Season 6 Episode 2

Valhalley of the Dolls (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2003 on The WB

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  • The Zena convention is in town and there is some serious magic in the air. The enemy wears many masks and disinformation is the enemies favorite tactic, don't fall for it again.

    Phoebe, Daryl, Paige, and Leo orb back to San Francisco contemplating what to do about Piper; they figure the Valkries won't kill her because they need her to find them. Some warriors follow them to San Fran and attack Daryl. Leo attacks Chris as soon as he sees them because he feels he's responsible to sent him to Valhalley. He's pissed and still in gladiator mode. Phoebe's empathic powers are still working strong; she can understand what people are feeling now. She can even still feel Pipers emotions and she is way away. Phoebe feels like this new power is going to drive her crazy. She feels at the mercy of everyone feelings and Paige says she can use it to see how people really feel about her. I was happy to see more Melissa George, Ivana Milicevic, Colleen Porch this episode. Piper spends most of this episode as a Valkrie and there is this scene where the Valkrie's including Piper fight (except they don't' show it) a biker gang and take their clothes and bikes. Once they put on the bike gear they looked smooth and cool riding off on their bike like their the new biker gang in town. Jason is ready to proclaim his love for Phoebe and kisses her in front of everyone at The Mirror. His attraction to phoebe becomes phoebes attraction to him and they get it on in the office and all the employees are watching until they close the door. So now phoebe has an Idea how Jason feels about her and she is overwhelmed. Phoebe can get a sense of that testosterone and how it's a driving powerful force. So phoebe can experience all kind of stuff she hasn't experienced before. This is interesting to see and sometime Phoebe Doesn't know what she is really feeling.

    There is a scene when the Valkrie's including Piper fight the warriors and Phoebe and Paige Orb in and then Piper attacks them, then Daryl comes on the scene with his gun, and Piper turn back to piper again in time to save Daryl from getting his face stabbed. It was a good fight scene but also there was Valkrie and Witch Piper conflicting with each other and Piper left with the Valkries.

    So Piper had to go all the way to Valhalley to finally get back to her self.
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