Season 1 Episode 8

The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 1998 on The WB
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The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts
Acting on Phoebe's premonitions, the sisters race to stop a mysterious killer from striking again. Meanwhile, Prue finds a truth spell and uses it to find out what Andy's reaction to her being a witch would be.

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  • The Truth Is Out There and It Hurts

    The Truth Is Out There and It Hurts was a superb episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching this episode because Prue finds a truth spell and casts it causing all sorts of interesting dialogues. There was a lot of character and plot development because of the spell and it was great to hear what characters were really thinking. The other part of the story was interesting and certainly raises a few questions about the future. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • The killer triclops and troublesome truths...

    OK, the subplot based on the triclops from the future, even though he is our first time traveler (of many), is pretty all around lame. Fortunately, it doesn't matter. This week the comical subplot ripped straight from Liar Liar completely carries the show. Prue has decided to "come out of the broom closet" as Phoebe put it and casts a truth spell that affects all the major players. What worked in the movie, also works very well here as the sisters witness all the pains that telling the truth can bring. Even though the spell was meant to help Andy and Prue's relationship advance, it inevitably does the most for Piper and Leo. It gives Piper, as yet lacking confidence, a chance to make a surprising first move on Leo, who famously responds with a quick second move. "Oh, what the hell." Hahaha... Now that is shades of the Piper we would all come to know later on. Classic Charmed scene, and undoubtably the most important move Piper ever made. Indeed, a whitelighter is a good thing to have around.

    We also get a little more of Rex and Hannah in a very cool scene. The writers are doing a good job of building the danger that those two represent and the mystery around them. It is also a great scene, and terrifically acted, when Prue uncovers, momentarily, her secret to Andy. Andy's response at the end is hard to believe considering he has been so ready to believe in the supernatural so far throughout the show. The nearly accidental vanquish at the end is the first of its kind and brings up an issue I have throughout the series. It is the first time we see a demon/warlock vanquished by an ordinary weapon. Here is my problem: we see demons throughout the series that are completely unaffected by bullets. So, if bullets can't kill a demon, then how come a crowbar to the head kills them? How come knifes throughout the series kill them? Strange that.

    This is a rare instance where Piper actually shows up to save Prue.moreless
  • A classic Charmed episode with original story lines and great story development. Hilarious, yet sad and touching.

    This episode brought up some great emotions and had a really original main plot. The truth spell proved to be both very funny (the sisters’ learning each others secrets) and emotional (Prue and Andy). It was very well done and the situations it created were greatly portrayed. Leo and Piper were very good in this episode, and it’s nice to see some development in their obvious attraction to each other. It also showed Piper that she had potential and didn’t need to be as reserved and shy as she was. Holly and Brian showed very early on in the series how great they were together and it’s amazing how they have managed to maintain the same chemistry and spark for all these years. Prue and Andy’s relationship also took an expected, yet very good turn, and it was not only realistic and good written, but wonderfully acted by both Shannen and Ted. Phoebe was funny as well, even if she didn’t have much to do throughout the episode. Piper also showed some character development and gave us a little preview of what her character will become. She dared stand up to her boss and she dared tell Leo how she felt about him.

    As for the demon plot, it was surprisingly boring. The warlock from the future acted rather badly, and his mission to find Tanya’s child had some flaws. Why was it necessary for him to kill all the others, if the only threat was the child. Nothing really happened with that plot, and they should have focused on the truth spell instead of the cheesy demon from the future. The vanquish however was really fun. Piper and Prue arguing about who would vanquish him, and then they both just run the pole through his eye. Classic. I also loved Hannah in this episode. I have always liked her, and her not so subtle hate for Prue, and it really blossomed in this episode.moreless
  • the truth is out there and this episode is awesome.

    the truth is out there and it hurts is one of my favourite charmed season 1 episodes because it's funny,exciting and it was a great idea but mostly because it was funny. At the start of this episode we find out that a warlock from the future is killing scientists so they won't create a vaccine that can kill warlocks in the future and prue casts a truth spell that makes everyone she asks/talks to tell the truth but she also has to tell the truth. At the end of the episode piper and prue vanquish the warlock by stabbing his third eye.

    overall: Brilliant episode.moreless
  • Very Exciting Episode

    I thought this episode was one of the best in the first season. Basicly this warlock has come back from the past to try and kill everyone who had something to do with creating the vaccine that would kill his kind in the future, meanwhile Prue casts a truth spell so that she could see how Andy reacts if he knew she was a Witch.

    I really liked the part when Pheobe and Piper discovered that Prue had cast the spell, I thought it was quite funny. Probaly my fave quote was when Pheobe said "Piper, what do you really think about your boss," and Piper answered "I think he's a self-serving Jerk who must have a very small penis Lol!

    There were also some creepy parts like when the warlock killed his enemies, you see all the color go out of their eyes. It was also quite sad at the end when Prue saw that Andy couldn't handle her being a Witch and they broke up. :( Overall I'd give this episode 9/10moreless
Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty

Prudence 'Prue' Halliwell

Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs

Piper Halliwell

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

Phoebe Halliwell

Ted King

Ted King

Inspector Andy Trudeau

Brad Greenquist

Brad Greenquist


Guest Star

Michelle Brookhurst

Michelle Brookhurst

Tanya Parker

Guest Star

Jason Stuart

Jason Stuart


Guest Star

Brian Krause (I)

Brian Krause (I)

Leo Wyatt

Recurring Role

Leigh-Allyn Baker

Leigh-Allyn Baker

Hannah Webster

Recurring Role

Neil Roberts

Neil Roberts

Rex Buckland

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • TRIVIA: Gavin's name is never revealed.

    • When the Warlock goes to Prue's office and asks about the woman she was with earlier (Phoebe) she says that she does not remember. However, that is obviously not the truth so how is it that she was able to say that? She was under the truth spell herself, she should have had no choice but to say she was with Phoebe!

    • When the Warlock first approaches Tanya in the elevator, she is clearly spooked by his knowing her name and saying he can never find her alone. So how is it if he does not attack in front of people that he was able to get her off the elevator that was filled with people? She was obviously afraid of him so why would she walk off the elevator with him willingly and if she didn't, wouldn't someone have tried to help her?

    • At the end of the episode when the twenty four hours is up, Phoebe is surprised that they are able to remember everything and says that them keeping their memory must be the consequence for the personal gain involved with the spell. Which then brings up the question, if Prue originally thought that she was gonna forget as well then what was to be accomplished in casting the truth spell?

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks Piper and Leo's first kiss.

    • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode - -Love and Terror by Merril Bainbridge
      -One More Murder by Better Than Ezra

    • When Piper asked Leo if he wanted some coffee, he said no, that coffee makes him clumsy. Why didn't Piper tell him that the coffee was decaf since he drank it in the past, and Piper told Prue that it was earlier.

    • Phoebe said that her and Tanya would be in the attic with the Book if the warlock came there when Piper was gone. What good is the Book going be if the warlock isn't even in the Book?

    • As they are leaving the house, Prue tells Phoebe that, if asked a question, the spell means she will have to answer with the truth. In fact, the spell does not say this at all, it merely says that those who were in the house when it was cast (i.e. the Charmed Ones) will hear the truth from other people.

    • Piper's boss, Martin, states he has just come back to work after three weeks away. Why has he never been seen or heard of before? Piper often talks about work yet she's never so much as mentioned him until now.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first episode on the show to involve the possibility of time travel.

    • Why did the sisters care about telling people they were witches because everyone would have forgotten when the spell wore off?

    • When Prue says she doesn't even know what she's looking for, she is holding a few pages in her hand, and the truth spell is clearly shown. Yet when she puts the pages showing and the truth spell's page is shown, it has now been replaced by the demon's page.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first time the "Truth Spell" is used on one of the Charmed Ones' boyfriends. Paige later uses the spell in the season 5 episode "Necromancing the Stone" on her boyfriend Nate to see how his reaction would be to her being a witch.

    • The morning after Prue says the truth spell, Piper is wearing a green shirt with a necklace, but when she goes to Quake, she is wearing a white top with a necklace. When Piper is back at the manor, she is wearing the same green top, but without a necklace.

    • In the elevator, Tanya has a white shirt on top of her blue sweater, but in the manor she doesn't have a white shirt on.

    • TRIVIA: Phoebe realizes the demon must be from the future when three things occur - when the demon they're fighting can't be found in the Book of Shadows, a button's material can't be identified and a premonition about Tanya.

    • When Phoebe asks Prue for her laptop, Prue gives Phoebe the case only, but she clearly is using the laptop.

    • Phoebe dabs the alcohol on Tanya's forehead everywhere except where she is injured (since she doesn't want to disturb the makeup that fakes the injury).

    • Twice the demon walks into the auction house undisturbed. How could an auction house with so many artifacts present not have security?

    • How does Piper know where to find Prue and the time-travelling killer in the storage basement at Buckland's?

    • Andy claims the victims of the time-travelling killer had all color drained from their eyes. Earlier the first victim undergoes that procedure, leaving him with the white eye effect, yet when Andy arrived on the scene later the victim's eyes were their normal color.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Hannah apologizes for the way she's been treating Prue)
      Prue: Did you mean what you just said?
      Hannah: (chuckles) No! (she gasps, falls silent and quickly leaves)

    • Andy: How are you?
      Prue: A nervous wreck. You?
      Andy: Heart's pounding like a sledgehammer.

    • Prue: Hey.
      Phoebe: Hey. How'd it go?
      Prue: Not well.
      Phoebe: Oh, Prue, I'm so sorry.
      Prue: Yeah, me too, but I cast the spell for an answer and I got it. Even if it wasn't the one I wanted.
      (They hug.)

    • (To a Waiter)
      Phoebe: Excuse me, hello. What good is saving the future if I can't get a glass of water in the present?
      Piper: Speaking of the future... Where did Tanya go?
      Phoebe: Oh, she went to the bathroom. Morning sickness. Only she thinks it's the halibut.
      Piper: Great, she'll probably sue the restaurant for food poisoning. Will this day never end?
      Phoebe: Actually, it just did. It's 8:20, the spell is over, the world is a safer place.
      (Martin walks up to the table.)
      Martin: Piper, I see you sitting. What is wrong with this picture?
      Piper: You don't remember?
      Martin: Remember what? Piper, I need you in the kitchen pronto. We're down a sous-chef.
      (He leaves.)
      Piper: I don't believe it. I finally stand up for myself and quit and he doesn't even remember. Wait a minute, everybody else's forgotten the truth, why do we still remember it?
      Phoebe: Truth or consequences. Wiccan rule, right? Prue cast a spell for her own personal gain, now we have to deal with the fallout.
      Piper: I'll be right back. I need to remind Martin of something.
      Phoebe: Ooh, you go, girl.
      (Piper walks in the kitchen.)
      Piper: Martin, we need to talk.
      (He throws her an apron.)
      Martin: Excuse you.
      Piper: I cannot, no, I will not do everything by myself anymore. I need help. You restaurant needs help. You need another manager, sous-chef, hostess and an extra busboy on the weekends. If you will not agree to hire these people, then tell me now and I'll quit.
      Martin: What took you so long? All you had to do was ask.
      Piper: Really? I mean, okay. I'll see you tomorrow.
      Martin: But I-I-I just...
      Piper: It's my night off.
      (She walks towards the door and pushes it open, hitting Leo in the face on the other side.)
      Piper: Oh, Leo! I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
      Leo: Yeah, fine, just, uh, surprised.
      Piper: Yeah, me too. What are you doing here?
      Leo: Well, I wanted to see you, I just, um... I have this really strange feeling that I did something that I should apologize for. Did I?
      Piper: No, no. Not at all. Definitely not. Can I buy you a drink?

    • Gavin: Excuse me, are you Dr Mitchell? Dr Oliver Mitchell?
      Dr Mitchell: Yes.
      Gavin: What a pleasure. I can't tell you how long I've waited for this.
      Dr Mitchell: Excuse me but have we...?
      Gavin: Met? I'm sorry, only in print. I've read your work. Your studies, specifically on cell degeneration are ahead of their time.
      Dr Mitchell: You're very kind.
      Gavin: No really. It's fascinating. You've become kind of a hobby of mine. I found your article on the mutant retina gene to be particularly intriguing.
      Dr Mitchell: But I haven't even...
      Gavin: Published it yet? Don't worry, you will. And you'll help to find the vaccine.
      Dr Mitchell: The vaccine? Against what?
      Gavin: Against this. (A laser beam comes out of Gavin's forehead and burns a hole in Dr Mitchell's forehead.)

    • Phoebe (After telling the truth about why she likes Leo): Okay. I have no idea why I just said that. (to Prue) What's going on?
      Prue: Okay. I'm late for work. Busy. Gotta go.

    • Prue:
      For those who want the truth revealed,
      Opened hearts and secrets unsealed,
      From now until it's now again,
      After which the memory ends.
      Those who are now in this house,
      Will hear the truth from other's mouths.

    • Phoebe: Prue, what do you think of me?
      Prue: While I admire your confidence and your fearlessness, your utter lack of responsibility frustrates me to no end.

    • Phoebe: I can't believe it.
      Prue: Oh. Look who's talking, Little Miss Spell of the Week.
      Phoebe: No, no. I mean I can't believe you actually took my advice. The biggest pooper at the wicca party has finally used her power for personal gain. It's about time.

    • Phoebe: She's carrying!
      Piper: Carrying what?
      Phoebe: A baby! She's pregnant!
      Piper: Ohh.
      (Piper starts to go towards Tanya)
      Phoebe: No, no. She doesn't know yet.
      (Piper stops short)
      Piper: Oh.

    • Piper: Oh, what the hell. Leo, how do you feel about women who make the first move?
      Leo: I don't know. I'm still waiting for it to happen.
      Piper: Goodness. (She takes a bold move and kisses him.)
      Leo: How do you feel about men who make the second move?
      Piper: Love 'em. (They kiss again.)

    • Phoebe: Piper, what do you really think about your boss? Piper: I think he's a self-serving jerk who must have a very small penis...

    • Andy: I don't know. I mean of all the things I thought you were hiding, this was actually nowhere on the list. Does this mean Piper and Phoebe are...
      Prue: Yeah. We inherited our powers from Mom and Grams.
      Andy: So, when you have kids...
      Prue: If they're girls...yes.

    • Prue: Don't you hate turkey?
      Hannah: Of course I do. I just don't want you to have it.
      Prue: Is there any particular reason why you're such a bitch to me?
      Hannah: Yes, because it's my mission in life to destroy you.

    • Phoebe: Okay, there's a button that's not supposed to exist, a demon that the Book of Shadows says doesn't exist, and a baby no one knows exists. You got a better explanation?

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Pohled z budoucnosti (Look From the Future) France: Menace du futur (Threat from the future) Italy: Il terzo occhio (The Third Eye) Germany: Der Waheheitszauber (The Truth Spell)

    • This episode scored 4.6 million viewers.


    • Title: The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts
      This is a combo reference to the TV series The X-Files because of the quote "the truth is out there" and the common phrase "the truth hurts".