Season 4 Episode 14

The Three Faces of Phoebe

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2002 on The WB

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  • Three equally clueless Phoebes...

    Obviously there is no place to go but down after vanquishing the Source, and this is a ambivalently average episode with some very good elements balanced against some annoying storylines.

    On the good side, the Seer is back and better than ever as she continues to manipulate not only Cole but another fool demon who thinks he's ready to be the Source. Julian is sensational, of course, as the conflict builds inside of Cole. I could argue that Charmed was at its best when Cole was an ally of the Charmed Ones, but there is no question that Julian is at his best when conflicted and evil. The faceoffs between Old Phoebe and Cole are the clear highlight of the show besides Paige's orbing.

    Unlike many of the reviewers, I liked the Paige subplot. I would first point out that Paige did not cast a spell for personal gain last episode, but to aid an innocent. Therefore, I'm not sure why the consequences. Anyway, I thought it was a good continuation from last week. I think we should see more of that. The point of this subplot was to show how much Paige has learned. She gets it now. Her orbing her sisters at the end is a huge step for Charmed. From this moment on, the sisters no longer need Leo to orb about. Paige orbing her sisters will play a role throughout the remainder of series. Nice way to get around!

    As for the annoying, first and foremost, Phoebe's spell is sorta cool as far as the older and the not much to do younger Phoebe goes, but what was the point again? Phoebe needs magic to decide whether to marry Cole or not? Since when? And now you know why Old Phoebe is angry about the whole thing. Sort of unrealistic that Phoebe would turn out old and bitter just over Cole considering she goes through about 5 boyfriends just in the years immediately after. Secondly, in what universe did Kurzon think he could be the Source? Personally, I don't care for this entire idea. You either are the Source or you are not. There is no gather enough demons under you, go through a crowning, and become the Source. Lame. Hey, maybe I could be the Source?
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