Season 6 Episode 1

Valhalley of the Dolls (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2003 on The WB

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  • Xena Should Sue Part One

    Valhalley of the Dolls Part One is a somewhat disappointing opening to the season, where the sisters act like they've all been sucked into Xena: Warrior Princess.

    The episode has the sisters dressing up in weird outfits to save Leo from three mythical Valkyries, who are keeping him as a prisoner/gladiator on the land of Valhalla. Meanwhile, Phoebe discovers a new power.

    This episode suffers from the fact that everything is so dragged out, much like the rest of the season, and Drew Fuller still can't act his way out of a paper bag! His terrible performance as Chris really drags down the character and you can't wait until he's off screen. The whole gladiator storyline could have worked but sadly, in the hands of Brad Kern, it just falls to pieces, with some sloppy reasoning behind Chris' "vanquishing" of Leo last season. Pop rock band Smash Mouth also have a small, pointless cameo. Like season five's opening two-parter, "A Witch's Tail", this could have easily been a normal one-hour episode but sadly, it just falls flat when stretched out to two hours.

    Rating: F
  • We're off to save Leo and show a lot of skin!!

    THe SIxth Season Premiere proves to be rather slow which is why it deserves a low grade. THis epsiode takes place a month or so after Leo left.

    Phoebe is promoting her column, Paige is working at temp. agency and Piper is the mother to all babys in San Fran.

    THe teaser for this episode is so excessive, I was praying for the credits. Brad decided to waste money on SMashmouth which could have been used for the effects sequence later. Chris is being a royal pain in the butt by sending the sisters to hunt every demon down. THis time they are after the Trok demon. THe vanquish is kind of cheap, the scream wave was a nice touch. Look new credits, I dont really like the shots they have chosen.

    Anyway the whole episode is basically about Pipers craziness and Leos kidnapping, well thats what Chris tells them. By the way Phoebe has a new power and it comes with a loud musical chime. SHe is an empath and she can feel everything. WHich leads me to believe she would have felt that radio guys intimidation.

    Chris is working with the Valkyries, who are keeping Leo hostage. It doesnt make that much sense at all because Chris just made his case a whole lot worse by getting rid of Leo. Leo wasnt that suspicious of him in the finale. CHris is having a hard time keeping the sisters from finding out the truth but they are persistant, I wish they weren't. Let Leo stay away. A very long story short, Phoebe and Paige find the Island of Valhalla, but not before erasing Pipers memory. I think Leos whammy made that happen. Feebs tries to kill Paige but isnt successful and I wish that anger would focus on Leo. Valkyries attack them and apparently Phoebe lost all memory of her fighting skills. SHe gets taken down rather quickly. Leo throws swords at them which would never. Trajectory would be all off and the swords would have hit Paige and Phoebe. THey vow to save him, damn it, and orb out.

    Chris is having a fit because the rug is being pulle dout from under him rather quickly. THe boy can not keep his stories straight and does a horrible job at keeping his butt off the line. Chris kills a Valkyire to get apendant. Apparently his telekinetic abilities are powerful enough to pull a Darth Vader. Somewhere along the road he got two more. Pipers outfit is rather conservative as Valkyrie outfits go. Phoebe of course gets a bra and miniskirt, but killer boots. And Paige is also quite covered, somewhere between Phoebe and Piper. THere is some weird effects shot paired with that superhero music from season 5, the scene is headache inducing.

    THey make a plea with the Vallys using Darryls' soul. THat is just hilarious. He is a friggin cop, far from a warrier. I love him getting beat up by Leo. BUt then again I would love to see Leo getting beat up but whatever, one of them is good enough for me. Darryl proves to be worthless, well duh, and Phoebe is about to crack under the pressure of Pipers slow but sudden realization.

    Outside they are about to leave but Holly decides to add some of her fantastic acting abilities to save Part 1 from getting a 6. Brad decides to take Pipers lines and give them to Phoebe. OK wow big mistake. I love ALyssa Milano almost as much as Holly but Holly is the only one capable of doing some serious dramatic acting on this show. Milano can do drama when its all about her but Holly should have said everything Phoebe said. THe scene would have been ten times better. BUt in any event Phoebe pulls it off(somewhat) and we get some Leo abuse. Piper becomes a Valkyrie and everybody else leaves. SOme warriors follow them and this sets up Part 2.

    A rather slow and average premiere. I feel if they condensed it into one hour it would have been tooooo rushed but two hours is too much. Brad stretched it out a lot but I liked Part 1.
  • Leo is missing and Piper is becoming increasingly happier. Phoebe gets a new power and Paige gets a job.

    I actually thought that this was a good episode. Holly proves that she can show a range of different emotions as an actress. Although the jingling noise for Phoebe's embath power does get a little annoying, and I'm not really a big fan of her new hair-do although I liked what they did to it when she became a valkarie.
    I really liked the Valkarie idea they used. It was a great storyline. I thought it was great when Piper lost her memory. That was funny. "Can you blow things up too?" And I thought she made a great valkarie. Out of the three girls, I liked Piper's outfit the best. I always thought that Leo was a pacifist. Where did he learn to fight like that?
  • What happened with alyssa milanos hair !!!!

    This episode continuse from season 5 as leo is sent to valhalla by Chris but,nobody knows who sent Leo. Piper continues to be a little bit "Chipper" due to Leos spell gone awry. Phoebe is still very sucsesful and she has a new power and a new short hair du !!! , Paige is now working and not a full time witch anymore but trys she is in a new temp job which leads her to a magical job. I liked this episode as it was very different and charmed needed a change like this, season 6 had great storylines and more drama and that's what charmed needed aswell. also tune in to watch the second part of "Valhalla Of The Dolls"
  • No more mister nice guy

    So we ended the fifth season with Greek myths and we start the sixth with Norse myths. Ok, so the folklore is about as accurate as a tabloid horoscope but this is Charmed. You're not supposed to take it seriously.

    Despite the slow start and the silly costumes I really enjoyed this episode. I have to give credit to the writers for going for these big storylines, even if they do have bugger all to do with witchcraft. The continuity from last season is excellent and every thread is picked up, with Leo's imprisonment the best plotline. On top of this, they still find time to give Phoebe a new power.

    Chris continues to keep us guessing. Why does he want Leo out of the way? What is his issue with Wyatt? I know we know now but, at the time, this must have been intriguing stuff. I really like Chris as a character although I have to agree that Drew Fuller cannot act.

    Leo as a gladiator? What was all that about? Totally goes against everything we know of his character. Thankfully, Brian has the build to pull it off and the costume guys do a great job creating that Russell Crowe look. Still think they should have left us guessing a little longer though.

    Piper's happy trip is a good laugh and gives Holly a rare chance to smile. Reminds me of Phoebe in "Lost and Bound". Her memory loss is less entertaining and the writers make a right botch of her lines when she finally comes to her senses.

    I'm glad Paige has decided to go back to work. She was getting very preachy as a full time witch. Not sure dog walking is her thing though. Phoebe's empath power is a good development, although they need to find a way to make it an active power. I'd love to see it develop into mind control.

    So we now know that when vikings died they went to live on an island in the Indian Ocean. Heaven it ain't, but I can think of worse things than being stuck in a cage with Brian Krause.
  • Piper deals with the pain of losing Leo.

    This episode mainly focuses on Piper trying to forget/not think about Leo, because it's too painful. Actually, she doesn't even have to do that, everyone else has taken care of that, by making her chipper from Leo's side and even erasing her memory from Paige's side.
    I liked the comment Chris made that if anyone should be protecting themselves, it would be him from Wyatt. If I hadn't seen the series before, I would've wondered why. I love these little clues. But what I don't get is why Chris needed Leo out of the picture. To give writers a reason for Leo to doubt Chris for half the season?
    The sisters looked hot in their leather outfits.
    I didn't really like Phoebe's new hairdo. Or her new power for that matter.
    Overall a good episode, the ending was filled with emotions, it was intense. I loved that.
  • An Okay episode, but not one I would watch alot.

    Ok, Valhalley of the Dolls (1), was an okay episode for me. It was a bit slow for a Charmed season opener and definitely not what I expected. Especially after the last scene in the fifth season-finale I though this episode would be like a masterpiece but I was very disappointed. I hope the rest of the season picks up, otherwise I reckon it will be a boring season of Charmed, which hurts me saying that because Charmed is one of my favourite shows. So please Charmed make some better episodes this season because this episode was a real let down.
  • Vile Valkyries


    Valhalley of The Dolls, Part 1-Phoebe and Paige search for Leo after Paige accidentally causes a "chipper" Piper to have amnesia, but the sisters soon learn he is being held on the mythical Island of Valhalla. Unfortunately they have no idea that it's because of Chris and his mysterious plans. Meanwhile, Phoebe discovers she is now an empath, and the dangers of this newfound power; Paige gets a job walking dogs and realizes one of the canines is actually a human.

    Ehw. What is it with these writers and these over the top 2 parters that don't make any sense!? "Valhalley of The Dolls" (....dear God, even the titles are starting to suck at this point!) sees the sisters' becoming Valkyries to save Leo, whose trapped on Vahalla while Phoebe gets a new power and Piper's all chipper and then loses her memory. I don't where to begin, the plotholes and contrivances in this episode are many!! So apparently Chris sent Leo to Valhalla, yet it seems you need an amulet or to be orbed there. Okay, but how is Chris powerful enough in the first place to send Leo there? Also, we saw Chris blow Leo up in orbs, how does this make sense? Speaking of Chris, Drew Fuller continues to bore on screen, his interaction with the sisters is suppose to be new and exciting yet it's just dry and forced. Why is it that the sisters just accept Chris astheir newwhitelighter? When they should be more considered about finiding out why he's here and what he's keeping from them. I swear if Prue was still around she wouldn't trust Chris without getting all the facts. Also, how is it that Chris can kill Valkyries and not be punished for i? he's a murder yet the Elders don't kilp his wings or even alert the sisters of Chris'plan. Seriously, these are the guys that once sent the sisters to the future after getting a guy to step in some poop yet they can't stop a rogue whitelighther? Plothole much!/

    Anyway, Phoebe gets a new power, Empathy and I swear the only thing good about this development is that we get past references to "Primose Empath". But beside that, Phoebe just becomes an annoyance throughout telling everyone how they feel before they can get a chance to tell her. Although, I do like the scene where Phoebe channels Piper's anger and starts beating the crap out of Leo.But what is up with her lunch date with that DJ? What happened to Jason and why the h*ll is she even mad about him standing her up when she's already in a relationship? Makes. No. Sense! Not to mention makes Phoebe look like a you know what! Paige spends most of the episode getting humped by dogs as well as other dog-related jokes that she becomes the punch line of. Poor Rose, I'm sure this was when she started to regret the series getting picked up! ha! Also, poor Holly, considering she doesn't have much to do in this episode or Part 2. She's either one-dimsional happy go lucky mom or a literally a blank slate when Paige accidently erases her memory. Sure, we got that brief moment where seeing Leo starts to bring her back to herself but it was mostly Phoebe, especially when she's channelling what Piper's anger toward Leo. Speaking of Leo, he seems to be the only competently written character in both Parts. Here he is just a bada$$ fighter and seems to be the only character making sense of the situation. Even Darryl is made to look like a fool when the sisters steal. his. soul! I mean jeeze, what's next!? Sigh....on to Part 2.....

  • Charmed: Wariror Witches


    Many fans carried their resentment of season 5 over into season 6, with many anticipating another season of magical tomfoolery. In a select minority, I happen to think that season 6 is one of the most consistent seasons the show has to offer, with some classic Charmed on hand, and its worst episode nowhere as awful as season five's barrel scraping.

    With all of that said and done, season six starts off competently enough, with a lot of the plot seeds planted during last year's finale at the forefront. It's not exactly riveting stuff at first glance: Piper losing her memory, Phoebe gaining a power, and Paige having a dog hump her leg for the best part of an hour; things do start off a bit on the slow side.

    Where the hour excels is during its visually impressive scenes at Valhalla: watching Leo try out his best Russell Crowe impersonation is definitely a new look for the Elder. And while Chris on paper seems an intriguing addition to the show (and firmly - and refreshingly - in grey territory; he's willing to help the sisters but has no problem killing a being of light), Drew Fuller lacks the chops to animate the character. He makes Rose McGowan look like an Oscar Award Winner.

    The hour, in general, looks great. The show has clearly been given a hefty budget for the year and the writers and director make full use of a flashier Charmed than we're used to: effects work is solid and the general direction is impressive.

    Zippy one-liners, some neat set-pieces and a very intense finale make it worth the watch. Phoebe channelling Piper's rage and then attacking Leo definitely made up for having to put up with Phoebe ''being very annoying'' (hey, Paige's words, not mine).

    A good start.

  • Valhalley of the Dolls (1)

    Valhalley of the Dolls (1) was a perfect season six opening episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was interesting and entertaining. There was action, intrigue and drama. It was interesting to learn more about Leo's position as well as see Paige inadvertently find a possible innocent to save in one of her new charges. I was very entertained and found a few interesting aspects to the first episode of the sixth season of Charmed. I certainly look forward to watching how the story unfolds!!!!!!!!!
  • Not a bad opener.

    So I'm not a fan of Alyssa's new do. But that aside, the hell was with mentally summoning the demon!

    I don't get why Chris can't heal yet. Paige learns to heal within a few years of becoming a witch, chris was raised a witch and can't do it still.

    And I hate how they're completely against DOING THEIR JOBS. They have very big lives, and hardly do any work. I love how they say to Chris 'we've been doing this longer', 1. Paige has only done it for 2 years and the others 5-6years. Chris was raised a witch for 20 years.

    And he's an elder! even if he wasn't missing, Chris shouldn't be able to just go up to 'heaven' and bring Leo down. It's total crap that they expect Leo to just be able to come down still.

    And Leo, the man who claims he's a pacifist, is all of a sudden a master fighter and better than all the trained people on the island? I get he went to war, but he went to war as a doctor 60 years ago. But this is the start of downhill Leo and his annoyingness and very un-elderly behaviour but because he is an elder he can't be MORE around to me it's either make him an elder and make him leave and have him just go back to being a whitelighter, why do the whole mess around that they do.

    And whenever they scry they have the item they're scrolling with attached the crystal not just sitting next to them and not even touching it.

    And I can't believe Phoebe keeps going on about Piper and Leo and not being able to go demon hunting but she gets stood up so she ditches all that to go and tell the guy off? He's not going to disappear, you can go talk to him the next day. And orb the dogs back! It takes 5 minutes jesus.

    I'm glad Phoebe finally gets a useful power but I don't get why she can't keep her mouth shut.

    So Leo calls chris out for killing two valkyries when it's what he did too? And he did it only partly to save the witches and partly out of revenge, you can tell. I hated the sisters treatment towards Chris and don't even get me started on their treatment of Darryl!

    They had absolutely ZERO right to do that to somebody. You asked him and he said no. That was WAY too far and just beyond rude. I can't believe he stayed being their friend as long as he did after this.

    And seriously they can't talk to each other outside of Valhalla.. they have to have their little conversation there still so they can be caught and killed by a bunch of skilled warriors?