Season 8 Episode 18

The Torn Identity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on The WB

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  • When the Charmed Ones and Christy go after the remaining Noxon demon, each with very different intentions, Christy uses the situation to turn Billie away from the Charmed Ones. Meanwhile Henry can't get Paige out of his head. Literally.

    When this episode had ended I really hated both Billie and Christy, but for extremely different reasons. Billie because she continues being plain awful, understating the loss of the parents so blatantly it makes me downright angry. She acts as though she just failed a class and not like she had been at her frickin' parents' funeral. Christy, however, who only reunited with her parents a week ago, does show and display some emotion about their deaths, evident as she goes on her personal vendetta to kill the remaining Noxon, blinded by, perhaps not sadness, but anger. Now that's a realistic reaction. Christy is very manipulative in this episode, and seems to have a very easy job with the blonder than blonde Billie. It is unbelievable that Billie chooses to believe the biased account of a woman she doesn't even know who has been raised by demons rather than the three sisters who have shown her nothing but kindness and care for almost a year and have taught her everything they know. She is turned way too easily. Christy rejoices in her accomplishment, and that is why I hate her: Marnette Patterson remains truly excellent and her performance works.

    I really like the way the plot has twisted now. The Charmed Ones will now have to unite to face Christy and Billie, and I love that it's no longer five good witches against commonplace demons, but the Charmed Ones against witches. I actually think that's a.. new one? Do I smell originality?
    I still dislike, however, that Billie and Christy are so powerful, seeing as it undermines the Charmed Ones' label.

    The Paige subplot was rather dull and certainly a filler. Henry remains rather bland, but it was oddly cool to see him stand hand in hand with Piper and Phoebe chanting. Phoebe's plotline remains.. yawn. Victor Webster is still annoying and pushy as hell ('But nothing is more important than love!' - SHUT it, they have a crisis going on, love can wait), but it was actually bordering on touching in the end scene where he thought Phoebe returned his love for her. I really hope the last episodes become so dramatic that he won't be able to dominate any part of the plot, but I'm thinking no. A nice episode with a well written twist that leaves you wanting more. Now that's a good Charmed!