Season 1 Episode 9

The Witch Is Back

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 1998 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Prue: Rex?
      Rex: Ah, good morning, Prue. I've, uh, left a few things for you to catalog. A marvelous shipment from an estate back east.
      Prue: I'll get right on it.
      Rex: Thanks.
      (Rex leaves. Prue sees the locket and picks it up. She opens it. The door slams shut and Matthew comes out of it.)
      Matthew: At last, freedom. The world has changed. What time is this?
      Prue: Excuse me?
      Matthew: Where am I?
      Prue: Who are you?
      Matthew: Matthew Tate, and if you freed me from that locket you are descendant of Melinda Warren. (He walks closer to her and she uses her power and he flies across the room.) Thank you.
      Prue: For what?
      Matthew: I tricked you into using your power on me. Now, I have it. (He uses her power and a chair pushes her against the wall. He then disappears, she runs in the middle of the room and he appears behind her.) Behind you, witch.
      Prue: How did you do that?
      Matthew: I can share your power but you can't share mine.
      Prue: What do you want?
      Matthew: I want what Melinda took from me. I want all three powers back. (He grabs her.) Defend yourself. Stop time.
      Prue: I can't.
      Matthew: Ah, so you're not alone. There are others. (He disappears and appears in front of the desk.) And the family name is now Halliwell.
      Rex: (from outside) Prue, are you okay in there?
      (Matthew uses Prue's power to break the glass on the window. He jumps out the window and floats down to the ground, landing on his feet. He walks away.)

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