Season 6 Episode 1

Valhalley of the Dolls (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2003 on The WB

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  • No more mister nice guy

    So we ended the fifth season with Greek myths and we start the sixth with Norse myths. Ok, so the folklore is about as accurate as a tabloid horoscope but this is Charmed. You're not supposed to take it seriously.

    Despite the slow start and the silly costumes I really enjoyed this episode. I have to give credit to the writers for going for these big storylines, even if they do have bugger all to do with witchcraft. The continuity from last season is excellent and every thread is picked up, with Leo's imprisonment the best plotline. On top of this, they still find time to give Phoebe a new power.

    Chris continues to keep us guessing. Why does he want Leo out of the way? What is his issue with Wyatt? I know we know now but, at the time, this must have been intriguing stuff. I really like Chris as a character although I have to agree that Drew Fuller cannot act.

    Leo as a gladiator? What was all that about? Totally goes against everything we know of his character. Thankfully, Brian has the build to pull it off and the costume guys do a great job creating that Russell Crowe look. Still think they should have left us guessing a little longer though.

    Piper's happy trip is a good laugh and gives Holly a rare chance to smile. Reminds me of Phoebe in "Lost and Bound". Her memory loss is less entertaining and the writers make a right botch of her lines when she finally comes to her senses.

    I'm glad Paige has decided to go back to work. She was getting very preachy as a full time witch. Not sure dog walking is her thing though. Phoebe's empath power is a good development, although they need to find a way to make it an active power. I'd love to see it develop into mind control.

    So we now know that when vikings died they went to live on an island in the Indian Ocean. Heaven it ain't, but I can think of worse things than being stuck in a cage with Brian Krause.
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