Season 8 Episode 18

The Torn Identity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on The WB

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  • Billie, if you had chosen evil I would have more respect for you. Don't sit there and think that killing the Most Powerful GOOD witches of all time is for the greater good, stupidd writing! Why not just have her sister turn her evil?

    A good episode, i just don't like how stupid Billie is. Phoebe falling for a cupid is expected, it makes sense, just is boring. I'm glad Paige finally found someone who doesn't mind her use of magic, but still, kind of boring. Piper is a bit too revengeful in this one, but i Understand why she is. I'm glad Piper blasts Christy, that (aparent) warlock, (since she's an evil witch) is a bi+ch! I did like the ending though, sort of a foreshadow of what's to come. Phoebe needs to have herself a reality check, to earn back your powers!! remember those two powers you were so happy about getting but have apparently completely forgot about! give her her powers back so she can actually fight!