Season 2 Episode 7

They're Everywhere

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1999 on The WB

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  • The girls must protect a young man who has valuable information on the mystical akaeshic records from brain zapping warlocks. Meanwhile Piper and Prue cast a hearing thoughts spell to determine wheter the men in their lives are warlocks

    I found this episode to be quite enjoyable particularly, the subplot involving the hear thoughts spell. Piper and Prue were very funny when they were reading each others thoughts "are you borrowing my lipstick", "learn to share", very sisterly and I loved their expressions. Finding out that Dan was not a warlock however was a let down, I would have preffered Piper to vanquish him. Up until now I was thinking that Dan is a little to eager to get into the manor, it would have fitted if he was a warlock. Prue's troubles with Jack Sheridan also increases when he plays a trick on her with his twin brother Jeff. I liked how Prue dealt with them by slapping them. I bet Shannen enjoyed doing that!

    The main plot however is quite boring, the akaeshic records are very interesting but hardly Charmed material. The actor who plays Gregg (innocent) was very melodramatic and totally annoyed me with his persistant whining plus he is totally not good for Phoebe. If it weren't for the intense fight scenes, that were very enjoable and moved the plot forward the episode would have turned out to be mediocre at best. The warlocks were particularly sinister however I think that they should have been more powerful. I particularly enjoyed their vanquish as it is always great when Prue and Piper work together. Piper freezes them, Prue moves them into each other, warlocks drained out of existance. I could never get tired of that scene! Overall an episode that outweighs the disadvantages. The benefits make this episode very adventurous, dark and intense. Should be watched!