Season 1 Episode 9

The Witch Is Back

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 1998 on The WB

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  • - Oh, my god. She stole a feather. - The past comes running, and it takes someone with it.

    As another average Charmed episode, The Witch Is Back opens up some new story lines and reveals some new facts about the Charmed Ones’ history. Prue opens a locket which brings the terrible warlock Matthew Tate back to life. Matthew has the power to copy a witch’s power and the sisters find themselves powerless against him. In order to defeat him they summon Melinda Warren, their ancestor witch who was the beginning of their destiny.

    The main plot of the episode was very good written. It was exciting, informative and the writers managed to keep the viewers on edge and gave us a nice vanquish. It was fun to see Melinda, as she gave us a glance of what’s to come, and her great acting. Melinda had great chemistry with the three sisters, and a good energy that is rarely seen in guest stars. Matthew was portrayed by a good actor as well, but his character was dull and bored me. There also was a lot of Rex and Hannah in the episode, something I always enjoy. Their arrogance is always amusing. I also liked the fact that Phoebe’s powers grew. It seemed about time for one of the sisters’ powers to advance.

    Leo and Piper’s relationship keeps going up and down, and they’re both to scared to ask the other person out, but I think Melinda helped them on the way. Piper and Leo were so cute in the beginning of the series, and their shyness is absolutely adorable. Prue and Andy’s thing was totally pointless, and his rampage about her stealing a feather was laughably ridiculous. Andy’s character may be fun at times, but in most of his appearances, he’s just boring. I am glad they picked Darryl to stay on the show instead of Andy, seeing as Darryl is a more sympathetic and likeable character.

    All in all, this was a fairly good episode. It had a good story, and over all good acting. Nothing big to complain about. An average Charmed episode, which main purpose was to teach us the history of the Charmed Ones as well as setting the path for the next episode, with the big show-down with Rex and Hannah.