Season 4 Episode 11

Trial By Magic

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 24, 2002 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Paige: Piper, are you up here? What's the emergency? (She walks in and sees Glen) Oh my god, Glen. What are you doing up here?
      Glen: It's funny. See, after you left I was still hungry so I opened the fridge and I found some bags labelled "pig's feet", "rabbit blood", "frog tongue". So I decided to take a little look around. Found more than I bargained for.
      Paige: Look, I can explain everything, okay? I really can. I'll just have to explain it later because if Piper finds us up here she's gonna freak.
      Glen: Piper's gonna freak? I just found out your new sisters have you messing with the occult in a pretty serious way, and you're worried about how they're gonna freak?
      Paige: Look. We're not messing with the occult. We're witches. My sisters and I were born good witches. We do good magic.
      Glen: This book is full of pictures of demons and warlocks.
      Paige: Well, demons and warlocks that we fight and destroy.
      Glen: These girls have you brainwashed. I mean, how do you even know that they're your sisters?
      Paige: Glen, you've gotta trust me. Please. I am not brainwashed. I am the same old Paige except now when I make a rhyme magic happens.
      Glen: Paige.
      Paige: Look. You've been to Africa. You've met those witch doctors on your travels, right?
      Glen: Yeah. But these guys are a hundred years old and they speak in tongues, and you're you.