Season 4 Episode 14

The Three Faces of Phoebe

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Paige's Consequence & Power Growth - Last week's act for personal gain catches up with Paige. As a result of her actions with Carolyn, she earns a promotion, meant for another deserving co-worker. She is excited about the promotion, but ultimately turns it down. It is unfair for her to take the job, when it was her magic that raised her over the other candidate. Paige is learning to control her orbing power. She can now orb from one place to another. During a pivotal moment, she even manages to orb herself and her sisters from a distant location, home to the manor. The Three Phoebe's - Phoebe senses that there is something wrong with Cole. She confides in Piper, who tells her that it is just cold feet. In an effort to figure out what she should do regarding the impending marriage, Phoebe casts a spell to have her heart help her decide. Surprisingly, the spell summons her past and future selves to the present. Young Phoebe is terrified. Piper & Phoebe try to comfort her. Old Phoebe is upset that Phoebe brought them here. She refuses to tell Phoebe anything about the future or to give her advice as to what to do about Cole. A demon attacks and almost kills Young Phoebe. Cole steps in to protect her. The death of Young Phoebe would mean the destruction of the current Phoebe and thus the Power of Three. Leo orbs her to a safe place until the sisters are able to vanquish the demon. Phoebe tries to talk with Old Phoebe. Seeking her help to figure out what to do about Cole. She again refuses. Phoebe pressures her by saying that magic happens for a reason. Perhaps she was meant to come back in time to change the future but again, Old Phoebe refuses to help. She is clearly bitter, troubled, and unhappy. Phoebe doesn't want to end up like that. Old Phoebe confronts Cole. She knows that he is becoming the Source. She tells him that she never married him and that when she found out he was the Source, her and her sisters vanquished him. He is confused that she would tell him this. She says that maybe there is a reason she was brought here, perhaps she can do something to save Cole and change their future. He tells her she shouldn't; the consequences could do more damage than good. But Old Phoebe remembers what Phoebe said, and decides that no fate would be as bad as ending up a bitter old woman. Kurzon, a powerful demon, attacks. He knows Cole is becoming the Source. Old Phoebe jumps in Kurzon's path and is fatally stabbed, protecting Cole. Once Kurzon is vanquished, Phoebe holds Old Phoebe in her arms. Cole tells them that she saved him. Before she dies, she tells Phoebe that she has her answer. The spell is broken, and the Phoebes are returned to their times. Phoebe tells Piper that seeing her older self die for Cole has helped her but she is still confused and senses that something is wrong with Cole. She asks Cole to tell him if there is something he's not telling her. He lies, and tells her no. The Struggle for the Underworld: Cole, the Seer, & Kurzon - Cole is frighteningly aware of the changes within him. He is angry that the Seer never told him the extent of what would happen when he helped vanquish the Source. Despite his efforts to fight it, the evil powers inside him are beginning to take control. The Seer tells Cole, he must get the Charmed Ones to vanquish Kurzon, the power poised to take over the underworld and fill the void left by the Source. He tells her no, he won't work with her, but the Source inside him is more difficult to defy. The Seer tricks Kurzon into attacking the sisters by telling him there is only one witch to defeat. Confronted by both Piper and Paige and realizing that they are the Charmed Ones, he flees. Kurzon does not trust the Seer, but this time she tells him of a way to defeat the Charmed Ones. If he kills the young Phoebe, the Phoebe of the present will no longer exist, and the Power of Three will be severed. He goes to attack young Phoebe who is being watched by Cole. Cole instinctively protects her fighting back against Kurzon. Kurzon recognizes him as Belthazor, but even more disturbing, he realizes that Cole is armed with the Source's powers. Once again, Kurzon flees. Kurzon realizes that his only chance is to kill Cole before his powers become too great. He goes after him again, while the witches are away. The two battle and Kurzon is winning, but just as Kurzon lunges at Cole for a final blow with a sword, Old Phoebe jumps in and takes the stab to save him. The sisters arrive too late to save Old Phoebe, but are in time to vanquish Kurzon. They never witness any of Cole's new powers. Old Phoebe, knows of Cole's changes, but doesn't tell. She does however risk the future by alluding to Phoebe that she should marry Cole. Part of her thinks that if Phoebe stays by his side that the future can be different. Perhaps Cole can still be saved. Cole is loosing his battle against the Source's powers. Not only are the powers taking over at times, against his will, he's beginning to control them himself as the Source grows within him. The evil is taking over completely, and soon he won't be able to control it anymore. The Seer is pleased. Phoebe asks him if anything is wrong, but he doesn't tell her.