Season 1 Episode 9

The Witch Is Back

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 1998 on The WB

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  • Melina Warren back in the 17th Century accuses her lover Matthew of betraying her. He has taken her powers and turned her in to be burned as a Witch. She traps him in a locket and takes her powers back. Prue accidentally releases him causing problems.

    Another smart episode to follow up the last one. Good storyline and very entertaining. In a way this story took some setting up from pieces of former stories. Melina Warren played by Tyler Layton is the first Witch in the line of the Warren's which the Halliwell sisters are now the current descendants of. She also started the Book of Shadows. Matthew Tate played by Billy Wirth is a Warlock who stole her powers and then turned her in to be burned as a Witch. She curses him and places his essence in a locket and traps him forever. We find out that Rex and Hannah are not who they seem to be. They are Demons from Hell who are bound and determined to steal the sisters powers for themselves. Their plan is for Prue to release Matthew and have him steal all of their powers and then take them from him. So Rex leaves the locket on Prue's desk to catalog.

    I won't give you a blow by blow but let's just say Rex was successful in getting Matthew released. He now has Prue's powers and is looking for the other two women. No one can count out their ingenuity though. They summon Melina to life with them and they learn the curse spell they need to trap Matthew again. After many trials and Matthew getting Phoebe's power as well they managed to stop him and return him to the locket. When they return Melina to where she came she takes the locket with her thereby saving the sisters from having to deal with him again. So Rex and Hannah are foiled in their plan and decide they must up the stakes.

    Andy and Darryl sort of get in the way trying to investigate everything that is going on and Andy threatens to arrest Prue, but she gives him the slip. You get the feeling that this situation will come to a head eventually.

    Great episode and the second in a row that was pretty good all of the way around. Really a joy to watch. Thanks for reading...