Season 1 Episode 6

The Wedding From Hell

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1998 on The WB

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  • The Episode is . . . eh.

    This could have been a better episode if the mythology had been handled properly. A female demon named "Hecate"? Really? Hecate is supposed to be a goddess of life, death and witches, whose name is invoked by witches (and not evil ones). "Queen of the Underworld"? Really? This demon is supposed to be "queen of the underworld"? By the way, the underworld (or netherworld) is supposed to be the realm for the souls of the recently dead. It's not hell.

    But what can you expect from a series whose portrayal of demons and warlocks has been off the mark since its first episode.
  • The Wedding from Hell

    The Wedding from Hell was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character and plot development as Andy finds the sisters entangled in yet another bizarre investigation. I thought Prue would be smart enough to close the window on her computer with the demon on it. It was fun to watch Piper and Phoebe work together at the wedding to try to stop the demon from accomplishing her plans. There was drama, intrigue and magic in this episode making it awesome! I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The script from Hell...

    Actually, as panned as this episode universally is, I think it is a slight improvement from the last. Yes, the ending is WAY too easy, and altogether ridiculous. The scene with the stripper is embarrassing, frankly, and I still haven't figured out why the sisters just watched an innocent get killed. Strange. It was also beyond predictable that the baby being born had nothing to do with Piper, of course.

    On the plus side, Hecate is a hot blonde, marking the first episode where we have an attractive female bad to oppose the sisters, which I always approve of, and there is more Rex and Hannah in this episode, which is also a good thing. Rex makes an excellent first recurring bad, and the suspense around exactly who he is and when he is going to make his move continues to build.

    Andy and Prue have an excellent scene at Buckland's here, though again, no one knows where this relationship is going, if anywhere.

    Not as bad as advertised, but no better than average.
  • Am I Suddenly Watching Dynasty?

    The worst episode of season one, The Wedding From Hell feels like a rejected plot from Passions with a bad storyline, awful dialogue and some soap opera-acting from the bad guest stars.

    The episode has Piper catering a wedding in which the bride, Jade D'Mon (groan), is in fact a demon who made a deal with her fiancée's mother to forcibly marry her son so that she could give birth to a demonic child.

    Shannen, Holly and Alyssa obviously try hard to make this episode tolerable but it's just so bad! The sisters hardly appear in it and all the guest stars look like they just aren't interested in their roles. Jade's threats towards her future mother-in-law are laughable and the actor playing her fiancée is appalling, just standing there like he's swallowed a bee. The mother acts like she's on Dynasty and the demon bridesmaids are plain bad. They all stand in one spot, growling a lot, just waiting for the sisters to vanquish them!

    The Wedding From Hell is absolute trash which looks like it cost around $5 to make. Avoid this episode like the plague.

    Rating: F
  • Phoebe has a premonition of a demon baby being born. A demon comes back to make good on a deal made with a mother to marry her son and conceive a baby. Piper caters the wedding.

    Not great but I didn't think it was a bad as some of the other reviews thought. I have to agree that there was some pretty bad acting from the guest stars especially the the actress that played Allison and the demon bridesmaids. there were a few humorous moments like when Phoebe thought Piper was pregnent and told her that she was sorry but she had to kill her. Also when the sisters were looking thru the window at the bachlorette party and all Piper was worried about was how they were reacting to the food. it was a little strange how the demons were vaquished by Elliot just picking up the knife.
  • Who hired this bunch?

    This is actually not a bad storyline. In fact, the beginning is really good with Phoebe seeing the birth of the demon child and believing it (understandably) to be Piper's. This misunderstanding sets up some great humour later in the show. The scene where Phoebe breaks the news to Piper that she is going to have to kill her just as Prue walks in with the knife is class.

    Unfortunately, the rest of the script falls far short of this and what could have been quite a dark storyline becomes more and more of a farce, culminating in the demon bride summoning a rather laughable storm to scatter the wedding guests. This is a shame as the various threads of the story are woven together quite cleverly.

    The real problem with this episode, though, is the guest actors. They are just awful. As a number of other reviewers have pointed out, for much of the time it's like watching a soap opera. I would have to rate Elliott as the worst (sorry mate!) but his mother isn't far behind.

    No Prue and Andy action in this one, still no Leo and the only character development yet more mistrust between Prue and Phoebe. Next episode please!
  • Worst of Season 1 The girls must battle a demon and her bridesmaids

    Bad Bad Bad Bad poor guest stars trashy effects low budget stupid writers dont watch unless you want to see a shambled soap related episode containing dreary plots and performances go ahead you'll agree with me later

    not even worth 1/10 so please avoid change the channel skip on the dvd boy I feel sorry for Shannen, Holly and Alyssa who had to deal with this garbage of an episode
  • alright

    This season 2 episode of Charmed is alright, it's called the wedding from hell and it is so because Piper is catering a wedding, Prue and Phoebe tag along nd they discover that the bride is actually evil and she and he mother are both demons, they re plotting to make a demon child with the demons fiance. Good line - Rex: Prue, your, um, sister's here to see you. She's waiting in your office.
    Prue: Which sister?
    Rex: The one who upon seeing your office, said "Damn, I should go back to college."
    Prue: Phoebe. lol!

    This episode recieved mixed reviews, but I would sy it is quite good
  • The Episode From Hell

    The Wedding From Hell-As Piper is set to cater a wedding the sisters must face Hecate, a powerful demon goddess, who is preying upon a woman, her son & his fiancee, and attempting to conceive a full demon child.

    Unbearable, unwatchable and completely awful from start to finish, "The Wedding From Hell" is the first example of Charmed at it's worst! This episode feels like a bad episode from a cheesy soap opera with some demons thrown in. All the guest stars are all horrible from Christie Lynn Smith (Allison Michaels) awful over-the-top performance to Todd Cattell (Elliott Spencer)'s dull delievery and awkward facial expressions to Barbara Stock (Grace Spencer) acting as if she doesn't know who she's suppose to be and the worst of the wosrt...Sara Rose Peterson (Jade D'Mon/Hecate) who undoubtly one of the wosrt actresses to ever grace tv screens. The way she delievers her lines are worse than nails on a chalk which would sound like Beethovon's classic music compared to her horrid acting.

    I really felt bad for Shannen, Holly and Alyssa who try to make the storyline convincing but it's just sucks beyond words! It's also disappointing as Hecate and her minions looked stunning with the demon make-up, yet all they do is stand there groul and wait for the sisters to vanquish them! Also, the ridiculous sub-plot that Phoebe thinking Piper is pregnant after a premontion is obviously resolved by viewers as we know it's Hecate and not Piper. All and All, this episode is one to avoid as it's so poorly acted and written that it feels like a lost episode from "Passions" which is a shame as Hecate could have been a vicious villain if the writers gave much more thought on the storyline. Also, the scene of Jade and her bridesmaids killing a stripper was one of the most cringe-worthy moments of the series!
  • What was that?

    This episode is one of the worst episodes in Charmed. Silly storyline, bad actors semi good semi bad direction.

    All the storylines were HORRIBLE. Piper's storyline was very clever but the writers didn't handle it well. Now the fact that Phoebe was going to kill Piper and she wasn't even had second thoughts about it, was tottaly out of charachter. And Alyssa was acting horrible ( First time ever) Now there's a big absense of Prue in this episode, something that I took well because in all the other episodes she has a major role. Shannen it's good to take a break now and then. Now the whole plot with the demon was clever but again the writers didn't handle it well.

    Now about the direction I don't have to say much. I didn't like it but I didn't hate it either. Now about the actors I disliked the actor who played Eliot, he was acting Horrible, Alison and the bridesmaids too for the same reason.

    This episode was realy bad. I think that the fault is of the
    writters, the actors and the director. This episode could be my least favorite of all Charmed.

    Blessed be, John
  • Bottom line? Pure trash tv (and I don't mean the good kind.)

    This is one of the worst episodes of television ever. And that's sad. Other shows (like Buffy and Veronica Mars) have bad episodes that are still far better than anything else on television. This episode should have been thrown out with the dailies. It contains some of the worst acting I have ever seen (and that's saying something considering I was forced to sit through all seven seasons of Melrose Place) by some of the lousiest actors to come across my screen in a looooong time. It's no wonder I've never seen a single one of them do anything else. The people we were supposed to root for, Allison and Elliott, had absolutely zero chemistry and were horrid to look at. After hearing Allision screech, I was rooting for the demon bride to win!!! And why were they so damn unappealing? Um... hello. This is a WB show. Aren't the cast (even the guest stars) supposed to be easy on the eyes? I'm not saying they have to be as beautiful as Holly Combs - they don't even have to be pretty - but they shouldn't make me want to stick hot needles in my eyes rather than look at them. I almost wondered if they were related to anyone on staff... perhaps nepotism played a role in their hire, ala Tori Spelling (Donna Martin Graduates!)

    The writing in this episode is horrifying. And I don't expect a lot from Charmed - I take it for what it is. A fun show, full of eye-cady, about hot witches with superpowers. Nothing more, nothing less. It certainly didn't have Joss Whedon, or any of his brilliant staff behind it. But I do expect it to retain a semblance of plausibility. And this episode had NONE. The mother clearly adored her son - it made no sense to me that she would make a deal sacrificing his future, for money and power. It also made no sense to me why this demon bride needed Elliot so badly. He was bland, boring and damn unappealing. She was sexy, beautiful, and empowered. Couldn't she trick just about any man she wanted into marrying her? All it would take is a spell - there was absolutely no need to give Elliot's mother anything. Completely over-the-top, outlandish and idiotic. The writers should be ashamed of this episode and so should the casting director. If I never see Christie Lynn Smith (Allison) on my tv again, I will die a happy woman. All that said, the three leads tried hard with what they hard to work with. Unfortunately, what they were given was a whole lot of trash. And you can't make gold out of trash.
  • Piper is catering a wedding for the Spencer/Michaels wedding. At the last minute it becomes the Spencer/D'Mon wedding. Phoebe sees a Demon birth in a vision and mistakenly thinks its Piper that is pregnant. Strange stuff is happening at Prue's work.

    A very strange episode in that for the first time in a few episodes the characters don't seem to doubt something is happening just because they can't see it. For example, Piper and Phoebe are suspicious of the new bride when they find out the change in the plans at the last minute.

    So we see for the first time that there is an alternative motive for Rex to hire Prue. It seems like they are keeping an eye on her for some reason. We also get a better idea of why Hannah hates her so much.

    The one thing that really hurt this episode was all the loose ends. Why is Elliot's mother in this bind. They never really say other than she wanted the wealth. Who approached who? How did she get into a pact with a demon? Did the demon choose the price? Why does she when she has a chance not help the girls stop the wedding? She seems in cahoots, but not in cahoots at the same time.

    The girls also seem to finally be embracing the fact that they are to help the innocent and needy. Therefore it makes sense they would try to help Allison get back together with Elliot.

    I did think it was a little strange that they just stood around while the demons devoured the dancer, but I've noticed there seems to be a lot of body count in some of these episodes. It doesn't seem to make the episodes any darker though for some reason. It is also nice to see the police not acting stupid as well. When Father Trask was killed they knew something was going on. At least you got the feeling they were going to get to the bottom of the situation even if the girls didn't. Luckily the girls vanquished the demons or actually Elliot did with an assist from the girls.

    In general I find I really like this show and I am going to keep watching episodes. It seems a little uneven though like the writers don't really know where they want to take it. In some ways it might be a little soap operaish for me but it is very entertaining most of the time and the characters are appealing. Thanks for reading...
  • To put it mildly, I thought this episode was terrible and I find it hard to find much that is complimentary to say about it.

    Piper gets a job catering for a high society wedding and all seems to be going well until some odd dreams make it appear as though Piper may be pregnant with the baby of Warlock Jeremy, her former boyfriend, whom the sisters vanquished in the very first episode.

    It's pretty obvious all the way through that the wedding has nasty demonic connections and that the girls are going to have to do something about it and stop the evil. I know this is usually the premise of the show and I'm fine with that but this had a very weak script, appallling acting from cast and guest stars and held very little interest for me at all.

    The whole show got so much better in later episodes but this one was certainly not one of them. Pretty awful all around, in my opinion.
  • As Piper is set to cater a wedding the sisters must face Hecate, a powerful demon goddess, who is preying upon a woman, her son & his fiancee, and attempting to conceive a full demon child.

    First off, i wanna say that i really love the show Charmed! It's one of my favorites. But this is really one of the shows weakest episodes. The guest stars really aren't good actors, especially the guy who played Elliot (all he did could have been done by a mechanically animated doll). I would have probably liked it better, if there were more sub plots of the sisters in it. But the guest stars got most of the screen time in this one, unfortunatly. The story itself was very predictable and the ending really dissapointed me (the demon get's banished just by Elliot picking up the sword..please..)
  • Piper helps save the wedding of two people we don't care about and for some reason Phoebe thinks Jeremy knocked up Piper with a Jeremy junior.

    This was an odd episode because it didn't seem to fit with the order continuity of the others. It felt more like a second episode than a sixth, mainly because of references to Jeremy and Phoebe's coming back from New York. Also, you just get the feeling that they were still trying to work out the general feel and mythology of the show.

    This is one of the couple of plots in the show that would involve a priest, in this case one belonging to an ancient order trying to vanquish this she demon called Hecate whose cheesy human alias is Jade D'Mon (yeah, ARGH!!!). She made a deal with this lady to give her power/riches in exchange for her son in marriage, who's a generic C grade actor doofus. As an aside, personally I think they should avoid the priest or other mixing mainstream religion plots (Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist,Christian, etc.) because it kind of confuses the whole Wiccan universe of the show (and I say this as a Christian) and can get overused.

    I enjoyed all the running around they did in the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations and trying to foil the underlying demonic plan, but parts of it were just incredibly corny, including the demon bride's summoning of a storm. Exposure much?!?!

    In this episode Piper is the one coming across demons and/or magical objects on the show instead of it always being Prue at Bucklands, though of course the Hecate vanquishing dagger doesn't escape an appraisal and the Official Suspicious Andy Subplot.

    All in all, it's your average and [in this case] kind of awkward episode.
  • Demon Wedding

    This was a pretty boring and obvious episode. Almost everything that happened you knew was going to happen which made the episode boring and predictable.

    Piper catering the wedding was a giveaway that something was up with the wedding. The writers wouldn't just have Piper catering the wedding and have nothing happen at all. It was insane watching Piper have a total freak out over what she was doing and dragging Phoebe along for the ride added to the craziness.

    Piper with the pregnancy test in the beginning was random at first. It seemed like it was just being thrown in there and then Phoebe having the vision of the demon kid threw you off making you think Piper was having the kid. You knew that the writers wouldn't make Piper pregnant though so the entire story behind that was pointless.

    The Jade chick marrying Elliot so she could get pregnant with the demon child was so lame for lack of a better word. You knew that in the end he would get back with Allison. His mother making the deal seemed pretty fitting though.

    And this was the first episode where you really see that Rex and Hannah are not who they appear to be. It was obvious when Prue got the job that something would be off at work but now everything was confirmed.

    This was a pretty lame episode with many things being expected.
  • The Charmed Ones vs. Hecate, Queen of the Underworld

    When Piper is called to cater the Spencer wedding, she wouldn't imagine she was going to cater a wedding from hell.

    Hecate, Queen of the Underworld, has come to Earth to breed a pure demon in a human form. In order to do that, she must be married to a human under the holy sacrament of the church. Her choice is Elliot Spencer, a man from a powerful family, who was already engaged to Allison.

    Hecate changes Elliot's memory and makes him think he is going to marry her.

    Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe are catering the wedding and discover who the true bride should be, and with Prue's help, they have to find a way to banish Hecate back to the Underworld.
  • Great episode !!

    A wealthy woman plans a wedding for her son, but a demon appears to take the place of the bride. Piper is left to cater the wedding after her former boss left for France and enlists Phoebe's help. Phoebe believes that Piper may be pregnant with Jeremy's child due to a premonition she had of a baby being born. A priest is murdered before the wedding after trying to kill the demon bride, and Andy seeks Prue help in identifying a weapon at the crime scene. When the sisters learn the truth about the demon bride, they decide to help the old bride get her future husband back.
  • demonic wedding

    The charmed ones are centered around weddings. Phoebe has a premonition of a demon baby being born. A demon comes back to make good on a deal made with a mother to marry her son and conceive a baby. Piper caters the wedding. Not at its best but I didn't think it was a negative as some of the other viewers of this episode thought. The acting was bad and the way the demons were vanquished was laughable. A boring episode that could have been better.
  • Hecate, the demon child and the acting skills that are worse than those of a wet mop.

    The Wedding From Hell is one of the worst episodes of season one. The main story is just ridiculously simple, slow moving and boring. A very non-intimidating demon wants to have a demons child, disguised like a human, and therefore puts a spell on the son of the richest lady in town. The episode features no excitement of any kind, and the dialogue is just plain bad. The sub plot about Phoebe’s and Prue’s disagreements and disliking of each other is getting old and kind of boring and the “I’m Andy, I can’t trust Prue, but I like her anyway” and “I’m Prue, I can’t tell my secret to Andy, but I like him anyway” has been done to death. On top of the lacking of any trace of a good script, the acting in this episode is beyond bad. The main trio is ok, perhaps they look a bit bored, but the real problem is the guest stars. Sara Rose Peterson (Hecate) is boring and uninteresting and leaves a forgettable image of a boring demon. The woman playing the mother and owner of the house is stiff and seems to be thinking she’s better than she is. But the real villains when it comes to the acting of this episode is the actor that portrays Alison. Every line she says is overacted and strained and it feels like I’m watching a bad Soap.

    This is a pointless episode that brings no new life to the main story and is just simply a very boring demon-of-the-week episode. I doubt that it could have been much better even with a better script and a completely new set of guest stars. One of the worst episodes in charmed history.
  • LoL pheobe thinks piper is the she devil

    i realy do find the part where pheobe and piper are in the kitchen, my fave line is when pheobe says "Not to worry. You have plenty of time. I still have to find the jewelled poingnard to kill you with. See?" and "Are you kidding? That’s great news. (She hugs Piper.) You can live". i also love the back drop story of the bride and groom have to fight for thier love (totally should be a movie and probably is)
  • Hmmm.

    For some reason, which I can't put my finger on, this episode was not one of my favourites - it can't be because nothing happened because lots did happen - there was a murder of a priest, the murder of a stripogram, several demon bridesmaids, Hecate and the confusion that Prue and Phoebe thought Piper was carrying a demon child.
    I thought that it focused too much on the bad guys (or girls in this case) and the sisters were not in this episode as much as normal. There was too much talking and showing off of the rich family of all their money.
  • Storms and sorry plot lines

    Not one of my favorite episodes. The sister hardly appear in this episode. The cast did not do Charmed standards of acting. The best part of the whole episode is the storm. This early in the show series the sisters should have more to do in the story line. Average
  • its ok...

    i liked this episode. i wouldnt call it my favorite episode, but it was good.i just didnt like he part bout the pizza man/ striper. that wsa stuid and not that nice (sum episods arnt :D) i liked how one of the bad guys mad the big storm! that was cool! this is a good episode.