Season 8 Episode 18

The Torn Identity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on The WB

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    Can't get you out of my head

    In a bid to get her sister out of the Manor, Christy winds up the Charmed Ones, gets blasted by Piper, then goes running to Billie. Sounds a long shot but when your sister's as dumb as Billie, success is pretty much guaranteed. Very sly.

    I found it slightly annoying that Billie turned against the sisters so readily but I guess we are running out of episodes so I'll let it go. What I found more annoying was her 'couldn't care less' attitude to her parents' death. Christy looked more upset for heaven's sake.

    Some interesting demon action this week. Liked the snake thing. Reminded me of that monster Cole killed in the Wasteland. There were also some clever vanquishes, especially that one on the smokestack. I did feel sorry for the noxon; first Leo spends a year torturing him now everyone wants to kill him. Leave the poor bloke alone - it's not his fault he's a demon.

    Phoebe's endless love/baby/husband related subplots continue to keep her out of the action. This week Coop fixes her up with a bloke from work while being less than subtle about his own feelings. Very predictable. I did like the twist at the end though, when Phoebe blew him out by saying she fancied the other bloke. Tee hee!

    Paige and Henry's subplot is daft but strangely enjoyable. Seeing Henry orb into the kitchen and chant a spell with the sisters was kind of surreal and his cry of "That was cool!" when he orbs the phial is brilliant. Totally love Ivan Sergei.

    This latest run of episodes is so different to anything we've seen before. The Halliwells seem totally disconnected as sisters. The Jenkins, meanwhile, are closer than ever. Good dark stuff.

    Score: 9.2