Season 1 Episode 8

The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 1998 on The WB

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  • The Truth Is Out There and It Hurts

    The Truth Is Out There and It Hurts was a superb episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching this episode because Prue finds a truth spell and casts it causing all sorts of interesting dialogues. There was a lot of character and plot development because of the spell and it was great to hear what characters were really thinking. The other part of the story was interesting and certainly raises a few questions about the future. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • The killer triclops and troublesome truths...

    OK, the subplot based on the triclops from the future, even though he is our first time traveler (of many), is pretty all around lame. Fortunately, it doesn't matter. This week the comical subplot ripped straight from Liar Liar completely carries the show. Prue has decided to "come out of the broom closet" as Phoebe put it and casts a truth spell that affects all the major players. What worked in the movie, also works very well here as the sisters witness all the pains that telling the truth can bring. Even though the spell was meant to help Andy and Prue's relationship advance, it inevitably does the most for Piper and Leo. It gives Piper, as yet lacking confidence, a chance to make a surprising first move on Leo, who famously responds with a quick second move. "Oh, what the hell." Hahaha... Now that is shades of the Piper we would all come to know later on. Classic Charmed scene, and undoubtably the most important move Piper ever made. Indeed, a whitelighter is a good thing to have around.

    We also get a little more of Rex and Hannah in a very cool scene. The writers are doing a good job of building the danger that those two represent and the mystery around them. It is also a great scene, and terrifically acted, when Prue uncovers, momentarily, her secret to Andy. Andy's response at the end is hard to believe considering he has been so ready to believe in the supernatural so far throughout the show. The nearly accidental vanquish at the end is the first of its kind and brings up an issue I have throughout the series. It is the first time we see a demon/warlock vanquished by an ordinary weapon. Here is my problem: we see demons throughout the series that are completely unaffected by bullets. So, if bullets can't kill a demon, then how come a crowbar to the head kills them? How come knifes throughout the series kill them? Strange that.

    This is a rare instance where Piper actually shows up to save Prue.
  • A classic Charmed episode with original story lines and great story development. Hilarious, yet sad and touching.

    This episode brought up some great emotions and had a really original main plot. The truth spell proved to be both very funny (the sisters’ learning each others secrets) and emotional (Prue and Andy). It was very well done and the situations it created were greatly portrayed. Leo and Piper were very good in this episode, and it’s nice to see some development in their obvious attraction to each other. It also showed Piper that she had potential and didn’t need to be as reserved and shy as she was. Holly and Brian showed very early on in the series how great they were together and it’s amazing how they have managed to maintain the same chemistry and spark for all these years. Prue and Andy’s relationship also took an expected, yet very good turn, and it was not only realistic and good written, but wonderfully acted by both Shannen and Ted. Phoebe was funny as well, even if she didn’t have much to do throughout the episode. Piper also showed some character development and gave us a little preview of what her character will become. She dared stand up to her boss and she dared tell Leo how she felt about him.

    As for the demon plot, it was surprisingly boring. The warlock from the future acted rather badly, and his mission to find Tanya’s child had some flaws. Why was it necessary for him to kill all the others, if the only threat was the child. Nothing really happened with that plot, and they should have focused on the truth spell instead of the cheesy demon from the future. The vanquish however was really fun. Piper and Prue arguing about who would vanquish him, and then they both just run the pole through his eye. Classic. I also loved Hannah in this episode. I have always liked her, and her not so subtle hate for Prue, and it really blossomed in this episode.
  • the truth is out there and this episode is awesome.

    the truth is out there and it hurts is one of my favourite charmed season 1 episodes because it's funny,exciting and it was a great idea but mostly because it was funny. At the start of this episode we find out that a warlock from the future is killing scientists so they won't create a vaccine that can kill warlocks in the future and prue casts a truth spell that makes everyone she asks/talks to tell the truth but she also has to tell the truth. At the end of the episode piper and prue vanquish the warlock by stabbing his third eye.

    overall: Brilliant episode.
  • Very Exciting Episode

    I thought this episode was one of the best in the first season. Basicly this warlock has come back from the past to try and kill everyone who had something to do with creating the vaccine that would kill his kind in the future, meanwhile Prue casts a truth spell so that she could see how Andy reacts if he knew she was a Witch.

    I really liked the part when Pheobe and Piper discovered that Prue had cast the spell, I thought it was quite funny. Probaly my fave quote was when Pheobe said "Piper, what do you really think about your boss," and Piper answered "I think he's a self-serving Jerk who must have a very small penis Lol!

    There were also some creepy parts like when the warlock killed his enemies, you see all the color go out of their eyes. It was also quite sad at the end when Prue saw that Andy couldn't handle her being a Witch and they broke up. :( Overall I'd give this episode 9/10
  • Demons from the future and truth spells in the present. Cool!

    This was a really good episode it had a few different things going on but all in all I think that it stayed on point. This episode was a good character building episode for Phoebe. It's a foreshadowing into how clever she is and her awesome sense of timing. I like that we see just how each sister truly feels about life and about eachother. It marks the true beginning of Piper and Leo as a couple (even though he doesn't remember it this is where Phoebe officially backs off). I was impressed that Andy didn't freak out more when Prue told him, he took it like a man. When Prue got Hannah to tell her true feelings it was really funny. Just the fact that Prue used a spell for personal gain is cool since she's always a stickler about the power of three magic. I lauged alot during this episode and when a seemingly dramatic show can do that it's always a plus:}
  • A demon comes from the future to kill off people involved in creating a vacine against demons. Prue cast a truth spell to find out if Andy can accept her secret.

    One of my favorite episodes. The demon plot actually seems to be more of a subplot in this episode because the Truth spell consequences overshadow it. The third eye effect on the demon was pretty cool and the vanquish was a classic as was the sisters interaction in the morning when the spell was first cast. There was the Phoebe-Andy scene in the police station that was done in a "Dragnet" style back and forth. We also have the Prue-Hannah interaction where Prue kept getting Hannah to say things about why she was so mean. I also enjoyed when Prue got the demon to tell what he was doing. This episode also kick starts the Piper-Leo romance. Holly and Brian have great chemistry. I liked how after all the humor the episode ends on a sad note when Prue finds out Andy can't accept her being a witch. This episode also contains one of my favorite exchanges:

    Prue: I cast a truth spell.
    Phoebe: I can't beleive it.
    Prue: Look who's talking - little miss spell of the week.
    Phoebe: No, I mean I can't beleive you took my advice. The biggest pooper at the wicca party has finally used her power for personal gain.
  • The truth about Trudeau

    There's nothing like a truth spell to really stir up the plot and the writers get this one spot on. Ok, so I know the whole truth thing has been done before (I'm thinking "Liar, Liar" here) but it's no less funny this time round.

    It all starts because Prue wants to find out how Andy will react to the news she is a witch. To do this, she casts her first recreational spell but, of course, it doesn't go quite to plan. What she does not realise is that her two sisters are in the house at the time and the spell thus affects all three of them. The results are predictably hilarious.

    I was surprised at Andy's reaction, I have to say. He says he would never have guessed Prue was a witch, which seems odd as we know he believes in witches, or at least keeps an open mind. Sadly, this reaction kills off their relationship for good.

    There is also an excellent demon plot involving a warlock from the future who comes back to kill the people responsible for creating an anti-warlock vaccine (quite how this would work is probably best left unanswered). His secret weapon is a third eye, which he uses to drill into his victims' brains. Thanks to Phoebe's premonitions, he fails to get his last victim and, instead, winds up dead himself. Any other week this would make a fine main plot.

    Phoebe's interest in Leo ends almost before it has begun, leaving the way open for Piper to make her move, which she does. Piper also has it out with her boss, Martin, who makes his one and only appearance in this episode.

    This is one of the funniest hours of Charmed ever made and the first truly great episode. Top marks go to Ted King for his wonderful reactions to Phoebe's questions at the police station. Enjoy!
  • Prue Halliwell cast a spell, a truth spell. Phoebe and Piper happen to fall under this spell as well and trouble ensues.

    Great episode!

    Prue wants to see how Andy would deal with her secret. Piper finds the confidence to stand up to her boss and Phoebe is able to save an innocent. Prue's nose dive into a personal gain spell, helped all three sisters in many more ways than one.

    Though Prue was hurt by Andy's reaction, it set up for a future moment, when Andy would find out the truth and wouldn't be as indifferent about the situation as previously pressumed.

    Piper fount the confidence she needed to stand up to her boss and keep herself from getting taking advantage of. She also fount the confidence to approach Leo and explain how she feels.

    Phoebe was able to find out information about the recent murders in town to help her find her innocent without any suspicious actions.

    This episode was well written. The questions were perfectly picked, which revealed much but not too much to give away the future twist and turns that will be involved in this season. I think their acting was good, especially in the beginning with Piper and Phoebe find out about Prue's spell. It was a light-hearted episode with alot of good moments, funny moments and a nice story tied to it. We get the introduction to time traveling in this episode, something that would become "common" for the show in the later years. Good episode.
  • Prue stumbles across a truth spell and casts it, making herself and her sisters hear and speak the truth for 24 hours

    A very humorous episode containing a lot of funny moments as well as an interesting and sinister warlock from the future who can shoot a beam of light out of his third eye, using it to kill all who helped created a vaccine against him and his kind. His vanquish was very different and quite gory when Prue and Piper jam a crowbar into his third eye.

    I feel sorry for Prue who found out the truth from Andy that he cannot cope with her Charmed destiny, the character interaction between the two is superb as Shannen Doherty and TW King have great chemistry meaning they work well together I'm glad that Piper found out how Leo felt, she has already had very tragic relationships with a warlock and ghost. Their is also a significant amount of chemistry between Holly Marie Combs and Brian Krause making their scenes very heartfelt and warming

    Overall a superb episode one of the best of season 1
  • Pretty good episode. A nice little spell which provides a very captivating episode.

    Pretty good episode. A nice little spell which provides a very captivating episode. Prue casts a truth spell so everyone around the 3 witches (including) themselves has to tell the truth. So why did she cast it? To provide her with the knowledge of what her boyfriend Andy's reaction would be if she told him she was a witch. That is an interesting enough plot as it is but the demon plot was special too, a demon from the future finding people who had 'the cure' to him and killing them, quite well-written, This is definitely one of the best of the first season on Charmed. Charmed at it's most Classic.
  • Present Problems...Future Issues!

    The Truth Is Out There, and It Hurts-Acting on Phoebe's premonitions, the sisters race to stop a mysterious killer from striking again. Meanwhile, Prue finds a truth spell and uses it to find out what Andy's reaction to her being a witch would be. A dark and well paced episode that features a great villain and the lastest, maybe even greatest, spell hijinks the sisters ever conjured up. Ever since Prue and Andy's break up, Prue has been thinking about a way to tell him that she's a wish and the discovery of the truth spell in the Book of Shadows was a great way for Prue to finally do so. The truth spell storyline is hilarious plot development as it affects Piper and Phoebe as it gives them the power to make anyone tell them the truth on the spot. But at the same time, they can't help blurting out the truth like Piper thinking her boss has small penis and Phoebe revealing she only wants Leo because Piper does. I also loved how when Prue asked why Hannah is such a b!%@# to her she almost reveals that she's a demon. The scene where Prue tells Andy she's a witch is well acted like when Andy reacts to Prue moving one of the objects on her desk. With the humor is great, Andy revealing at the end that he can't handle Prue being a witch is heart-breaking and you really do feel bad as Prue can never be with the guy she loves. At the same time, Piper uses the truth spell to find out how Leo feels about her, which leads to the 2 characters's first kiss. It's great to see how Leo and Piper started out as their relationship becomes the longest running storyline of all 8 seasons of Charmed and that memorable scene is where it all began.

    The main plot with the warlock from the future, while unoriginal verging on material bigger and better in "Terminator" and "T2" is still a well written storyline. It's intriguing how the development of a vaccine in ther near future with be strong enough to destory all warlocks and it's sad that the writers dropped the storyline after this episode as it had a lot of possiblities. There are also some impressive murder scenes like the opening teaser and the third eye laser power the warlock has is cool power as he drills through the minds of his victims. The special effects are also done better in this episode like Prue and Piper hilariously stabbing the warlock in his head and the stunning vortex that sucks him up afterwards. All and All, this is a fine episode with dark scenes, mysterious storyline and an hilarious yet emotional sub-plot.
  • A Warlock from the future is killing people responsible for finding some kind of cure. Phoebe has a vision and the girls are looking for the next victim. Prue casts a truth spell and each of them has to speak the truth and get the truth in return.

    Delightful episode from the entire cast. Prue is looking for what will happen if she reveals the truth of what she is to Andy. Phoebe is in search of the women from her vision that will be the next victim of the killer Warlock. Piper finally gets somewhere with Leo and she faces down the owner of the restaurant and gets the answers she deserves.

    Besides the character stories moving forward the Warlock from the future brings a whole new set of problems we can look forward to in the future with this show. People coming back trying to steal powers or change the future for their own gain and the sisters three will have to be on guard against this.

    The evil eye bit was pretty cool. The way in which the killer did his deed was pretty ominous as well. Telling the victims their futures that will not be. You wonder how much he must of changed just killing the people he did? We also learn even more about Rex and Hannah's relationship and how much Hannah detests Prue. The truth will set you free. Unfortunately for Prue she does not get the response she wants from Andy. Remember any spell you cast cannot be done for your own gain so maybe that is not really what would happen. Maybe she should consider that.

    Piper finally gets the gumption to approach Leo even though it is under the spell. I think there is more to Leo than meets the eye. We'll have to see about that. Also Piper faces down her boss even after the spell wears off and gets the respect she deserves in the end.

    Phoebe really is getting into helping people. She is bound and determined to find the girl in her vision and even saves her from being killed by the Warlock. While Phoebe is protecting the victim Piper goes to help her sister and the tow of them defeat the Warlock. That was an interesting scene when they hit him in that third eye at the end.

    I really liked this episode and it was much better than a few of the preceding ones. A nice improvement. Thanks for reading...
  • Although there were obviously other things going on in this episode, the part I enjoyed the most was the truth spell and its consequences.

    People are being murdered and it definitely looks as though there are demonic forces behind the killings which the sisters must investigate, particularly after Phoebe has an important vision.

    For me though, far more important was the 'truth spell' which Prue casts to see how Andy would feel about her being a witch if she were to tell him. Of course, as with all personal gain spells, there are major consequences. For a start, truth is truth and everyone is telling it like it is, for better or worse. Most importantly, it is a time of much sadness for Prue as Andy, whilst under the influence of the spell makes it pretty clear that the idea of her being a witch does NOT appeal to him.

    What I liked about this episode was that we saw the 'inside' of Prue more deeply. She is always the most controlled and sensible and doesn't share much of herself with anyone. Here, we saw vulnerability, insecurity and pain as well as her usual 'take charge' attitude and bravado so it was a very good episode to watch.
  • Piper and Leo's first kiss: the start of something special.

    This is an entertaining episode that probably ranks just above average for the surprisingly strong Season 1.

    Once again, a good episode is carried by the melodrama surrounding the sisters rather than a somewhat weak supernatural conflict involving a fairly benign demon. In order to get a read on Andy, Prue casts a truth spell to judge his reaction to the reveal that she is a witch. Of course, the spell ends up affecting Piper and Phoebe as well, and a Liar-Liar-ish comedy ensues. Piper ends up taking the biggest advantage of the spell by learning Leo's feelings for her. They kiss for the first time, taking their first step towards becoming Charmed's backbone couple thru 8 seasons. I am still shocked by how young these two look.

    Frankly, Andy's reaction is a little strange considering he has been the Mulder to Darryl's Scully from the beginning. Unfortunately, Prue doesn't take it well and ends up wasting what was the best relationship on the show she'd ever have.

    Good episode with one classic moment.
  • That's no handyman!

    This was a good episode although let down by the fact that Andy's reaction to finding out Prue was a witch felt out of character slightly.
    Prue casts a truth spell that lasts for 24 hours before everyone affected forgets. Meanwhile a warlock from the future seeks to kill those who have created a vaccine to ward off himself and any of his kind.

    Using the truth spell who knew that Prue's up till now overly open minded cop boyfriend would be very closed minded and couldn't deal if she revealed she was a witch to him. This due to his past jumping to conclusions self seems a bit of an out of character thing. Up till now he has been nothing but open to the supernatural - now if it was his sceptic work partner then I wouldn't feel as pissed off about this conclusion.
    The truth spell may be an old and worn devce but creates a bit of fun here, a number of important things happen in this episode because of it though. Firstly Piper quits her job, secondly Piper snogs the face off of Leo the Handyman. Both are important as firstly I wondered how Piper got from Chef to P3 night club owner (this is obviously the first step) and secondly well that's no ordinary handyman now is it.
    So finally a balance is being found in the tone and Prue is starting to look less rough. The less said about the warlock plot though the better, it's serviceable at best.
  • This was a very exciting episode. A lot of things happen the truth spell, the future, and surprise someone is pregnant. No not the sisters but some one who will make a cure for the future.

    This epsiode is about Prue wanting to find how Andy will react to her being a witch. When she looks through the book of shadows she comes across the truth spell. She casts it and doesn't realize that her sisters were home so now they all can't help but speak the truth for 24 hrs. When all this happens there is a murder from the future out killing people who has an eyeball on his head. The sisters try to help a female friend, who is pregnant but doesn't know yet. Prue and Piper find him at the auction house and kill him while Phoebe is at home protecting the future.
  • Good episode with a good story!

    Gavin, a warlock from the future, comes to the present to eliminate people that will develop a vaccine against evil warlocks. Meanwhile, Prue casts a spell that makes people around the Halliwell sisters and themselves telling only the truth for twenty four hours and then forget everything. She wishes to disclose her secret about being a good witch and her ability to Andy and see his reaction. But sometimes truth hurts.

    "The Truth Is Out There... and It Hurts" is a very good episode of "Charmed", a sort of "The Terminator" and "Liar Liar" blended together. Both stories are interesting and funny, and the conclusion with Prue finding how Andy would react to her secret is consistent.
  • This is so funny, The truth for 24 hours , be prepared !!

    Prue stumbles across a truth spell while searching the Book of Shadows for information about a demon Phoebe saw in a premonition. The spell binds all three sisters to hear and tell the truth for 24 hours. Piper uses it to get close to the handsome handyman and tell off her overbearing boss, while Phoebe tracks down the demon's next victim. Prue learns the demon is a warlock from the future who is killing those responsible for creating a vaccine against warlocks. Phoebe protects the mother of the child who'll one day create this vaccine, while Prue and Piper send the futuristic warlock back through a swirling tunnel of time. With time running out on the spell, Prue tells Andy she's a witch and finds the truth is too much for him to accept. The spell ends, and no one but the sisters remember the truths.
  • Very good and funny

    I liked this episode. I thought that it had a very clever plot to it. But I do think that the truth spell was over used. I liked that Hannah told Prue what she thought it was pretty funny to hear her say that she really didnt mean that she was sorry. Believe it or not I liked Hannah. Especially when her and Prue fought. And she had alt of very clever lines, but I don\'t think that her and Rex should have been but in during the first season. This episode did have some minor flaws. Like when Prue said the spell and said Cast this spell on everyone in this house.(or something like that) When Paige used the spell on her boyfriend it didnt say that
  • The Truth Spell

    This is one of my favorite episodes. The plot is very interesting. I think we all wish that there was a spell we could cast to make people tell the truth no matter what...but like we learn in the episode it has its consequenses you may not like what you hear. But the episode did offer a lot of comedy like when Piper and Pheobe discover that Prue cast the spell. The sub story of trying to find the girl in Phoebes premintion was about average not great but not horrible either. The side effects of the truth spell are really what make the episode great and seeing the dynamic of the sisters.

  • Must Kill Sarah Connaaaa, eh... I Mean Saaandwich Gurrrl Tanyaaaa

    One of those season one episodes which is buried amongst so many classics and doesn't get much of a look in, this is in fact a really good Charmed hour which surprised me, as the sub-Terminator storyline sounded lousy and the "truth spell" idea didn't sound promising either. Boy was I wrong.

    The Truth Is Out There and It Hurts sees the sisters investigating a warlock who appears to be killing random people with this third eye. Together, they must determine what connects the victims and what the motive of the warlock is. Meanwhile, Prue casts a truth spell to see if Andy reacts well to her being a witch.

    The warlock storyline is well played out with an effective bad guy in the form of Gavin. The third-eye special effects are surprisingly decent for 1998 and his death is hilariously nasty too. The rest of the story is basically a Terminator knock-off, with Gavin, a warlock from the future, hunting down those involved in the making of a warlock vaccine. It's predictable but still marginally enjoyable.

    The truth spell is also a good storyline. It really changes relationships and evolves characters, unlike the second use of the spell in season five, most notably Piper and Leo. With the spell, Piper learned that she doesn't need to be quiet, reserved sister and can succeed with men who aren't warlocks. Or dead. Holly and Brian really acted well throughout the episode and they have instant chemistry whenever they're on screen together.

    An impressive episode which succeeds in having an emotionally charged sisterly subplot and an imaginative demon-of-the-week to deal with.

    Rating: B+
  • so funny

    i think its so funny when piper says what she realy thinks of her boss and when she stands up to him. I love it when hannah says its my mission in life to deystroy her lol. although its a bit sad that prue breaks up with andy :'(. its also realy funny when piper relises that she has to stand up to her boss again.
  • very cool!!! a truth spell!

    i loved this episode. andy findly finds out about there poweers, but, doesnt remember :cry:. that was funny how pheobe used the truth spell on pipers pimple! lol! i would use the truth spell alot! that was a funny crack piper made about her boss! a nother great episode once again.
  • This episode is one of my favorites. I've watched it more than seven times.

    I love this episode. One of my favorites. Especially the part when Piper and Leo have their first kiss ever! I love that part the most. Another reason I love this episode is because it is funny, but sad on some parts as well. It also has questions that they don't answer until later which in my opinion is a great way on how the episode progresses. This is a very special episode in it's own way. One of the best.And we also found out how Andy would feel about Prue being a witch if he couldn't get used to it first. And Phoebe had a lot of premonitions in this episode.
  • The truth really is out there... and it can really, really hurt.

    In this episode Prue wanted to save her relationship with Andy and became desperate to know how Andy would react to her being a witch without exposing her and her sisters. She discovers a truth spell in the Book of Shadows that would make you as well as the person you're talking to always speak the truth but if you're not a witch, you wouldn't remember what you've heard or been saying. Prue casts the spell without realizing that it had affected Phoebe and Piper too. Phoebe uses it to find out about a warlock from the future that's been causing recent murders. Piper uses it to find out how Leo feels about her. And finally, Prue uses it to find out how Andy will react to finding out she's a witch. Unfortunately for Prue, Andy is unable to accept what Prue really is and Prue leaves Andy knowing that they could never be together. That ending was sad when Prue found out the horrible truth though.