Season 8 Episode 18

The Torn Identity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on The WB

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  • Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves!!

    Following on from the train wreck which was Generation Hex, I was hardly excited about this new episode. Thankfully, it wasn't all bad, with a main storyline that had some intriguing twists and turns.

    The Torn Identity sees Billie torn between the Charmed Ones and her sister Christy, who is unknowingly trying to lure her to the dark side, get her to abandon the Halliwells and kill the last surviving Marti Noxon demon before the three sisters do. Meanwhile, Phoebe falls for a mortal and Paige goes inside Henry's body. For some reason.

    Christy is easily becoming a really awesome character. Her manipulation of everybody around her is well written and this whole storyline just continues to prove how dumb Billie is. She's happy to believe everything her sister, who looked way too clean and perfect after being saved from her 15-year-long prison in the underworld to be non-evil, over the Charmed Ones, who have befriended her, mentored her and treated her like one of their own. Whatever!

    The basic story did drag slightly but I loved how Piper really unleashed all her anger and all her powers on an unsuspecting audience, easily becoming the highlight of the episode.

    Billie's actions weren't needed. She turned on the sisters way too quickly and the fact that Billie blames Piper's determination to save Leo on the death of her parents really annoyed me. She's being completely hypocritical, to say the least, since all she could think about earlier this season was finding Christy, being prepared to push everything aside to find her sister.

    Paige's subplot was a complete waste of time and it almost feels as if the writers are struggling to give her and Henry stuff to do. If she's worried about her marriage, why did she accept Henry's proposal? Without even thinking about her post-marriage existence? Rose also annoyed me in this episode, in particular the opening scene, where she was jumping around and flailing about like a monkey on crack. Please don't let the seizure out of its cage in the remaining episodes! Please, Rose, please!

    Phoebe's pointless storyline continues to grate, with both she and Coop being given some unbelievably corny lines. We've seen this type of storyline so many times in Charmed history and this current remake doesn't end up doing anything except force me to reach for a sick bucket.

    Despite being a hell of a lot better than the disaster that was Generation Hex, The Torn Identity was barely perfect, with some moronic subplots and a dragging principal storyline. Despite that, it does set up some interesting stories to explore in the final four episodes.

    Director: LeVar Burton
    Writer: Andy Reaser
    Rating: C
  • Christy and Billie become the sisters's enemies way too quickly and Phoebe somehow fails to realize Coop loves her, but we do get to see the sisters acting more like sisters and the use of the Power of Three.

    Once again it's easy to see how the writers are rushing to conclude this ultimate power storyline, and it really doesn't help in making this episode very believeable. Minus the rushing, this episode was not horribly bad, but Phoebe is still pretty annoying and her useless sideplot keeps taking up too much time.

    At the beginning of the episode, Billie and Christy are on good terms (well Christy is on "fake" good terms I guess) with the sisters, but then by the end of the episode, they are acting like enemies. Sure that's what we knew would happen, but it happened way too fast. I can see how Christy got to being all mad at the sisters, but then she told Billie about how Piper attacked her, and Billie said she's go talk to the okay now what happened on her walk over to the manor that made her go from nice visit to piss mode where she just barges into the manor and steals a potion, acting all retarded and flipping out on the sisters?? That seriously made no sense. She told Christy she'd go talk to the sisters alone since Christy was all upset, then the writers forgot to put in the scene where she has a reason to hate the sisters herself, and we just see Billie randomly siding with Christy with 0 transition time. Continuity within a single episode would be nice. Whatever.

    Other than that huge annoyance, the rest of the episode was an improvement over last week. Paige and Piper had a nice scene where Piper tried to help out Paige with her identity problems, and then the sisters came together for some Power of Three action, then went together to go get that Noxon (or whatever he was called) demon to spill the beans. Piper froze something, which hasn't happened much lately. Oh and I must throw this in: the scene where Piper blew up Christy's arm - yeah, that was pretty awesome.

    Not so awesome is Phoebe being blind. I really don't know how she didn't get a single hint from Crap Coop when she had that "I love Michael" conversation with him. Phoebe, it was horribly obvious that Coop likes you, take one of the 5000 hints he gave you, please. Oh and also, stop caring about yourself, like in the attic when you actually hesitated calling coop to reverse the spell he did on Paige, just because you didn't want to summon Coop. Or when Coop came with a present and poem and you actually stopped to talk about it and made your sisters wait to find the demon. Celf-centered a bit? I can't believe the other sisters didn't yell at her for making them wait.

    So now we see that Piper is all for killing Billie and Christy, but Paige still thinks they can work things out with them. Again, way too rushed, and considering Brad Kern must have known this show wouldn't last past this season months before he got the official cancellation, I think he should have worked on making less filler episodes and moving the plot along a little bit so everything isn't shoved into the last few episodes. But that didn't happen, so we must go with what we get. The filler is slowly let's just hope we get a nice ending to the main plot.
  • When the Charmed Ones and Christy go after the remaining Noxon demon, each with very different intentions, Christy uses the situation to turn Billie away from the Charmed Ones. Meanwhile Henry can't get Paige out of his head. Literally.

    When this episode had ended I really hated both Billie and Christy, but for extremely different reasons. Billie because she continues being plain awful, understating the loss of the parents so blatantly it makes me downright angry. She acts as though she just failed a class and not like she had been at her frickin' parents' funeral. Christy, however, who only reunited with her parents a week ago, does show and display some emotion about their deaths, evident as she goes on her personal vendetta to kill the remaining Noxon, blinded by, perhaps not sadness, but anger. Now that's a realistic reaction. Christy is very manipulative in this episode, and seems to have a very easy job with the blonder than blonde Billie. It is unbelievable that Billie chooses to believe the biased account of a woman she doesn't even know who has been raised by demons rather than the three sisters who have shown her nothing but kindness and care for almost a year and have taught her everything they know. She is turned way too easily. Christy rejoices in her accomplishment, and that is why I hate her: Marnette Patterson remains truly excellent and her performance works.

    I really like the way the plot has twisted now. The Charmed Ones will now have to unite to face Christy and Billie, and I love that it's no longer five good witches against commonplace demons, but the Charmed Ones against witches. I actually think that's a.. new one? Do I smell originality?
    I still dislike, however, that Billie and Christy are so powerful, seeing as it undermines the Charmed Ones' label.

    The Paige subplot was rather dull and certainly a filler. Henry remains rather bland, but it was oddly cool to see him stand hand in hand with Piper and Phoebe chanting. Phoebe's plotline remains.. yawn. Victor Webster is still annoying and pushy as hell ('But nothing is more important than love!' - SHUT it, they have a crisis going on, love can wait), but it was actually bordering on touching in the end scene where he thought Phoebe returned his love for her. I really hope the last episodes become so dramatic that he won't be able to dominate any part of the plot, but I'm thinking no. A nice episode with a well written twist that leaves you wanting more. Now that's a good Charmed!
  • For 8 years of developing a show, it is painful to watch it get wound up too quickly, low-budget, and without careful plot developement

    I\'ve been with Charmed since the beginning and have loved the character development of the sisters, their love life, their trials/tribulations /triumphs. It stumbled a bit in the middle of its run but COME ON! We\'re moving way too fast here to spend almost an entire episode on flashbacks of Phoebe past loves just to allow her to fall in love w/ Coop! In contrast, we get Christy to turn Billie in almost the blink of an eye - over something that developed far too quickly to be believable! Christy seems more pissed at the sisters than the person actually RESPONSIBLE for killing her parents! Billie\'s grief is only a surface grief and instead she focuses on being mad at Piper? Come ON! This was not very believeable, was not well developed, moved too quick for some things and too slow for other.

    I think they are ripping off their fans with these final episodes. They are missing an opportunity to make Charmed something that is watched over and over in reruns - because of its under-welming finish.
  • Billie, if you had chosen evil I would have more respect for you. Don't sit there and think that killing the Most Powerful GOOD witches of all time is for the greater good, stupidd writing! Why not just have her sister turn her evil?

    A good episode, i just don't like how stupid Billie is. Phoebe falling for a cupid is expected, it makes sense, just is boring. I'm glad Paige finally found someone who doesn't mind her use of magic, but still, kind of boring. Piper is a bit too revengeful in this one, but i Understand why she is. I'm glad Piper blasts Christy, that (aparent) warlock, (since she's an evil witch) is a bi+ch! I did like the ending though, sort of a foreshadow of what's to come. Phoebe needs to have herself a reality check, to earn back your powers!! remember those two powers you were so happy about getting but have apparently completely forgot about! give her her powers back so she can actually fight!
  • Slow start, but great finish.

    The Billie/Christy – evil story line speeds along a great deal in this episode, and I like the direction of it. Christy keeps developing and the way she manipulates Billie into turning on the sisters is realistically and excitingly made. Although I first was against Billie being the Ultimate power, I’m now starting to accept, and somewhat like it. A big threat is always fun, and Billie and Christy can actually put up a real fight.

    Coop’s sub plot on the other hand is completely unoriginal. It’s predictable and badly written, and some of the things he’s made to say just stink of cheese. Phoebe falling in Love with the other guy was probably created to surprise the viewers, but it failed utterly, as anyone could have understood that what would happen. As is it equally clear that Phoebe before the end of this season will realize that Coop is the one she loves. Sometimes I get so frustrated at the writer. Can’t they give us something shocking again?

    Then there is the matter of Paige and Henry, which I think was rather cute, even if it was a bit corny. Every newly weds have some issues, and I loved how they worked it out. They are probably the best couple ever on Charmed, and the Chemistry between the two actors is amazing. And I missed Henry in Generation Hex. I also liked the realistic feeling of the fight between Christy and Piper. It was made with care, and it succeeded in making me believe it.

    Even though this episode clearly was only created to build things up for the finale, it was quite good. It succeeded in pushing the main story forward, and gave a pretty entertaining hour. And most importantly; the countdown for the finale has started, and the way things look now, I think it’s safe to say that Charmed will go out with an action packed hour.
    All in all, The Torn Identity was average Charmed, with some highlights and some bad points.
  • A real witch with a capital \"B\". Two self centered witches betray the only creatures that has been nice to them...go figure.

    Am I the only one that can\'t stand Billie? From the very beginning her only concern has been about herself...HER powers...and then her obsession with HER sister (never mind finding Leo)...and yet Christy some how manages to convince her that it\'s \"bad\" for Piper to think about HER husband and HER family...I would think that being selfish was normal for those two witches. --And Billie doesn\'t even have the excuse that she was kidnapped by demons!

    Oh and one more thing...if I have to listen to Billie say one more time that she \"cares\" about Leo too but...I\'m going to scream!

  • shocking

    what the crap just happened. billie knew the charmed ones first and just traded on the for that b@@ch sister of hers. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a choo .. the end
  • Finally the divide between the Charmed ones and Billie and Christie.

    Well finally some build up, because of the WB promo I was thrown off into thinking that this episode would be about a Paige and Henry body kinda swap but that was actually just a little part of this episode.

    Finally the Co's and Billie/Christy get divided, something I have been looking forward to since I heard that she was the ultimate power. I only found Billie's turnover a little quick and they should have done something about that previous episode, but you won't hear me complaining.

    This entire episode was great except that I could have done without the Phoebe/Coop scenes because they really bore me, we have seen enough of Phoebes 7 episode love live and everything around that, Phoebes character just stopped being interesting after season 4/5.

    I am really looking forward to the next episode.
    If you haven't seen this one already you should do that right away.
  • And the final battle becomes clear, Christie and Billie must go down and go down hard.

    This is a difficult episode to score. It accomplishes more towards turning Billie against the sisters than any other episode, which makes it crucial to the final story arc. However, it is at times maddening to watch. Most reviewers have seemingly missed the point that Christie wanted the demon destroyed BEFORE it could talk to the Charmed Ones. That was the whole issue of contention between her and the sisters. Most things in this episode regarding Billie are pretty maddening. Yes, as others have stated, her time with the Charmed Ones and the fact that they've all risked their lives to save hers (remember Hulkus Pokus anyone?) is all too quickly forgotten on the word of a sister that frankly after 15 years she wouldn't have even been able to recognize. The thing is, I think the writers did well to set this up. The failure is that the best element already present to explain Billie's sudden turn against the sisters isn't properly leveraged. It is understandable that Billie would feel isolated after the death of her parents. As such, a somewhat irrational attachment to her sister wouldn't be hard to believe. However, that usable notion isn't sold by the actress. Billie shows little grief over her parents at all, and instead just shows more neurotic adoration of a sister she hasn't known for the last 15 years.

    Well, Christie certainly uses that to good advantage, playing an injury she deservedly received from Piper for all its worth and then some. The adoring and beyond gullible Billie makes easy fodder. Christie has clearly been the star the last couple episodes, and she is proving a very imposing villian, even being able to use her apparently ever-reaching telepathy to read the sisters' thoughts all the way from Magic School. At least Piper is now aware of who the enemies are.

    The whole Piper being blamed for trying to get Leo back is sort of idiotic when you consider that not just Leo but the sisters' lives depend upon getting to and fighting this supposedly final battle. Piper is doing nothing more than what is in all of their best interest by trying to discover who the ultimate threat is.

    And how is Billie being used again? To fight demons? Isn't that what she was doing before she met the Charmed Ones? The only difference is now she has a lot more power to fight them with. I understand why she would feel used.

    Paige and Henry's story here is mildly entertaining. It is no surprise that Paige would lose herself in marriage considering she has been afraid of losing herself to her sisters for the past 5 seasons. What did I say about Paige being too independent to be married? So, this whole story line is so predictable it is comical, and I have to give the writers credit here for leaving us with the same old Paige. Great acting by Ivan here, throughout. Henry has been a pleasant surprise this whole season, but anyone notice he and Paige don't exactly have great chemistry? Its alright. They are only a secondary couple to me anyway.

    I would definitely give this episode a higher score if it wasn't for the Coop/Phoebe arc. I like Coop, as I have said before, but come on. I would have liked to see something original versus the whole Cyrano/Roxanne redux thing. That whole part of the episode was beyond annoying, but it did have a good final scene.

    Alright. So let's get on with it!
  • A original episode with a lot of good moments! Fantastic!

    It's a relly good episode! It's kinda weird because we don't see a main story of a demon that attacks or something but a normal story...

    The Whole supernatural part was so great. The episode has tons of special effects: The whole new underworld set with the freaky things that are in the grounds and the whole snake things was remarkable! I love the idea of a snake in the underworld that way, it's not like Charmed, but was great! And it was very real, the effect was well done. When the demon dies the snake dies aswell and the effect of the snake becoming ashes was so perfect! And when see that original vanquish at the end, and the freezing of Piper, and the effect with Paige in Henry... All of this made this episode be a 10 one in the supernatural part.

    In the normal part I loved so much the Paige story, she was always so independent that is logical that now she feels that way. I think that was perfect in her character. When she told Henry: "I've never loved someone so much" ...Whoa...Was so great!!! That things made the audience believe that is a true love! The scenes with Henry with powers were funny aswell. And the final scene with the three of them in the attic was so "Charmed". Besides we have some great scenes in the episode: The whole scene in the phone was funny, when Paige is talking to Henry and Phoebe and she get wrong! Cool! Also we have a perfect scene at the beginning... When Piper and Paige go to the hall till the attic was original and they both together were great! The part of Phoebe was more boring, i don't get how Coop can fell in love so quickly it makes no sense, anyway she is tecnically an experct of Phoebe so that would make some sense... Another thing: It would be fantastic get Billie's proyection power and send her to the moment where Phoebe said "you're now part of the family..." (Hulkus Pocus) maybe Billie would remember something about them...
  • not a bad episode but it doesn't leave room for character developent, things r moving to quickly.

    what i want to say is not really about this episode alone just something i noticed through all of season 8, i just thought i would write it here coz this episode made me notice something about pheobe. what happened to her power of impath, why couldn't she feel how coop felt about her. i assume that she got all her powers back in season 7, what happened, she used to be able to channel other peoples powers against them, that would or might have helped them in season eight.
  • Billie and Christy are the ultimate power.

    I'm sorry, but I can't see Billie going against the Charmed ones. It just seemed forced in this episode. After all that she's been through with the sisters, and all she's put them through, you'd think they'd have a better understanding. I just felt it was crap. I expect a much better storyline from the creators. I hope they bring this show out with a bang, it deserves it. The end of last season felt much more complete than this season is feeling, I don't get the whole Billie going bad angle. It doesn't make sense. Billie and the Charmed ones should be together.
  • Average episode but good.

    Christy becomes a powerful force in the Underworld as the demon Creo tries to convince her that she needs to get Billie away from the Charmed Ones so she and her sister can fulfill their dark destiny. Coop the Cupid discovers that Michael, a co-worker of Phoebe's, has asked Phoebe out several times but she constantly turns him down. This causes Coop to play match maker. Meanwhile Paige gets magically trapped in Henry's body, which becomes a little crowded for the both of them.
  • good enough for its charm

    honestly, im a late charmed fan. i only started watchin from season 7, but i managed to watch the earlier episodes from downloads, and i love this show. but what are they doing this season. its not bad enough that brad left the scene to direct, but i am getting tired of billie and chrissy, or whatever her name. how many times did they have to repeat themselves. oh we must look for my sister, we must avenge my family, the charmed ones are only using us. i sure love the dedication of billie after they trained her and helped her out. she wanted so much to take care of the magic but all of a sudden oh my sister got hurt so ya evil. i dont buy that, and the only reason that it got such a high score, is that charmed has an irresistible charm that even through all this sister crap, ya still got to like it, from paige marriage problems to coop falling in love with phoebe. i agree wit the reviewer above me as it should go out on a good note and with only several episodes left, i hope i can say goodbye wit a smile and not smile that its gone
  • Piper, Phoebe and Paige finally find the ulimate power- Billie and Christy.

    Good episode but I think Piper could of explained more about what happened to Christy to Billie unstead of a little. I don't like Christy now. She is a lier and she works with demons. I didn't like that Billie thought the Charmed Ones were bad. Piper was good with her throwing Christy into the wall.
  • Paige has trouble being a witch and married at the same time so coop devises a way for her and Henry to work out their issues. Pheobe realized that she wannts to stick to mortals rather than magical men and the charmed ones realize Billy is the untimate p

    Finally a good episode. ever since this season has started this show has been going down. But finally this episode makes up for the horrible ones before it. this episode makes me love the charmed ones as we see that it is once again about the three it should have always been about. i missed the power of three and that power of three plus Billy was gettig annoying. I can't wait to see how they will get Billy away from her sister's influence especially since Christy can read their thoughts and can now be on step ahead of them. Great episode...hope all the rest are as good.
  • This was a good episode that sets up the sereis for the final.

    Overall, I was very pleased with this episode.

    I was disappointed that Billie was so easily swayed from the sister's alliance. Billie just completely turned her back on the sister's even though they have been there to help and support her through out her quest to find Christy and to learn how to become a witch. This episode start laying the groundwork for the final battle between the two sets of sisters.

    I am becoming more interesting in the relationship developing between Phoebe and Coop. They do make a great couple. I really thought she was playing with him when she was talking about Michael and after he left, you could see that his leaving had an impact on her. It will only take one date with Michael for her to realize it was all Coop.

    I loved the adjustment Paige and Henry were going through and that Coop helped out.

    Can't get you out of my head

    In a bid to get her sister out of the Manor, Christy winds up the Charmed Ones, gets blasted by Piper, then goes running to Billie. Sounds a long shot but when your sister's as dumb as Billie, success is pretty much guaranteed. Very sly.

    I found it slightly annoying that Billie turned against the sisters so readily but I guess we are running out of episodes so I'll let it go. What I found more annoying was her 'couldn't care less' attitude to her parents' death. Christy looked more upset for heaven's sake.

    Some interesting demon action this week. Liked the snake thing. Reminded me of that monster Cole killed in the Wasteland. There were also some clever vanquishes, especially that one on the smokestack. I did feel sorry for the noxon; first Leo spends a year torturing him now everyone wants to kill him. Leave the poor bloke alone - it's not his fault he's a demon.

    Phoebe's endless love/baby/husband related subplots continue to keep her out of the action. This week Coop fixes her up with a bloke from work while being less than subtle about his own feelings. Very predictable. I did like the twist at the end though, when Phoebe blew him out by saying she fancied the other bloke. Tee hee!

    Paige and Henry's subplot is daft but strangely enjoyable. Seeing Henry orb into the kitchen and chant a spell with the sisters was kind of surreal and his cry of "That was cool!" when he orbs the phial is brilliant. Totally love Ivan Sergei.

    This latest run of episodes is so different to anything we've seen before. The Halliwells seem totally disconnected as sisters. The Jenkins, meanwhile, are closer than ever. Good dark stuff.

    Score: 9.2
  • Yeey, a good episode again!!

    This episode was really good, it finally leads up to the (i hope) BIG series/season 8 finale

    The storyline of Christy and Piper was very well thought out and pretty funny to watch.
    Paige doesn't really act like she likes being a wife, and Phoebe STILL.. has love issues, i mean how can you not see that Coop is into you.. I hope this love storyline wraps up in the next episode cuz it's makin me sick.

    I'm glad the sisters finally know who the Ultimate Power is and that they have to vanquish it.
    However, i hope Billie and Christy aren't the Big Bad that the sisters have to battle with, cause that would be a VERY weak way to end one of the greatest shows ever.

  • I have always loved charmed and this show shows the actors professionalism. They have always been great actors.

    The cast is great and billie turning to her sister was a little open to how she changed her attitude. Somehow she does not help the show quite as much as Leo. The plot though is very well planned. Christy being bad is brought out in the show. Christy and billie going against the charmed ones is a good idea. The show is progressing well towards the final episode. Too bad!! Coop should have came out and told Phoebe that it was him. Paige being put into Jason's body was good because it shows that when problems are around you should stand in someone elses shoes. Great job.
  • Kill them two already!

    I will be so glad when Billie and Christy are gone. They are getting on my nerves and I'm so glad the sisters are finally seeing who they really are. I thought the part with Paige entering Henry's mind was really funny and neat. I wish Coop would tell Phoebe how he really feels and he got so close in this episode. It was so sweet how romantic he was. I'll be so happy when Leo returns and them Jenkins girls are dead!
    All together, this was one of the best of this season.
  • While trying to interrogate a noxon demon, Piper attacks Christy which changes everything. Also two subplots which were only there as a filler or comedic relief

    I thought this episode was one of the best episodes Charmed has had in a while. Piper attacked Christy (the b**ch) so she wouldnt vanquish the Noxon demon that the Charmed ones were trying to interrogate. This caused Christy to convince Billie that the Charmed ones were just using her.
    Billie is no longer on their side! I thought this main storyline was pivitol for the series and also very well done.

    The other storylines weren't as interesting. Paige and Henry's storyline was the comedic relief and Phoebe's storyline was the love/shipper part.

    Overall, if you like Charmed but have been disappointed in a few of the past episodes, this one is worth watching.
  • I loved it!

    I loved this episode!!It rocked!!I am really mad though!!I will tell you why if you keep reading on!!
    The first thing in this review i will talk about is Pheobe.As anybody knows I love Pheobe!!Right now I am very mad at her!I am mad at her because Coop is perfect for her!!She is such a dork not to see that he likes her and they are right for each other!!What the elders need to do is turn Coop human so he can woo her!She better get her act togather!!
    Lets see here....Oh yeah!!Pagie!I am glad her and her husbend are not fighting anymore and are happy again!I am glad Pagie was acully on the episode.She was not on the last episode so yeah.
    Piper was preety good in this episode!I don't have much to say about her though.Yet I do have to agree with Billie and Chirsty it's not all about finding Leo.I am all for Leo but still you know!!Also Piper had every right to do that to Chirsty!!Billie needs to get her head out of her BUTT!!I am to mad to talk about Billie and Chirsty so i am not going to!!
    That is good that the girls find out that billie and chirsty are the ultimite power.I am just tring to figure out if they are more powerful then the charmedones.If anyone knows send me a message!Great episode!!I think only 4 more to go.Right?Keep up the work!!
  • OMG! Now thats what I expect from charmed!

    WOW! this episode is even better then the last! The billie & christy storyline has seriously moved forward. I was expecting Billie to fall out with the charmed ones over something silly but the way it was written was great! I am a huge billie and christy fan and I guiltily find myself siding with them! Poor billie is in mourning and the charmed ones go and attack her sister! And we finally have a good phoebe storyline that really makes me want phoebe to find love....hopefully in the arms of Coop! And of course The paige and henry storyline was billiant aswell! They're obviously determined to make their marraige work! Bring on the final battle!
  • I really enjoyed this episode this is the best in this season yet!

    I am enjoying the Christy Charactor even more now!
    And Coop is a darling! I think he should give up on pheobe and take me instead.
    The paige Henry bit was good also, But i did think there may have been a bit more to the plot by Christy saying something to henry, not realsing that paige was in there.then later lying about it to paige.
  • Billie and Christy are more powerful than the charm ones!, finally we haves some action!. the new power of two rulez!

    this episode its more interesting than the previous!, Christy finally turn billie against the charmed oness, and we can saw too the power of two!, a pyro and projection power combo!.

    Meanwhile piper and paige entertain us with her histories, Phoebe booring uss soo muchh with her love chainss... she is the Samantha Jones of charmed...hehehe

    after cole phoebe lost her charm!

    i must insist!, the Christy character haves a soo badly development... but still yet is an interesting part of the game now!

    the episodes are improving a lot coming nearly the final straight line!

  • really great episode although i cant really say WOOOW and dont click disagreed after u read my review unless u a hater ! u cant deny this episode was better then last week episode ! and it has some great stuff in this episode ! =) read full review inside.

    hmm i cant say really woow at this episode , although its definitely improvement from last week episode and one of the best in this season...

    Phoebe - u look awesome in this episode , the best actually from your last episode look... i love your look in the apartment when u with all that laptop , and your glasses ! haha classic ! kinda remind me of her look in season 2 ! really fabulous ! i love her scene with Coop , i dont understand why many of Charmed fans didnt like her scene ! its really romantic , and the last scene was so cute , a bit corny and sad with Coop ! why in the hell the writer do not give her Empathy power back ? that way she could read Coop mind ! stupid !

    Piper - woaahahaha , u good ! blow her up ! i wish she would blow Billie though then Christy ! i think she does a bit selfish in this episode , she doesnt know yet that Christy evil ! so why she blowed her ? she cant really do that although she doesnt have choice... did we ever seen she blow up an innocent ?! nop right ? look like Piper already knew her evil but its not... and finally u used your Freeze power again ! but only 1 part at the last scene =(

    Paige - u look so beautiful in this episode , love that dress ! i enjoy your scene though example when at the beginning , with Coop and more... i love when she said to Henry "call that vail" haha :P , that was funny ! i also love the last scene between u and Piper ! thats good and darker

    Billie - die b1atch , u need to die ! u so annoying and how come u blamed Piper for your parents death ?! fu^ker

    Christy - totally improvement and awesome ! we start to see her FULL evil side... she soo powerful ! she can even read the sister mind when she in the magic school and the sister at the attic... i cant wait to see her in next episode

    Henry - he's just okey like always... i love he's scene with Paige inside he's head

    Coop - aww he fell in love with Phoebe , u should just tell her ! i want to see he's move in next episode how hes gonna tell Phoebe

    Fightscene - i really the both the fightscene in the Underworld when Piper & Paige trying not to vanquished that demon but Christy interupted ! also love the last scene when they face with the Jenkins sister just like the clip.... and woaah the Jenkins sister vanquished that demon which cant be vanquish ! that was powerful ! theres not really other fightscene then these two

    and finally we see the girls said some P03 spell again...

    great episode overall with good special effects and all but still its not an wooow episode in my opinion but better then last week episode... i hope next week will be great then this though now that we only have 4 more episode =( , i cant wait to see it !

    i give this episode 9.5/10

    sorry my english dude... dont bother to read if ya didnt understand it
  • The Halliwell sisters find out that they need to find this demon that killed the Billie and Christy's parents, but they also know that someone may be the very one that is the final battle. Meanwhile Phoebe and Cupid is trying to get her to date this guy f

    Now I thought that this episode was great because now I know that the sisters feel betrayed that someone that they taught so much is going to be the very one that is going to be the enemy unless they can do something about it. I think that there is going to be a long road ahead of them because Piper is talking about blowing up Billie. I think that this episode was well thought out and well planned. Each sister has their problem but they are going to make sure they don't loose another sister ecspecially to a demon.

    this is clearly one of the best episodes on Charmed, first of all Christy and Billie are getting away from the sisters, and Christy is convincing Billie to go to the dark side, while Coop just doesn't stops butting around trying to take Phoebe out on a date, and Paige discovers that is really difficult to balanced her life as a Charmed One, and that one with a married woman. And I am sure that THAT is difficult, simply great episode.
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