Season 6 Episode 2

Valhalley of the Dolls (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2003 on The WB

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  • Biker Chicks and Warrior Wheels


    Vahalley of The Dolls, Part 2-Phoebe and Paige search for Leo after Paige accidentally causes a "chipper" Piper to have amnesia, but the sisters soon learn he is being held on the mythical Island of Valhalla. Unfortunately they have no idea that it's because of Chris and his mysterious plans. Meanwhile, Phoebe discovers she is now an empath, and the dangers of this newfound power.

    You know what? These writers lazy! You know why, this parter is almost exactly like "A Witch's Tail". Here's why

    "A Witch's Tail"-Phoebe turns intoa Mermarid and decides to stay a mermaid to run away from her pain from her relationship with Cole.

    "Vahalley of The Dolls"-Piper turns into a Valkyrie and decides to stay a Valkyrie to run away from her pain from her reltionship with Leo.

    There's a reason the later years of Charmed saw a drastic decline in quality. The writers are already rehashing plot points they've already done. So why is it that the writers expected us to go through the same situation for a second time and be riveted? Anyway, Part 2 is just a continuation of more contrivances and more none sense as Paige contunes to be the punch line of every dog, not to mention get through around by Piper mutiple times and made fun of by Phoebe for a weak spell. Ouch. Jason's back and Phoebe's all over him, considering she technically was cheating on him the last episode!! Oh look, Phoebe is channeling Jason's horniess and they have his front of all the other professional? Sigh. Moving on, Piper joins the Valkyries and hunts after the escape workers. While it's fun watching Piper kick some a$$, it really is ridiculous Charmed fare. The Thug mentioning "a Xena convention" when he sees Piper and the other Valkyries doesn't help.

    Once again Leo is the only competent character in these episodes and the moment he started throwing Chris around the room was priceless. That's what you get when suck at acting and waste precious screentime. I love that Leo's animosity nevers stops and he always keeps Chris on his toes, while the sisters can't think for themselves when Chris is obviously hiding something. He knows so much about the Valkyries yet the sisters can seem to put two and two together that he might have sent Leo there? Well, thank God Leo does and I love the little cage fight they had a Valhalla, Chris looked like he was about to crap himself! lol Anyway,to rap things up, Paige meets Joe Millionare who was Oscar the dog the whole time, Phoebe uses her powers to get through to Piper by channeling her power (probably the coolest development of her Empathy power), Piper comes home, Phoebe goes to see Jason yet never really sees him, Paige goes on a date with Oscar confusing Chris and Phoebe and Piper tells Leo she needs some major space! It's a nice ending yet sad that we only see normal Piper for just one scene out of both episodes! Another poorly excuted and written season opener. Season 6, here we go....