Season 6 Episode 2

Valhalley of the Dolls (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

Paige, Leo and Darryl step thru the portal to return to San Francisco and get Darryl's soul back into his body. Leo wants to return for Piper, but Phoebe tells him that Piper won't come, and although they cannot return, the Valkyries won't hurt Piper, because they need her to help them locate the witches.

They orb away after telling Darryl how to get back into his own body, and Darryl looks up just in time to see that some of the male warriors have followed them through the portal. Darryl takes a beating from the warriors.

As Paige, Phoebe and Leo orb back into the Manor, Chris come around the corner, and is obviously shaken to see that Leo is with them. A fight breaks out between Chris and Leo. Leo is furious with Chris, and is certain that it was Chris that sent him to Valhalla to get him out of the house and out of the way, in fact, he points out that it was Chris who engineered Leo's becoming an Elder. Leo is convinced that Chris has some evil purpose for doing these things, and Chris defends himself by pointing out that all he did was make it possible for Leo to save the world.

The girls point out that it was Chris who helped them get into Valhalla, and Leo looks darkly at Chris, wondering aloud how Chris got his hands on the pendants in the first place.

Phoebe focuses the guys on the problem of getting Piper back, reminding them that it will be very difficult since she has sensed that Piper has no desire to return. Paige decides aloud that they must save Piper as witches and not Valkyries, and magically, the Valkyrie costumes disappear, returning the sisters to their Charmed identities. Off to consult the BOS, the girls exit, leaving Leo and Chris staring at each other with hostility.

On Valhalla, the Valkyries test Piper, trying to sense if she is indeed one of them. They detect a slight trace of witch, but decide she can be useful nonetheless. The escaped warriors are discussed, and Piper shows that she is thinking as a Valkyrie when she announces that either the warriors who escaped would kill the witches, or she and the other Valkyries would. Piper has escaped completely into her Valkyrie identity, and appears to have no care for her sisters.

At the manor, Chris and Leo are still arguing bitterly about how to get Piper back, when Phoebe silences them by announcing that she is still reeling from feeling Piper's pain and doesn't need their baggage. Phoebe is truly struggling with her new power. Paige doesn't want to reverse the memory spell, but Phoebe says they have to, that Piper will remain a Valkyrie in order not to feel the pain of Leo's leaving , but that Piper has to remember the pain in order to return to them. She further tells Paige that simply having Piper's body back won't be sufficient, they need her to have her memory as well.

The doorbell rings, and the little bulldog runs to Paige, barking. Leo asks if they got a dog in his absence, but Paige merely tells him it's a long story.

At the door is a well-beaten Darryl. He has come to tell the Halliwells of his encounter with the escaped Valhalla warriors.

On Valhalla, the Valkyries sense their escaped warriors have run amok, and they are concerned about how to find them with their locators turned off. Piper points out that she knows the city and will lead the way.

Leo heals Darryl's wounds, and they decide the best way to locate the warriors and prevent exposure is to split up, after realizing that since the warriors didn't ask Darryl how to locate the witches, the modern world with it's shades of grey must have confused the warriors, who now cannot tell good from evil. Leo points out that the Valkyries' secret must be protected so that they may fulfill their part in the final battle between Good and Evil. Darryl heads back to the station, and Phoebe heads for the newspaper. To Leo's amazement, Paige announces that she is going to return the dog, Oscar, to his owner. As the sisters and Darryl leave, Leo grabs Chris and orbs out.

Leo orbs Chris straight back to Valhalla, and drags him into the cave and after convincing the warriors that he never escaped, puts Chris in the cage, determined to beat some answers out of him. Leo eventually puts a sword to Chris' neck, and vows that he will find out the truth about who sent him to Valhalla. Chris looks terrified. Leo relents and announces his plan to return to the city, and then a trip to see the other Elders.

The warriors are wreaking havoc, killing both innocent and guilty alike when Piper and the Valkyries step thru the portal. Piper offers to scry for the warriors, since they have no other plan to find them, but before she can assemble what she needs, an insolent man walks out of a biker bar, being rude and insulting to the Valkyrie, who are not used to this sort of behavior from men. Piper points out that they do not have dominion over men in this world, that they do what they please. The Valkyrie are astonished. But, the biker has given Piper an idea about how they can better blend in to avoid detection. When he returns with his friends, the Valkyrie fight, leaving the bikers tied and gagged, taking some of their clothing and motorcycles. An unbelieving Darryl sees Piper on a motorcycle, and calls Phoebe at work. Just as Phoebe is hanging up with Darryl, in walks Jason.

Phoebe is startled to see Jason, having forgotten that he was to return today, and they enter his office, where Phoebe's new power betrays her, and they begin to make out.

Piper and the Valkyries have located the warriors, but they are so confused they don't recognize nor trust the Valkyries, and turn on them, starting a huge fight.

Meanwhile, Paige is greatly aggravated to find the bulldog's owner's have left town. She calls her boss, who suggests she keep the dog. In frustration, Paige calls out to no on in particular that she will simply "trust the universe. Everything happens for a reason." Then she wonders aloud why so many dogs in the area are barking. Oscar speaks to Paige, who is dumbfounded that she can understand a dog. Oscar tells her that he's been trying to get her attention for two days, and needs her to reverse a curse put on him by an evil witch. Dazed and amazed, Paige invents a quick spell, and Oscar the dog is transformed into a man. He thanks Paige, and helps her by telling her that all the barking means there is serious magic in the air, quite possibly the kid she is looking for.

Paige goes to the paper for Phoebe, who has just come up for air after a tumble under Jason's desk. Realizing she can't trust herself to be near Jason until she learns to control her new power, Phoebe gratefully exits with Paige to search for Piper.

Paige and Phoebe find Piper in the midst of a huge battle with the escaped warriors. Phoebe finds the time to comment on how well Piper has learned to fight. Paige says her memory spell, but it has no effect on Piper. Phoebe tries to reason with her, but can't reach her. There is no sign of the former Piper, until Daryl shows up and is nearly killed by a knife thrown by one of the warriors. Instinctively, Piper freezes the knife in mid air. Before Paige and Phoebe can try to reason with Piper, the Valkyries open the portal, and exit with their warriors. Piper, to the dismay of her sisters, enters the portal also.

At the manor, Chris and Leo's argument still rages about how Leo landed on Valhalla, but they soon focus on Piper after hearing the sisters' news. Leo tells Phoebe that the Elders believe her new power is the key to saving Piper.

Chris mentions a spell in the BOS that allows one to feel what another is feeling, but Paige decides to re-work a spell she has used in the past. Phoebe decides that if she has the ability to channel Piper's emotions, then perhaps she can channel her powers as well, and use them against her long enough for Paige to say the spell. Ready to leave for Valhalla, Leo wants to take them, but Phoebe refuses, pointing out that Leo is the cause of Piper's pain, and Paige orbs them.

On Valhalla, Paige and Phoebe have no trouble locating Piper. Phoebe's channeling plan works, giving Paige time to say the spell that returns Piper's memory and her pain. The other Valkyries arrive to defend Piper, but Piper tells them she must leave, that she belongs with her sisters. Piper assures the Valkyries that the Charmed Ones will forever protect their secret, since they understand how important their work is, and the Charmed Ones, finally reunited, orb out of Valhalla for good.

Phoebe goes to the paper to see Jason before he leaves town again, but rather than entering the office, she settles for calling him on her phone, not trusting herself or her new power in his presence. Jason is extremely understanding, and Phoebe returns to the manor.

Chris is cleaning up the shattered remnants from his fight with Leo. Paige, all dressed to go out, offers to help him later, but Chris insists he'll do it alone. He is extremely confused to learn that she is heading out for a date with Oscar, whom he obviously still believes to be a canine!

Leo visits Piper and Wyatt upstairs in the Manor. Piper learns tat the Elders have agreed that Leo should stay on Earth to try and learn who sent him to Valhalla, and he apologizes for the fact that his magic to ease her pain went awry. Piper tells Leo that she understands it wasn't his fault, not the spell, and not his becoming an Elder, but tells him that he can't hang around the Manor while he searches for answers. She needs space to learn how to be single again, how to be a single mom, and to begin her search for a normal life.

Leo is obviously hurt by Piper's words, but agrees that she deserves a normal life, and orbs out, leaving Piper alone. facing an uncertain future on her own.