Season 8 Episode 10

Vaya Con Leos

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2005 on The WB

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  • Vaya Con Leos

    Vaya Con Leos was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was exciting and full of drama and intrigue. I liked how all guys were turned into Leo clones to buy him more time from the Angel of Death. There was a lot of magic along with powerful beings in this episode and I always enjoy seeing how they are portrayed and orchestrated. It was sad to see what happened to Leo. I liked seeing Billie get closer to the truth and it seems there is a mysterious big bad out there pulling some strings. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The Angel of Death comes for Leo. Piper pulls nearly every supernatural string to save him.

    This is indeed a great episode of Charmed, and it certainly has a place among the most gut-wrenching and emotional episodes of the series.

    The entire episode is carried by quite possibly Holly Combs' best performance. She progresses from joy, to dread, to determination, to sorrow so flawlessly and powerfully that one has to wonder if Brian's departure from the cast was somewhat emotionally painful for her personally, off camera. Her fearlessness in confronting all the higher powers that stand in her way is inspirational and strongly conveys Piper's desperate love for her husband. The viewer is easily reminded of everything Piper and Leo have fought through to stay together and feels the frustration and anger at the injustice of losing Leo right with Piper.
    The several emotional scenes between Holly and Brian are wonderfully written and acted. These two telling each other they love each other is almost superfluous as the viewers know by now that these two characters embody true love and belong together as much as any couple that has ever graced the TV, which of course adds to the power of this episode.

    Phoebe and Paige are both adequately shaken and upset by events as well. I almost snicker at Paige's tears at the end, recalling that she didn't seem that upset at all when it was her boyfriend Kyle trying to kill Leo. But I suppose I can let bygones be bygones. Paige's separate story with Henry didn't make a lot of sense, but at least their relationship continues to move along. Paige greeting Henry/Leo at the door was a good scene and well-acted by Rose and Brian. Alyssa channels some of Holly's sorrow and frustration well, though it is undoubtable that Billie's introduction has hurt her character more than any other.

    Billie's storyline is almost annoying; since in the viewers' eyes, it is incredibly unimportant compared to what is going on with Piper and Leo. It is of course TOO convenient that the exact demon Billie runs into ends up being the saving grace for Leo.

    It is because of that storyline and the writing for Leo's character after he got the news that I rate this great episode below a 10. Leo, as usual, is fantastic before he finds out Death is after him, but once he knows, the writers seemed to struggle for words for him. Personally, though he is ENTIRELY justified to complain about the injustice of his fate, I would have preferred that he be a little more heroic about it. Maybe that is asking too much, like I said, he IS justified, but considering the guy has been dead before...

    Great episode ended with fabulous and emotional closing scenes. I doubt the show can maintain a high level without one of its best characters and certainly its best male character. However, this twist does add some urgency to the finale, as the ante on the impending battle just went up.
  • Could this be the best episode of Charmed ever?! Finally they are back to the standards of season 1-5, and with a bang! (WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS!!)

    I dont know what to say. This is one of the best episodes of Charmed ever!
    Starting off happy and simple with Leo picking out his vintage car, and Piper giving into the price playfully, this episode takes a sudden sickening lurch into darkness when the Angel of Death comes to Piper and tells her Leo is to die. That is perhaps one of the most shocking things you can expect to hear on Charmed. You cant kill Leo! He was always the one to avert death and save everyone else.
    This episode was heartbreaking in so many ways. Leo's character does not deserve to die in the slightest and his plight about already having had a life cut short was harrowing. His fear over dying was so upsetting, and seeing Piper's determination was just as sad. This episode evoked tears throughout the entirety of the hour, as it was so upsetting to see a character we have loved for so long depart. It just felt so wrong and unfair.
    The writers really pulled out all the stops with this episode, and proved once and for all that Charmed can still be stunning. The acting was spectacular all round and reminded us of how good this show can actually be and how talented the cast is. I think in every way, this must have been the hardest episode for the crew to make, and this shows in all the performances making it all the more real and believable.
    Being Charmed, you always expect them to save the day in the end, but the seriousness with which the episode was approached instilled a real sense of fear in the audience, and a clear message that there was no getting out of this one.
    Piper's anguish in the scene where she finds out why Leo must die is perfectly played and her frustration and anger comes across greatly. The revelation of the big battle coming soon, that is greater than anything they have come across before, is excellently ominous and I'm sure is the beginning of a fabulous final arc to the series.
    The only criticism I have about this episode is perhaps Billie's character. I feel that she pulled the episode down somewhat, and without her, this episode could have been so much more. She made the episode seem a little less meaningful with all the details about her sister. I guess it was good how they resolved it and had both of the stories intertwine at the end, but I feel without her there, we could have had much more time to explore and see the sisters' struggle to try and save Leo. This episode should have been about the Charmed Ones and Leo, and with Billie there, she took away from this. I especially didnt like her reaction to Phoebe not helping her search for her sister. She should understand what it is like to lose someone, and where it is clear the writers are trying to show her determination to get her sister back, she just came across as insensitive and nasty, and her comment about Leo being 'almost family' to her just seemed so fake and cliche, and didnt feel right in the slightest as she has far from bonded with him.
    I liked the fact that Leo isnt completely gone and now the Charmed Ones have something to work towards getting back. I can see Leo coming back in the final episode, which we now know will be the last ever one, and think this is a fantastic arc to set up. I never thought I would say this about the lack of Leo, but I think Charmed will really start to get good now, as things will be a lot more serious and even though there will be a great gaping hole in the show left by Leo, this will just add to the drama and emotion which I hope continues after this stellar episode.

    The big freeze

    Ok, so we all know Leo was written out because Brad didn't want to pay Brian's wages but the plot is so good that hardly matters. This is a brilliant send off for our favourite whitelighter.

    When the Angel of Death appears you know something big is going down. Simon Templeman is excellent once again in the role and Piper's spell to hide Leo is hilarious, despite some slightly dodgy effects in the street scene. Brian is great as he plays one character after another turning up at the door. Particularly liked the pizza boy.

    I love episodes featuring higher powers and this is the best of the lot. Bringing an elder and an avatar together was quality and summoning the Angel of Destiny was inspired. For the first time, it really seems this season is going somewhere.

    There's an interesting subplot for Phoebe and Billie as they try to uncover what happened to Christy. Demon-of-the-week Burke is great fun and the way he winds up in the main plot is nicely done. He's far too likeable for a demon though - I felt bad when he died. By contrast, Billie is fast becoming a wonderful hate figure. Even with Leo dying in hospital she tries to send Phoebe on a guilt trip for not helping find her sister. It's been fifteen years for heaven's sake - why does it have to be today? What a selfish and uncaring cow!

    One other subplot - Paige goes for lunch with Henry and storms off because she has to pay her half of the bill. Not very impressive behaviour.

    But this week is all about Brian and Holly, both of whom give heartfelt performances. The freezing scene is brilliant and Rose produces some very believable tears. So long, dude. See you in the finale.

    Score: 9.5
  • One was beginning to lose hope, to suspect that Charmed had been drained of all excitement and passion now that we're in season 8. One was wrong.

    In this tearjerker episode, Piper realises the Angel of Death is after Leo, and pulls every possible string to save him. Meanwhile, Billie stubbornly persists to try to find her lost sister.

    This episode is beautiful. Charmed at its best. One of the like only five episodes of Charmed that actually had me cry. All Hell Breaks Loose and Long Live the Queen come to mind.
    This is truly Holly Marie Combs' episode, she owns it, and she does so brilliantly. She delivers a powerful, haunting Piper that draws you in emotionally in every scene. I will especially give them credit for the scene in which Leo is frozen down. Perfection. Easily the most moving scene (and episode) that Charmed has seen for several seasons. The reason behind it all is of course that budget cuts only allowed them to have Brian Krause in 12 episodes, this one being the tenth, and the 11th and 12th being the final ones. The brilliant script writer Cameron Litvack uses this to his utter advantage and creates this tearjerker. The foreshadowing of the big threat lurking in the horizon was very promising and I am looking more forward to it than I probably would have because of the promise of Leo's return in case the Charmed ones prevail. Now you're rooting for them again!

    Billie was irritating. She gets offended because Phoebe choose to give her beloved, dying brother-in-law higher priority than her sister who vanished 15 years ago and might very well be dead. Come on!
    That and the rather corny everybody-looking-like-Leo are the only things stopping this episode from getting a 10 score.

    Yes.. the experts at work.
  • Things are looking up for Charmed! This episode has an emotional deapth worthy of the characters!

    So... Leo is gone. That's the bad news. But the good news is ,he'll be back. We know he will. He must.
    But there's more good news! This episode is really a back-to-basics charmed episode.

    It's keeping us in suspence, and we have all the other magical beings appearing again: The Elders, the Avatars, The Angel of Death and The Angel of Destiny.

    Particularly emotional was the part whre Billie had to choose between finding her sister and helping Leo. Her (Kaley Couco's) acting has really emproved.

    And even though it's sad that Leo won't be appearing for the next ten episodes, I guess we should be lucky that there is enough budget to at least keep him in the series...
  • Leo is gone...

    The Angel of Death pays a visit to Piper Halliwell, to warn her for the upcoming death of Leo Wyatt. Leo makes a mistake by letting the Angel of Death knows he can see him. How sad is that? Leo has gone from the series Charmed until the series finale. How desperate will Piper be after her husband has been frozen by the Angel of Destiny? So sad. But Billie destroyed the whole episode. Billie plans to haunt a demon destroyed the whole episode and make this episode become boring. I hate her. For the Leo part, I love it. But Leo's death is sad, very sad.....
  • Once more, Piper & Leo face separation.

    Heartbreaking. Any storyline that threatens to tear Piper and Leo apart is heartbreaking and this episode is no exception. The pair have faced so many obstacles to being together over the years - elders, convention, evil, and the greater good. They have sacrificed so much for each other, and to see Piper willing to lose Leo to save him was just wrenching. Holly Marie Combs poured so much into this episode and I cried right along with her. Brava! On the other hand, Billie is so self absorbed and one dimensional that her presence can be distracting. Her, I can take or leave.
  • Anything happens for a reason... The reason here was do one of the best episodes ever!

    There no reason to write anything about this one! If you have seen it you will agree with me.

    A great performance of HMC is the most remarkable! The character in this episode was written so well that we can see the strengh that Piper has gain over the years. The story was very original too. Destiny and all that thing, it makes sense that Leo has to die. Anyway, I think, like everyone that Brian should stay in the show! We will miss him! The idea of letting him out was a ****! Instead with have Billie but she isn't too much replaceable for Leo!

    It's a 10 episode, no doubt. You just have to see it to understand that there's nothing more to say!
  • Kept revealling in this episode and, Holly great acting !!!

    I loved this episode it was probably the best one in season 8. Piper sees the angel of death and thinks he is for one of the sisters but he is actually for Leo, Piper is shocked that it is Leos time to go and thinks that something is not right, then Piper casts a spell which bacfires and leaves every man in San Fransisco just like Leo. Meanwhile, Billie is still looking for her sister and finnaly finds a demon who knows something but she has to give away the opportunity as Piper needs the demons demonic objects to keep Leo in until they face the ultimit power. And this all leaves Piper, Phoebe and Paige in emotional states
  • Finally a decent episode.

    This episode brings Charmed right back out of the ground after the season premiere. When Piper sees the Angel of Death she thinks he's after her and warns him off but isnt prepared for the shock when she discovers he's there for Leo. To try to stop him from taking Leo, Piper casts a spell that backfires, making every man a Leo lookalike, forcing Piper to take drastic measures and ask the Elders and the Avatars for help. This shows a desperate and loving side of Piper for her husband. She's lost him once and she's not gonna lose him again. Meanwhile, Billie selfishly continues her search for the truth behind her sister's disappearance which is quite boring.
  • Not so great

    I am guessing Brian Krause has only signed up for half the season and this is why the writers came up with this pretty lame idea about Leo half dead and getting frozen. I don't really get it... It's just a little strange. First he's an Elder, then he's an Avatar, then he's human and now he's getting frozen and stays away again. It's unoriginal, if you ask me. The episode was still strong and sad, but I think it's just stupid that Piper is once again left alone, just so that the show can have its happy Piper and Leo ending...
  • The first really good episode of this season!

    Vaya con Leo to me was the first really good episode of Season 8. It was both emotional and well-written and forms the pivot for the remaining episodes of Season 8.

    The Angel of Death comes to take Leo, who's destined to die. First, Piper does not want to believe it and wants to keep the Angel from taking Leo. But then she realizes that it's pointless because it's inevitable.

    After consulting both the Elders and the Avatars she finds out that the one who knows about the 'Grand Design' is the Angel of Destiny. The Angel reveals that it is essential that Leo dies so the sisters are motivated and strengthened for their ultimate battle, which still stands ahead of them.

    Finally, they find a way to let Leo go without him having to die. They freeze him at the expense of not knowing what happened to Billie's sister, which is a rather small price in comparison, if you ask me.

    All in all, this episode was one of the few classics that were made after Season 4. The only downside is that for the rest of Season 8 Brian Krause won't be around any more. But other than that: Well-written! Good job, Mr. Litvack!
  • Amazing

    Vaya Con Leos starts with Piper and Leo buying a car but then suddenly Piper sees the angel of death but death isn't after Piper he is after Leo. This is one of the best episodes of charmed season eight and the first time I watched it I couldn't wait to see what happened next. On second viewing this episode in my opinion got better. Piper tries everything she can to stop Leo from dying and she gets him frozen and if she wins the battle at the end of the season he will be returned to her. The best acting in this episode was from Holly Marie Combs. Overall: A brilliant episode.
  • Leo is taken by the Angel of Destiny and not Death because the Charmed Ones make a deal with Destiny. The Charmed Ones are going to be in a battle where they need the emotional support of their loss, and Billy gets closer to finding her sister.

    It was a pretty good episode. Piper was freaking out the whole time and then she casts the spell, i found it kinda funny, but its kinda weird to think that if Death hadnt told Piper about Leo's death, she would never have freaked and Leo would never have gone to see Wyatt and died, so it is as if Death had to tell Piper in order for everything to happen. weird
  • Leo is frozen!

    Piper sees the Angel Of Death and finds out that he is coming for Leo! She tries everything to stop him, but the spell she casts backfires and makes everyone in town look like Leo. Death finds him anyway, and he gets hit by a bus. She tries to find out why Leo has to die, first by asking Death, then by summoning an avatar and an elder, and finally by summoning an Angel Of Destiny. She tells her that Piper must fight a battle and must use his lose to motivate her. She makes a deal, and instead of killing him, the Angel of Destiny freezes him.

    This episode really made me cry. I was still crying ven after it went off. I can't believe that after EVERYTHING Leo and Piper have gone through to be together, they still just can't have a normal relationship. The really emotional parts, like when Piper is telling Leo he is going to die, are so believable. Holly Marie Combs acting was fanominal in this episode. Whenever Piper was crying, just seeing how upset she was made me cry. It's so sad. I can't believe Leo is really gone!
  • i cried = [

    when piper finds out that the angel of death is coming for leo...she and her sisters must find a way to save him and make an attempt.

    however...they get a visit from the angel of destiny who tells them that they must get more in touch with their emotions in order to be ready for the ultimate battle.

    LEO GETS FROZEN = [ it was sooo sad i thought i was going to die.

    do they ALWAYS have to break Leo and Piper up on this show?? now come on...first it was against the rules, they got put on probation, then he becomes an elder, the elders erase his memory, then tell him that he can be human now...and NOW the angel of death is after him and he's frozen!!

    very sadd episode.
  • The angel of death comes for leo and the sisters have to find a way to save him. They end up having to lose him to save him and find out that a major battle lies ahead for them.

    It was a heart wrenching episode.
    I almost cried the first time I watched it.
    But it was one of the best episodes I have ever seen.
    This episode is what I refer to as heart wrenching fiction.
    The most emotional part I thougth was Piper\'s tearful heartfelt goodbye to Leo. I also thought that the scene where Piper tells him the truth eas pretty emotional as well. Piper does everything in her power to try to save Leo
    but despite her efforts she still loses him. She finds a way to save him but she still loses him. In a nutshell it was an excellent episode.
  • Billie annoyed me again I mean she could look for her sister after this crisis but no!!!!!!!! She has to do it now!!!!!!

    I think this episode shows an amazing improvement from the previous episodes. When Leo was frozen I cried my eyes out. I have followed this show since 2003 & I've watched every episode of the series & this is great!
    Billie annoyed me again I mean she could look for her sister after this crisis but no!!!!!!!! She has to do it now!!!!!!
    She is acting like a spoiled kid!
    She maked up for it in the end of the episode.
    It will be nice to see Leo come back at the end of the season.

    This is an awesome episode!

    If you missed this catch the reruns!
  • My God, what and episode. Not only the best episode of the season, but one of the most emotional and best episodes of the whole series.

    I just finished watching the epsiode, and I find myself speechless. How much I try. I cannot seem to express my feelings. This episode was perfect. It was sad (of course), but still exciting, and actually humourous at some occasions. I was afraid of the writers giving Leo a very unsatisfying ending, but this really was a great goodbye for one of Charmed's most loved characters.

    The acting in the episode was over all very good, even Kaley Couco has now seemed to be influenced by the lead trio, and her character has really srtarted to geow on me. The main plot was fabulous. It was really thought through, and I am so relieved they didn't try to summon the cleaners or the Tribunal. I just pretend they don't exist. Instead they contacted several other people whom it was actually really fun to see.

    I'm also happy the we get to see a Big Bad and a struggle-until-death-you this season. The absence of a real Big Bad Villain has really made some season much worse. Last year we had Zankou, who was really great, but I hope this year will gives us something new, something more original. This episode was all about Leo and Piper, and their chemistry was better than ever. The other girls were great also, but it was eally Holly and Brian that shone. Even though I found it hard to let him go, and I'm really going to miss him, Leo's farewell didn't seem as hopeless as Prue's. There still is hope for his coming back, and I'm convinced he will before the series ends.

    The best episode since... God, I don't know when we had an episode quite like this. This is absolutely getting to my Top-5 episodes List. I love season 8.
  • When I saw this episode..I bawled my eyes out.

    Now I'm not one of those soft fluffy people that cry when a dog indjures his toe-nail but this episode had tears streaming down my face. I almost died. I love Leo and they had to get rid of him. It was good for the plot but bad for me because I bawled. My face looked like a cherry afterwards and felt puffy.(not that you need details on my face but you get the point)


    if they don't bring Leo back in the finale I will be very VERY upset
  • A good, original episode.

    Personally I didn't wanna see this episode coming because I love the character Leo.

    Piper saw the angel of death and she knew that is not a good thing. She went a little crazy to find out who was dying so finally she ended up calling the angel of death. She finds out that he is there for Leo and it will will happen soon. She can't understand why his time will be now, after all they have been through. So she tries to do the only thing she could think of and write a spell to try to hide leo from his fate. This spell took a quick backfire and turned every man in the world to look just like Leo.

    The spell did not trick the angel of death for very long. Leo got hit by another car, but he did not die.

    This episode also reveals that the Charmed Ones are gonna face someone that they might not be able to defeat.
    All and all it was a very well put together episode.
  • I wasn't a huge fan of this eipsode, I don't understand, they should have cut Kaley Cuoco from the show, not Brian Krause.

    Piper and Leo are car shopping, and Leo has his sights set on a vintage automobile. He begs Piper to let him buy it so he can restore it, and reluctantly Piper agrees. As Leo and the salesman go to do the paperwork, Piper sees the Angel of Death standing in the middle of the street. Worried that he’s there for her, she tells Phoebe and Paige, who calm her down. She goes to the attic and call for the Angel of Death, and he tells her that he’s there for Leo. He appeared because he wanted her to have some time before she had to say goodbye, since he knew her personally. Piper tells her that he can't have him, and the Angel of Death tells her that its only a matter of time. Billie continues her search for the truth behind her sister's disappearance. To try to stop him from taking Leo, Piper casts a spell that backfires, making every man a Leo look alike. Piper then takes drastic measures and ask the Elders and the Avatars for help. Both tell her that they can't give her the answers she needs, and she will need an even higher power. Leo is sitting in a cab when the Angel of Death appears next to him. Leo asks if he can say goodbye to his son, but in seconds a car crashes into the cab, seriously injuring Leo. are at the hospital, and Leo is in a life threatening state. Phoebe tells Billie, that they'll find her sister, but now she needs to help her sisters. Piper, Phoebe and Paige go to the attic and summon the Angel of Destiny, who explains to them that they have a great battle ahead, and losing Leo will give them the motivation they need to win. Phoebe asks if they could lose Leo, but not let him die. The Angel of Destiny asks what she means. They get the demon Billie was hunting, to freeze Leo, on the condition that they don't go after him any more. They have no choice and Billie reluctantly agrees. Leo is frozen, and he disappears with the Angel of Destiny. They are told they will get him back if they succeed in their battle, and she tells Billie that it is her destiny to find her sister.
  • The Angel of Death returns to take Leo. As the girls' attempt to save Leo fails, Death makes it a poing to admit to Piper there's a reason behind this, leading the sisters to discover the biggest battle they've faced is in the horizon.

    This episode actually made me tear up. Seeing Piper say goodbye to Leo at the end proves Holly Marie Combs is a first-class actress. I was disappointed in the network's decision to cut Brian Krause for budget cuts. In my opinion Kaley Cuoco should not have been given full cast status, perhaps then Leo could have stuck around.
  • Sadly- Leo had to go. And we learn something from the Angel of Destiny.

    You should have seen me when i watched this episode. I was crying so hard! Leo is one of my favorite characters and when the Angel of Death came to Piper and said \"I\'m here for Leo\"... god I started bawling. I did think that this was a great episode. It really played on your emotions and we even learned something about Billie\'s destiny. She\'s suppost to find her sister...but how? We also learn that to get Leo back, the Charmed Ones must fight someone or something. I felt like this episode was crucial to the plot of the 8th season of Charmed. Though we all hope that we will see Leo in the series finale.... I wonder, would they bring Leo back, who was cut because of running out money?
  • The Angel of Destiny comes to take Leo away. Billie is still in search of her sister's kidnappers.

    This is sooooo sad to watch. I love Leo and Piper being together!!! I loved their Romeo and Juliet destiny!!! I loved that they have been through sooo much...
    This episode is a tearjerker for me. I have never seen Piper not make sarcastic, annoying remark. She was being strong and to the point. She is usually saying the most annoying things. She had to do alot of crying for this episode.
    I thought that was going to be the end of Leo-but lo and behold, the sisters find a way to save him. It would be hard to just kill him off-it would be a Prue thing all over again. Killing of a main character sucks over all-especially one that has been of for YEARS!!!
    Billie is annoying as usual. I am not her biggest fan. She showed a lack of remorse for an innocent which is startling. I think she should have dropped everything to help save Leo. She tried to guilt Pheobe and that was truly wrong. I really think they should have just written her off the show (trade one life for the other) and kept Brian (Leo) on.
    This is a revelation-a foreshadowing of the end of a GREAT show. I'm sad to see it go...all the great one's seem to be leaving and not much is taking it's place.

    Sorry Leo...sorry that you have to die sooo many times for the GREATER GOOD and for the scheme of things. It was sad to see you go-but I can't wait till you show up again!!!
  • i was really sad to hear that the foruth most important charecter is not gonna be there. :-(

    well im a regular to this show and i senn it regulary from mid-season 2 from the point where it was not certain who piper likes and the other boyfrnd and all that stuff that was really nice but i havent seen this episode yet bcoz it hasnt yet been telecasted in my region but i can tell i thing i am gonna be really sad probably as sad as i was when it was announced that season 7 may b d last
    hey they cant just do that to brian

  • Time to say goodbye to one of the best characters on Charmed

    This was really a mixed episode for me. I knew Leo was going to die or more specifically be frozen until the girls fight their big battle but it was still hard to see. However despite this easily being the best episode of the season (so far) it wasn’t without its flaws.

    For me personally, and I know a lot of people don’t agree with me, the storyline struggled a little. It started of strong with Leo and Piper sharing some ‘normal’ couple time and then seeing the Angel of Death, which I have to say was a brilliant scene. The storylines with Paige and Billie were also well done and nicely written into the episode. It was after Piper talked to the Angel of Death that the episode really started to lose its way.
    The spell to keep Leo, whilst adding some light relief, was a bit stupid and the girls didn’t seem that bothered about reversing it either. However I did like that scene with ‘Henry’ and Paige- that was funny to see Paige getting so confused! It also didn’t make sense that the Angel of Death couldn’t tell who Leo was because the other men only looked like Leo, they weren’t him and an all-knowing Angel should’ve been able to tell.
    Billie’s storyline, especially when she berated Phoebe for not helping her was selfish. Sure her sisters missing but she has been for 15 years, a couple of hours helping the Leo who will probably die today, couldn’t hurt.
    The other bit of the episode I didn’t like was how, even though her husband was dying, Piper was rushing around calling the Powers that be instead of being with Leo. Although it made sense with Leo not actually dying to have this emotional scene, it just seemed like Piper was quite happy to let Leo die alone.
    That brings me onto another annoying point about Charmed. The sisters seem to see themselves as above the laws of life. They try to prevent death, which they should already know is completely useless, and seem shocked that death should affect them. I know they have given up a lot, but the attitude that they have, that the magic and the world owes them one is ridiculous.

    My final negative point is the fact that Leo was frozen. There are many things wrong with this. Destiny can’t be changed, it just can’t. But Leo’s fate here was- if the girls win the big fight, he lives, which just doesn’t work. Personally I think that Brad Kern should’ve just killed Leo off. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Leo, I really do. In fact he is one of my favourite characters on Charmed and I’m not really looking forward to the next episodes without him, but if he had died, instead of this frozen business- the emotional impact would’ve been so much more both on the characters and the fans. And its not as if he couldn’t be brought back to life later because hey this is Charmed!

    Now onto the good bits of this episode! The performance here were some of the best I’ve seen in Charmed for at least two years if not more. Holly Marie Combs was especially brilliant and she along with Brian Krause who was also superb brought me to tears a few times. Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan put in good performances too especially when Leo was about to be frozen and from Rose at the end with Henry.
    I really enjoyed seeing the Angel of Death again, and with the original actor which brought a sense of continuity to the show.
    The final scenes of the episode were great. No Billie just the sisters all mourning Leo in thier own way, Paige with Henry, Phoebe with the boys (who really should’ve seen Leo before he died) and Piper on her own, looking at Leo’s other passion, his car! Very sad, but a fitting ending.
    This episode brought up the question of the big battle the charmed ones will inevitably have to face as the show gears up for its big finale. The Angel of Destiny was suitably cryptic and I’m really looking forward to what (or who) they are going to face. The most mysterious bit was that they aren’t even going to expect it- it implies that there are going to be a lot of twists and turns in the final episode of Charmed.

    My favourite bit of this episode? It showed that there was still life left in Charmed. This season has been hard to watch but this episode was not. For all my criticisms, this is one of the best episodes that Charmed will and have done this season and I can truly say that I enjoyed it!
  • As much as i hate to say it, this was a really good episode.

    No more Leo!!They must be Joking!! Why Not Kill Off Billie!! This is actually the first time i've cried since Prue died, it was soooo sad!! Leo's been in it since like the start and they get rid of him in the last series!!!! :(
    But I do think it was a really good story line and the acting was really great! Luckily Brian Krause (Leo) is coming back in the last episode! Thank god!! I can't believe Billie didn't want to help them save Leo though!She should get over herself! And it was so sad when the angel of death found Leo in the taxi, I just started to think he was gonna be okay! This was definately my fav episode of the series so far though,but I still think they should kill Billie off for revenge!
  • Leo Wyatt and the Popsicle of Doom

    Holy. Crap. That's all there is to say. This was, undoubtedly, the best Charmed episode in years. I've only cried once in the history of Charmed (first when Piper "died" in All Hell Breaks Loose and now) but this episode made me bawl like a baby.

    Vaya Con Leos has the Angel of Death coming after Leo. Piper is understandably devastated and resorts to drastic measures to stop her husband's death. A spell backfires, causing everybody to look like Leo. Meanwhile, Phoebe helps Billie search for her sister and they cross paths with a demon who knows the answers to Billie's questions and who keeps his victims frozen in cryogenic tubes as trophies. Piper is determined to save Leo but eventually realizes that it's too late...

    This is the final episode for Brian Krause and it's an extremely emotional hour featuring some excellent performances from most of the cast. Holly Marie Combs is at the center of the episode and she gives a powerful and intense performance. Piper's desperation to save her husband is excellently played out and the closing moments, where we see Piper standing crying is the saddest scene of the episode and very reminiscent of Long Live the Queen.

    Rose McGowan also gave a good performance in this episode. Though her argument with Henry was slightly pathetic, Rose did well with the script and her tears when Leo was frozen looked genuine and heartbreaking. She has massively improved in her performances this season and it's only been a few times that her twitchiness has kicked in.

    It's disappointing to see Alyssa and Kaley Cuoco show absolutely no emotion in this episode. Alyssa doesn't even shed a tear when Leo vanishes and I can't help but be annoyed at how she never cries. She didn't even cry when Piper died in All Hell Breaks Loose! Kaley was appalling in this episode as usual. Are the writers purposely trying to make us all hate her? Her arrogance throughout Vaya Con Leos was awful. Only last episode she was claimed to be one of the family but this episode makes her look like she hardly cares about Leo and Piper. Selfish hag. And cut down on the drag queen make-up, Kaley, you look a mess.

    The only bad point in the Leo storyline is the gimmick of having every guy look like him for a short time. Though Brian Krause did well when mimicking Ivan Sergei, it seemed pretty pointless. I also felt his death could have been better. A car accident? Why couldn't it have been something a little more heroic? It was nice to see Simon Templeman back (one of the best Charmed guest stars. Period) but it was annoying that the Angel of Destiny, the Elder and the Avatar were all played by new actors, especially the Angel of Destiny, as he's only supposed to be one person. Unless he got some plastic surgery. And a sex change. And a race change. Ahem.

    The episode ends with the new Big Bad murdering the demon who keeps his victims in a frozen state. The references to this Big Bad are interesting and it was a good idea to have a long build-up to it and I hope it's not a disappointing bad guy.

    Vaya Con Leos marks the end of an era. No more Piper and Leo. Their relationship has been the backbone of Charmed for seven years. And then it's gone. Cameron Litvack is an amazing writer and did an awesome job on an episode which was probably quite difficult to write. This is undoubtedly the best episode of the season so far and ends with a heartbreaking shock. Roll on January!

    Rating: A
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