Season 1 Episode 9

The Witch Is Back

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 1998 on The WB

Episode Recap

Salem, Massachusetts, 1879. A man is let into in a jail cell where a blonde woman waits. "Matthew?" she says. "Hello Melinda" Matthew replies. "Why? Why did you betray me?" she asks. "You got what you deserved" Matthew says. "So, you never loved me? All the passion, all the heat?" Melinda cries. "I had to make you trust me. It was the only way to share your powers" he says. "And so now you have them. So why would you turn me in? You know I'll burn." Melinda's voice is panicked. "I had to keep my secret", he replies simply. "Well you can keep your trinkets too" with this, she tears off the locket she is wearing and throws it at him. He opens the locket. "I'll find another witch to give it to," he says matter of factly. "Maybe not" she laughs. He pulls out a red piece of paper tucked into the locket, and it bursts into flames. "What magic is this?" Matthew demands. "I'm taking back the powers you stole from me." Melinda declares. She begins to chant, "Outside of time, outside of gain, know only sorrow, know only pain." With this, Matthew is covered in a supernatural gale and pulled into the locket, which snaps shut and lays in the dust of the prison cell, as Melinda smiles.

Present Day San Francisco At Buckland's, Rex lays a tray of artifacts among others on Pru's desk, and struggles to open the very same locket. Pru enters, and he tells her they are for her to catalogue from an estate back East. As he leaves, she picks up the locket herself, and it springs open. Matthew is released, and her office door slams shut. "What time is this?" he asks as Pru asks who he is. He introduces himself as Matthew Tate and says that if she freed him from the locket, she is a descendant of Melinda Warren. As he steps toward her, she uses her power to throw him across the room. He thanks her and says that he tricked her into using her power, and now he has it. He uses the power to push her into the corner with her desk chair as proof. He appears next to her, and stalks her across the room. She asks what he wants, and he says he wants all three powers back that Melinda took from him. He grabs her and tells her to stop time, and she says she can't. He deduces that she is not the only witch and vows to find the others. He lifts her nameplate and discovers her family name is now Halliwell. When Rex knocks on the door and inquires if she is okay, Matthew blasts open the window and jumps out of it, landing on his feet 12 stories below. He walks away down the street and leaves Pru standing at the window, shaken. Later, the police are questioning witnesses of Matthew's gravity defying leap. Andy and Darryl are among the questioning officers, and Andy admits that he knows it is Pru's office that he came from. Back at the manor, Piper is talking to Leo, and Phoebe teases her that she hasn't asked him out yet. Piper admits she has never asked out anyone before. Pru walks in and announces "We are in serious trouble" and takes the sisters to the attic with her. Returning to Buckland's, Andy is now in Pru's office, questioning Rex and Hannah about the incident. They said they heard a struggle and a crash, and when they came in, she rushed out. Hannah and Rex leave, and Darryl suggests they asked to be reassigned, but Andy insists he and Pru aren't dating, and there is no conflict of interest. In Rex's office, he and Hannah reveal they planned to give Pru the locket and have her release Matthew Tate, and have him steal the Charmed Ones powers. Back at the manor, Pru is relaying the story of Matthew Tate's arrival to her Piper and Phoebe. She tells them about his plan to steal their powers, and Phoebe agrees that he is a warlock. She asks to see the locket, and has a vision of Matthew being sealed inside the locket by Melinda. She tells her sisters and they are astonished that she can now see the past as well as the future, and their powers must be growing. Phoebe mourns, "Yes, but somehow I thought I was gonna get to fly." Matthew bursts into the office of a lawyer, Arnold Halliwell, and demands to knows where his sisters are. He claims he is an only child, and threatens to sue if he does not let him go. Matthew snaps his neck and claims "Lawyers-have not changed." He disappears. At the manor, the girls find a drawing of Melinda and Phoebe recognizes her as the woman from her vision of Matthew. Piper reads from a book that 'because the warlock had stolen her love, she cursed him into the pewter heart where he could spend eternity knowing the sting of betrayal'. She continues to read the legend that says if he is released from the locket he will destroy the Warren line. The sisters head downstairs, and the doorbell rings. Phoebe answers, and it is Andy, who asks to speak with Pru. He tells Phoebe that the man who fell out of Pru's window killed a lawyer down the street named Halliwell. He insists on seeing Pru and Phoebe asks for his warrant and shuts the door. The girls then talk about how to find and defeat Matthew Tate, and Phoebe tells them they should bring Melinda back from the past to help them. They agree to perform the spell, which will bring Melinda back to life, flesh and blood and with her powers. They prick their fingers and each put a drop of blood into the locket, and summon her. She appears and says "Blessed be." The next morning, Phoebe is helping Melinda to dress in more current clothing, and counseling her to keep a low profile. Piper and Pru come in and tell her they are ready to go, and Leo enters to say he is going to work on the plumbing. They introduce Melinda as their cousin and as they leave Phoebe's room, Melinda tells Piper that Leo is a treasure. Piper replies with "Why are you telling me?" Melinda only grins. Meanwhile at Halliwells Hardware, Matthew has claimed another victim. As he turns to leave, he runs into Rex and Hannah. They tell him they are the ones responsible for freeing him and that they want to work with him to destroy the Halliwells. He reluctantly agrees. Pru returns Melinda's locket as she tells the story of how Matthew betrayed her and she was burned at the stake. They asked why she didn't use her powers to save herself, and she says that she did it to protect her daughter, Prudence. Pru asks how they will defeat Matthew, as he is so powerful, and tells her about his ability to disappear and reappear elsewhere instantly. Melinda tells her this is called blinking, and tells her he stole this power from another witch, as this is his gift. He can copy a good witch's power when it is used against him. If he gets all three powers they will not be able to defeat him, so they must curse him back into the locket before it is too late. At Bucklands, Hannah is sitting as Matthew tries on clothes. She is obviously interested, and he flirts with her and get close just as Rex walks in. Obviously jealous, he dismisses Matthew and tells Hannah that he will go back to where he came from after he completes his task. At the manor, the sisters take Melinda to the attic to reunite with the Book of Shadows, and she marvels over how big the books has gotten. She explains that each generation of witches has added to it and reveals that the sisters can write their own spells. They find a spell in the book that they think their Grams must have added to bring patience. Pru and Piper say she must have written it for Phoebe, and Melinda says that the challenging spirit is a Warren trait. She finds the curse and writes down what they need and they head downstairs to get the ingredients. Hannah and Rex show Matthew pictures of Pru, Piper and Phoebe. They tell him the Piper works at Quake and that will be the best place to find her, so Hannah will drive him there. Melinda, Piper and Phoebe work on the ingredients for the spell, and Phoebe complains that she does not have a more active power. Melinda calms her telling her that visions are an important gift too. Pru is standing by the window, looking out for Andy, and she worries that he will be back with a warrant. Phoebe scoffs that he will not arrest her. Melinda tells them there are a couple of ingredients that they are missing. They have to head to Quake to find some of the herbs, and Matthew finds them there. He corners Phoebe in the kitchen and when he grabs her, she has a premonition of him choking Melinda, which means he has now copied her power, and he knows they have summoned Melinda. Pru heads off to the museum to get a spotted owl feather, the last ingredient they need for the curse, which leaves Melinda alone in the house. Phoebe calls the house to warn them Matthew is coming, but Melinda does not know how to answer the phone. Matthew barges in and confronts her and tells her he is going to wipe out her line. He grabs her by the throat and has a premonition that they are planning to do the curse. He tells her he is going after Pru to kill her, and then he will be back to kill the other two so that she can watch. Hannah arrives back at the office and Rex reads her mind, discovering that she lost Matthew. Rex orders Hannah to find him immediately, or they will not be able to continue with their plan, for which they need the sisters' powers. Piper and Phoebe return to the house to find a shaken Melinda. She tells them that Matthew has been there and he knows they are planning to do the curse. She tells them Pru if off trying to find the feather as they speak. We see Pru coming out of the museum with the feather, and Andy arrives, taking her into custody. Hannah flies into Rex's office. As she struggles to her feet, she tells Rex that she found Matthew. He tells them he needs to find Pru and stop her from finding the feather and completing the curse. Rex tells him he needs to finish stealing their powers first. He needs to get the power to freeze. Matthew tells them he has tried to get it, but they would rather die then give him the last power. Rex pulls a gun from his desk drawer and hands it to Matthew and tells him to try again. In his car, Andy is questioning Pru about the owl feather, which she says she already had. He accuses her of breaking and entering and obstructing justice. He threatens to arrest her, and she begs him to let her go, and he refuses saying he can't look the other way. He tells her to tell him what is going on and to trust him. She activates the air bag with her power and escapes. At the manor, Melinda, Phoebe and Piper are completing the spell, all they need is the feather. Matthew appears and pulls Piper to him and tells her to freeze him, she refuses, and he points the gun at her head, then at Phoebe. Pru arrives and uses her power to knock the gun from his hand, then hurls a chair at him. Piper freezes him. Pru runs to hand the feather to Melinda, which they quickly tuck into a bag with the other ingredients and toss into the pot. Melinda opens the locket and chants the curse, to which the whirlwind starts and carries Matthew into the locket once again. Hannah is at the office and tells Rex that she follow Matthew and he failed. Rex says they will have to think of something fast, since "He is going to be none to pleased to learn we have failed". Hannah says they have outed the Charmed Ones and that they should have taken care of the sisters themselves. Morris and Andy argue because he wants to wake up a judge to get an arrest warrant for Pru. Morris tells him he will embarrass himself and the judge will have his rank pulled, so he should just let it go. Leo enters the manor and Piper rushes down the stairs. She says they are getting Melinda ready to go, and this isn't a good time-can he come back tomorrow? He says no problem and turns to leave, when Piper stops him and asks him if he would like to go out with her sometime. He is thrilled and says absolutely and to give him a call. He leaves as Piper heads back upstairs and into the attic. They are sitting in the circle and Melinda tells them "You three give me great joy. I've seen the Charmed Ones. Good witches. Women of strength and grace." Phoebe grabs her hand a asks her to tell her what she sees. She says she sees the future, many more generations of good witches. Pru takes her hand and says, "Melinda Warren, blood of our blood, we release you." "Blessed be my daughters. I love you." In a swirl of stars, Melinda disappears. They all talk about how much they are going to miss her and Pru says "We can always bring her back."
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