Season 7 Episode 9

There's Something About Leo

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2004 on The WB
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Piper learns Leo is an Avatar, when he confesses to her, despite the objections of the other Avatars, who believe Piper should find out on her own. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Paige ask Kyle for help, but his reaction proves disastrous.

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  • Nope.

    Urgh Paige's face when she says "can you trust him" and he walks out to take the kids to magic school. Yes you're twisted and annoying at this point in time because of your stupid 'love' for Brody. And i'm sorry Kyle can't do anything, you don't require his help... but whatever.

    Leo hasn't done anything to deserve distrust so far, he's just finally admitted what he is. And acting like he all of a sudden can't be trusted, and needs 'saving'. Why isn't your first thought "ok let's sit down and talk".

    You tell Brody Leo is an avatar, and the first thing he does is storm off for a potion and says he's going to kill an avatar (basically). And they say nothing, barely even look like they care. And then just follow him all the way to the manor barely trying to stop him. Here's an idea just say "potion" and orb it away from him. And urgh I hate people that act like someone else is the cause of something done by someone else years later. I'm sick of hearing "you're a convict" because 200 years ago some white people came to Australia. Or black people acting like they themselves were slaves because their great grandad was.

    I'm still confused as to why they had to tell Brody though... like he's done NOTHING that could help them.

    And glad for Piper being rational. "He didn't have to tell us" etc etc. But no Paige "everything points to them being evil" .. what have they done that's actually evil! (to the sisters, not to us). I mean Piper may be being rational but still skeptic, but Phoebe being very anti-avatar for no reason was annoying. And Paige just being effing stupid was annoying.

    I can't rate any Brody episodes very highly.moreless
  • There's Something About Leo

    There's Something About Leo was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development and the story was engaging on many levels. There was action, drama and humor along with magic, intrigue and major disagreements. I liked the way the story played out and I certainly look forward to watching what will happen next!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar: The Last Time Bender

    There's Something About Leo-Piper learns Leo is an Avatar, when he confesses to her, despite the objections of the other Avatars, who believe Piper should find out on her own. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Paige ask Kyle for help, but his reaction proves disastrous.

    Well, this episode sure did up the stakes didn't it? Too bad by the end fo the teaser we know exactly how the end of the episode will be resolved. Once we saw Leo hit the reset button we just knew it would be used again, since those Charmed writers can't resist being so obvious! It's a poor writting choice considering everything up until the inevitable time wrap was pretty intense. The truth of Leo's ascension as an Avatar creates a lot of drama between him and the sisters. Not to mention,explores thepossiblegood, bad or unspeakable consequences that the Avatars might unleash if they succeed. Then once Kyle gets through into the mix, all hell breaks loose! Kerr Smith really takes his performance up a notch as Kyle slowly loses his mind and eventually snaps. Although, the origin of the potion he has is a bit Deux Ex Machina and leaves some questions. But anyway, the confrontation at the manor was pretty tense and the moment where Kyle and Leo both kill each other had some genuine build up. But like I said, the forseen reset resolution is beyond anti-climatic and cheapens an episode that was pretty intense so far. I have no problem with reset moments, but we'vee seen so many on Charmed at this point, it's an overused and boring plot point. It doesn't help that the episode from there is about as average and generic as Charmed gets. Demons are vanquished in the blink of an eye and the sisters remain in the shadow of Leo's new powers. The only interesting scnee after the reset was Paige and Kyle's dinner, only because of the moment where Kyle no so subltly tells Paige just how psycho he will get once he finds an Avatar. How romantic? O_0

    I would talk about the demons but they are forgettable as always. As a matter of fact, every episode, the demons are beginning to look and act the same! Seems the days of Cole, The Source, Shaw, Eames, Shadow, Jeremy, the Brotherhood etc. are over. Jeeze, even the lackluster villains like Javna and Tawatha were more unique and memorable than the shimmering, energy/fireball demons we seem to get every single week now! All and All, "There's Something About Leo" is watchable if not predictable in the end.moreless
  • Sleeping with the enemy...

    This episode is half good action and acting and half idiocy.

    The good is that Leo finally gets to tell Piper he is an Avatar, and that there is a heavy dose of Leo and Piper. There also are many cool vanquishes, including a mass vanquish by Leo that closely resembles the powers Wyatt has.

    The idiocy is everything that happens after Brody finds out. Let me state something I'm probably going to repeat- Agent Brody's character, though well-acted, is the worst written, most poorly conceived character in the Charmed universe. This episode is the beginning of his homicidal quest to kill an Avatar, and why? Because they killed his parents. Oh wait, no they didn't. Well, no matter. He heard they were bad. So bad, apparently, that Leo should die just by being an Avatar himself, never mind the fact that Brody would be dead at least once if not for Leo healing him. SO BAD apparently, that Brody would be willing to hold Phoebe at gun point for an opportunity to kill an Avatar.

    Somehow the sisters let Brody and his potion into the same house as Leo. Hey, Brody, come on over! Then, with Phoebe held at gunpoint, Leo walks closer and Piper does nothing. Hey, how about just freezing Brody? Or, how about Leo just orbs out of there? Then what was Brody going to do?

    Anyway, so Leo fries Brody, but Brody somehow manages to throw the potion far enough to kill Leo. The Avatars appear to lecture Leo about how him telling Piper caused all this? Whuh?? I thought Brody being a crazed maniac caused this. So, Leo rewinds time to before he told Piper. Whuh?? Couldn't he just rewind it to before Brody dropped the potion? Whatever.

    To top it all off, Brody is given a free pass at the end, and we have to put up with the guy who just tried to kill Leo and held Phoebe at gunpoint being Paige's boyfriend, which means she'll spend the next so many episodes defending the guy and ignoring her sisters.

    Fortunately, this story arc doesn't last long.moreless

    Stand by your man

    The season arc bursts into life this week with a fantastic and action packed storyline. As the title suggests, the plot revolves around Leo's big secret and the girls' mistrust. It's a clever take on the idea of exposure and the consequences are frightening.

    It starts where we left off last week, with Piper still suspicious of Leo's sudden transformation. Against advice from his avatar mates, he decides to tell her the truth. Piper eventually comes round but her sisters do not. They alert Kyle, who goes completely mental and tries to vanquish Leo. It ends up with Leo poisoned and Kyle dead before time is rewound. Definite shades of "All Hell Breaks Loose".

    Seeing Kyle lose it so utterly is a real shock, and makes for a fantastic ending. Kerr Smith is very convincing and the stand off is wonderfully tense. Don't get why Piper didn't freeze him though.

    Speaking of Piper, I'm so glad she decides to throw her lot in with Leo. Like most fans, I hate seeing them at loggerheads so this week is a rare treat. Holly gives a heartfelt performance and her tears at the end are spot on.

    Really like the baddies this week. Very cool costumes and excellent stage set. We've not had this much demonic infighting since Season Four. There are tons of vanquishes and the effects are superb. The best has to be when one demon shoves a fireball in another's mouth and blows his head off. Total classic!

    Leo's character has really changed since the early days of this show. From being a cute but wimpy do-gooder, he is now as bad-arse as the sisters and his powers seem to be growing all the time. His lightning bolts are awesome and that vanquish in the cave is just amazing.

    After a dreadful start, this season seems to be shaping up rather well.

    Score: 9.5moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • When Leo is hit by the potion, he spends a while before he dies. In fact, he is able to talk with the other avatars. Anyway, when the female avatar is killed, she dies at the same exact moment that the potion hits her.

    • A demon introduces a fire ball into another demon's mouth. He stays a while after that and he is not killed. How it is that possible? He should be dead the same exact moment the fire ball is introduced.

    • When Kyle, Paige and Phoebe get into the manor you can see that the door stays clearly open. Anyway, seconds later the door is heard closing.

    • When Leo freezes time you can see Paige and Phoebe running upstairs. Why are they running? In that moment the potion has not blown yet, so they should not be running to see what hapenned

    • TRIVIA: There were no spells cast in this episode.

    • TRIVIA: This is one of three episodes with "Leo" in the title.

    • How is Phoebe able to hit an energy ball back using only a baseball bat? Surely the ball and/or the bat would explode on contact.

    • When Malvoc says that the ancient rules are etched in brimstone, he implies that brimstone is hard, but brimstone is just another name for sulphur, which is so soft you can scratch it with your fingernail.

    • At the end with the shots of Wyatt and Chris, they are clearly still pictures.

    • When the demons first arrive in the conservatory, one of them throws an energyball at Piper and it is clearly seen hitting her right shoulder, as that is the way she goes down. When she gets up, her left arm is the one that's injured.

    • When Kyle has his gun pointed at Phoebe, Phoebe could of easily fought out of that. Better yet, why didn't Piper just freeze him?

    • In the scene where Leo tells Piper he's an Avatar there is a continuity issue: Piper has her back to the camera, and she puts the orange basket on the table and takes the beetle toe, but a second later from the front she is again putting the orange basket down and taking the beetle toe.

    • While Piper is frozen, during Leo's talk with the Avatars first time round (just before he tells her he's an Avatar), Piper's hand position changes while the camera changes angles.

    • When the invisible demons are attacking the girls they stay invisible. When the dye is thrown they are revealed to be seen holding energy balls, however Piper had just mentioned, not three seconds before, that they have to become visible to attack. If they have to become visible, why didn't they?

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Leo: We're not a threat. We're trying to save the world from itself.
      Phoebe: Wait. Did he just say "we"? I think he just said "we."

    • Leo: All right, let's just take a deep breath here. We can talk this out.
      Piper: Leo...
      Kyle: I don't want to hurt her, but I will if I have to. Your kind is responsible for a nightmare that won't go away, for all those nights waking up in a sweat begging that the flashbacks were just a dream.
      Piper: Kyle, please.
      Kyle: It's not a dream, though, is it, Leo? You Avatars are as real as the air that we breathe and just as vacant. My parents were viciously murdered by them. So if I were you Leo, I'd do what I say.
      Leo: The Avatars couldn't have killed your parents, Kyle. They believe in peace.
      Kyle: I'm gonna give you three seconds to summon one of your buddies here so I can kill them. If you don't, I'm gonna kill you.
      Leo: I can't do that.
      Kyle: One...
      Leo: Avatars aren't the enemy, Kyle.
      Kyle: Two...
      Piper: Leo...
      Kyle: Three.
      Piper: No!

    • Kyle: How do you know? Huh? How can you be so sure? I cannot believe you guys let him get away!
      Paige: Okay, something is wrong. He's not acting like himself.
      Phoebe: I think you need to orb that potion away from him before he does something stupid.
      Paige: What if he flips out?
      Phoebe: I think he already has flipped out, Pai-
      (Paige suddenly falls unconscious on the floor. It turns out to be Kyle who shot Paige with a tranquilizer gun.)
      Phoebe: What did you do?!
      Kyle: It's just a tranq. She'll be fine.(pulls out his gun and points it at Phoebe)
      Phoebe: What are you doing?
      Kyle: I'm killing an Avatar, and nobody's gonna stop me.

    • Kyle: How could you let him go? How could you let the Avatar go?
      Phoebe: Okay, he's still Leo. So would you stop referring to him as "the Avatar", please?

    • Paige: I just want this demon to attack soon, so I can make my breakfast date with Kyle.
      Phoebe: Yeah... See, breakfast is not a date. Dinner's a date. Lunch is definitely... maybe a date. Breakfast? Always just breakfast.

    • Leo: I'm not just an Avatar. I'm a husband and a father. And I joined you to get that back.

    • Phoebe: If it weren't for sleep deprivation, I'd be okay.

    • Paige: Okay, he's cracked.
      Phoebe: Absolutely.

    • Piper: Be careful of the beetle toe!

    • Phoebe: Are you hiding something Leo?
      Leo: No.
      Piper: Yes.

    • Phoebe: Parking in this city sucks.

    • Phoebe: What's this? Are you making spaghetti sauce?
      Piper: No, that's demon blood.

    • Phoebe: We just think that you're so eager to avoid Leo that you might have miscalculated this demon attack.
      Paige: What she said.

    • Leo: You can't walk out of this!
      Piper: You're right. Let's orb.

    • Piper: Are you sure those are gonna work?
      Paige: Yes. As sure as I can be at 5AM.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Title: There's Something About Leo

      This is a reference to the movie "There's Something About Mary" starring Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller.

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