Season 8 Episode 18

The Torn Identity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on The WB

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  • really great episode although i cant really say WOOOW and dont click disagreed after u read my review unless u a hater ! u cant deny this episode was better then last week episode ! and it has some great stuff in this episode ! =) read full review inside.

    hmm i cant say really woow at this episode , although its definitely improvement from last week episode and one of the best in this season...

    Phoebe - u look awesome in this episode , the best actually from your last episode look... i love your look in the apartment when u with all that laptop , and your glasses ! haha classic ! kinda remind me of her look in season 2 ! really fabulous ! i love her scene with Coop , i dont understand why many of Charmed fans didnt like her scene ! its really romantic , and the last scene was so cute , a bit corny and sad with Coop ! why in the hell the writer do not give her Empathy power back ? that way she could read Coop mind ! stupid !

    Piper - woaahahaha , u good ! blow her up ! i wish she would blow Billie though then Christy ! i think she does a bit selfish in this episode , she doesnt know yet that Christy evil ! so why she blowed her ? she cant really do that although she doesnt have choice... did we ever seen she blow up an innocent ?! nop right ? look like Piper already knew her evil but its not... and finally u used your Freeze power again ! but only 1 part at the last scene =(

    Paige - u look so beautiful in this episode , love that dress ! i enjoy your scene though example when at the beginning , with Coop and more... i love when she said to Henry "call that vail" haha :P , that was funny ! i also love the last scene between u and Piper ! thats good and darker

    Billie - die b1atch , u need to die ! u so annoying and how come u blamed Piper for your parents death ?! fu^ker

    Christy - totally improvement and awesome ! we start to see her FULL evil side... she soo powerful ! she can even read the sister mind when she in the magic school and the sister at the attic... i cant wait to see her in next episode

    Henry - he's just okey like always... i love he's scene with Paige inside he's head

    Coop - aww he fell in love with Phoebe , u should just tell her ! i want to see he's move in next episode how hes gonna tell Phoebe

    Fightscene - i really the both the fightscene in the Underworld when Piper & Paige trying not to vanquished that demon but Christy interupted ! also love the last scene when they face with the Jenkins sister just like the clip.... and woaah the Jenkins sister vanquished that demon which cant be vanquish ! that was powerful ! theres not really other fightscene then these two

    and finally we see the girls said some P03 spell again...

    great episode overall with good special effects and all but still its not an wooow episode in my opinion but better then last week episode... i hope next week will be great then this though now that we only have 4 more episode =( , i cant wait to see it !

    i give this episode 9.5/10

    sorry my english dude... dont bother to read if ya didnt understand it
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