get out where she will have her sisters so they could vanquish him. Piper and Phoebe had no idea if Prue was alive or dead.
  • This episodes returns to the sibling issues. Phoebe is irresponsible. Prue is ultra responsible. Piper is the peacemaker.

    Prue is back at the auction house. She is working on an old oil painting that seems to be haunted at first. Then she realizes that a man (warlock) is "caged" in the painting. On the home front, Prue and Phoebe are at odds again. Pheobe damages Prue's car. Piper stays as neutral as she can, but she is distracted by the neighbor Dan. He is a real hunk. She gets a chance to practice her motherly instinct on Dan's niece.

    Phoebe casts another spell. She makes herself really smart. It makes Piper very suspicious and does not believe Phoebe's lies. It is typical sister play and is very fun.
  • not to sound stupid or anything...but this episode didn't really make any sense to me. it wasn't terrible, because i like every charmed episode, but it was weird.

    not to sound stupid or anything...but this episode didn't really make any sense to me:

    1. i dont get how being REALLY REALLY smart makes someone be able to flip pages with their mind. i know Prue can use her power and do the whole cross-reference thing to find demons in the book of shadows easier...but moving things with her mind isn't phoebe's power so i don't get how that works.

    2. i think the idea of someone being trapped in a painting is extremely seems like they just couldn't come up with anything else.

    3. maybe im just stupid but i dont understand the whole x-ray use to find the words to get sucked into the painting underneath the layers of paint.

    ALSO...i think this was just about the only time ive seen Kit actually be helpful.
  • this episode is not my favorite

    Ok I didn't love this episode but i didnt fully hate it. I mean Phoebe reading with her hands come on and i hated the character of jane or at least the acting. but the episode still had its strong points for once prue wasnt thr one saving the day for once which was a great change of pace and all. oh and also the blades by the window i could have made better. but still its not a bad episode its just not my favorite. but at least this episode shows us whats to come for piper and dan, oh well it does get better
  • This episode is one of the worst of the whole series. Care to know why? Read on...

    I don\'t even know where to start. This whole storyline about someone being stuck in a painting has been copied so many times it\'s annoying really.

    But let\'s start at the beginning, that is the subplots. There is Pheobe casting a \"smart-spell\" ans Jenny wanting help in Biology. haha...

    Just because Pheobe reads a book or two doesn\'t mean she gets to be a black-belt. Not everything can be learned by reading theory. This whole subplot has so many logic errors its not even worth starting. Like why does a \"smart-spell\" give you the power to turn the pages of a book by holding your hands over it?

    If Jenny really knew about Sex why did Dan say that she needed help? She could have done the paper all by herself couldn\'t she?

    As to the main plot... I don\'t really think you want to read a recap about that since watching was already painful enough so I\'ll let it go ;)
  • cool!

    I liked this epiode. It was cool that prue went into the pinting! trick demon! that was funny when the guy was really a demon (or warlock, idk). haha! they did a good job on this epiosode. havent seen this episode in a while though. the world was cool (painted world). there was firs shooting things!!!
  • great episode

    in this episode prue gets sucked into a painting in which a warlock is trapped and her sisters need to get her out.At the same time phoebe damages prue 's car and tries to get a hightech job, because she really needs the money she casts a smart spell in order to get the job.This spell helps her to read an latin book about the warlock when piper is sucked in to the painting. The sisters get out of the painting and destroy the warlock and the girlfriend who brought the painting to prue.
    i thought it was histarical when jenny came for help with her project and phoebe had to explain the whole sex thing and she made that stupid picture for her to hand in.

    story 7/10
    acting 9/10
    0verall 8/10
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