Season 6 Episode 1

Valhalley of the Dolls (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

Phoebe is at a beach party hosted by a local radio station, (featuring Smash Mouth, no less) and is being interviewed by the disc jockey, Chad. He startles her by asking her if she is psychic, and wants an on-the-spot demonstration of her abilities. Phoebe asks him what he'd like advice on, and it's about asking out a woman he feels might turn him down. To the delight of the crowd, Phoebe tells him to "just ask her and find out". She appears to have had a little magical assist in knowing what he was thinking, however.

Back at the Manor, Chris is searching the BOS, and we see that like Prue, he can move the pages with his mind. A portal opens and a young female in warrior dress appears, telling him that her leader, Freyja, needs to know how much longer they must hide Leo. Chris replies that he isn't ready for Leo to reappear just yet, and the warrior girl, Mist, disappears back into the portal just as a far-too-cheerful Piper appears, asking Chris if he has any laundry for her to do.

At the beach party, Phoebe apologizes to Chad for putting him on the spot, but he tells her that she was correct, that he did want to go out with her. Going with yet another strange feeling, Phoebe asks him out because she senses he won't ask her. The date is at 1 pm and a restaurant is named. Chris orbs in at the beach to remind Phoebe she needs to get back home for a vanquish.

Chris also orbs to Paige, who has a new temp job walking dogs. Struggling mightily to get all the dogs to go in the same direction, she is startled by Chris, and they debate whether or not she has time to return the dogs before the vanquish. All the while they discuss this, a little English bulldog is humping Paige's leg. They orb back to the Manor, dogs and all.

Seeing the dogs at the manor, Phoebe tells Chris he's working them 'like dogs' and needs to lighten up. Chris replies that Piper isn't complaining...but then, Piper isn't complaining about anything!

The Troc demon is summoned, and rather than freezing him, Piper accidentally blows off one of his heads. The sisters manage the vanquish, but the lack of control over her powers seems not to bother Piper. Paige was injured by the Troc demon, but when they ask Chris to heal her, they learn they have a new Whitelighter who cannot heal.

Piper is organizing a huge play date at P3 for Wyatt, and cheerfully leaves, but Phoebe senses great sadness coming from Piper as she passes by. Paige points out that if anything, Piper is too cheerful, and wonders aloud if Leo put some sort of spell on her when he left. Phoebe tells Chris that there will be no more demon hunting until Piper is back to normal. She demands he go to the Elders and bring Leo back to straighten out Piper. Chris reluctantly tells the girls that Leo is missing, and hasn't been seen since he last left the Manor.

On a battlefield, the warrior girl Mist appears and captures the spirit of a dying soldier in a vial.

At the P3 playdate, even Darryl and Sheila Morris think Piper is far too cheerful. They pass Paige and Phoebe who are coming to talk to Piper, and Phoebe realizes that she just knows Sheila is upset and also that Darryl thinks Piper should be more upset over Leo. The Morris's are startled by Phoebe's insight, but Paige covers for her. Once they are alone, Paige demands to know what's up with Phoebe. Phoebe admits to feeling 'weird vibes'. Paige informs Phoebe that she can only deal with one whacked-out sister at a time.

They tell Piper that Leo is missing, and never made it back to the other Elders after leaving her. Certain this will shock her back to reality, they are stunned when her only reply is "Wow." When they question her about her last contact with Leo, Piper admits she can't recall much about it.

Across seas and continents, a lush island appears, populated with male warriors from all places and eras. They are being trained by female warriors closely resembling the one that appeared the Chris at the Manor. In fact, Mist herself appears to Freyja, the leader, and gives her the soul of the soldier captured earlier on the battlefield. Freyja says he must fight her Champion, and he is taken to a cave and put in a cage. The Champion appears, and a brief fight ensues, won by the Champion. They female warriors agree to put the soldier in training, and the identity of the Champion is's Leo. He warns Freyja that he doesn't belong there.

At the Manor, Paige is scrying for Leo using his plaid shirt and maps of the world and the cosmos, having no idea where an Elder might be hidden. Chris is nearby, and having yet another 'weird vibe', Phoebe accuses him of being nervous. He deflects this by telling the sisters that they should be working on Piper and let the Elders find Leo. Paige suggests casting a spell to unblock Piper's memory.

Phoebe decides she is needed at the Manor, and calls the restaurant to cancel her date, only to find that he's already cancelled on her. She storms out of the house to confront him, confusing Chris, who cannot understand why she is so angry that she has been stood up by a guy she planned to cancel on. Paige calls her boss, promises to return the dogs within the hour, and tells him that she feels like she need to quit the temp job. Phoebe confronts Chad at the beach party, and has yet another 'weird vibe'...she knows he is put off by successful women. As she is reading him the riot act, a child falls nearby and both Phoebe and the child begin to cry. Chad tells Phoebe she is over-reacting, and she agrees, realizing that the tears were coming from what the little girl was feeling, and not from Phoebe herself. OMG...could she have a new power? Is she an empath?

Returning to the manor, Phoebe sees that Piper has cheerfully brought home babies who's moms were running late, and Paige sees that intervention is a dire necessity. She casts the spell, at Chris' urging...but rather than restoring Piper's memory, it wipes it completely. Piper recognizes no one, and blows up a flower arrangement while swatting at a fly. Paige theorizes that while her spell was a good one, it might have interacted badly with Leo's magic. Phoebe arrives and goes to Piper to tell of her new power, but Piper doesn't recognize her, either. "Can you blow stuff up, too?" she asks.

Trying to figure out how to fix the general mess, Paige is inspired when she sees Wyatt orb his pacifier out of the mouth of another baby...she'll use Wyatt to scry for Leo. Chris thinks Phoebe should chastise Paige for her spell-gone-wrong, but Phoebe senses how devastated Paige is. But Paige's hunch pays off. With a bit of magical assistance from Wyatt, the crystal finds an empty spot in the Indian Ocean, and Paige knows that is where Leo can be found. This doesn't sit well with Chris, it foils his plans for Leo. As Paige and Phoebe orb out, asking him to return the dogs to their owners, Chris kicks a toy across the room in a fury, causing Wyatt to raise his protection shield. Chris speaks to Wyatt: "If anyone should be protecting themselves, it's me from you."

Piper is wandering the house, and sees the wedding picture of herself and Leo, which gives her pause.

Reaching the magical island, Paige and Phoebe waste no time in locating Leo. They are discovered by two female warriors, which Leo tells them are Valkyries, and in order to save the sisters, Leo kills both of them, leading Paige to comment that she didn't know he had it in him. Darkly, Leo tells her "I've changed." He warns them to get out of the cave, because it's magic prevents orbing, and to get off the island before they are found. The girls promise to return for him, and leave the island.

At the manor, Chris has returned every dog except the little English bulldog, whose owner wasn't home. He is furious with the girls for going to find Leo. Undeterred, Paige finds the Valkyries in the BOS, while the bulldog again hunches her leg. They speculate if these women are good, as the BOS indicates, or bad, since they have Leo captive. Chris tries in vain one last time to distract the girls with piper's problem, but the sisters know that the key to Piper's problem is Leo, and they are determined to get him home. Chris admits what he knows about the Valkyries, saying he's encountered them in the future. He tells Paige and Phoebe that in order to get on the island undetected, they must arrive as Valkyries themselves, and will need a Valkyrie pendant and the soul of a warrior. He orbs out, refusing to help further, supposedly going to inform the Elders about Leo and see what they want to do.

A Valkyrie arrives in the city for the soul of a wounded policeman, but Chris arrives, apologizes and takes her pendant and quite possibly her life. He calls for medical assistance for the policeman.

Paige and Phoebe go to find their warrior soul. They tell Darryl that they have located Leo and need his help to get him back. Darryl agrees to help, until he finds out it's his soul they need. Undeterred, Paige throws her potion, and Darryl's body falls into a coma, while his soul is neatly bottled up. "I hope this works." says Phoebe.

As Paige and Phoebe orb back into the manor, they find that Chris has placed the pendant around Piper's neck, and has convinced her blank mind that she IS a Valkyrie. He also holds out two more pendants for the sisters, insisting the might need the Power of Three. Phoebe quips about how much they all hate to wear costumes, particularly Piper.

All three sisters arrive at Valhalla, and report straight to the leader, Freyja, with Darryl's soul. Darrel is taken to the cave and put into the cage with Leo. As they begin to fight, Darryl recognizes Leo, who tells him to take the fall, which Darryl does. Piper recognizes Leo as well. The sisters apologize for bringing such a weak warrior, and offer to send his soul onto the afterlife. The Valkyries leave, and The sisters, Leo and Darryl escape the cave. But Piper's memory has returned. She turns on Leo viciously, asking how he could leave her to raise their son alone AND erase her memory also. Leo is trying to explain that when she was a Goddess, her anger nearly destroyed a city and her hurt nearly destroyed her, his magic was meant to ease her pain, and if he hadn't been hijacked to Valhalla, he'd have pulled it back a little bit each day. Phoebe channels Piper's hurt and rage, and begins screaming at Leo and hits him. The ruckus alerts the male warriors, and Leo knows they have to leave or risk capture.

But hurt and furious with Leo, Piper won't go. Phoebe announces that she can't feel Piper anymore, she has become a Valkyrie. The rest leave Piper on Valhalla.


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