Season 8 Episode 18

The Torn Identity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on The WB

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  • Christy and Billie become the sisters's enemies way too quickly and Phoebe somehow fails to realize Coop loves her, but we do get to see the sisters acting more like sisters and the use of the Power of Three.

    Once again it's easy to see how the writers are rushing to conclude this ultimate power storyline, and it really doesn't help in making this episode very believeable. Minus the rushing, this episode was not horribly bad, but Phoebe is still pretty annoying and her useless sideplot keeps taking up too much time.

    At the beginning of the episode, Billie and Christy are on good terms (well Christy is on "fake" good terms I guess) with the sisters, but then by the end of the episode, they are acting like enemies. Sure that's what we knew would happen, but it happened way too fast. I can see how Christy got to being all mad at the sisters, but then she told Billie about how Piper attacked her, and Billie said she's go talk to the okay now what happened on her walk over to the manor that made her go from nice visit to piss mode where she just barges into the manor and steals a potion, acting all retarded and flipping out on the sisters?? That seriously made no sense. She told Christy she'd go talk to the sisters alone since Christy was all upset, then the writers forgot to put in the scene where she has a reason to hate the sisters herself, and we just see Billie randomly siding with Christy with 0 transition time. Continuity within a single episode would be nice. Whatever.

    Other than that huge annoyance, the rest of the episode was an improvement over last week. Paige and Piper had a nice scene where Piper tried to help out Paige with her identity problems, and then the sisters came together for some Power of Three action, then went together to go get that Noxon (or whatever he was called) demon to spill the beans. Piper froze something, which hasn't happened much lately. Oh and I must throw this in: the scene where Piper blew up Christy's arm - yeah, that was pretty awesome.

    Not so awesome is Phoebe being blind. I really don't know how she didn't get a single hint from Crap Coop when she had that "I love Michael" conversation with him. Phoebe, it was horribly obvious that Coop likes you, take one of the 5000 hints he gave you, please. Oh and also, stop caring about yourself, like in the attic when you actually hesitated calling coop to reverse the spell he did on Paige, just because you didn't want to summon Coop. Or when Coop came with a present and poem and you actually stopped to talk about it and made your sisters wait to find the demon. Celf-centered a bit? I can't believe the other sisters didn't yell at her for making them wait.

    So now we see that Piper is all for killing Billie and Christy, but Paige still thinks they can work things out with them. Again, way too rushed, and considering Brad Kern must have known this show wouldn't last past this season months before he got the official cancellation, I think he should have worked on making less filler episodes and moving the plot along a little bit so everything isn't shoved into the last few episodes. But that didn't happen, so we must go with what we get. The filler is slowly let's just hope we get a nice ending to the main plot.
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