Season 2 Episode 3

The Painted World

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 1999 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Prue: I really wanted to get my name and Nell's on that window.
      Malcolm: And you can as soon as the painting's stopped moving. Just stay low.
      (Malcolm looks at Prue.)
      Prue: What?
      Malcolm: Nothing, I was just... Never mind.
      Prue: No, what?
      Malcolm: Well, I always hoped someone would get my SOS. I just never thought it would be a woman.
      Prue: What, a woman can't rescue a man?
      Malcolm: I'm still waiting.
      Prue: Yeah, well, keep waiting, pal. Bookcase!
      (They run over to the bookcase.)