Season 1 Episode 12

The Wendigo

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 1999 on The WB

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  • The Wendig

    The Wendigo was a perfect and fun episode of Charmed which had a great story full of intrigue, suspense and humor. It was funny to watch Piper transform into a Wendigo after being attacked. I also liked how the mysterious F.B.I. agent was on the trail of the creature but had more secrets than answers. Andy finds himself tied up in the investigation along with the Halliwell sisters yet again. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Piper gets into a hairy mess...

    Charmed would feature horror elements throughout its run, and this is the kind of dark material here we haven't seen since the premier. I do not hold this episode in as high regard as most reviewers. The plot involves an oft-repeated storyline: a sister gets attacked by a creature and wounded. The sister then ignores her deteriorating condition until she turns into said creature. I do give this episode credit in that it is the first of its kind. The main issue I have with the episode is the utterly predictable nature of it all. Since Billy and Agent Fallon are the only newly introduced characters, it is obvious that Agent Fallon is the Wendigo. It is also obvious from the get go that Piper is going to become a Wendigo herself. Though there is only a brief attempt at it, there is no chemistry between Billy and Piper, and the show could have used a more emotive actor for Billy, whose quick demise is perhaps the one surprise of the show. The strong part of this episode is the comedy milked from Piper's slow transformation to the Wendigo. As usual, Holly is sensational whenever comedy is in the script for her. Especially great is Piper's sudden onset of evil and the resulting outbursts. Great deadpan threat at the end as well. Good stuff.
  • Piper makes a strange transformation when she is attacked by a werewolf like creature

    The first episode to feature one of the sisters transforming into something. The Wendigo is definatley a seriesclassic featuring shocking twists, creepy scenes and convincing performances from all of the cast especially Holly who clearly shows Piper's didtressed emotions as her situation gets worse. The special effects were also quite sophisticated for 1999 and the vanquish of the original wendigo looked very unique and real

    The subplot involving Phoebe working with Prue at Bucklands contains a lot of interacting between the two characters Alyssa and Shannen obviously work well together (shame it didn't last)Thanks to a premonition Phoebe recieved from a bracelet she was able to reunite a mother with her missing now teenaged daughter. Very warm and effective scene, which shows that Phoebe's power can be both very useful and rewarding

    Overall a rather dark and chilling episode featuring shocking scenes and a consistant story
  • Piper gets attacked by a Wendigo after a flat tire finds her alone in the dark but there is a lot more to it than that, as the sisters soon find out.

    As the seasons of 'Charmed' wore on, particularly after the departure of Shannen Doherty, I found Piper's character to be extremely dull and boring at times but in these earlier episodes, she was far more interesting and at times, very humourous.

    In this episode, we see her as very vulnerable in the sense that she has a flat tire whilst driving alone late at night and ends up being attacked by a vicious beast which leaves her with a nasty wound.

    Inspector Andy, with the assistance of a female FBI agent are on the job of tracking the beast but there are more things than that to worry about for Piper as she herself begins to turn into one! As if that isn't enough, the FBI agent isn't exactly what she appears to be either.

    This was a very good episode with some great acting by Holly Marie Combs and some excellent makeup as well. There were a couple of points during which the outcome was predictable but not enough to detract from the overall plot which was very well executed.
  • Am I Suddenly Watching Touched By An Angel?

    A neat spin on the werewolf story, this episode is the first in many which features a sister being turned into some sort of monster.

    The episode starts very exciting, with Piper alone in the woods with a flat tire. She is attacked by some wolf-like beast, who is then chased off by a young man. Piper is scratched by the beast, later discovered to be a "Wendigo", and soon begins to morph into one.

    It's an extremely exciting storyline and the finale, where we discover that FBI Agent Fallon is in fact the original Wendigo, and Prue and Phoebe have to kill the right Wendigo to save Piper, is edge-of-your-seat stuff.

    The subplot is slightly dull. Phoebe gets a job at Bucklands and helps a mother find her missing daughter, who was injured in a car crash. I found this really boring and the resolution is a bit too 7th Heaven for my liking. The only thing of interest is that the daughter is played by Christina Milian, who went on to have a successful signing career and appeared in the movies Be Cool and Love Don't Cost a Thing. She's hardly in the episode but it was kinda funny seeing her.

    The Wendigo is a decent episode with a brilliant performance by Holly and some good scares (the dream of Piper killing Andy). Worth seeing.

    Rating: B+
  • Piper has a flat near a park and gets attacked by a Wendigo. A man comes along and fires a flare scarring the Wendigo up before it does any more damage than the scratches to Piper's arm. An FBI Agent and Andy get together to track the killer beast.

    The fourth really good episodes out of the last five. That's pretty good meaning the consistency is getting better to the show. This may be a little better than Wicca Envy but loses a half point for predictability. You knew the Wendigo was the FBI Agent the first time you met the character. A really good story and interesting conclusion that is somewhat satisfying. Even the secondary story was good about Phoebe and the locket.

    We meet Billy Waters played by Billy Jayne who saved Piper from the Wendigo. It turns out that he has been chasing the Wendigo since it killed his fiance. He knows FBI Agent Ashley Fallon played by Jocelyn Seagrave because she was already "tracking" the Wendigo for sometime. When Piper tells Billy about it being a Wendigo and he says he'll tell the FBI Agent I cringed. You were hoping Piper would mention it to Andy when she called, but Billy was dead meat when he revealed what he knew to the Agent and she suggested they go somewhere quiet to discuss it.

    The AB Negative Blood type was interesting. I wonder if that was a factor having to do with the Wendigo's original blood type or some other reason?

    Prue and Phoebe come through in the end and with Piper turning into a Wendigo it was clever for Prue to say to Phoebe just pick one and shoot it with the flare gun. Either way the shot should find its mark with it either being frozen by Piper and moved by Prue or basically just hitting the right Wendigo. Overall their powers seem to be stronger.

    A really good episode with a good storyline. A little predictable but very entertaining. This show's quality is getting better and the characters are great. One thing I also like is the feeling that everyone is in danger. They generally have a pretty big body count compared to other similar shows but in general the deaths are integral to the story being told. Thanks for reading...
  • Suspencful!

    In this episode, The Wendigo, everything is exciting and powerful. First off, Piper is attacked by this wild mysterious beast. Then a man mysteriously saves her (after she had been scratched. Eventually this beast is being tracked by Andy and a new detective. The charmed ones are determined to figure out what is happening. Both the detectives and Prue, Piper, and Phoebe figure the case out, but the thing is, is that Piper is becoming one of the beast that attacked her, so her sisters chain her to a pipe, while they attempt to destroy the beast. In a turn of events, and is attacked by the new detective, who is the beast, and when Prue and Phoebe try to destroy it, they find another one and they don't know which beast is the real one, or which one is Piper. In the end, they save both Piper and Andy. This was one of the best episodes of the season! =]
  • My Absolute favorite Season 1 Episode.

    This is my favorite season 1 episode. At this time Piper is really the most timid of the three of them. And to see her turn into this animal that is mean and nasty is quite a change from what we're used to seeing from her. The Wendigo nakes Piper do a total 180 from the way that she normally acts and it gives us a change from the Piper that we are used to seeing normally. The storyline in this episode is one of the better ones throughout the whole series. And this is one of the first times that we are introduced to the concept of somebody being good and then turning evil.
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its piper

    piper as the foe in this episode was a genius idea from the creative team behind this has never been bettered in its stye and its one of the greatest episodes in the entire shows run.
    Holly in particular is fabulous here and is delivering one of the finest performances in her entire carrer.
    it is a genuine classic.
    and the fact tht the foe isnt ur traditional vanquishable warlock makes it all up the ante quite a bit.
    it is very gritty to watch and all the better for this episode.
    it is one of my faves and in itself this episode is a sheer triumph.
    and begs the question...who is the main culprit behind these murders?
  • Piper turns into a creature called a wendigo!

    In this episode, Piper is having car trouble at the beginning and calls her sisters for help, when she can't get the car jack to work and her cell phone battery dies, she decides to go to a pay phone. That is when a creature that is lurking in the woods attacks her. Later when she is at the hospital, the sisters meet Andy and a new woman who is part of the FBI. She turns out to be the Wendigo.

    There is also a side story with Phoebe going to work with Prue and having to return a girl who was kidnapped to her mom.

    When I saw this episode, I thought right off the bat that Agent Fallon was the wendigo and I was right! I couldn't help but laugh when Piper took off her bandage and has a hairy arm! I also laughed when Piper was so hot that she used frozen meat to cool off. I also thought it was kinda funny when Piper let the wendigo in her get to her and she yelled at her sisters. Then I felt sad for her when she became sick, and didn't really know what was happening. I liked the end when the sisters killed the wendigo, with Piper's help and saved Andy. This is a classic because it is one of the few episodes which had a unique creature and it focused on Piper, who is my favorite Charmed character. I also liked that Phoebe helped the mom and daughter find each other again because that showed that Phoebe had to reunite that family again, she couldn't ignore her calling.
  • Werewolves and the FBI. Entertaining yet very predictable.

    When Piper is attacked by what appears to be a werewolf she's infected and starts to feel very sick and get hairy arms. Luckily for her Andy and a FBI chick are on the investigation. Meanwhile in a pointless subplot Phoebe works in item inventory for Prue only to flash on a necklace with the initials TL.

    Although it gives Prue the chance to question if he could really deal with her being a Witch again Andy takes a step back in this episode, he may be the main focus but his open mind to supernatural events (which has not really been that present of late) is reintroduced. Mainly because he's chasing a Wendingo (why not just call it a werewolf because that's what it is except for the icy heart). This creature at the full moon must keep itself nourished by eating Human hearts. And it is obvious straight away who the human form of the creature is which is a little disappointing really. The best part of this episode is Piper who is turning into a Wendingo but she has the biggest fever ever. This is played very well and actually gives us something to care about. When she is at work with the health inspectors in and she goes to get some frozen meat to cool off her forehead, that was funny.
  • Big Bad Wolf

    The Wendigo-When Piper is attacked by a vicious beast, Andy goes on a stakeout with an FBI agent who is hunting the creature. Meanwhile, Prue hires Phoebe to work at the auction house, but Phoebe's vision of a terrible car crash immediately sends her off on a mission to find a long-lost child.

    One of the standouts from the first season and the first episode the feature one of the sisters turing into some kind of creature, "The Wendigo" is filled with thrills and great scares. The episode opens in a true horror movie fashion as Piper is alone and running for a life away from a Wendigo. The scene is very suspenseful and Holly Marie Combs seems really terrifed to be in that position. In fact, her performance throughout this episode is wonderful as Piper's descend into panic, paranioa, and rage as she begins to turn into a Wendigo. Billy Jayne (Billy Waters) is good and his storyline invovling losing his wife to the Wendio is sad as you truly fell bad for the character. Holly and Billy work quite well together as you can see Piper and Billy really understanding each other by helping each other with the information to finally stop the Wendigo.

    Jocelyn Seagrave (Agent Ashley Fallon) is also an interesting character and her scenes with Andy are quite humorous, especially her philosophy about sex. It's a great twist when she turns out to be the Wendigo and the way she kills Billy is burtal. Another disturbing scenes are Piper's terrifying nightmare of attacking Andy as a Wendigo, the sigh of Piper's arm covered in fur and the stunning sequence of Piper finally trnasforming into a Wendigo under a full moon. The climax is suspenseful as Prue and Phoebe have to go up against 2 Wendigos, unable to tell which one apart. I loved how Piper froze the flare before is hit her and Prue moved it into the heart of Agent Fallon.

    Another highlight of the episode is Prue and Phoebe's sub-plot. After having a premonition from touching a charm bracelet, Phoebe tries to find a little girl named Teri Lane and return to her mother. Besides being some melodrama "7th Heaven" worthy material, the storyline plays out nicely as both Shannen and Alyssa really convince. Also, it's funny how Teri Lane is played by then unknown singer and actress Christina Millian. While she's an okay singer and poor actress, she does fine here as she dones't have much to say, lol. All and All, "Wendigo" is a thrilling Charmed episode with dark scenes, nice developments and an excellent performance by Holly Marie Combs.
  • Beware of the Full Moon...

    Piper stops alone at a park at night with a flat tire and is attacked and scratched by a bestial creature, while calling the auto club. She is saved by Billy, a man that has recently lost his fiancée to the monster, and he uses a flare gun to scare the creature away. While Piper is recovering in the hospital, the FBI agent Ashley Fallon arrives and tells Andy that Piper is the first victim to survive the attack of the creature, and she joins Andy in the investigation. Pipe reads in the Book of Shadows that the Wendigo is a normal person during the day, attacking during three consecutive full moon nights and eating the hearts of their victim. She tells Billy, and he calls Fallon, but when they meet each other, he discloses that she is actually the Wendigo. Meanwhile Piper sees the beginning of her transformation in the arm and her attitudes. Prue and Phoebe need to kill the Wendigo to save Piper.

    "The Wendigo" is a beast that recalls the werewolf, and in this episode Prue and Phoebe needs to take a decision to save Piper. The story is good, but the killer is disclosed too soon.
  • That furry episode

    This is a pretty simple plot but it makes for a good episode. In a nutshell, a wendigo (basically a werewolf by another name) attacks Piper and scratches her arm. The wound festers and Piper falls sick. When the moon rises the following night, Piper is transformed into a wendigo and Prue and Phoebe have to kill the original beast to save her.

    This is the first of a number of episodes where one of the sisters turns into some kind of creature, although the only one from the first season. Holly gives a very convincing performance as sickly Piper and this gives the show a rather gothic feel. The only weak point is that it was obvious from the start that Agent Fallon was going to be the wendigo. We all know Andy and Darryl are the only two cops in San Francisco so, if anyone else turns up, it's pretty clear something is afoot.

    To give the other two something to do, there is a pretty time consuming sub plot whereby Phoebe gets a job at Bucklands and straightaway has a flashback which has her and Prue tracking down the owner of a bracelet and reuniting her with her mother. The idea of Phoebe getting visions from the lots is great, and the scene where the bracelet comes up for auction is hilarious, but the rest of the storyline is best forgotten. If your kidnapped daughter turns out to have been living five miles away for the last ten years then surely you would have some way of finding this out?

    It's good to see the Charmed Ones up against something that's not a conventional baddie for once. This, and a fine spell of acting from Holly, make this episode very watchable.
  • Piper turns into a beast !!

    A man saves Piper from a beast that also killed his fiance. The attack prompts Andy to team up with an FBI agent to investigate the creature. Matters are made worse when it is discovered that the beast takes on a human form during the day.
    Meanwhile, Phoebe has the task of trying to prove that a mother's kidnapped daughter is still alive.

    I loved this episode it brought creature demons to the show but after prue died demons were demons as in human demons and there not much my kind of demons!! but I think Piper turning into a Wendigo was a great it will be truly remembered so Overall a good epiosde.
  • Piper = Wendigo

    When Piper is attacked in the park after her car breaks down and a man is killed, Andy along with an FBI agent- Ashley- go on stake out. Piper has been scratched by the thing that attacked her and is feeling sick. She is slowly transforming into a wendigo. The wendigo kills on 3 nights every so often and attacks people with a certain type of blood. A group that both Piper and Andy share. Piper changes into a Wendigo and we find out that Ashley is the wendigo and that Andy's life is in danger. Prue and Phoebe come to the rescue before it's too late. Phoebe starts work with Prue at Bucklands and has a premonition from a locket of a car crash. She makes it her mission to track the owner of the locket and reunite a mother and her daughter. Excellent episode, the show can only get better.
  • A strange creature is attacking and Piper is one of it's victims.

    This is one of the best episodes of season one. Piper is attacked by a creature called a Wendigo which is sort of like a werewolf. I don't really find it clear why the Wendigo attacks its victims it seems to have something to do with either lovers or AB negative blood or some odd combination of the two. You would think that would be a major flaw but it really isn't. I thought the guest stars in this episode did a good job (or maybe it just seemed so after the dreadful "Feats of Clay" episode). Piper survives the attack but is badly scratched on her arm. It turns out that this causes Piper to turn into a Wendigo. It has a little humor as when the Wendigo starts to take over Piper, she has flashes of anger toward her sisters,lashing out them and calling them names. It's not really surprising who the Wendigo turns out to be but it's still a pretty exciting episode. Toward the end when Phoebe is forced to shoot at one of the 2 Wendigos (Wendigi), the Piper Wendigo is able to freeze the flare. I'm not sure if that jives with later episodes where if a sister is turned into another type of creature they no longer have their Wicca powers.

    There is also a nice liitle sub-plot where Phoebe gets a job with Prue at the auction house. She has a premonition involving a gold braclet that leads her to reunite a mother and daughter who were seperated when the girl was kidnapped by her her father. I'm not sure why it was so important that they not sell the bracelet at the auction other then to supply a classic scene where Prue uses her power to keep the bidders from making a bid by knocking away there little placards.
  • A weird monster called the wendigo is on the loose. It poses as a human during the day and turns into wendigo during night and rips out people who are in loves hearts. Can the charmed ones find out who it is before it is too late.

    I really like this episode it is one of my favourites. It is funny and whoever wrote it planned it out well. I like the way that the wendigo poses as a human during the day and happens to be the person who is pretending to help everyone find it. It is also cool how it doesnt like fire and as the guy who is trying to find it is beside her and flicks the lighter and a bit of fire comes out the top she becomes scared and kills the man because he realised that she is the wendigo.
  • Piper gets attacked by a vicious creature known as the Wendigo. It kills people by ripping their heart out during the three phases of the full moon. Piper turns into a Wendigo after being scratched by it.

    This episode is totally awesome and really freaky as well. This is the first time one of the sisters turn into a creature. After Piper gets scratched she gets angry and mean which shows a whole new side for Piper Halliwell.

    This is a really good episode and one of the best for season 1.
  • Piper is the first to turn into a creature, That creature is the Wendigo.

    The epoisde starts off with Piper getting attacked and then some guy shooting off a flare gun to scare of the Creature. Piper and the other witches soon find out that the Creature has a name and thats its a Wendigo. A Cop lady shows up and she and the guy that shot to the flare gun know each other pretty well they are both trying to find out who this Wendigo is. Oh yeah, and we find out it attacks people with a certain blood type. But then, the guy that shot off the flare gun finds out that the Cop lady is the wendigo becuase he took out his lighter and she flenched at the flames and then killed him. Piper turns into the wendigo and phoebe and Prue try to save Andy from the Cop lady. Andy gets hit by the Wendigo/Cop lady and then there was two, one Piper the other the cop lady and then Prue shot the Flare at piper/wendigo and then piper froze the flare..then prue moved it towards the other one and then piper unfroze time and boom she dies. and then Piper is back to normal.

    I really liked this eposide.
  • Piper is attacked by a werewolf like creature called a wendigo. Pheobe gets a Bucklands and tries to reunite a mother and daughter.

    Piper gets attacked by a Wendigo when she gets a flat tire. A guy named Billy saves her. At the hospital, Andey and Inspector Falon discuss the recent attacks. Meanwhile, Pheobe convinces Prue to get her a job at Bucklands. While checking off the items for the auction, Pheobe gets a premonition from a bracelet. She does some research and finds out that the bracelet is the only way to reunite a mother and her daughter. She goes to their house and reunites a mother and daughter who had been sepersted for years. But then Prue gets a phone call from Piper. She is not doing well. Her scratch has turned into a patch of fur. She is turning into a wendigo. Pheobe has a premonition of Agent Falcon turning into the wendigo and killing Andey in the park. While they are there, they mange to stop her from killing Andey, but she has already scratched him. They only have one flare left, and just as they are about to shoot her, anotherone shows up. One of them is Piper! If they shoot the wrong one, they will be killing their sister!

    This was an outstanding episode. One of my favorites. This marks the first episode where one of the sisters were transformed into a demon/creatue/supernatural bad guy. This is used in many other episodes throughout the series.
  • The scary creature with the yellow eyes. The first of many sisterly transformations.

    The Wendigo is one of those nerve-wracking first season episodes. Piper is turned into a Wendigo: “a cross between a werewolf and Charles Manson”, and sets out to kill in the town. The whole Piper turns into a monster is very funny and exciting, and it features some great plot twist and keeps the viewers at the end of their seats. At times it’s even scary, and yet it manages to be funny and touching. Piper yelling “Screw you **** to her sisters is hilarious. There’s also a warm sisterly feeling in the episode that’s really sweet.

    The subplot about Phoebe working at Bucklands is quite boring, and the whole reunion scene between mother and daughter just seemed so soapy. The acting of the episode is almost as good as the writing, and especially Holly gives a stunning performance. Her struggling with the monster within her is touching and masterly performed.

    Season one isn’t known for its costumed and special effects, something that partly is because of the fact that it was recorded in ’98-’99, but The Wendigo actually featured some great special effects and the monster itself looked genuinely scary and actually quite realistic.

    All in all, The Wendigo is a small classic with it’s scary story line and great writing and acting. One of the tops of the first Season.
  • Piper is attacked while out alone by a Wendigo, a terrifying werewolf-type creature, and slowly begins to turn into one

    Holly Marie Combs is a brilliant actress, and her terror at discovering her hairy arm is really convincing. However, i am slightly confused. Does the wendigo go after those in love, or those with AB neg blood? if its the first,who is Piper in love with, and is it just a coincidence that they were all AB neg?
    Another thing, at the end when Prue tells Piper and Phoebe that she told Andy the truth about everything and that he needed to be alone to process it,how does he suddenly forget about it, only to be reminded in 'The Power of Two?'
  • for this episode the wendigo i thought it was pretty neat. i liked it and now i cant wait for it come back. to tell you the truth it was very interesting.

    i really liked the show. it was awesome. with all episodes that you have played and that i have watched i all liked. with the episodes tonight im going to watch them since they are new. hopefully they are as good as the other episodes and i know that they will be good cause i like every episode.
  • first trnasformation...

    piper gets turned into a wendigo... i like it. to bad that guy died who was string 2 find out who the wendigo was. :cry: piper did a good job on this episode. piper gets hairy. lol! the first time sumbody turned into sumthin is in this episode. its a good episode.
  • not best not worst

    I think this episode was not great but not bad for several reasons. Fist off it was the first real episode where we see Piper out of character. She is usually the innocent, calm, quiet, peaceful character and to see her actions after the Wendego attacked her was quote a shocker. The other reason I didn't care a great deal for this episode was they gave away who was the Wendego way to early in the episode. You could tell it was the fbi lady all the time. In these beginning episodes the sisters did use their powers for their own gain more often. Which is so opposite of what they practice later in the shows
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