Season 8 Episode 18

The Torn Identity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2006 on The WB

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  • And the final battle becomes clear, Christie and Billie must go down and go down hard.

    This is a difficult episode to score. It accomplishes more towards turning Billie against the sisters than any other episode, which makes it crucial to the final story arc. However, it is at times maddening to watch. Most reviewers have seemingly missed the point that Christie wanted the demon destroyed BEFORE it could talk to the Charmed Ones. That was the whole issue of contention between her and the sisters. Most things in this episode regarding Billie are pretty maddening. Yes, as others have stated, her time with the Charmed Ones and the fact that they've all risked their lives to save hers (remember Hulkus Pokus anyone?) is all too quickly forgotten on the word of a sister that frankly after 15 years she wouldn't have even been able to recognize. The thing is, I think the writers did well to set this up. The failure is that the best element already present to explain Billie's sudden turn against the sisters isn't properly leveraged. It is understandable that Billie would feel isolated after the death of her parents. As such, a somewhat irrational attachment to her sister wouldn't be hard to believe. However, that usable notion isn't sold by the actress. Billie shows little grief over her parents at all, and instead just shows more neurotic adoration of a sister she hasn't known for the last 15 years.

    Well, Christie certainly uses that to good advantage, playing an injury she deservedly received from Piper for all its worth and then some. The adoring and beyond gullible Billie makes easy fodder. Christie has clearly been the star the last couple episodes, and she is proving a very imposing villian, even being able to use her apparently ever-reaching telepathy to read the sisters' thoughts all the way from Magic School. At least Piper is now aware of who the enemies are.

    The whole Piper being blamed for trying to get Leo back is sort of idiotic when you consider that not just Leo but the sisters' lives depend upon getting to and fighting this supposedly final battle. Piper is doing nothing more than what is in all of their best interest by trying to discover who the ultimate threat is.

    And how is Billie being used again? To fight demons? Isn't that what she was doing before she met the Charmed Ones? The only difference is now she has a lot more power to fight them with. I understand why she would feel used.

    Paige and Henry's story here is mildly entertaining. It is no surprise that Paige would lose herself in marriage considering she has been afraid of losing herself to her sisters for the past 5 seasons. What did I say about Paige being too independent to be married? So, this whole story line is so predictable it is comical, and I have to give the writers credit here for leaving us with the same old Paige. Great acting by Ivan here, throughout. Henry has been a pleasant surprise this whole season, but anyone notice he and Paige don't exactly have great chemistry? Its alright. They are only a secondary couple to me anyway.

    I would definitely give this episode a higher score if it wasn't for the Coop/Phoebe arc. I like Coop, as I have said before, but come on. I would have liked to see something original versus the whole Cyrano/Roxanne redux thing. That whole part of the episode was beyond annoying, but it did have a good final scene.

    Alright. So let's get on with it!
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