Season 6 Episode 4

The Power of Three Blondes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2003 on The WB

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  • The Blonde Bimbettes Strike

    This episode was ridiculously annoying. The new coven of evil witches introduced in this episode contributes nothing to the episode besides irritation and exasperation--how writers can write characters this stupid, sex-obsessed, bimbos and still expect them to be considered a serious threat is beyond me. There have been corny, and even downright ridiculous episodes before, but I could barely sit through this one. Honestly, I suspect there are less sexist depictions of women in pornos.
  • an alright one.

    Paige wants a life outside magic yet every single temp job involves using magic to help someone and she knows that too.

    I disliked how much they dismiss Chris's warnings still. ""I remember a story where they get the book" "oh it's probably nothing still". I know she said someone could be after it but Paige shuts it down and Piper says nothing.

    I didn't mind this episode though, it was interesting to see how it went down and how they had to prove themselves. And I like how Chris helps them. Although I feel the blond actresses were kind of annoying.

    I thought Phoebe was ridiculous though. You've lost your powers, Wyatt is in a house with imposters, you are all in danger etc and you think you need to go to your dinner bloody date?

    What was with Leo's threat "maybe I will take him". You aren't allowed to have him up there so that means you'd need your own place and money, so really hardly elder material! And Blonde-Piper really didn't do anything worth being threatened like that. She wants to have some fun in her own bedroom, when her son is asleep? She's entirely allowed to.

    I'm sick of Leo's anti-Chris. If I knew someone who was kidnapped and trapped, I'd want to know who did it as well, I'm surprised the sisters didn't ask when Chris told them Leo knows. But I didn't think it was suspicious at all how Chris went about it. If I was being blamed incessantly for something, and thought that it might be over because the person solved it, I'd be asking 1000 questions too.
  • The Power of Three Blondes

    The Power of Three Blondes was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written, fun and exciting. It was very interesting to see other witches who were typically just nuisances to take the Charmed One's powers. There was action, drama and intrigue as the witches tried to take on the lives of the sisters. It was great to see Leo spending time with Wyatt when he could. I liked how the story played out and look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Blondes have more fun ;)

    This episode, much like the season overall, falls into the love/hate category of Charmed. Fans either get it or they don't. Sure, this is silly (when is the show not?), but there's a refreshing lack of demons present, and the Stillman sisters have an affable quality to them, in a ditzy kind of way. In fact, it's the very sisterly banter that benefits the episode greatly, and while dialogue felt very forced at times, I still found myself chuckling at some of the cheekier jokes and catty one-liners on offer (blonde-Phoebe giving Jason a ''present'' under the table at a restaurant, and Pheebs unknowingly calling an old woman a slut on her anniversary with her hubby). And in between all of the identity crisis Hijynx, Piper and Leo are still a non-couple, Phoebe and Jason are still a boring couple and Paige is still on her temp kick. These plot elements may not excite us AT ALL, but at least the writing is consistent. There's a lot of fun to be had here, just don't take it seriously, much like the show overall. Fun, featherweight stuff that's still miles better than most of season 5.
  • Slutty Charmed


    The Power of Three Blondes-When three evil sisters magically steal the Charmed Ones' identities and powers, Piper, Phoebe and Paige must convince Chris that they are the real Charmed Ones in order to get their lives back. Meanwhile, Piper realizes that Wyatt needs time with Leo, who continues on his quest to find out who put him on the Island of Valhalla.

    Sigh.......I just......sigh. *Breathes deep..........and continues* So Brad Kern was feeling a little horny and decided to make the Charmed equivlalent of a Girls Gone Wild video. I mean come on, how esle to you explain an episod with 3 blonde chicks actually like wh*res, especially a scene where one of them is giving Jason head under a dinner table!? O_0 I mean don't get me wrong! Jenny McCarthy, Jennifer Sky and Melody Perkins are pretty hott, but they are just horrible here and not funny in the least. It's sad cuase this could have been a hilarious filler but all we get are blonde jokes and embarrassing moments throughout. The writing is just subpar, is this an straight up comedy or something serious with a bit of farce. The writers certainly can 't make the distinction. I also, find it unintentionally hilarious when Phoebe calls one of the Blonde Ones a slut. Uhh Phoebe, you sleep with your Boss at work with a crowd watching!? Who are you to call anyone a slut at this point? O_O It's also insulting watching the Charmed Ones, the sisters who vanquished Shax, The Source (3 times) and other powerful villains yet get bested by a couple of dumb blondes. I sure that was the joke of the whole episode but it's a bad one if anything! "The Power of Three Blondes" is Charmed at it's most absurd and degrading.

  • I dislike this episode!

    This is really stupid, because three evil sisters want to be Charmed ones, so they can control the world and magic. They are wimp witches and not worth dead! I hate when I see them on the tv, it make them stupid, no offense! I just want to focus on Chris and Charmed ones. I am really suprised that, Chris already knew Charmed ones's identify was stolen, way to go, Chris!! Piper is so weak, she need to be strong and tough woman. She need to show she is best role model on tv and her fans! This episode is awful!
  • Three hot blondes try to become the Charmed Ones. Ugh...

    Okay, like most of the beginning of Season 6, you really have to put your brain on hold for this one. It again makes no sense that just any 3 witches can become the Charmed Ones or use the Power of 3. If that were the case, then Piper and Phoebe didn't need Paige to come along, they could have just gotten any witch off the street. Also, the Book of Shadows is unusable for EVIL. Chris uses is. Leo can use it. All sorts of characters use it. The point is stealing the sisters' identities would not allow one to use the book if one were still evil. The sisters have turned evil before, and when they did, the Book was unusable. So, the Stillman sisters would not have been able to use the Book.

    Anyway, lets get to what I liked about this episode. The blond sisters are hot, frisky and funny too. The eldest, Mable, played by Jennifer Sky, is blazing hot and a good actress to boot. The part where she comes out from behind the bar with the bartender is one of the hottest moments in the series. The scene in the restaurant with Jennifer McCarthy is nearly unwatchable. I mean, really. I enjoyed the blonds flirting with Chris, though he should have known something was up from the get go. The scene in the attic where he gets the blondes to fight and lose their powers is a fun scene. Brian Krause is great in the couple scenes he has. Piper gives him permission to be around Wyatt; so at least we know there's a reason for him to be around regularly now. Foolish plot in a lot of ways but still good entertainment.
  • This blond couldn't hit the broad side of a beauty parlor! LOL!

    This, I have to say, would probably be one my favorite episodes. It was immensely funny, especially the 3 blonds! They were all bumbling idiots and they were probably the funniest villains I ever saw! From the Piper's bating them to the way Phoebe punched that blond who groped Jason! What a b!tch! OY VEY! Anyway, I just don't get why so many people hated this episode. It was very funny (as I've apparently said before) and had a few necessary bits of thematic element thrown in. I say, to Hell with what other people think! If you don't like this episode, then you're obviously missing part of what made Charmed great!
  • Three bimbos "not worth vanquishing" become the Charmed ones.

    This was an amazing episode. The Blond Power of Three, hilarious. I loved their fights. They're rather smart, but why did they talk about their plans in Chris' presence in the end? I think Chris kind of knew something was wrong before that though. Or he should've. I mean, Paige and Phoebe have never thrown themselves at him before. Except Phoebe, but she was the goddess of Love back then. I liked that Piper asked Leo to not go far from Wyatt, that was cute. Didn't like that the bimbo Piper slept with the bartender, but what are you gonna do?
    A great episode. Good fashion too.
  • Last chance salon

    So we've had three demon siblings and three warlock brothers; now it's the turn of three sister witches to come after the Charmed Ones.

    It's been a while since we've had an all out comedy episode and, I have to say, this isn't the best. The Stillman sisters are amusing but the airheadedness does grate after a while. There are some very funny moments (shimmering out with spray on perfume, for instance) but I cringed at some of the lines. "We've got their powers, we've got their book and we've got blond, multi-tonal hair". Eeuwww! And why the obsession with sex? Far from wielding their new powers, the Stillmans seem more interested in hitting on every man who comes their way.

    For all the silliness, the guest actresses do create a good sisterly dynamic and, for a time, their plan does look it could work. In the end their infighting is their undoing. I liked this; it makes them the antithesis of the Charmed Ones, whose bond as sisters is their greatest strength.

    Quite why the youngest sister didn't get Paige's power is a bit of a mystery. The writers are absolutely right that Paige would still be able to orb after having her power stolen as this comes from her whitelighter father, but her TK power comes from her wiccan mother so this should have been transferred to Margo.

    Chris plays a useful role this week, and his scenes with the fake Charmed Ones are very good. Drew Fuller still can't act though. The ongoing mistrust between the two whitelighters also gets an airing. I do hope something comes of all this bravado.

    Finally, why do the writers of this show have such a thing against blonds? This is far from the first time fair hair has been used to bash someone. As a blond guy I could get quite insulted by this but, then again, I don't get my colour from a bottle.
  • Fine example... of how one episode that could have been perfect was not! It's inbelievable, I think people so stupid don't exist even in the real world... It is like the bad ones in children shows, the ones that are stupid in all! But we are not children

    So... What was that? The story was original enough to bring up a perfect episode but they throw to the floor the episode, tecnicaly, to make us laugh. A episode must have a funny side and a serious side... And they NEVER have to be together! That is the big mistake of this episode, the sisters lifes can have the funny part (For exemple the scene with the boy in P3) and the demon part has to be the serious part! Demons are dangerous, bad, killers... How the *** do they that to the demons??? Make the bad ones of the week a pair of stupid girls! It was ridicule... Imagine the same episode but with nothing funny about the three blondes, it would have rocked.

    Since the very start of the episode you can see the "I wanna have a funny episode" style. When they start talking about the demon, when they say "perfum girls", etc... I made the episode look like a infantil show. You know what I meant??? The bad one of the TV children shows, that is stupid and all that stuff. It's anoying.

    The rest of the episode keeps showing bad scenes, like the one in the front house when they kill a guy, it's stupid, the whole Leo/Chris theme was stupid aswell... Someone understand it? I dont' get a thing about the Chris-Leo conversation! A I have to talk about the inusual sex scenes in the episode... When the blonde with Jason is under the table, the other one with the bar tender... It's stupid! It's a serious show about the sisters not a show about sex.

    And...!!! I get very pissed of about two more scenes: The first one, Phoebe in the restaurant doing the "hidden" thing, I was ridicule, no one would do it! It's like a silly thing to make 5-years-old children laugh! And the second one... The blonde with the banana... Whoa! That was the bottom of the barrel...

    The story could have been a lot better! The story itself was quite otiginal: Three sisters witches, like the Charmed ones, doing a spell getting the book, their powers, etc...
    And had some original 2-plane stories like Paige still orbing and the gremlins. And a bad final, Chris was stupid in the scene.

    The effects in the episode were cool. The battle when they got their powers was cool aswell. I loved when Piper got blowing up! XD And the doors and things blowing up at the end was original aswell. Anyway, the bad story make it less important.

    The camera job and the photography were normal. I dont' like the photography. It was too much, and you could see it clearly in some scenes (For exemple the fisrt time the blondes get in the Charmed house you can see clearly the dangerous orange theme)

    So, i think the episode is a 6 one. You can see it, it has some scenes that are quite enjoyable, a story that can be followed, some good fight scene. The bad thing, the stupid bad ones of the week and the whole "too much funny" part that doesn't make us laugh at all
  • Good and bad but its always the same plot.

    Envious of the Charmed Ones, the Stillman sisters steal the Charmed Ones identities and powers. Whitelighter Chris is now convinced that the Stillmans are actually Piper, Phoebe, and Paige -- and if he doesn't learn the truth soon, there will be serious long-range consequences. In separate developments, Phoebe is still having difficulty reigning in her empath powers, especially when her lover, Jason, is concerned; and Piper tries to get baby son Wyatt to bond with his father, Leo.

    I thought this had a good storyline but it is kinda always layed out like three sister demon girls with all the same anitials at the start of their name's find the charmed ones and try to kill them yatta yata yatta... but Out of all the other episodes that had similiar plots "POWER OF THREE BLONDES" had to be the best.
  • the worst storyline ever

    i hated this episode, i thought it was stupid and boring, how could it be so easy to steal their identities and their powers and still not be able to kill them. if it was that easy to do all that why don't all demons or warlocks or evil witches do the same thing to get rid of them it was so easy for the dumbest of all witches to figure it out why not demons. any way just thought that it was the worst charmed episode ever. i think this is the only episode i hated. thats why i gave it 0 unfortunately it wouldn't let me choose 0 so i put in a 1
  • It kind of shows a stereotype to blondes out there...

    This episode is not all that bad, but the storyline is not fantastic. Basically, the Charmed Ones get there identities and powers stolen by the Stillman Sisters, who all have blonde hair. The real Charmed Ones must convince Chris that they are the real Charmed Ones. This is not a terrible episode, but I think that this episode is somewhat a racial offense to people who are blonde. If they wanted, the writers should have picked three women all with different color, or pick a hair color that seems less noticible to viewers. Yet again, the writers may have done this unintetionally, but still. The idea of blondes stealing the Charmed Ones' lives seems to revealing that the writers might be stereotype, but maybe they have other reasons for doing it. I am not a blonde, but I would probably misinterpret this episode if I were one. Overall, this eipsode is not that bad, but has room for improvement.
  • very exciting

    this episode is great. so there are these three sisters who are evil and they want to become the charmed ones so they make a potion to steal their identity, so now the charmed ones look like the blond sisters.then they take all their powers except for paiges power to orb cuz that is a whitelighter power and the spell they use is to call for a witches they get the B.O.S. ........
  • this was truly a great episode ! ! !

    this was a great episode. 3 blondes changing reality to become the charmed ones.a total classic.they end up making the book of shadows but not worth vanquishing!! super funny!!!i can watch that episode again and again!this episode has alot of comedy! ! paige has to work in a fruit factory, and the the guy at P3 checking pipper out and phoebe getting the same feelings!!!i only watched it like 30 times and i still laugh out loud at the charmed ones (blonds) jokes!!!they are soooo funny!!!especially since 2 of them were hitting on thier whitelighter/nephew chris. totlly awsome episode! ! !
  • 3 ditzy blondes lotto take over the charmed ones lives to get their powers, an absolute classic!

    This episode was one of the best of the season, maybe even series and after watching it about 20 times, i never tire of it, this is a truely brilliant episode! This epsioe is also one of the best episodes of the series for humour! I really enjoyed the stupid remarks by the stillman sisters, my favourie lines being: Mabel: Its time to try my identity theft spell. Mitzy: No way it's a suicide mission! Margo: And it's dangerous too! It was one of the most memorable of the season and one episode that stands out from all the rest as a true original!
  • The Power of Three Sleazy Sluts

    Oh, dear god, WHY??? This episode is only here to show some pointless titillation for viewers and features ex Playboy star Jenny McCarthy hamming it up as a evil dumb blonde who attempts to steal the sister's identities with the help of her annoying sisters.

    I'm not a prude or anything but the amount of sexual gags in this episode are pathetic. The most vulgar is when we see Jenny McCarthy's Mitzy (as Phoebe) out to dinner with Jason and she leaps underneath the table, doing her business and then coming back up, wiping her lips. I have no problem in sex gags but this is just too far for a show like Charmed, which resorts to pointless sexual titillation whenever they run out of story ideas.

    Jenny McCarthy and Melody Perkins are both awful as dumb blondes Mitzi and Margo, with Xena's Jennifer Sky making any kind of impression as the most intelligent of the dumb blondes, Mabel. The Book of Shadows explains that the Stillman sisters aren't worth vanquishing. In my book, this episode wasn't worth making either...

    Rating: F
  • This was a funny episode.

    This was a very funny episode. The Stillman sisters try to steal the Charmed Ones powers and identities. I thought it was funny when the Book Of Shadows says that their not that evil to vanquish. They find that as a huge insult. But proves it wrong when they are able to steal both their powers and identity. The whole world thinks that the Stillman sisters are the Charmed Ones. Well only people who know the Charmed Ones think that the Stillman sisters are the Charmed Ones. Everyone else thinks they are Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. This was a cool episode.
  • As a natural blonde, I'm insulted.

    Not only was this episode grossly demeaning but they tried too hard to be funny that-it was just pathetic
    and nauseating to simplify it.

    I can't believe that the WB finally stooped down to the level to grab gutter-trash Pamela Anderson look-alike Jenny McCarthy to drag some viewers to their TV. The only time I saw this episode and laughed was when I was drunk on my ass.

    If you hate Paris Hilton, then don't watch this episode. If you have an IQ of more than 10, don't watch this episode. In fact, just don't watch it.


  • a very funny episode

    the power of the three blondes made me laugh lots! i know most charmed fans thought it was silly because it wasn't phoebe, piper and paige only i thought it was a change that someone else played them. not that i hate piper, phoebe and paige because they are great only with the three blondes it put lots more comedy in it!

    this is probaly my favouret episode as well as a few others all because of its comedy.

    i thought it was unusual that paige was working at a fruit packaging and you could tell that she thought the same.

    this is an interesting and above average episode.
  • A story about three blondes that wanted the powers of the Charmed ones, by being them, and the point is?

    I usually do good reviews on my fav episodes, but this was something I had to write about!

    I couldn't stand this episode, it was terrible! Usually I like funny, but this was just plain stupid! Were the blondes even witches? They probably were, just didn't think. I mean sure it was funny to see them act like idiots, but there was nowhere this episode was going, they wern't even real demons!

    So in other words, this episode is one that I would actually like the skip watching if going somewhere!
  • funny

    I liked this episode because it was very funny. It is nice to see a show add like Charmed to add an episode of humor. The entire episode was full of humor. The imitators of the Charmed Ones were so different in character and so ditzy all you could do is laugh at them. It also was neat the way the Sisters convinced Chris that they were the real sisters. I really enjoyed the antics of the imposters. So unlike the sisters acts. It was also funny the reactions of the imposters when they knew they wee busted. Good episode.