Season 8 Episode 18

The Torn Identity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on The WB

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  • Billie and Christy become one power. The Charmed Ones figure out the truth of who is after them and the blow is very shocking. Let the ultimate battle begin.

    That was one spectacular episode episode. The drama and darkness was just amazing. The storm is brewing quickly and the outcome is going to be disastrous.

    Piper: Im loving the piper they are writing these days. She is so confident and powerful. Really is quite a change for her. Once again she is taking the lead in finding and fighting the demons. She is really tired of waiting around for the ultimate power and she is taking control. Her reaction at the end wasnt a shock, I dont blame her for wanting to take the aggressive route but its a bit rushed for her to go against billie that quickly, christy not so much.

    Phoebe: I really liked her subplot in this episode. Although I wished she would be active in finding the demons rather then just waiting for a call from her sisters to get her butt over there. Coop is just perfect for her. Im pretty sure she knows it, she just cant handle another magical being. the ending scene for her was kind of mixed message. I didnt really read anger out of her explanation about billie to Coop it was more shock.

    Paige: She is always having this identity thing going on. but atleast these issues are being confronted in the beginning rather then they expand to something larger later on. Coop putting her in henrys body was rather ironic, she lost herself in him,lol. Glad to see ivan back. i loved his reaction to orbing the vial. they are also a cute couple.

    Billie and christy: they are finally one being, power, whatever. BOth of them are amazing, especially christy. i love her type of character in any show. manipulation is a big scorer for me. Christy is really gung-ho on revenge, which i dont blame her for but that is a lot of witches achilles heal. Billie is slowly going into her dark roots.

    What i liked:
    The arguments between the sisters. i loved the piper and paige vs christy one in the attic. It was really intense and i thought christy was going to attack piper. Im surprised she didnt retaliate in the underworld.

    THe plot of billie turning evil is progressing very nicely. Its not fast at all and it seems very natural.

    the violent deaths in the episode. the smoke going through the chest and the head exploding were done fantastic. Plus the special effects seem to be getting better.

    Didnt like:
    Coop tyring to set phoebe up with the wrong match. Maybe that was his intention. Phoebe will figure out he isnt the poem spewing, romantic guy Coop made him to be.