Season 4 Episode 11

Trial By Magic

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2002 on The WB

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  • Stretch Lad and The Army of Rat Demons

    Trial of Magic-While Phoebe performs jury duty in a murder case, she is hit with a premonition about the real killer, and must convince the rest of the jury that the defendant is not guilty without exposing magic. Meanwhile, Piper, Paige and Leo try to help Phoebe find the real murderer, but they stumble upon a gang of demons involved and they must solve the crime and keep Paige's friend out of danger before Phoebe gets thrown off the jury. One of the worst episodes this seasons with some of the most ridiculous storylines and scenes that drag to no end, "Trial By Magic" is one of the poorest hours from Charmed. The Phoebe's whole storyline feels forced and her scenes with her trying to force her others juries to believe in magic were never-ending and it got to the point where you even believed she was crazy. I mean of all the things the writers could have come up with? Why couldn't they just have Phoebe levitate and save half an episode of lame writing!? I actually felt bad for the guest stars playing the other juries as they got pad to do nothing. The whole "finding the real killer" plot was mediorce at first but then when the whole rat demons came into play it became really bad! Even when the writers make jokes about it in the dialogue it still doesn't take away from how awful it is.

    Then there's Paige's annoying sub-plot with Glenn, who she let's stay in the house and find out that she as well as her sisters her witches. It's very reckless of Paige and I was on Piper's side on this one, also the whole Glenn having stretch powers made me sick with it being played for cheap gags, not mention when he get involved in the whole rat demon dilemma it's not even in the less bit interesting, let alone suspenseful. Hmmmm...I'm trying to think of something good this episode did? Piper was awesome as usual...yup...pretty much it! All and All, "Trial by Magic" is guilty!...of being a complete suckfest, nothing more!