Season 7 Episode 9

There's Something About Leo

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2004 on The WB

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    Stand by your man

    The season arc bursts into life this week with a fantastic and action packed storyline. As the title suggests, the plot revolves around Leo's big secret and the girls' mistrust. It's a clever take on the idea of exposure and the consequences are frightening.

    It starts where we left off last week, with Piper still suspicious of Leo's sudden transformation. Against advice from his avatar mates, he decides to tell her the truth. Piper eventually comes round but her sisters do not. They alert Kyle, who goes completely mental and tries to vanquish Leo. It ends up with Leo poisoned and Kyle dead before time is rewound. Definite shades of "All Hell Breaks Loose".

    Seeing Kyle lose it so utterly is a real shock, and makes for a fantastic ending. Kerr Smith is very convincing and the stand off is wonderfully tense. Don't get why Piper didn't freeze him though.

    Speaking of Piper, I'm so glad she decides to throw her lot in with Leo. Like most fans, I hate seeing them at loggerheads so this week is a rare treat. Holly gives a heartfelt performance and her tears at the end are spot on.

    Really like the baddies this week. Very cool costumes and excellent stage set. We've not had this much demonic infighting since Season Four. There are tons of vanquishes and the effects are superb. The best has to be when one demon shoves a fireball in another's mouth and blows his head off. Total classic!

    Leo's character has really changed since the early days of this show. From being a cute but wimpy do-gooder, he is now as bad-arse as the sisters and his powers seem to be growing all the time. His lightning bolts are awesome and that vanquish in the cave is just amazing.

    After a dreadful start, this season seems to be shaping up rather well.

    Score: 9.5