Season 8 Episode 18

The Torn Identity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on The WB

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  • While trying to interrogate a noxon demon, Piper attacks Christy which changes everything. Also two subplots which were only there as a filler or comedic relief

    I thought this episode was one of the best episodes Charmed has had in a while. Piper attacked Christy (the b**ch) so she wouldnt vanquish the Noxon demon that the Charmed ones were trying to interrogate. This caused Christy to convince Billie that the Charmed ones were just using her.
    Billie is no longer on their side! I thought this main storyline was pivitol for the series and also very well done.

    The other storylines weren't as interesting. Paige and Henry's storyline was the comedic relief and Phoebe's storyline was the love/shipper part.

    Overall, if you like Charmed but have been disappointed in a few of the past episodes, this one is worth watching.
  • Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves!!

    Following on from the train wreck which was Generation Hex, I was hardly excited about this new episode. Thankfully, it wasn't all bad, with a main storyline that had some intriguing twists and turns.

    The Torn Identity sees Billie torn between the Charmed Ones and her sister Christy, who is unknowingly trying to lure her to the dark side, get her to abandon the Halliwells and kill the last surviving Marti Noxon demon before the three sisters do. Meanwhile, Phoebe falls for a mortal and Paige goes inside Henry's body. For some reason.

    Christy is easily becoming a really awesome character. Her manipulation of everybody around her is well written and this whole storyline just continues to prove how dumb Billie is. She's happy to believe everything her sister, who looked way too clean and perfect after being saved from her 15-year-long prison in the underworld to be non-evil, over the Charmed Ones, who have befriended her, mentored her and treated her like one of their own. Whatever!

    The basic story did drag slightly but I loved how Piper really unleashed all her anger and all her powers on an unsuspecting audience, easily becoming the highlight of the episode.

    Billie's actions weren't needed. She turned on the sisters way too quickly and the fact that Billie blames Piper's determination to save Leo on the death of her parents really annoyed me. She's being completely hypocritical, to say the least, since all she could think about earlier this season was finding Christy, being prepared to push everything aside to find her sister.

    Paige's subplot was a complete waste of time and it almost feels as if the writers are struggling to give her and Henry stuff to do. If she's worried about her marriage, why did she accept Henry's proposal? Without even thinking about her post-marriage existence? Rose also annoyed me in this episode, in particular the opening scene, where she was jumping around and flailing about like a monkey on crack. Please don't let the seizure out of its cage in the remaining episodes! Please, Rose, please!

    Phoebe's pointless storyline continues to grate, with both she and Coop being given some unbelievably corny lines. We've seen this type of storyline so many times in Charmed history and this current remake doesn't end up doing anything except force me to reach for a sick bucket.

    Despite being a hell of a lot better than the disaster that was Generation Hex, The Torn Identity was barely perfect, with some moronic subplots and a dragging principal storyline. Despite that, it does set up some interesting stories to explore in the final four episodes.

    Director: LeVar Burton
    Writer: Andy Reaser
    Rating: C
  • Paige has trouble being a witch and married at the same time so coop devises a way for her and Henry to work out their issues. Pheobe realized that she wannts to stick to mortals rather than magical men and the charmed ones realize Billy is the untimate p

    Finally a good episode. ever since this season has started this show has been going down. But finally this episode makes up for the horrible ones before it. this episode makes me love the charmed ones as we see that it is once again about the three it should have always been about. i missed the power of three and that power of three plus Billy was gettig annoying. I can't wait to see how they will get Billy away from her sister's influence especially since Christy can read their thoughts and can now be on step ahead of them. Great episode...hope all the rest are as good.
  • This was a good episode that sets up the sereis for the final.

    Overall, I was very pleased with this episode.

    I was disappointed that Billie was so easily swayed from the sister's alliance. Billie just completely turned her back on the sister's even though they have been there to help and support her through out her quest to find Christy and to learn how to become a witch. This episode start laying the groundwork for the final battle between the two sets of sisters.

    I am becoming more interesting in the relationship developing between Phoebe and Coop. They do make a great couple. I really thought she was playing with him when she was talking about Michael and after he left, you could see that his leaving had an impact on her. It will only take one date with Michael for her to realize it was all Coop.

    I loved the adjustment Paige and Henry were going through and that Coop helped out.
  • A real witch with a capital \"B\". Two self centered witches betray the only creatures that has been nice to them...go figure.

    Am I the only one that can\'t stand Billie? From the very beginning her only concern has been about herself...HER powers...and then her obsession with HER sister (never mind finding Leo)...and yet Christy some how manages to convince her that it\'s \"bad\" for Piper to think about HER husband and HER family...I would think that being selfish was normal for those two witches. --And Billie doesn\'t even have the excuse that she was kidnapped by demons!

    Oh and one more thing...if I have to listen to Billie say one more time that she \"cares\" about Leo too but...I\'m going to scream!

  • Paige and Piper find The demon who they believe that can help with the utilmate power but before they can interograte him cristy interupes and gets blasted by Piper. Also coop helps Pheobe with her love problem. The girls figure out who the utilmate powe

    This episode was the best of the whole season so far. I liked that Piper did shy away from a meddlesome cristy by blasting her because she messed things up. I now don't like her after turning on the girls. After all they have done for billie she turns her back on them. I really hate cristy she has got to go. I knew she was evil from the momment she showed up. I knew she was offically evil in this one killing a demon that the girls and demons needed. I hope that the girls get rid of cristy. Once cristy gone maybe bille can stay. But, one of the jenkins girls has got go. If they are the utilmate power I hope the girls kick there but and they are gone forever and leo can come back.
  • I have always loved charmed and this show shows the actors professionalism. They have always been great actors.

    The cast is great and billie turning to her sister was a little open to how she changed her attitude. Somehow she does not help the show quite as much as Leo. The plot though is very well planned. Christy being bad is brought out in the show. Christy and billie going against the charmed ones is a good idea. The show is progressing well towards the final episode. Too bad!! Coop should have came out and told Phoebe that it was him. Paige being put into Jason's body was good because it shows that when problems are around you should stand in someone elses shoes. Great job.
  • good enough for its charm

    honestly, im a late charmed fan. i only started watchin from season 7, but i managed to watch the earlier episodes from downloads, and i love this show. but what are they doing this season. its not bad enough that brad left the scene to direct, but i am getting tired of billie and chrissy, or whatever her name. how many times did they have to repeat themselves. oh we must look for my sister, we must avenge my family, the charmed ones are only using us. i sure love the dedication of billie after they trained her and helped her out. she wanted so much to take care of the magic but all of a sudden oh my sister got hurt so ya evil. i dont buy that, and the only reason that it got such a high score, is that charmed has an irresistible charm that even through all this sister crap, ya still got to like it, from paige marriage problems to coop falling in love with phoebe. i agree wit the reviewer above me as it should go out on a good note and with only several episodes left, i hope i can say goodbye wit a smile and not smile that its gone
  • listen charmed fans!

    Don\'t forget to watch charmed all the episodes only 4 left after this one, let\'s give this show a decent goodbye, charmed has giving us a lot over this 8 years it\'s up to us now to increase the ratings please charmed fans all over the USA watch charmed !!

    the ratings speak!!
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