Season 2 Episode 7

They're Everywhere

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1999 on The WB

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  • Phoebe is fine and it's baby Castiel!

    first thought - Well Phoebe looked hot throughout the entire episode.

    Second - How the hell can Prue turn the lipstick situation around again to make herself the victim and Piper the bad one? When you take someone else's property (a lipstick no less which is unhygienic), you don't get to be pissy at them.

    Ah it's an alright episode, the story line is fine enough. Sucks we never get to see/hear about the records again considering how important they were. The thought hearing spell was interesting and sure it added a bit of humour.

    The whole warlock pricking thing, I liked that Phoebe knew, being someone who is actually invested in being a witch. But it surprises me there's nothing in the Book about it. Surely over the years witches have tested to see if people they knew were warlocks or not...

    The first bit with Jeff was a bit funny but the moment he 'said' the line "If she finds out I'm lying she's gonna die"... like seriously... why the hell would he be thinking that.. "he's gonna die" would at least make sense, thinking of Jack and Prue being angry at him.

    Fashion: Both in her nurses outfit and that blue top Phoebe looked amazing, Make up done perfectly too!

    Piper - Looked nice in that purple shirt she was wearing, definitely her style.
  • A band of knowledge-stealing warlocks hunt down a young man who uncovered the location of one of the greatest sources of power in the world. Meanwhile, Prue has her hands full with Jack Sheridan.


    The summary has this eppy as 'a band of knowledge-stealing warlocks'. As far as I could see on the show there were only two warlocks, So I have to say that I was a little disipointed thinking there were going to a few more warlocks chasing after the sisters.

    But over all this was a good eppy. I loved to story line with Jack and his twin brother tricking Prue and Prue slaping both of them across the face.

    Poor poor Dan, Thinking he will never make it into the house. Even trying to come in through the back door. How many of us would love a man to bring us breakfast in the morning to our front door.? I know I sure would.

    Those warlock fingers were just weird. It was a good power tho, touch someone with your finger and finding out everything in there mind. Kind of reminded me of Spock and the mind meld thingy he did.

    How here wants to see Jack and Prue get and stay together? I think the fact that he drives her crazy is very cute.

    I can not help but love this show and wait every week for it to come on. Thank goodness for reruns..
  • They're Everywhere

    They're Everywhere was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was some great character and plot development for Piper and Dan, Phoebe having Dj vu at the end, and Prue as well after hearing the thoughts of Jack. The brain sucking demons were very interesting and played by good actors. The story was fun and full of action, drama and intrigue. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Phoebe, stop me! Please!

    Oh, wow, better bring Leo back, fast! It has been a long time since I was this bored watching a Charmed episode. Seriously, I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this because it isn't worth it. The only reason I really kept watching is because Phoebe and Prue look fantastic this entire episode. When Phoebe straddling some guy on the floor is the highlight of the episode, that doesn't bode well (Phoebe is HOT). The demons are less frightening than a pair of insurance salesmen, and the danger of them getting their hands on some ambiguous records is never convincing. I never cared about Eric or his father, which obviously made getting invested in the story difficult. The fight in the hospital room with the demons blinking all over the place was pretty good, at least, though once again Prue was the only one that could do anything.

    I wish Dan and Jack were warlocks. That would have been a positive development to me. And Dan constantly coming back to the manor to try to get Piper to go with him, what was up with that? We haven't seen anyone this desperate since Josh was around. What is it about Piper that makes these really attractive guys lose their minds? Maybe it's magic. Yeah, Leo could tell them she makes him lose his mind from time to time, but that isn't in a good way! Hahaha!

    Is this the last time we see the telepathic conversation until Christie comes around? Maybe. I admit, that was entertaining at times. Otherwise... boring...
  • The girls must protect a young man who has valuable information on the mystical akaeshic records from brain zapping warlocks. Meanwhile Piper and Prue cast a hearing thoughts spell to determine wheter the men in their lives are warlocks

    I found this episode to be quite enjoyable particularly, the subplot involving the hear thoughts spell. Piper and Prue were very funny when they were reading each others thoughts "are you borrowing my lipstick", "learn to share", very sisterly and I loved their expressions. Finding out that Dan was not a warlock however was a let down, I would have preffered Piper to vanquish him. Up until now I was thinking that Dan is a little to eager to get into the manor, it would have fitted if he was a warlock. Prue's troubles with Jack Sheridan also increases when he plays a trick on her with his twin brother Jeff. I liked how Prue dealt with them by slapping them. I bet Shannen enjoyed doing that!

    The main plot however is quite boring, the akaeshic records are very interesting but hardly Charmed material. The actor who plays Gregg (innocent) was very melodramatic and totally annoyed me with his persistant whining plus he is totally not good for Phoebe. If it weren't for the intense fight scenes, that were very enjoable and moved the plot forward the episode would have turned out to be mediocre at best. The warlocks were particularly sinister however I think that they should have been more powerful. I particularly enjoyed their vanquish as it is always great when Prue and Piper work together. Piper freezes them, Prue moves them into each other, warlocks drained out of existance. I could never get tired of that scene! Overall an episode that outweighs the disadvantages. The benefits make this episode very adventurous, dark and intense. Should be watched!
  • A must watch episode! Not because it makes any revelations or because there are any great demon fight sequences (because there aren't), but simple because it'll make you laugh.

    The Akashic records, as legend has it, is a written account of all significant events throughout time. Should it fall into the hands of evil, in the words of Piper, 'the world's a goner'. What better prize could there be for knowledge collecting demons? Unfortunately these Collectors, though unable to decipher the key themselves, have found the innocent who has been able to crack the code, Eric.

    Eric's father (whose knowledge has already been drained by the Collectors) is being looked after in a hospital where (surprise, surprise!) Phoebe is temporarily working, thus making it very convenient for her to get her next premonition. She sees Eric being captured by the Collectors and his knowledge being drained by their lethal injection fingers. She rushes home to consult the Book of Shadows. Prue and Piper are having their own problems. Prue suspects that Jack, the Internet auction guy, is a warlock because he seemed to be in two places in the split of a second. Piper, while packing to attend a weekend with Dan, is trying to reassure herself of Dan's morality and gets a shock when Kit hisses at him, a trait she generally reserves for warlocks. The two decide to cast a Mind Reading spell in order to find out if these guys are really demons, of course they cast it before Phoebe informs them that all they had to do was prick the guy, as warlocks don't bleed. The spell turns out to be very 'informative' for the sisters, and hilarious for us, as Prue and Piper's telepathic conversations contain their thoughts before the filtering process. It does also prove that Dan is indeed an ordinary human being and that, contrary to suspicion, Jack is not a warlock, but a twin. His brother Jeff was just checking out Prue for his brother. (Another hilarious scene!)

    In the meantime, on returning home (just after Piper and Prue cast the spell) Phoebe finds all the information she needs about the Collector demons and she and Piper leave to save Eric, arriving in the nick of time. The demons decide that if they can't get to Eric, they'll bring Eric to them (the usual back up plan!). They kidnap his father and demand that Eric come alone to the park. Luckily the sisters read his mind and follow him, managing to use the demons powers against each other, however not in time to prevent a portion of Eric's and Phoebe's memory from being erased. This turns out to be a good thing, as Eric doesn't recall that the sisters are witches. Though Phoebe doesn't remember Eric either, they do meet again at the hospital. Does Phoebe get the cute guy in the end after all?
  • More like "What Was Their Point?"

    They're Everywhere-A band of knowledge-stealing warlocks hunt down a young man who uncovered the location of one of the greatest sources of power in the world. Meanwhile, Prue has her hands full with Jack Sheridan. While the writers create another unsuccessful and boring plot, "They're Everywhere" is atleast entertaining thanks to the hilarious sub-plot with Prue and Piper casting a reading minds spell to see if Jack and Dan are warlocks. Both Shannen and Holly look liked they were having fun with this storyline and I loved the scenes involving them reading minds. The ones I found the best in particular were Prue finding out Jack has a twin brother and got a chance to slap then both for playing her. Then there was Piper hearing Phoebe's thoughts about Dan's butt and Phoebe finding out her sisters cast the spell bringing some great sisterly interaction.

    But still, the episode suffers the boring Collector warlocks as both actors are unconvincing in their roles. Misha Collins (Eric Bragg) is just a bad actor delivering his lines with little interest in them and he just makes the character uninteresting. You also have no interest in the safety of Eric's father as Dean Morris (Ben Bragg) seems bored in role. Also, both Alyssa and Misha (wow, is that really his name!) have no chemistry as Phoebe and Eric's growing feelings toward each other are just forced and full of awkardly acted moments. All and All, "They're Everywhere" is only worth watching because of the superb sub-plot with Prue and Piper, that is all!
  • Had trouble staying awake through this one, unfortunately.

    Having watched every episode of "Charmed" and a great deal of the work which came from the Spelling stables, I have become used to a certain quality of television which almost always delivers. This episode does not. I wonder whether the writers threw it together in a moment of madness and decided to screen it? Something certainly went wrong.

    There are warlocks to be vanquished and innocents to be saved, as usual, but I found myself not in the least bit interested because the script, in my opinion, was dreadful, and the actors had very little with which to work.

    On top of that, boring Dan and highly annoying and boring Jack were around far too much for my liking and I found my mind wandered very easily. I hope that things are better next week.
  • Finally an answer to the age old question 'Why don't warlocks need a tailor?'

    Does every Warlock now have blinking powers? It's really annoying and sometimes hard to follow. I enjoyed the episode but that got on my nerves. The actor who played Eric was actually quite good. Phoebe working volunteer shifts at the hospital was a bizarre move however and it hasn't been mentioned in the next 3 episodes. The best part of the episode was once again the spell for personal gain where Prue and Piper cast a mind reading spell. If only they knew that Warlocks didn't bleed and it would have saved them the trouble, not that we would want that. The stupidest bit of this whole plot though is the Jack Identical twin Undertaker. It was such an idiotic get out clause.

    Lastly along with the Warlock's don't bleed thing was them bleeding and healing. An answer to the age old question 'why do warlocks need a tailor?', all that needs to be answered now is 'Do Whitelighters shop at Primark?'.
  • Great episode.

    This is one of my favourite episode together with "Morality Bites", "Ms. Hellfire", "Is There a Woogy in the House" and "Out of Sight". God this episode is great, it's just perfect. One of the best episode in this series, so much better than season 5, season 6. I like the battle.

    The writer of this episode, Sheryl J. Anderson, is a great writer and this can be proven from this episode. Director of this episode, Mel Damski, is also a great director and you can see that in this episode. Sheryl J. Anderson + Mel Damski--an excellent episode I had ever watch in this series.
  • Knowledge is a powerful thing...

    In a museum in San Francisco, the young Eric Bragg discloses the code to find the Akashic Records in an ancient board found in the Iraq desert, where the ultimate knowledge, including the capability to see the future, is recorded. Eric goes to the local hospital to tell his father, who is coma for several weeks. Coincidently, Phoebe is working as a volunteer in that hospital and she has a premonition with a demon sucking Eric's brain with his finger. Meanwhile, Prue and Piper suspect that Jack Sheridan and Dan Gordon may be warlocks and they cast a spell that makes them capable of hearing other people's thoughts. Phoebe discloses that the demons that are chasing Eric are called Collectors and the Halliwell sisters decide to protect Eric to keep the demons from getting the powerful knowledge and jeopardize mankind.

    "They're Everywhere" is funny, regarding the ability of Prue and Piper of listening to others people's minds and the resolution of the show is very reasonable. However, Eric should never have the right of destroying the ancient relic in the museum without any further consequence.
  • You and your bleeding boyfriend

    "Warlocks don't bleed", announces Phoebe, shortly after the opening credits. This is, of course, one of the most famous Charmed bloopers of all time so I shan't add too much to the evidence against it. Suffice to say I'm disappointed Sheryl Anderson couldn't be bothered to watch any of the earlier episodes.

    Anyway, to the action. Prue and Piper have new men in their lives and both are worried they could be warlocks. To find out the truth, they cast a spell to hear thoughts, Phoebe makes her infamous suggestion and off they go.

    The storyline involving Jack and his twin brother, Jeff, is very enjoyable. It's a shame we never get to see Jeff again, as he could have caused some hilarious misunderstandings in later episodes. It's not as if the actor wasn't available!

    Piper weighing up whether to go away with Dan is less interesting but at least it moves their storyline on.

    As if would-be warlocks aren't enough, there are also two real warlocks intent on finding a legendary book of knowledge. To do this, they must steal its whereabouts from an innocent's mind. Although an interesting concept, the idea isn't developed very well and doesn't seem connected to the other storylines.

    So long as you don't try to join the dots, however, this is quite an enjoyable hour and features some good scenes. The scene in the hospital with all that blinking is very well choreographed and the scene where Prue slaps Jack and Jeff is hilarious.

    They should have made more of the thoughts spell. If they had, we could have had another classic along the lines of "The Truth is Out There...."
  • Scary demons !!

    Prue and Piper give in to their fears that the men in their lives may be Warlocks and cast a mind-reading spell to find out the truth. Meanwhile, a group of brain-zapping Warlocks called "Collectors" are after a young man, Eric, who has translated ancient tablets that contain all historical events in the past and future. Eric destroys the stone tablets, limiting the knowledge to his own mind and becoming prey to the "Collectors" who want the power of the tablets. Using Eric's father as bait, the "Collectors" lure Eric to them and zap Phoebe when she tries to help out. Prue and Piper use their ability to read each others minds and trick the Warlocks into zapping each other right out of existence saving Eric, his father and a bewildered Phoebe. Luckily, Prue and Piper find out their recent flames are not Warlocks, although Jack has been playing tricks on Prue with his twin brother. Piper takes a romantic leap of faith and heads off for the weekend with Dan.
  • knowledge for the demon

    I think it's sweet that Phoebe is helping out at the hospital. It is something that she has that her sisters don't. Jim has a Jeff. Prue is shocked. Piper and Prue are also glad that Jim or Jeff or whoever she pricked with a pin and Dan don't bleed.
  • The girls have fun in this episode. The writers took a few liberties with this episode. Everyone at some points wants to read someone else's mind.

    Prue is dressed to attract again. The green halter sweater top is perfect for her to attract men, warlock, and demons.

    It is ironic that in future episodes Phoebe is an impath. In this episode, Prue and Piper cast a spell to read minds. While this is more information than Phoebe can get in the future, it is close. There are great scenes with the girls...two of them can read minds and the third is left guessing.

    The scene in the hospital room is exciting. Prue really takes charge. While some of the staging can be seen, the audience can suspend reality and believe that Prue is ALL THAT.
  • Pheobe has a premonition of Eric, a person who's father is in the hospital, being attacked by demons called collectors. Meanwhile, Piper and Prue aren't sure who they can trust.

    While volunteering at the hospitel Pheobe has a premonition of Eric, a person who's father is in the hospital, being attacked by demons called collectors. Piper sees Kit hissing at Dan, and Prue thinks she saw Jack blink. While they are looking for a warlock test, they come across a mind-reading spell and decide to give it a try. Piper find out that Kit was hissing at a hornet's nest outside of their house. Prue sees that Jack has a twin brother. Pheobe tries to save Eric and his dad. In the end, it is Prue and Piper's mind-reading abilities that save them and get the collector's destroyed. To bad Pheobe, Eric, and his dad can't remember anything!

    This was just another one of the average episodes. It really didn't have much of a purpose. I found it kind of boring and very predictible.
  • And They're Boring

    A forgettable episode which doesn't have much to say and ends up being both tedious and uneventful. It's most interesting aspect is the introduction of the mystical Akashic Records, which could have been an intriguing plot device if it was ever used again.

    They're Everywhere sees Phoebe protecting a young man from demons called The Collectors who want the young man dead as he is the only one who can translate the previously mentioned Akashic Records, an ancient tome which details every event in the past and in the future. Meanwhile, Piper and Prue cast a spell to hear thoughts when they suspect both Jack and Dan of being warlocks.

    The Akashic Records are one of the best examples of the Charmed writers looking into the mythology of the show and the ancestry of magic itself. It's really annoying though how we're introduced to something which details absolutely everything that has happened and will happen, and the writers just never bring it up again. It could have been an intriguing storyline to another episode and it's a shame that the writing staff never took hold of what was a great opportunity.

    The storyline itself, though, is as boring as boring can get. Misha Collins isn't believable as Eric Bragg and his hinted-at attraction to Phoebe never really goes anywhere. The Collectors themselves are pretty standard bad guys for the sisters to battle and their needle-shaped fingers don't look convincing.

    They're Everywhere is a slightly disjoined episode which could have been good if particular subplots were featured more, like the hearing of thoughts or the parallels between Eric and his father and the sisters and Victor. Sadly, the episode suffers because of this.

    Director: Mel Damski
    Writer: Sheryl J Anderson
    Rating: D
  • ths is an 'ok' ep....

    i agree to the oter person, i thought 'teh chrmed ones' woulb be ovepower by warloks. icounlndt wait til i saw this ep. but now, i really dont mind it that much. i love the quote that i have in my signature! its about this ep. i love that they mentioned that Jack had a twin! i thought that was cool! I overall id like this episode though. anyone else?
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