Season 1 Episode 20

The Power Of Two

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 12, 1999 on The WB

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  • Stab me baby, one more time.

    The Power of Two is another one of those Season One classics, featuring a scary villain and some really good writing and acting. The main plot about the ghost is really good, and everything that happens makes sense. The vanquish is original, for once, and you're actually worried about Prue's dying.

    Andy and Prue are wonderful in the episode, and all of their scenes are just heartbreaking. After Andy found out about their secret, he became so much more enjoyable. I love the rivalry and incapability to get along between Prue and Phoebe, and Piper's scenes in Hawaii, few as they are, are always funny.

    The ghost is well portrayed by guest star Jeff Kober, who is brilliant at playing psychotic men, as he has proven before in two different roles on Buffy. The guest star of the fiery lady was also good, even though her appearance feels kind of unnecessary.

    All in all, The Power of Two is a powerful episode, filled with great lines and good emotions.
  • The Power of Two

    The Power of Two was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama, and intrigue. It was fun to see Phoebe and Prue alone for a weekend as Piper took a trip for work. There was a lot of great character development and plot progression as Andy became more entwined with the sisters and their secret. The acting was awesome and engaging. I liked how Andy helped save Prue's job in the end. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The power of 2 witches and a cop...

    This is pretty normal Charmed fair for the episode prior to the last two episodes of the season. Good entertainment for one hour but nothing spectacular.

    Piper is gone to Hawaii on business, which is a big loss, but it does give the writers the opportunity to focus on the relationship between Phoebe and Prue. The script could have actually did more to set up an antagonist relationship between the two, like it did in the premier, but we do end up with progress from a fairly typical sisterly relationship, frankly, to a closer, more trusting bond between the two. Like others, I also regret that Andy wasn't let in on their secret earlier. The sisters working with him, hand-in-hand, to track down a killer ghost is an excellent progression and reminiscent of the sisters having Leo and Cole around later on to help them out, not to mention the relationship they eventually have with Darryl. This episode introduces Investigator Rodriguez and the beginning of IA heat on Andy. That whole subplot is a little lame, but I'll let it pass rather than tear it apart. This episode only sets up that subplot for bigger payoffs in the next two episodes.

    The guest actor who served as the killer ghost was very effective, and I liked the sassy, long-legged, somewhat overdramatic Soul Collector even more. I hope she comes back. This is the first time a sister has to die in order to vanquish a bad. Prue gets to be the honorary first, and the entire scene is suspenseful and well-handled. Not sure why the ghost is invisible to mortals since it is obviously entering the physical plane to be able to do the things it does, but whatever... minor point.

    Lastly, similar to last episode, Alyssa looks absolutely fantastic. She has changed so much from the premier, and though she looks good throughout the entire series, of course, she might be at her best at the end of this first season.
  • Dead Like Prue

    An original and well-written episode which shows that Brad Kern had a lot of talent before Connie Burge left and he decided to make Charmed all about sex, sexual gags and babies.

    The Power of Two is all about the relationship between Prue and Phoebe, who are forced to work together despite their differences to destroy an evil ghost, Jackson Ward, from killing those responsible for his execution in Alcatraz. With Piper on a business trip, Prue has to make a giant sacrifice in order to kill Jackson.

    This is one of the best examples of the Connie Burge seasons, which spend as much time on demons as they do on the sisterly relationships between our three lead women. Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano do some great work with their material and you really sympathise with both Prue and Phoebe, who are both annoyed at the actions of the other sister.

    I thought Jackson was an interesting villain and was played with a lot of menace by Jeff Kober. The soul collector demon who works with Jackson is also intriguing and it's a shame that her last minute promise of vengeance on Prue was never expanded on in any future episodes. Andy gets his most interesting subplot of the season and his being investigated by Internal Affairs promises a lot of drama for the next two episodes. It's nice to see his character get to do something else besides scenes with Prue and his unbelievable gullibility over the course of the first season.

    Despite a lack of Piper, The Power of Two is one of the best episodes from season one with some brilliant interaction between the leads.

    Rating: B-
  • This is a test episode...

    In the scheme of things, this episode was just to see if two acting divas (Alyssa Miano and Shannen Doherty) were able to get along without a buffer between them known as Holly Marie Combs.
    The part where Prue yells at Phoebe for slacking off and not doing anything around the house was almost scary as it was really Shannen yelling at Alyssa (the two were not thought of as being buddy-buddy at the time).
    But speaking about the episode, it did have its high point with Andy discovering the magical book and fully accepting the fact that he was dating a witch.
    Prue's suicide was most impressive and Andy came along just in time to save the day.
  • While Piper's on Hawaii, Phoebe witness a murder on a prisonguard on Alcatraz. The killer-ghost turns out to be a convicted murderer who's out to seek revenge. Prue and Phoebe ends up vanquishing the ghost by killing Prue and Andy comes to the rescue and

    See now this is what I would call true Charmed ass kicking! This is the true spirit of Charmed, this is what made me love the show. Their jokes, their cooperation and Andy as the hero in the end. Romantic, exciting and full filled with action.
    This is an action pack ladies and gentlemen! It doesn't get more charming than this. So if anyone ever ask what Charmed is then they should watch this episode, this is the classic way of kicking butt the Charmed way!
    Another thing this episode shows is that the Charmed ones are able to handle most situations even when they're only two. Go Charmed Go!
  • Break outs and bust ups

    I'm guessing Holly was on leave for most of the time they were making this episode. If so, then full credit to the writers for taking the bull by the horns and writing a great story around the other two.

    Having met a good ghost early on in the season, we now meet our first evil ghost, in the shape of a former inmate of Alcatraz. There is always something creepy when the baddie is (or was) human and Jeff Kober is truly sinister in the role. If only all the guest actors on Charmed were this good!

    The vanquish is both original and dramatic. For the first time, I actually felt worried for one of the sisters. I also liked the way Andy heard Prue when she was a ghost. Does he have supernatural powers of his own, perhaps? Shame we never get to find out. It's certainly miles better now he is in on the act; I only wish the writers had done this earlier in the season.

    Poor Prue seems to have issues coming out of her ears at the moment. Phoebe isn't pulling her weight around the house, Claire is threatening to sack her and Andy is unhappy with her being a witch. And, on top of all this, she almost dies. Let's hope her bust up with Phoebe is their last.

    Cristine Rose is doing a great job as Claire. For all her hard talk, you can tell Claire has some real warmth for Prue and their scenes together are always highly charged. Keep up the good work!
  • ...Will Have To Do

    The Power of Two-While taking a tour of Alcatraz, Phoebe sees the ghost of a killer take possession of a guard's body so he can cross the waters surrounding the prison, and must stop him before it's too late. Meanwhile Piper worries about leaving Prue and Phoebe alone as she leaves on a business trip. Phoebe: "Then the Power of two, will have to do."

    Despite Piper being almost absent from the episode, "The Power of Two" is a very effective episode as it gives Prue and Phoebe a chance to get closer as sisters while battling against a deadly ghost. Both Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano both work so well together throughout as Prue and Phoebe have to get over their issues with each other to save the day. The scene where both Prue and Phoebe have their big blow is a touching as Phoebe reveals that Prue is mad at her because she doesn't work and that Prue just assumes that Phoebe will do the shopping just cause she's free all day. I love how the writers are balancing the sisters lives as the Charmed Ones and as family as they must deal with regular issues everyday despite being magical. By getting through their drama, Prue and Phoebe do some quality sisterly bonding and become more dependent on one another.

    It comes as no surprise as Jeff Kober was marvelous as the murderous ghost, Jackson Ward as his just excellent at playing villain roles (like he did on Buffy that same year, I believe). Jackson's serial rampage as he killed all the people who covicted him of murder in the 60s brought some great scenes like the murder of the Judge. Also, one scene in particular where Prue and Phoebe put a spell on Jackson is disgusting as his chest gets filled with acid. Also, I loved Brenda Bakke (Soul Collector), as she plays the character with a very mysterious grace and it's too bad we never get to see her again as her threat toward Prue at the end made it seem she would be a returning villain.

    After finding the sisters are witches, I'm glad the writers have finally given Andy something do as he becomes more involved in the storyline as his been so incompetent the last past 19 episodes it's no wonder Ted King was written off the show as it was obvious the writers couldn't think of anything more for him to do. Anyway, Andy helps out a lot and even saves Prue in the end when she's dead. Also, The Internal Affairs sub-plot is the best storyline Andy has gotten all season and it's promises a lot for the last 2 episodes of the season. All and All, Evne though Piper-less, "The Power of Two" is solid episode with great character development for both Prue and Phoebe as well as a dark demon storyline.
  • Phoebe is given a long list of chores to do by Prue and Piper, but instead, she decides to go on a little sightseeing tour.

    Piper is leaving for a short business trip and is concerned that Prue and Phoebe will fight with each other constantly while she is not there to keep the peace. This is not an unreasonable assumption as they tend to argue with each other whether Piper is there or not!

    Both girls give Phoebe a very long list of chores to do and she is far from impressed as they will take her ages and she had already made plans to tour Alcatraz Prison with her friend. Defiantly, Phoebe decides to leave the chores and go and take the tour with her friend. While there, she sees the ghost of an executed man inhabit the body of a prison guard so that he can cross the bay and wreak havoc on the world once again, just as he did when he was alive. It's up to the sisters to stop him, the question is, how?
  • While Piper is away in Hawaii Phoebe and Prue must battle the ghost of a condemned man put to death on Alcatraz. Andy is being investigated by Internal Affairs for his strange behavior. We also meet a Soul Collector who could be a problem in the future.

    A well executed episode with a really well written script. The dialogue is snappy and the action moves right along.

    We don't get to see a lot of Alcatraz but the action starts there. Jackson Ward played by Jeff Kober is a convict put to death for his killing spree while alive. His ghost has been trapped on the island as it is said that spirits can't cross water on their own. So while the Soul Collector played by Brenda Bakke causes the prison tour guide to have a heart attack she gives Ward the means to hitch a ride to the mainland. Phoebe who was on the tour witnessed the whole thing and realizes she has to stop Ward.

    Prue is having trouble at the auction house because of all the family emergencies she constantly deals with and is being threatened with unemployment if it doesn't stop. Of course it doesn't.

    Andy is in the mix now as he is aware of what is going along generally. He gets to see the Book of Shadows among other things and now is in trouble with Internal Affairs. The interesting thing is when a strange case comes up the Captain gives it to Andy and Darryl. If they really were thinking Andy wasn't coming through on these cases why do they keep coming to him. It's not like they don't all stop after a short time. Something must be happening to stop the killings. Of course as far as the police are concerned they are all unsolved crimes.

    The interesting twist to this case is that one of the girls has to be dead to vanquish the ghost because only a spirit reciting the spell can vanquish the ghost. With Piper out of town on business it is lucky they didn't need the power of three. Hopefully they will fill her in on their doings eventually in case this happens again.

    Prue, Phoebe,and Andy vanquish Ward and it definitely is a group effort. Only Prue had to die and be revived. Luckily Andy showed up in the nick of time.

    There never was an explanation to why Ward was still around. If it was for revenge you'd think there would be spirits all over the place killing people. Of course that does forward the story so we can't worry about that.

    A very good episode with superb acting, production, and script. The episodes in general seem to be getting smoother as the series moves along. It was very enjoyable. Thanks for reading...
  • Bad Spirits, Soul Collectors and Internal Affairs

    Andy's mysterious behaviour and investigation by internal affairs is what makes this a good episode for him. It seems that he is giving it a go but is struggling to cope with the knowledge that Witches, Demons and (in this episode) malicious ghosts exist. As he has been specialising in this area (paranormal and unexplained cases) of late you can't help but think that it shouldn't hit him so hard. However, he knows so he isn't going to put that knowledge to waste and actively enlists the girls in this ghostly investigation which is a good thing. Well sort of as now he is put in Prue's position only with his partner Morris and more importantly Internal affairs. It's interesting to see this as he has essentially became Prue by sharing this secret, next thing his boss will be on his back about his extended family emergencies.

    As Piper is away on business Prue and Phoebe are left to themselves which makes for good drama. Prue is on the verge of getting the sack and Phoebe is sick of being taken as, by her eldest sister. The confrontation between the two is a good scene and will most likely lighten Prues character even more now.

    The Ghost of Jackson Ward is also quite a brutal character and it is fitting that one of the sisters must die to even challenge him. He was a very well played character but the soul collector is the main influence behind his escape from Alcatraz, and the most intriguing character, as she didn't have to be there, other than as a plot device for his escape. Interesting use of ghost fingerprints as well.

    The funniest scene in this episode is the Book of Shadows showing that it has a mind of it's own. What a grass that book is! It alerted Andy to the truth spell that Prue cast on him earlier this season. As you can expect Andy's reaction wasn't a positive one.
  • Absolutley Well Written..

    I think this story line was well put.pheobe and Pru never really get along so this shows sisters who hate each other can settle their differences to help one and other through their situation..this episode really stood out to me So I really Liked this Episode I think they should of made more episodes like this one. And Also I think that Piper shouldn't of come back so soon from her vacation because the story would of went 4 longer with another problem for them 2 solve but well done.. I'm a huge fan.. I love charmed they rule. Byez
  • No Piper.

    No Piper but this episode is still good. Good episode with good plot and creative story. Prue and Phoebe have to vanquish the demon by themselves, because they want Piper to have a demon-free vacation. That's what we called sisters. Prue, in order to vanquish the demon, becomes a ghost which freaks Andy out. Poor Andy, he really thought Prue is dead (good acting). Love this episode, love it, love it, love it, love it. But seriously, Piper's scene in this episode is too little. It's not Charmed if the three sisters did not combine together. Love this episode but I wish I can watch more episode with three of the sisters together.
  • Piper leaves for Hawaii for work leaving Prue and Phoebe behind to fight off evil

    After Piper leaves and Phoebe is left with a list of things to do Phoebe's friend calls reminding her of their plans and Phoebe goes off and runs into a ghost. While Phoebe ignores her household responsibilities to do ghost research Prue's job is hanging on by a thread and she is going to have to do something to keep it. There was quite a lot of things going on in the beginning of this one including Andy and Morris' case on the ghost. With everything going on in the beginning it was obviously going to be an interesting episode and in the end it definitely was.

    I absolutely loved the ultra violet finger print that Andy and Morris ended up with. It was so cool to see that finger print. It was rather annoying though to see the whole thing with internal affairs that was the only part of the episode that I really did not like. It was nice to see Andy and Prue working together like they were and I loved that it was finally admitted that Prue used the truth spell on him.

    Prue and Phoebe being alone without Piper was great I really enjoyed seeing the two of them together and trying to prove that they did not need Piper to get along with each other. Their argument about Phoebe not working was amazing I loved how Phoebe told Prue that she was mad at her for not working. It was just amazing to see them actually come to an agreement.

    I loved when they went to throw the stuff on Jackson's grave Phoebe made a Buffy the vampire Slayer reference. The fact that Prue had to literally die to vanquish the ghost of Jackson Ward was totally awesome. I loved that Andy came in and tried to revive Prue while she was in the middle of the spell and that he then became distracted by the thing flying at him. This was a really amazing episode even with Piper being in Hawaii for most of the episode.
  • The Ghost of Alcatraz...

    Piper has to travel to Honolulu for a job appointment and leaves Prue and Phoebe alone. Phoebe visits Alcatraz with a friend and sees a ghost and a demon killing a guard to escape the island. Sooner they find that that ghost is the serial killer Jackson Ward and he is seeking revenge against those that condemned him to death. Unfortunately, the spell that Prue and Phoebe find in the Book of Shadows can only be cast by a spirit. Meanwhile, Andy is facing problems with the Internal Affairs.

    "The Power of Two" is another great episode of "Charmed". The ghost story is excellent and Prue finally confirms that her findings about Andy when she used the Spell of Truth were right.
  • Prue and Phoebe must battle the sinister Ghost of Alcatraz who plans to kill the jury who convicted him to death and they must do it without Piper, who has gone to a convention in Hawaii

    Even though Piper is absent from most of the episode, I generally enjoyed it. I was amazed that many reviews have stated that nothing happened in the episode in actual fact a lot has- Prue and Phoebe settle their differences, Andy starts to come around to Prue being a witch and is getting grief from internal affairs, who are investigating his unsolved cases. Oh and Prue dies in order to vanquish the ghost.

    All of this material wraps up the episode producing a well plotted scenario with action and suspense from the outset. The evil ghost storyline that is repeated in later episodes suffers from having limited plot , but this episode manages to pull through and is a very entertaining, dramatic and densely dark hour of Charmed

    I rated the episode 8/10- only because it was Piper lite
  • Prue and Phoebe...good team!

    Don't know why so many of you say that nothing happened in this episode...there's a lot of action...and it's a clear development of Prue and Phoebe's relationship!
    "At the Manor, Prue tells Phoebe that she did burn her file as Andy suggested revealing that he knew a lot more them he let on. It still doesn’t explain to them how Andy sensed Prue’s warning as a spirit about Ward though. Piper arrives home early feeling that something was up but Phoebe replies, “just the same boring stuff!”"
    Love this part of the episode! I like it everytime when the sisters are making fun of each other:)
  • Piper goes on a busness trip leaving Prue and Phoebe to fight a ghost who is killing people.

    Piper goes on a business trip and leaves Phoebe and Prue alone. The unemployed Phoebe is supposed to pick up the household chores that Piper is leaving but instead goes on a trip to Alcatraz with her friend where she meets the ghost of an executed inmate who wants revenge on those that put him away. When Prue finds out that Phoebe was slacking off it renews the conflict between them. I think this would have made it good for future episodes if they would have kept a little of the tension between Prue and Phoebe instead of wrapping it up and making it all better by the end of the episode. I also thought it was good seeing Andy go to the sisters for help and work with them to help solve the murders that ghost is committing. What I didn’t like was the conflict between Andy and Morris. You would think he would be able to at least explain a little why he couldn’t let Morris in on all the details. They also set up some future episodes with Andy being investigated by internal affairs. There’s some sadness at the end when Andy tells Prue he would want to have a normal life, not one that involves the supernatural. I liked the way they vanquished the ghost but I also think that the writers should have found a way to make it more believable by having the sisters take some extra precautions like having Andy or an ambulance on standby.
  • The power of two will have to do !!, well for now.

    Phoebe sees the ghost of a serial killer while on a sightseeing visit to Alcatraz. Phoebe watches in horror as the evil spirit escapes the island seeking revenge on the people responsible for sending him to the gas chamber. Phoebe and Prue must figure out how to vanquish the evil spirit and stop him from killing again, and they must do it without Piper. Great episdoe, but we missed Piper which wasa big loss !! There was so many good prases used in this episdoe my favourite: Phoebe: What was that?
    Prue: Probably a zombie,...or a vampire.
    Phoebe: Great! Where's Buffy when you need her?
  • average

    Piper is in Hawaii and is in the show for like three scenes. I was starting to forget what she looked like. Phoebe, while taking a tour of Alcetraz, witnesses a ghost enter a prison guard so he can cross the water. Piper worries about whether Prue and Phoebe will cope while she's away. A really boring episode.
  • hjjhj

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  • This is just an average episode.

    Pheobe sees a ghost kill a security guard on a tour of Askaban in order to escape from the prison. Meanwhile, Piper is having a good time in Hawaii. This episode was okay but it didn't really add anything to the series. There was no character development and you only saw Piper in two scenes. It was almost like she didn't even exit.
  • awesome!

    i loved this episode! it was cool that piper went away. i wonder why andy could hear prues call? prue died :cry: but! came back 2 life!!! that was awesome. i think shannen and alyssa did a god job 2gether. im surprized. wasnt pheobes preminotion personal gain at the beginning? well, thats all! bye.
  • This was a good episode , that showed that the three sisters aren't always together at allt iems and cope without it.

    When Pheobe takes a trip to Alcatraz things become different , when one of the old prisoners comes back as a ghost and causes havok. Then Piper worrries about leaving her two sisters behind while ona buisness trip. IN the end she deides to go and has a great time away from all the which stuff.