Season 2 Episode 7

They're Everywhere

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1999 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Eric: Excuse me. I'm looking for a doctor Swinsley. I need him to sigh some insurance papers. I was told he would be in here.
      Phoebe: Uh, yeah, he actually just took Mrs. Bruhn to the sun room. You could probably catch him there.
      Eric: Great. Thanks. You're Phoebe, right? I'm Eric Bragg. I think I saw you the other day at the park.
      Phoebe: Right, right, how's your father?
      Eric: Oh, he's better thanks. He's almost back to his old self. I remember, you were really sweet to him when he was in here. Not many people would of bothered. You must be an angel.
      Phoebe: No, I'm no angel. But I could probably introduce you to one if you like.
      (They smile.)
      Eric: You know, I just realized I have no idea where the sun room is.
      Phoebe: Uh, it's kind of complicated, maybe I should draw you a map.
      (They look at each other as though the word map, rings a bell.)

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