Season 4 Episode 11

Trial By Magic

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2002 on The WB

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  • Rubber band boy

    Doesn't seem to have been too popular with the reviewers, this one. Hardly a surprise, of course - episodes which focus on someone other than the sisters never score well - but a real shame as it contains a lot of good stuff.

    First up, it's great to see Glen back. He's such a refreshing character - totally down to earth and scarily true to life. Still loving that sexy voice. As soon as Paige said he could stay at the Manor it was obvious he would find the BoS but it was interesting to see how it panned out. What we get is a whole new take on the exposure issue. While Piper is busy lecturing Paige on not revealing their secret, Phoebe realises she must expose magic to save her innocent. It's good to see them thinking about it calmly for once, even if it is one set of rules for Glen and one for everybody else.

    The jury scenes did drag, particularly when Phoebe started wittering on about ancient magic. The reactions of the jurors were spot on; her endless stalling was highly annoying and I cringed when she mentioned Cupid. If she wanted to prove magic existed why didn't she just levitate or cast a spell? Not clever writing.

    I don't see why the murder had to be demonic. It strung out the plot unnecessarily in my view. And to answer Paige's question: yes, you do hunt killers who aren't demons. Dead Man Dating, Ms Hellfire and Enter the Demon all come to mind.

    The effects looked good this week; the best was the demon blasting through the door. And the stretch spell was brilliant - such a shame they didn't make more of it. More random spells please!