Season 8 Episode 18

The Torn Identity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on The WB
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Coop comes to the conclusion that he has fallen for Phoebe but she'd rather spend her life with a mortal. Meanwhile, Piper is on the hunt for killer demons; Paige finds it hard balancing life as a Charmed One with that of a married woman.

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  • The Torn Identity

    The Torn Identity was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was engaging, exciting and full of great character and plot development. When Piper and Paige find the demon who killed Christy and Billie's parents they also need info from him leading to Leo. Christy tries to vanquish him and Piper saves him by hurdling Christy through the air. This was a fun scene for many reasons, and Christy reminded me of Stephan King's Carrie. There was action, drama, intrigue and lots of magic! I liked how every thing played out and the new distrust between the sisters and Christy along with her sister Billie. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Christy and Billie become the sisters's enemies way too quickly and Phoebe somehow fails to realize Coop loves her, but we do get to see the sisters acting more like sisters and the use of the Power of Three.moreless

    Once again it's easy to see how the writers are rushing to conclude this ultimate power storyline, and it really doesn't help in making this episode very believeable. Minus the rushing, this episode was not horribly bad, but Phoebe is still pretty annoying and her useless sideplot keeps taking up too much time.

    At the beginning of the episode, Billie and Christy are on good terms (well Christy is on "fake" good terms I guess) with the sisters, but then by the end of the episode, they are acting like enemies. Sure that's what we knew would happen, but it happened way too fast. I can see how Christy got to being all mad at the sisters, but then she told Billie about how Piper attacked her, and Billie said she's go talk to the okay now what happened on her walk over to the manor that made her go from nice visit to piss mode where she just barges into the manor and steals a potion, acting all retarded and flipping out on the sisters?? That seriously made no sense. She told Christy she'd go talk to the sisters alone since Christy was all upset, then the writers forgot to put in the scene where she has a reason to hate the sisters herself, and we just see Billie randomly siding with Christy with 0 transition time. Continuity within a single episode would be nice. Whatever.

    Other than that huge annoyance, the rest of the episode was an improvement over last week. Paige and Piper had a nice scene where Piper tried to help out Paige with her identity problems, and then the sisters came together for some Power of Three action, then went together to go get that Noxon (or whatever he was called) demon to spill the beans. Piper froze something, which hasn't happened much lately. Oh and I must throw this in: the scene where Piper blew up Christy's arm - yeah, that was pretty awesome.

    Not so awesome is Phoebe being blind. I really don't know how she didn't get a single hint from Crap Coop when she had that "I love Michael" conversation with him. Phoebe, it was horribly obvious that Coop likes you, take one of the 5000 hints he gave you, please. Oh and also, stop caring about yourself, like in the attic when you actually hesitated calling coop to reverse the spell he did on Paige, just because you didn't want to summon Coop. Or when Coop came with a present and poem and you actually stopped to talk about it and made your sisters wait to find the demon. Celf-centered a bit? I can't believe the other sisters didn't yell at her for making them wait.

    So now we see that Piper is all for killing Billie and Christy, but Paige still thinks they can work things out with them. Again, way too rushed, and considering Brad Kern must have known this show wouldn't last past this season months before he got the official cancellation, I think he should have worked on making less filler episodes and moving the plot along a little bit so everything isn't shoved into the last few episodes. But that didn't happen, so we must go with what we get. The filler is slowly let's just hope we get a nice ending to the main plot.moreless
  • And the final battle becomes clear, Christie and Billie must go down and go down hard.

    This is a difficult episode to score. It accomplishes more towards turning Billie against the sisters than any other episode, which makes it crucial to the final story arc. However, it is at times maddening to watch. Most reviewers have seemingly missed the point that Christie wanted the demon destroyed BEFORE it could talk to the Charmed Ones. That was the whole issue of contention between her and the sisters. Most things in this episode regarding Billie are pretty maddening. Yes, as others have stated, her time with the Charmed Ones and the fact that they've all risked their lives to save hers (remember Hulkus Pokus anyone?) is all too quickly forgotten on the word of a sister that frankly after 15 years she wouldn't have even been able to recognize. The thing is, I think the writers did well to set this up. The failure is that the best element already present to explain Billie's sudden turn against the sisters isn't properly leveraged. It is understandable that Billie would feel isolated after the death of her parents. As such, a somewhat irrational attachment to her sister wouldn't be hard to believe. However, that usable notion isn't sold by the actress. Billie shows little grief over her parents at all, and instead just shows more neurotic adoration of a sister she hasn't known for the last 15 years.

    Well, Christie certainly uses that to good advantage, playing an injury she deservedly received from Piper for all its worth and then some. The adoring and beyond gullible Billie makes easy fodder. Christie has clearly been the star the last couple episodes, and she is proving a very imposing villian, even being able to use her apparently ever-reaching telepathy to read the sisters' thoughts all the way from Magic School. At least Piper is now aware of who the enemies are.

    The whole Piper being blamed for trying to get Leo back is sort of idiotic when you consider that not just Leo but the sisters' lives depend upon getting to and fighting this supposedly final battle. Piper is doing nothing more than what is in all of their best interest by trying to discover who the ultimate threat is.

    And how is Billie being used again? To fight demons? Isn't that what she was doing before she met the Charmed Ones? The only difference is now she has a lot more power to fight them with. I understand why she would feel used.

    Paige and Henry's story here is mildly entertaining. It is no surprise that Paige would lose herself in marriage considering she has been afraid of losing herself to her sisters for the past 5 seasons. What did I say about Paige being too independent to be married? So, this whole story line is so predictable it is comical, and I have to give the writers credit here for leaving us with the same old Paige. Great acting by Ivan here, throughout. Henry has been a pleasant surprise this whole season, but anyone notice he and Paige don't exactly have great chemistry? Its alright. They are only a secondary couple to me anyway.

    I would definitely give this episode a higher score if it wasn't for the Coop/Phoebe arc. I like Coop, as I have said before, but come on. I would have liked to see something original versus the whole Cyrano/Roxanne redux thing. That whole part of the episode was beyond annoying, but it did have a good final scene.

    Alright. So let's get on with it!moreless
  • A original episode with a lot of good moments! Fantastic!

    It's a relly good episode! It's kinda weird because we don't see a main story of a demon that attacks or something but a normal story...

    The Whole supernatural part was so great. The episode has tons of special effects: The whole new underworld set with the freaky things that are in the grounds and the whole snake things was remarkable! I love the idea of a snake in the underworld that way, it's not like Charmed, but was great! And it was very real, the effect was well done. When the demon dies the snake dies aswell and the effect of the snake becoming ashes was so perfect! And when see that original vanquish at the end, and the freezing of Piper, and the effect with Paige in Henry... All of this made this episode be a 10 one in the supernatural part.

    In the normal part I loved so much the Paige story, she was always so independent that is logical that now she feels that way. I think that was perfect in her character. When she told Henry: "I've never loved someone so much" ...Whoa...Was so great!!! That things made the audience believe that is a true love! The scenes with Henry with powers were funny aswell. And the final scene with the three of them in the attic was so "Charmed". Besides we have some great scenes in the episode: The whole scene in the phone was funny, when Paige is talking to Henry and Phoebe and she get wrong! Cool! Also we have a perfect scene at the beginning... When Piper and Paige go to the hall till the attic was original and they both together were great! The part of Phoebe was more boring, i don't get how Coop can fell in love so quickly it makes no sense, anyway she is tecnically an experct of Phoebe so that would make some sense... Another thing: It would be fantastic get Billie's proyection power and send her to the moment where Phoebe said "you're now part of the family..." (Hulkus Pocus) maybe Billie would remember something about them...moreless
  • Piper, Phoebe and Paige finally find the ulimate power- Billie and Christy.

    Good episode but I think Piper could of explained more about what happened to Christy to Billie unstead of a little. I don't like Christy now. She is a lier and she works with demons. I didn't like that Billie thought the Charmed Ones were bad. Piper was good with her throwing Christy into the wall.
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Billie was at Phoebe's apartment with Phoebewhen Christy came to tell her about what Piper had done. The two of them talked outside for about a minute, and Billie went to the manor, yet Phoebe beat her there, and had time to change her clothes as well.

    • TRIVIA: The demon who dies on the volcano vent is the 600th evil being to be vanquished on the show.

    • Why would Coop assist Michael Cyrano style? In the season 2 episode Heartbreak City, Cupid uses the ring to psychically project to the people he is setting up. So why would Coop go through all of 'dating service' cover story and hiding in the bushes, when he had the power to do that? However, this suggests that different cupids have different powers.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode when Billie and Christy combine their powers to vanquish an unvanquishable demon, the Charmed Ones realize they've found the Ultimate Power -Christy is the Key to the Ulitimate Power, Billie.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode it's shown that Christy has the ability to listen in on other people telepathetically - including the Charmed Ones, which helps her to be one step ahead of them.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Coop: O lift me from the grass, I fail, I die, but thy loved kisses rain on my lips.
      Phoebe: What are you doing?
      Coop: I'm just reciting what Michael wrote. He left this for you at the door.
      Phoebe: Really?
      Piper: Yeah, never mind that, we...
      (Phoebe waves her off, reads from the card)
      Phoebe: My heart beats loud and fast, O press it to thine own again where it shall break at last. Michael didn't write this.
      Coop: What...Yeah, you're right. I wrote it down, a couple hundred years ago or so. Some of my best work.

    • Coop: I'm telling you, I've found you a match. he could be the man of your dreams.
      (Phoebe is listening to music and doesn't hear him)
      Coop: (taking off her headphones) Phoebe, hello. Am I making myself clear?
      Phoebe: Hello, I'm working. Do you see me working?
      Coop: Yeah, yeah, so am I. How about...Michael?
      Phoebe: Coop.
      Coop: Also happens to be the style editor at your paper no less.
      Phoebe: Which probably makes him gay, okay? I know who he is, and no thank you.
      Coop: He's not gay. Trust me, I wouldn't be setting you up with him. So why don't you go out with him, huh?
      Phoebe: Well, maybe because I don't like to date people at the work place. Did you ever think of that?
      Coop: Mm, yeah, yeah, of course I've thought about that. I think about everything when it comes to matchmaking. Besides, you met Jason at work, and Leslie, and Dex.
      Phoebe: Yeah, and those didn't go to well for me did they.
      Coop: Yeah, but not because you worked with them. It's because know, reasons. Anyway, I'm not asking you to marry the guy, just go out with him. Let me see how close I am to figuring you out. What have you got to lose, huh? Take a risk.
      Phoebe: It's just the whole process, you know? Like dating, and then opening up to someone, and then having to tell them I'm a witch, them fainting. It's just not fun.
      Coop: Ah, you are so confusing to me. I don't get it, first you tell me you don't want to date magical beings and then you don't want to date mortals. Who's left?
      (Phoebe laughs at him)
      Coop: Yeah, yeah, it's not funny. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a match for you, Phoebe? You are a smart, successful, gorgeous woman with a great sense of humor and amazing strength. I mean look at you, you're lounging around in a tracksuit with a pencil in your hair and glasses and you're so beautiful.
      Phoebe: Really?
      (Coop gets uncomfortable)
      Coop: Yeah, yeah, you know I'm trying to see what Michael sees in you, or would see in you, if you'd go out with the guy.
      Phoebe: Okay, but what about my column, and everything Piper's going through. I mean, doesn't love pale in comparison to all of that?
      Coop: No, you don't get it, I don't know how many times I need to tell you. Love, doesn't pale in comparison to anything. It makes the world turn, and the flowers grow...Okay smart-aleck, do me a favor, just be open the next time love comes knocking, okay?

    • Henry (on the phone with Paige): What is going on? Talk to me.
      Paige: Nothing. It's nothing. It's really nothing. It''re completely perfect. You are. Could I call you later? That would really be the best thing. Okay. I'll do that. Bye. (she pushes a button on her cell phone) Phoebe?
      Phoebe: Yeah?
      Paige: I need professional help. Can I borrow your Cupid?

    • Paige (on the phone with Henry): Hold on a second. (She pushes a button on her cell phone) Phoebe, forget about Christy. What I really need your help with is Henry. Phoebe?
      Henry: Still me, Paige.

    • Paige (referring to Billie & Christy): They've just vanquished a demon that cannot be vanquished!
      Phoebe: What does that mean?!
      Piper: I think that means we've just found the ultimate power.

    • Henry: Paige, are you mad at me? Did I do something that I don't know I did?
      Paige: No, I'm not mad at you. Not at all. It's just...
      Henry: What, what, what, what?

    • Phoebe (on the phone): Any luck with Leo?
      Paige: Oh no, but we did manage successfully to get Christy to hate us.

    • Paige (to Henry): Awww, you gush about me?

    • Christy (to Billie): It's just you and me now, sis. And it always will be...

    • Paige (in Henry's head): Hold out your hand and call for the vial.
      Henry (holds out hand): Vial! (The vial orbs to him and he laughs) That was cool.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Story line: Coop & the balcony scene

      The evolving story of how Coop is playing cupid for Phoebe while he is, in fact, falling for her himself is a direct homage to the story of Cyrano de Bergerac (a play by Edmond Rostand).

      In that story, Cyrano is obliged to aid his less silver-tongued but more handsome friend Christian in wooing Roxane, a woman who he falls in love with. In one of the best known scenes in the play, Cyrano stands under the balcony of Roxane, secretly prompting Christian with words of romance.

      In this episode, Coop stands under Phoebe's balcony, and similarly feeds Michael the romantic lines he uses to convince Phoebe to go out with him.

    • Title: The Torn Identity

      This is a reference to the best selling book "The Bourne Identity" by Robert Ludlum, which was adapted into a 2002 film "The Bourne Identity" starring Matt Damon about a man recovering from amnesia only to discover he is an assassin.