Season 6 Episode 1

Valhalley of the Dolls (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2003 on The WB

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  • Vile Valkyries


    Valhalley of The Dolls, Part 1-Phoebe and Paige search for Leo after Paige accidentally causes a "chipper" Piper to have amnesia, but the sisters soon learn he is being held on the mythical Island of Valhalla. Unfortunately they have no idea that it's because of Chris and his mysterious plans. Meanwhile, Phoebe discovers she is now an empath, and the dangers of this newfound power; Paige gets a job walking dogs and realizes one of the canines is actually a human.

    Ehw. What is it with these writers and these over the top 2 parters that don't make any sense!? "Valhalley of The Dolls" (....dear God, even the titles are starting to suck at this point!) sees the sisters' becoming Valkyries to save Leo, whose trapped on Vahalla while Phoebe gets a new power and Piper's all chipper and then loses her memory. I don't where to begin, the plotholes and contrivances in this episode are many!! So apparently Chris sent Leo to Valhalla, yet it seems you need an amulet or to be orbed there. Okay, but how is Chris powerful enough in the first place to send Leo there? Also, we saw Chris blow Leo up in orbs, how does this make sense? Speaking of Chris, Drew Fuller continues to bore on screen, his interaction with the sisters is suppose to be new and exciting yet it's just dry and forced. Why is it that the sisters just accept Chris astheir newwhitelighter? When they should be more considered about finiding out why he's here and what he's keeping from them. I swear if Prue was still around she wouldn't trust Chris without getting all the facts. Also, how is it that Chris can kill Valkyries and not be punished for i? he's a murder yet the Elders don't kilp his wings or even alert the sisters of Chris'plan. Seriously, these are the guys that once sent the sisters to the future after getting a guy to step in some poop yet they can't stop a rogue whitelighther? Plothole much!/

    Anyway, Phoebe gets a new power, Empathy and I swear the only thing good about this development is that we get past references to "Primose Empath". But beside that, Phoebe just becomes an annoyance throughout telling everyone how they feel before they can get a chance to tell her. Although, I do like the scene where Phoebe channels Piper's anger and starts beating the crap out of Leo.But what is up with her lunch date with that DJ? What happened to Jason and why the h*ll is she even mad about him standing her up when she's already in a relationship? Makes. No. Sense! Not to mention makes Phoebe look like a you know what! Paige spends most of the episode getting humped by dogs as well as other dog-related jokes that she becomes the punch line of. Poor Rose, I'm sure this was when she started to regret the series getting picked up! ha! Also, poor Holly, considering she doesn't have much to do in this episode or Part 2. She's either one-dimsional happy go lucky mom or a literally a blank slate when Paige accidently erases her memory. Sure, we got that brief moment where seeing Leo starts to bring her back to herself but it was mostly Phoebe, especially when she's channelling what Piper's anger toward Leo. Speaking of Leo, he seems to be the only competently written character in both Parts. Here he is just a bada$$ fighter and seems to be the only character making sense of the situation. Even Darryl is made to look like a fool when the sisters steal. his. soul! I mean jeeze, what's next!? Sigh....on to Part 2.....