Season 6 Episode 1

Valhalley of the Dolls (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2003 on The WB

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  • We're off to save Leo and show a lot of skin!!

    THe SIxth Season Premiere proves to be rather slow which is why it deserves a low grade. THis epsiode takes place a month or so after Leo left.

    Phoebe is promoting her column, Paige is working at temp. agency and Piper is the mother to all babys in San Fran.

    THe teaser for this episode is so excessive, I was praying for the credits. Brad decided to waste money on SMashmouth which could have been used for the effects sequence later. Chris is being a royal pain in the butt by sending the sisters to hunt every demon down. THis time they are after the Trok demon. THe vanquish is kind of cheap, the scream wave was a nice touch. Look new credits, I dont really like the shots they have chosen.

    Anyway the whole episode is basically about Pipers craziness and Leos kidnapping, well thats what Chris tells them. By the way Phoebe has a new power and it comes with a loud musical chime. SHe is an empath and she can feel everything. WHich leads me to believe she would have felt that radio guys intimidation.

    Chris is working with the Valkyries, who are keeping Leo hostage. It doesnt make that much sense at all because Chris just made his case a whole lot worse by getting rid of Leo. Leo wasnt that suspicious of him in the finale. CHris is having a hard time keeping the sisters from finding out the truth but they are persistant, I wish they weren't. Let Leo stay away. A very long story short, Phoebe and Paige find the Island of Valhalla, but not before erasing Pipers memory. I think Leos whammy made that happen. Feebs tries to kill Paige but isnt successful and I wish that anger would focus on Leo. Valkyries attack them and apparently Phoebe lost all memory of her fighting skills. SHe gets taken down rather quickly. Leo throws swords at them which would never. Trajectory would be all off and the swords would have hit Paige and Phoebe. THey vow to save him, damn it, and orb out.

    Chris is having a fit because the rug is being pulle dout from under him rather quickly. THe boy can not keep his stories straight and does a horrible job at keeping his butt off the line. Chris kills a Valkyire to get apendant. Apparently his telekinetic abilities are powerful enough to pull a Darth Vader. Somewhere along the road he got two more. Pipers outfit is rather conservative as Valkyrie outfits go. Phoebe of course gets a bra and miniskirt, but killer boots. And Paige is also quite covered, somewhere between Phoebe and Piper. THere is some weird effects shot paired with that superhero music from season 5, the scene is headache inducing.

    THey make a plea with the Vallys using Darryls' soul. THat is just hilarious. He is a friggin cop, far from a warrier. I love him getting beat up by Leo. BUt then again I would love to see Leo getting beat up but whatever, one of them is good enough for me. Darryl proves to be worthless, well duh, and Phoebe is about to crack under the pressure of Pipers slow but sudden realization.

    Outside they are about to leave but Holly decides to add some of her fantastic acting abilities to save Part 1 from getting a 6. Brad decides to take Pipers lines and give them to Phoebe. OK wow big mistake. I love ALyssa Milano almost as much as Holly but Holly is the only one capable of doing some serious dramatic acting on this show. Milano can do drama when its all about her but Holly should have said everything Phoebe said. THe scene would have been ten times better. BUt in any event Phoebe pulls it off(somewhat) and we get some Leo abuse. Piper becomes a Valkyrie and everybody else leaves. SOme warriors follow them and this sets up Part 2.

    A rather slow and average premiere. I feel if they condensed it into one hour it would have been tooooo rushed but two hours is too much. Brad stretched it out a lot but I liked Part 1.