Season 8 Episode 18

The Torn Identity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on The WB

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  • A original episode with a lot of good moments! Fantastic!

    It's a relly good episode! It's kinda weird because we don't see a main story of a demon that attacks or something but a normal story...

    The Whole supernatural part was so great. The episode has tons of special effects: The whole new underworld set with the freaky things that are in the grounds and the whole snake things was remarkable! I love the idea of a snake in the underworld that way, it's not like Charmed, but was great! And it was very real, the effect was well done. When the demon dies the snake dies aswell and the effect of the snake becoming ashes was so perfect! And when see that original vanquish at the end, and the freezing of Piper, and the effect with Paige in Henry... All of this made this episode be a 10 one in the supernatural part.

    In the normal part I loved so much the Paige story, she was always so independent that is logical that now she feels that way. I think that was perfect in her character. When she told Henry: "I've never loved someone so much" ...Whoa...Was so great!!! That things made the audience believe that is a true love! The scenes with Henry with powers were funny aswell. And the final scene with the three of them in the attic was so "Charmed". Besides we have some great scenes in the episode: The whole scene in the phone was funny, when Paige is talking to Henry and Phoebe and she get wrong! Cool! Also we have a perfect scene at the beginning... When Piper and Paige go to the hall till the attic was original and they both together were great! The part of Phoebe was more boring, i don't get how Coop can fell in love so quickly it makes no sense, anyway she is tecnically an experct of Phoebe so that would make some sense... Another thing: It would be fantastic get Billie's proyection power and send her to the moment where Phoebe said "you're now part of the family..." (Hulkus Pocus) maybe Billie would remember something about them...