Season 6 Episode 2

Valhalley of the Dolls (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2003 on The WB

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  • Another ok one.

    Straight off, I'm one of the few that actually hates Leo's treatment of Chris. I can get why Chris dislikes Leo, his father was crap. But besides being the last person to see him (which yes is suspicious) he has NO reason to throw him around and be as violent as he is. So what he's lost all morals in the time he's away and is completely un-elder like now?

    And how is Leo the epitome of good? He's kidnaps Chris takes him to a cage to kill him? He's a murderous, unjustified crazed person. And I'd be sweating too, even if I was immortal. But Leo thinks he must be lying because he's a whitelighter and can't die well YOU'RE AN ELDER, which means you can't die either which means you have NOT been fighting for your life at all.

    But these ladies didn't even know about the species that his man on earth, yet they can work a motorcycle perfectly?

    I thought Phoebe and Jason in the office were ridiculous. Her screaming out like a stupid kid and him just grabbing her and kissing her passionately in front of everyone. There's such a thing as professionalism. I mean surprised they at least got to the office before they had sex. And what is with her always fanning herself.. like does she think she's conspicuous when she does that? And she did it before she was an empath too. And the kiss on the lips is one thing, but you come up behind her and start kissing her neck in front of everyone? The hell is with that. You could've at least closed the door before you did that.

    The whole talking dog thing would've been less stupid if she could've understood him from the start. Whether she accepts the job or not, doesn't mean she's not a witch and he's not a talking dog. And oh no, he's a prophetic dog who can tell Paige exactly what she needs to hear.

    Spend all that time fighting when ALL they had to do was open a portal. Why not just bloody do that from the start!

    I just still can't believe Leo at the end. You don't act like an elder at all! You aren't going to be up in 'heaven', you may as well just request to return to your whitelighter duties!
  • Valhalla's Angels


    While the second part doles out more action, silly sub-plots (on this show? never!) drag it down quite a bit. The best parts involve Leo beating the crap out of Chris whenever possible, the worst parts include Phoebe over-sharing on what everyone else is feeling. Holly gets to enjoy a meaty fight scene, one of the better set-pieces the show has offered us, after spending the majority of the first hour looking dazed and confused. There's an air of familiarity with this one, with yet another sister possessed-ish storyline, but the Valkyries are allowed more screen-time than your usual villain(?) and Melissa George looks particularly fine, mid-riff and all. Things become grounded once more when Leo and Piper finally have it out; it looks like there won't be an easy remedy to this fall-out. There were a few risque jokes with Phoebe and Jason here, weren't there? I thought this was supposed to be a family show...Not the worst of Charmed, but it's a disappointing conclusion to a promising two-parter.

  • Biker Chicks and Warrior Wheels


    Vahalley of The Dolls, Part 2-Phoebe and Paige search for Leo after Paige accidentally causes a "chipper" Piper to have amnesia, but the sisters soon learn he is being held on the mythical Island of Valhalla. Unfortunately they have no idea that it's because of Chris and his mysterious plans. Meanwhile, Phoebe discovers she is now an empath, and the dangers of this newfound power.

    You know what? These writers lazy! You know why, this parter is almost exactly like "A Witch's Tail". Here's why

    "A Witch's Tail"-Phoebe turns intoa Mermarid and decides to stay a mermaid to run away from her pain from her relationship with Cole.

    "Vahalley of The Dolls"-Piper turns into a Valkyrie and decides to stay a Valkyrie to run away from her pain from her reltionship with Leo.

    There's a reason the later years of Charmed saw a drastic decline in quality. The writers are already rehashing plot points they've already done. So why is it that the writers expected us to go through the same situation for a second time and be riveted? Anyway, Part 2 is just a continuation of more contrivances and more none sense as Paige contunes to be the punch line of every dog, not to mention get through around by Piper mutiple times and made fun of by Phoebe for a weak spell. Ouch. Jason's back and Phoebe's all over him, considering she technically was cheating on him the last episode!! Oh look, Phoebe is channeling Jason's horniess and they have his front of all the other professional? Sigh. Moving on, Piper joins the Valkyries and hunts after the escape workers. While it's fun watching Piper kick some a$$, it really is ridiculous Charmed fare. The Thug mentioning "a Xena convention" when he sees Piper and the other Valkyries doesn't help.

    Once again Leo is the only competent character in these episodes and the moment he started throwing Chris around the room was priceless. That's what you get when suck at acting and waste precious screentime. I love that Leo's animosity nevers stops and he always keeps Chris on his toes, while the sisters can't think for themselves when Chris is obviously hiding something. He knows so much about the Valkyries yet the sisters can seem to put two and two together that he might have sent Leo there? Well, thank God Leo does and I love the little cage fight they had a Valhalla, Chris looked like he was about to crap himself! lol Anyway,to rap things up, Paige meets Joe Millionare who was Oscar the dog the whole time, Phoebe uses her powers to get through to Piper by channeling her power (probably the coolest development of her Empathy power), Piper comes home, Phoebe goes to see Jason yet never really sees him, Paige goes on a date with Oscar confusing Chris and Phoebe and Piper tells Leo she needs some major space! It's a nice ending yet sad that we only see normal Piper for just one scene out of both episodes! Another poorly excuted and written season opener. Season 6, here we go....

  • The Zena convention is in town and there is some serious magic in the air. The enemy wears many masks and disinformation is the enemies favorite tactic, don't fall for it again.

    Phoebe, Daryl, Paige, and Leo orb back to San Francisco contemplating what to do about Piper; they figure the Valkries won't kill her because they need her to find them. Some warriors follow them to San Fran and attack Daryl. Leo attacks Chris as soon as he sees them because he feels he's responsible to sent him to Valhalley. He's pissed and still in gladiator mode. Phoebe's empathic powers are still working strong; she can understand what people are feeling now. She can even still feel Pipers emotions and she is way away. Phoebe feels like this new power is going to drive her crazy. She feels at the mercy of everyone feelings and Paige says she can use it to see how people really feel about her. I was happy to see more Melissa George, Ivana Milicevic, Colleen Porch this episode. Piper spends most of this episode as a Valkrie and there is this scene where the Valkrie's including Piper fight (except they don't' show it) a biker gang and take their clothes and bikes. Once they put on the bike gear they looked smooth and cool riding off on their bike like their the new biker gang in town. Jason is ready to proclaim his love for Phoebe and kisses her in front of everyone at The Mirror. His attraction to phoebe becomes phoebes attraction to him and they get it on in the office and all the employees are watching until they close the door. So now phoebe has an Idea how Jason feels about her and she is overwhelmed. Phoebe can get a sense of that testosterone and how it's a driving powerful force. So phoebe can experience all kind of stuff she hasn't experienced before. This is interesting to see and sometime Phoebe Doesn't know what she is really feeling.

    There is a scene when the Valkrie's including Piper fight the warriors and Phoebe and Paige Orb in and then Piper attacks them, then Daryl comes on the scene with his gun, and Piper turn back to piper again in time to save Daryl from getting his face stabbed. It was a good fight scene but also there was Valkrie and Witch Piper conflicting with each other and Piper left with the Valkries.

    So Piper had to go all the way to Valhalley to finally get back to her self.
  • Piper joins the Valkyres and Leo tries to get the truth out of Chris.

    Well, Piper acted like a robot in this episode. She barely talk and when she did, she talked in some kinda really calm voice that made me think she had hit her head. Well, most of it, anyway. The ending was heartbreaking, great acting from Brian's side. I became an even bigger shipper for them when I saw this scene.
    Piper looked hot as a biker though and I gotta admit, she learned some kick-ass moves. But I also liked her witch powers in use.
    Chris was awesome in this episode, trying to find his way out of telling the truth to everyone.
    Leo was suspicious, good for him.
    A good episode.
  • Ride of the valkyries

    Not quite the explosive second half I'd been hoping for but good stuff nonetheless. Refreshingly, there are no demons in this one so the episode concentrates on the main cast and their family issues.

    To escape the pain of losing Leo, Piper opts to stay a valkyrie. Cue the usual race to win back the rogue sister before it's too late. At least Paige and Phoebe know what to do this time; the plot is a carbon copy of season four's "Hell Hath no Fury".

    Despite the predictable storyline, there is plenty of fun along the way. I had to laugh when the valkyries went off for their motorbike ride. I guess if valkyries were real that's exactly what they would do. On the flip side, I expected more from the escaped warriors. In the end they just killed a few innocents and got dragged back to Valhalla. Bit of a waste of time really.

    Once again, the best part of the plot is the intrigue around Chris. While Leo has been away he has obviously been sucking up to the sisters big time. Highlight of the week has to be Leo's swordfight with him in Valhalla. I'm not sure how five weeks in a pen has changed Leo so utterly but I'm not complaining. He's absolutely right to suspect Chris and his kickarse attitude is great to see. Top marks also to the scene where he grabs Chris mid orb and flings him across the room. More fights please!

    Paige's subplot from part one becomes even more bizarre when one of the dogs she is looking after turns into a man. Seriously, this has to be the most random subplot ever! The bloke does have a very sexy voice though.

    Alyssa puts in a good performance in her snogging scenes with Mr Dull but this doesn't stop them being a pointless waste of time. Much better is her power development; apparently with her new status as an empath she can now channel other peoples' powers. Who needs Peter Petrelli?
  • Second part of the two-hour episode.

    The Charmed Ones have determined that their Whitelighter Leo is being held by magical bonds in the afterworld of Valhalla. In order to rescue Leo, the girls must transform themselves into Nordic-legend Valkyries -- a metamorphosis which wreaks unexpected consequences on the mortal population of San Francisco. In other developments, Piper remains an amnesiac; Phoebe tries to stay away from her boss and lover, Jason, until she is able to control her "empath" powers; Paige encounters difficulties holding down a non-witch job; and a surprising amount of hostility is generated between Leo and novice Whitelighter Chris. Ok right, well im not so sure about this episode it was ok.. i watched it at least 10 times over again and it got very boring,you're probably thinking that erything gets boring over a load of views but usually Charmed doesn't to me but this did. Anyway I hated the way the writters just broke Piper and Leo up it was sad. Overall the episode would be an ok for me.
  • Now its time to save Piper!!

    We pick up with the portal in the alleyway to return Darryls soul. He gets into his body and the warriors come out and attack him. Loved it.

    Leo, Phoebe an dPaige orb home. Chris starts babbling but realizes Leo is with them. I have to give credit to Drew because he did the emotional change very well. ALso this is the best scene out of the whole premiere. Leo throws CHris around the living room. CHris is about to orb out but Leo grabs him mid-orb and flings him into the picture shelf thing they have. CHris looks like he is about to cry after what Leo just did. I actually think Brad new what he was going to do with CHris since the finale. THere are subtle clues and you have to catch them. Phoebe intervenes and sets everyone on track.

    THe Vallys scan Piper and decide to keep her around. THe really butch one objects but Melissa George knows how to control her women. BAck at the manor Darryl comes over and Leo heals him. EVeryone freaks after what he tells them. Phoebe of course goes to the paper, Darryl to the station and Paige to her dogs. Leo and CHris are left alone to duke it out.

    Meanwhile the warriors have killed a few guys and the Vallys get wor dof this. THey decide to go after them and stop them. THey surface in an alley and they run into a biker gang. THey beat them up and steal some bikes. I see four stunt doubles, Hollys is the most obvious just check out the wig. Darryl phones Phoebe in who sees Jason. SHe of course senses his strong sexual urge for her and they start macking in the middle of the office. It eventually gets to his office where it is full on sex and I am wanting to slap Kern in the face. THis is just beyond stupidity. But it gets stupider, with two scenes.

    THe first being Leos revenge scene with Chris. Brian tries so hard to be the tough guy but falls flat on his face. Drew is acting better than him,which is just sad. THeres some comments on sweat and Chris' true identity. Yeah Leo you are sweating more than him, you should save your preaching.

    THe second being that the horny dog is actually a man who got cursed into a dog form. We dont find out why he got transformed intoa dog but apparently he knows what is going on. Paige changes him back and its Joe Millionaire. WHat is witht he waste of money Brad? SMashmouth, now this moron!

    Aftermath of sex. Eric Dane has a tattoo above his nipple, I dont know what it is and I dont care. He is just so pasty. I have to suffer through more sexual innuendo until Paige pulls Phoebe away, thank goodness. THey go to some mechanic warehouse. All the Valkyries are kicking butt. Its choreographed in a weird way but its a passable scene. Paige wrote a horrible spell and gets flung into a gate. Phoebe talks out of her butt and Piper kicks her. I found that to be rather funny, and I am a huge Phoebe fan. Piper stills her family and goes back to Butch Island.

    According to the Elders, Phoebe can save the day. PAige writes a spell to make Piper feel what Phoebe is feeling. THey go to get Piper and once Paige gets flung. Phoebe uses her power and channels Pipers telekinetic abilities. Paige casts the spell and all is well. It is rather anticlimatic. We get introduced to this idea of a big battle,a lthough its never carried out, the Valkyries fall for what Piper says about keeping their secret. I mean where is the big bang that Premieres should have.

    THe scene between Phoebe and Jason is one of the better scenes int he episode. Alyssa does a great job in it and I could feel her pain and what she was going through.

    Paige decides to date the dog-man. Piper has a nice little goodbye scene and Holly once again sells it like there is no tomorrow.

    THe premiere overall is slow and doesnt offer much to the viewers. Brad KErn definately played more on the soap opera aspect of the show. It was more of the drama and Pipers issues. Usually drama is mixed with magic in this show but Kern left the drama to fly on its own which is why it was kind of boring. Fortunately this epsiode isnt an indicator of what is to come. THe season does get very good and isnt nearly as slow as the premiere.
  • Xena Should Sue Part Two

    The second part of Valhalley of the Dolls is even worse than the first one and features some extremely tedious events and boring writing.

    With Piper now one of the Valkyries, Phoebe and Paige have to lure her back to the Charmed Ones whilst battling some Valhallian demons who have been unleashed on San Francisco.

    The main plot is even more boring than the plot to the first hour and I couldn't wait until the credits rolled. Phoebe's new power isn't that interesting either and I can't stand the annoying ding-dong bell sound that plays EVERY TIME she gets a flash of empathy. You do feel for Piper and understand her reasoning for joining the Valkyries. Leo left her and put her under a spell to make her constantly happy and it's understandable that she'd be pissed. Melissa George, of Alias and Amityville Horror fame, is impressive as the head Valkyrie but, sadly, doesn't get much to do. There's also another pointless cameo for this season when Joe Millionaire Evan Marriott appears as a man who transforms into a dog, obviously he's there just to get some quick cash before he disappears into ex-reality show hell. Disappointing.

    Rating: F
  • Phoebe and Paige were forced to leave Piper behind before escaping from the island and the valkyries. However, they were joined through the portal by some of the trained warriors, who now start acting as though the final battle between good and evil has b

    Afterwards, when the credits have finally been rolling, you think \\\\\\\'How could this happen to such a fantastic show as Charmed?\\\\\\\'
    Honestly, this opening remains to me one of the worst episodes of the show, ever.

    Well, things about it I loath:

    1. Phoebe\\\\\\\'s new do - ARGH - sooo unlike her. I missss season three blonde, hottie Phoebe.
    2. Phoebe\\\\\\\'s new power is already done for at episode two in this season - and that jingle thing each and every time is so annoying.
    3. These extreme measures that Charmed has come to. I mean, I miss those plotlines in seasons one-three that were, at some point, realistic. It is becoming too far-fetched. I realise that dear Brad Kern wanted to focus more on magic than on their sisterly bondings, but this is too much.
    4. The people thinking of that biker-part, imagining how wonderful and sexy it would be to dress up Piper and the valkyries in biker uniforms, should be fired on the spot. Does no one find it rather unlikely that they would just grab some motorcycles and instantly be able to drive them and so on. You really think - what happened to the show I loved *crying*?
    5. Piper\\\\\\\'s ever diminishing part. She goes from being so important and so thrilling to watch in preceding chapters, but from now on, it\\\\\\\'s downhill into uninteresting plotlines, nothing happening except taking care of Wyatt. In this episode, she\\\\\\\'s hardly saying a word.

    In short - this is a dreadful episode.
    Season six is somewhat saved with the introduce of Magic School, but that is i-t.
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