Season 7 Episode 16

The Seven Year Witch

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 10, 2005 on The WB

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  • The Seven Year Witch

    The Seven Year Witch was another perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development. It was interesting to see the Elders force Leo into a test to find his true destiny. I liked how Cole returned to play part in what was happening and it was intriguing to see just how connected he was. Drake reminisced, pondered and spoke of true love while trying to help the sisters before his time was up. This was definitely a great send off for him and I was a little surprised at his secret. I was happy to see Leo save Piper and decide to become mortal. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Couldn't believe that after so long Cole finally came back!

    I L-O-V-E this episode. Not only was it centring around Piper and Leo who I adore but Cole came back!

    When Piper turns around and says "Oh no! I am dead again" and then a mysterious voice says "No" I thought "That sounds scarily like..." Camera turns and I yelled "COLE!" Great to see one of Charmed most legendary characters finnaly making a reappearence. I missed Cole so much. I only saw this episode recently (must of kept missing it unknowingly) and I was so hooked I just couldnt turn away!

    Leo's memoary loss made me want to cry! Piper so desperatly wanted him back and e didnt even know what he wanted then the elder guy tricked him! Horrible! Bad elders! But in the end he chose Piper! So it's all good again. For now anyway...
  • Leo's fall from grace... and how sweet it is.

    Season 7 has two great episodes in Imaginary Fiends and this one. The whole test for Leo is pretty needless considering I think Leo has already proven a couple times where his loyalty lies. However, it gives the episode a chance to get out of its normal groove, and us a chance to see Leo interacting with the outside world. Brian is great, as usual. It is kinda surprising that Odin would try to cheat to convert Leo considering he was never exactly Leo's biggest fan, but whatever. It set up the fall from grace at Piper's death (again), which was an awesome scene. Billy Zane as Drake is great, as usual, and of course, it is always great to see Julian as Cole. There wasn't a lot for him to do here, but the interaction between him and Piper is great and very funny at times. That last scene with Julian and Billy Zane has to be the scene with the two best guest actors ever on the show. I at first thought that taking Leo's powers away would be a huge mistake, but the episodes immediately after this would prove me wrong. The writers actually did a great job of keeping Leo involved and important to the overall story. Leo at times shows even more courage as a mortal than he did as an immortal.

    Are you forgetting something?

    Best of the season so far. This is an hour full of drama, emotion and character development, with the various strands linked together by the theme of not giving up on love. Bless.

    The opening scene is superb. Loved the thorn spitting demon and that double vanquish with the pole. The plot then splits into two with Leo whisked off for punishment and Piper trapped in a plane between life and death. Meanwhile, Drake spends his last day on earth. Good acting all round and some excellent one liners.

    Leo's punishment sees a welcome change of scenery and a rare trip outside San Francisco. The enforced memory loss is a clever idea and well acted by Brian. That said, if they wanted to send him somewhere he would never find Piper, why only send him as far as Texas? Surely somewhere in the middle of Africa would have been better? I also can't believe the elders tried to fix the test in order to win him back. Are there no depths they won't sink to? Very cool scene on the bridge and a genuinely beautiful ending.

    Thoroughly loved seeing Cole again. I can't help feeling he was a little underused but his involvement turned out to be deeper than we thought. It hurts to think the Charmed Ones still blame him for becoming the Source - he never wanted it and it only happened as he was trying to save their lives. At least Piper did end by referring to him as an old friend. I was willing him to appear to Phoebe but I guess that would have complicated things for Drake.

    Speaking of Drake: what can I say? One of the best guest slots and most interesting characters of the series. A real shame it had to end so soon. Very touching scene with Cole at the end. Just as well I'm a bloke or I might have cried.

    Score: 9.6
  • A great episode!

    I loved this episode! Leo is finally mortal, Odin tried to mess with him & Piper but she listened to Cole & everything worked out for them! More good stuff is to come, & now Piper & Leo can and will be very happy from now on! Here's to Charmed, one of the greatest series I've ever watched & I'll always love it! I hope to be able to buy Seasons 4-8 on DVD one day, I have 1-3 but they're in a pawn shop now because I needed the money. Soon though I'll be picking them up again! Thanks!
  • The Seven Year Disappointment


    The Seven Year Witch-Piper is attacked by demons and winds up in a coma, and as she hovers between life and death, her spirit meets a familiar face who wants to help restore Phoebe's faith in love. Phoebe, Drake and Paige rush to save Piper by attempting to locate Leo, whose memory has been wiped clean by the Elders in attempt to allow him to choose his own destiny: be an Elder forever or choose Piper, and become mortal.

    Well, it seems even the milestone aren't safe from the mediocrity that Charmed has turned into. Most series don't even make it to their 100th episode yet Charmed managed to make it to 150! Now, the writers had a chance to really pay tribute to the past seasons as well as setting up the next phase of the series...or atleast...I don't know....something interesting happen! I mean come on, this episode should have been a classic or....something mildly entertaining, yet it's probably one of the most boring Charmed episodes ever! For one, the writers managed to get one of their most beloved actors to get back to play one of the series' best actors! Julian McMahon returns and it'srathersurprising considering his MAJOR success with Nip/Tuck at the time. He owed nothing to the fans and especially the writers, yet he returned as Cole and sadly, he's re-appearance (and sadly his last) is about as anti-climatic as you can imagine! Instead of some long awaited closure between Phoebe and Cole (who share absolutely NO scenes together!!) we get Cole acting like Dr. Phil to Piper's soul in limbo for a couple of minutes!! Seriously...WHAT. THE. F%^&!! Now I'm all for Piper and Leo, but even I couldn't stand all the love garbage that the writers were forcing down our throats this episode. It doesn't help that in Drake's final episode, he spews the same non-sense to the sisters, especially Phoebe. Two truly gifted, versatile actors in one episode and they both given the weakest, most pathetic lines of the series!!

    Don't even get me started on Leo's test/quest/who cares given to him by the Elders. It's honestly the biggest waste of time the writers have come of with. To rap up Leo's story arc as anwhite-lighter-Elder-Avatar like this is just beyond lame. No to mention, could the Texas setting be more stereotypical?! O_0 Nothing about the story felt organic, like Leo was truly struggling between being with Piper or being an Elder, it was all rushed and forced, especially when he....dear lord...fell from grace. I'm sorry, but if Leo turned human as he falling off the Golden Gate bridge...wouldn't he....I don't know...DIE! If not imploding into many pieces!! Do the writers not know about simple physics!!! O_0 *Headdesk* Ehw! I don't care anymore! I don't care about Piper and Leo's love, I don't care what the Elders think, I don't care if Cole wants Phoebe to love again, I even don't care about some illconceivedplot tie-in with Cole being behind Drake's deal, all I wanted was an awesome 150th episode and I got an episode of the LoveConnection!! Bad, Bad, BAD!!

  • guess who's back? hint: our favorite ex-demon...

    cole's back! julian provided sum of the best acting on the show, and i congradulate the authors on cole's snappy lines, but him and phoebe didnt interact at all (except for sum basic eye contact. i dont care wat u say, that does NOT qualify)! the leo losing his memory thing looked like a low-budget movie, and the interaction between phoebe and paige was pathetic. drake was amusing as ever, but more importantly, COLE'S BACK! The piper and leo scenes were cute and i was so glad to see that the destined couple could finally get a break from all of that elder crap. overall, it was a nice, clever, episode, but could hav been soooo much more, if only, i dunno, phoebe and cole got back 2gether! granted, this is the view of a die-hard cole fan, but even cole haters would agree that this episode left us all high nd dry, but still its charmed, i cant give it anything lower than a 7.0
  • People!! Let's focus... This one could have been a lot better!!!

    The elder and Drake in this episode were so annoying!!! (Drake was a lot better in the 2 episodes before!)

    The Begginig of the episode is awsome! Paige and Piper acting is perfect in the scene, and the effects were great (to boys in a stick!!! do they do that everyday!!!??? NO!) That makes the episode better

    Piper acting and scenes are great! (Especially when she fells ini the ground and then see her own body)
    The idea of Cole is good aswell

    Then... Why is so strange the episode!!!???
    The Paige and phoebe scenes are not interesting at all!!
    It should have been a episode with more sisters-bonding!! Thet trying things next to Piper and not in a police-station! And Leo's part in the desert is boring too! The episode could been better and it was the 150!!! so they should have done a very special episode

    PD: The camera job was horrible!! not good scenes with all three (Paige Phoebe Drake!)
  • Coles back to restore Phobes faith in love.

    Charmed goes Texan when the Elders decide to punish Leo by erasing his memory and sending him into the world. Leo will have to interact with various inhabitants of the city he's in. He also tries to find out who he is. He'll even do what he does best, save people, after a man his injured in a car accident. Phoebe and Paige have to look for Leo alone when Piper falls critically ill and is visited by cole, he is there to restore Phoebes faith in love. Drake tries to keep Piper alive he also dosen't know that Cole is there. This episode feature's flashbacks from episodes such as "The Bare Witch Project," "Honeymoon's Over," and "Saving Private Leo."
  • Leo's sentence is handed out by the Elders and Piper ends up in a coma only to meet a familiar face who wants to help her and Leo as well as help Phoebe's faith in love.

    I actually really liked this episode and not only because of the reapperance of Cole. It was great. Throughout the series it is shown that Leo and Piper are meant to be together and this episode proves even more so that it's true. As Piper is dying, she calls to Leo and although his memory of her has been wiped he still hears her calls and falls from grace. A true romantic moment. Also, the appearance of Cole as Piper's guide is great. I love how they brought him back and showing once again that he can actually be a good person as he tries to help Piper and Phoebe. He really did love her. Sadly this is Drake's last episode. I wish he had stayed longer because he was great for Phoebe. Great episode. It shows romance with some humour, memory loss, true soulmates, and some action as well. I recommend watching it.
  • Leo and Piper, Phoebe and Drake, guest starring Julian McMahon as Cole.

    In this episode Leo and Piper's relationship is put to the test when he is stripped of all his magical powers and placed in the middle of no where. If he finds his way back to Piper then they are truly meant to be and the elders will interfere no longer. If he finds his way back to the elders then his memory of Piper, his children, and the girls will be wiped clean and they will never see him again. Fortunately, with aid of the girls and Piper's willingness to finally accept Cole's help (that's right Cole!) Leo finds his way back to where he real belongs. A mortal, normal as can be life with his witchy wife and their kids.

    Phoebe and Drake however don't have such great luck. He struck a deal to made human for a year and that year is up, even if he is in love with Phoebe. Watching him leave is really sad and their little moment together is very emotional. We come to find however that Drake's coming into her life isn't exactly all the coincidental actually. Turns out Cole has much more to do with this episode, and this guy, then we think.
  • This is when Piper goes into a coma by Thorn demons and Cole comes back, Paige and Phoebe try to save Piper, Cole's back, Leo loses his memory, Cole's back, The Elders cheat(as usual) to get Leo to choose the Greater Good and Cole's back yay, Cole's back

    Oh My God! Cole's back(does a victory dance) In your face Kayla! Sorry Bout that. My friend doesn't like Cole or this epi. This epi was absolutely great. I suggest this to anyone who is a fan of Cole. He was the best I have ever seen him in his character. Drake and Phoebe at the end was so good. I cried a little at the end. And what Cole did for Piper, Leo and Phoebe( helping Piper and Leo reunite and helping Phoebe find love). I agree I go for Cole and Phoebe and Drake and Phoebe. This episode was sad when Piper was dying and Leo didn't choose Piper. I'm glad he did at the end. Well, this epi was well done and I suggest it to anybody.
  • Piper goes into a coma once again, Leo's memory is taken away by the Elders, and Cole is back...again!

    Even though they have used the whole "Piper goes into a coma" story line a lot, this time was completely different. I loved when Piper said "Oh no, am I dead again?" While in the coma, Cole helps guide Piper to survive. And Leo's memory was taken away by those darn Elders to go with his heart and find his way either to his family or being an Elder. At first, he decided to go "up north" and chose to be an Elder, although he didn't know that was what he was doing. Cole tells Piper in order to get Leo back, she needed to let go, and he would know to come. Then when he felt Piper dying, he fell from grace to become human with absolutely no powers. Wyatt healed Piper. Drake and Phoebe say a tearful goodbye as it is his last couple minutes of life. It is revealed that Cole was the one who gave Drake the two or three weeks to live and be with Phoebe. It was a great episode, and it really shows how much Cole is SO NOT A JERK (cough...Julia! cough)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could watch this episode many, many times and not get tired of it! :)

    Cole comes back as a guest to appear in the 150th episode of Charmed.

    When Leo's memory is erased by the Elders and sent back to Earth as a human to either find his way back to Piper, making him human for good, or to believe in the greater good and become an Elder, Cole appears to Piper who has been put in a coma by the prick of a thorn demon, in an attempt to save Piper's life, she and Leo's love, and help Phoebe believe in love again...all done from a vortex between life and death (where he and Piper's souls meet).

    This is one of my absolute favorite episodes of Charmed, to have Cole back for a little bit...even though hearing him talk about how he has to spend the rest of eternity makes me cry...was awesome.

    This episode has a lot of stuff going on, between Piper in a coma, Leo's memory wiped clean, Cole being back for one episode, and Drake's last day to live..this episode was great.

    I love this episode...AND COLE = ]
  • Piper is in a coma (once again). Leo has his memory erased, and Cole returns.

    After Piper is attacked by a demon, she slips into a coma and is hovering between life and death. There she meets Cole. Meanwhile, the Elders have erased Leo's memory and put him back on earth as a mortal. He must choose between his family or the "Greater Good". All together an absolutly fantastic episode. Mainly focuses on Piper and Leo's relationship. Also focuses on Pheobe giving up on love. One of my personal favorates.
  • Leo loses his magic and cole makes a guest appearance

    this was a pretty good episode... it was really great that they had julian macmahn (i think thats how you spell his name... correct me if im wrong) come back for a guest appearance because i always thought that he fit in great with the rest of the cast. and, as an added bonus we get to see what the "hell" cole has been doing ever since he was vanquished for like the third time back in season five. this episode also marks the end of all the drama with leo and the elders vs. avatars - thank god that is over and life can return to "normal". :)
  • The Seven Year Nap

    An episode which can bore you to death, The Seven Year Witch seems like 10 thousand other Charmed episodes.

    The trailer makes this episode seem like a good one but don't let it fool you. The episode continues in pretty much a dull, uneventful way with the unflatering sight of Brian's beer gut as he's falling off the bridge unfortunately being the only memorable part of the episode.

    This episode sees The Elders telling Leo that he must choose between being an Elder or a family man. To help him decide, they erase his memories and send him to Texas (why?) where he must find his own path:either to Piper, Wyatt and Chris or to The Elders.

    What follows is nothing but an episode filled with boring shop talk, a dance by Phoebe and Drake, Leo eating a pie (like he's not big enough already!), Piper dying for the ninth time, 3 flashbacks, 2 instances in which they say 150 (since this episode is the 150th), Drake, who because of the time when this episode was written, compares Piper and Leo's undying love to Brad and Jennifer's (I smell divorce!) and of course, a wasted performance by Julian McMahon who reprises his role as Cole for the last time. He tries to put all his effort into his performance but it's obvious that he was exhausted from filming Fantastic Four and he suffers from Jeannine Renshaw's pathetic script.

    Another thing which really hurts this episode is the constant travelling. Piper and Paige are in an alley then they go home, then Leo goes up to Elderland, they send him to Texas, Phoebe and Paige go to the police department, then they go to Texas themselves, then they orb to the Golden Gate bridge, then they take Leo home, then Phoebe and Drake go to Magic School, then we have one final scene in the Manor.

    This episode is poorly written offering nothing but cheesy moments and crappy dialogue not to mention how easy everything is for the sisters. The only reason why you should see this episode is because you might need to know what goes on for future episodes. Then again, this is Charmed. Even the writers don't know what's going on.

    While Piper ends up in comma, she faces out with the familiar face she once defeated, Cole, that is apparently trapped in a sort of limbo between life and death, and that bring a lot of emotion to the episode. I really miss Cole because he had been only able to be really, really bad for three episodes which were the 98-100 and was killed halfway trough the season which I don't think is something they should be doing if he is a main character, but too he has work out with Nip\Tuck, which is also a great series.
  • Like it or hate it.

    The first time I saw this episode I liked it "ok". Just 2 days ago I saw it again and LOVED it. I liked how this show mentions the past and just doesn't forget about it. IE- Pru, cole etc... I loved seeing Cole back on the show, even it was only for this episode but he was and still is one of my fave Charmed characters.
  • Gotta love Charmed.

    I loved this episode. Great to see Cole back, it fitted in the series brilliantly. Also it was fitting that he would leave in the 100th episode and be back for the 150th. Cole was a fantastic character in the old seasons and bringing him back for this episode was amazing, it gave a final instalment of what happened after his last vanquish. Can't get rid of that man he'll always come back for his love somehow. Leo becoming human made this episode even better. Didn't we all know he was going to go back to Piper eventually during this episode, like Drake said their love is epic. Best episode of the season, no doubt about it.
  • Gotta love Charmed.

    I loved this episode. Great to see Cole back, it fitted in the series brilliantly. Also it was fitting that he would leave in the 100th episode and be back for the 150th. Cole was a fantastic character in the old seasons and bringing him back for this episode was amazing, it gave a final instalment of what happened after his last vanquish. Can't get rid of that man he'll always come back for his love somehow. Leo becoming human made this episode even better. Didn't we all know he was going to go back to Piper eventually during this episode, like Drake said their love is epic. Best episode of the season, no doubt about it.
  • It/Sucks

    As the 150th episode of Charmed, I expected a lot from The Seven Year Witch. Sadly, I was left feeling bored and disappointed.

    The return of Julian McMahon's Cole was eagerly anticipated by fans but it seems as if the writers forgot to give him an interesting storyline.

    Piper is left in a coma (yes, again!) after a demon attack and, in between of life and death, meets Cole who asks her to help him restore Phoebe's faith in love. Meanwhile, Leo has his memories erased by the Elders and has to choose between living his life as a mortal or staying as an Elder.

    The scenes with Leo wandering middle America, meeting the locals and trying to remember Piper are incredibly boring and the scenes with Phoebe and Paige trying to find him are also tedious.

    The resolution, in which Leo chooses to become a mortal, is a good development as the sisters are left open for dangerous situations without the ability to be healed by Leo. Meaning any injury sustained in coming episodes will have to be dealt with healing hands-free.

    We also say goodbye to Billy Zane's Drake. He was an interesting and funny character and it's a shame that he's been killed off so quickly. After all the boring boyfriend characters they've had, the only interesting one is killed off after three episodes! What were they thinking??!!

    Julian McMahon is decent in the episode but seems like he is acting on auto-pilot. If the writers couldn't give him anything interesting to do, why bother having Cole in the episode? Please Julian, stay on Nip/Tuck and avoid this show like the plague in the future!

    All-in-all, The Seven Year Witch is an average episode which is lacking in anything really explosive.
  • Cole returns in order to save Piper from dying and to make sure Phoebe will refind the hope for love as Leo has to find his own path while suffering amnesia...

    a very special episode imo. It was an excellent plot for the 150th episode and a very interesting one too.

    Leo has to choose with path to follow in his life, a life with Piper and his family or becoming an elder and abandoning his family. And then when Piper appears to be in a coma, you'd never expect Cole to be the one who should help her out. Of course the promo's kind of spoiled it but still... If it wouldn't be spoiled in the promo a bit then it would be a complete surprise and a unexpected one too.

    And it was sweet that Cole wanted Phoebe not to give up on love and that Piper and Leo had to show that "Love conquers all!"

    The elders were a bit stupid by saying that Leo had to find his own path but instead they talk with him and try to convince him to go with them to join the other elders... Thankfully Leo remembered slight parts of Piper and his family and the moment Piper nearly died, Leo came to her side.. Amazing moment and in the end Phoebe found new hope for love, just as Cole hoped she would...

    Overall I really enjoyed this episode and it's one of Charmed's best episodes ever and really one of the best episodes of season 7!
  • Cole is back!..for too little..

    Give us Cole back..again!
    Painful episode..seeing Cole still struggling for Phoebe, holding her photo and quoting Shakespeare love poems for her..
    Why can Leo and Piper live together and share their true love while Cole and Phoebe cannot?? Isn't their love as strong and true as Leo and Piper's one??
    Phoebe won't EVER find someone who can really substitute Cole in her life..
  • He's back!!!

    I love the fact that Cole is actually doing someting good with his powers now! I always loved the Cole character, and was very glad to see him come back, even if it was for just one episode. This episode was very special. Not only is Cole helping Piper and Leo get back together, he is helping Phoebe not give up on love after everything that has happened to her over the past 7 years. We also see that piper and leo's love is still powerful, and that Leo was brave enough to give up everything that he knew and his powers to be with his wife and kids. Their love is special. Finally, we learn that Wyatt can heal people like his father. We haven't "seen" him heal since his powers made Piper invincible during her pregnancy.
    Great episode!
  • The episode when Cole is back and Leo is loosing his powers!

    This episode was a good idea!! Cole comming back... or making himself known.... Piper falling into a coma and finding out that Cole has been watching them from his own little custom made hell.
    Leo is "punished" by the elders which i thought was a good way for him to loose his powers...the falling was a little extreme but what ever!!! This episode gets a 10!