Season 4 Episode 19

We're Off to See the Wizard

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2002 on The WB
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Phoebe tells Piper and Paige that she is pregnant, and that Cole is the father. Meanwhile, Piper and Paige team up with a wizard to stop the coronation of the new Source, unaware that it is Cole and Phoebe is soon to be his Queen of the Underworld.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • A good one.

    See this is where it's also annoying Paige is always "demon this, demon Cole that" like you have NO REASON to believe he's a demon. This is why I like Piper's anti-Cole. At least hers is mostly rational, and she's not condemning a man just because.

    BUT In their sort of defense, Phoebe was being a bit blind. I mean most of the 'fact's' Paige claims to have, are pretty ridiculous, but once they add up it is something you can at least question and not blindly ignore. But in her defense Cole is like the perfect husband to her, so why be suspicious of a man like that. Especially when there's more facts to attest to Cole being a good man than a bad one so.

    Paige acting like it's Phoebe's fault she's not there "rolls eyes - urgh hormones" .. um no that is NOT what happened at all. It's not like you said "hi Phoebe' and she said "oh eff you Paige get away from me" which is how you're trying to make it seem.

    I liked the wizard, he was good. Especially the loop he played and how long it took Piper to realise.moreless
  • We're Off to See the Wizard

    We're Off to See the Wizard was another exciting and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written, developed and acted. There was a lot of character depth and plot progression as Cole/The Source prepared to be inaugurated with his Queen, Phoebe, at his side. The Seer had a hand in manipulating the situations and it was great to see her in action. Paige tells Phoebe her concerns about Cole. This was a perfect episode where the dark side and evil seems to have the upper hand. I was very entertained and certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Better to rule in Hell than to serve in San Fran...

    And thus begins what is essentially a two episode storyline that would be the darkest in series history- the Dark Phoebe story arc.

    This really shouldn't have come as any huge surprise. From the beginning we had to know that at some point the writers would allow Phoebe to play the dark side for more than just a part of an episode; it has always been obvious how good Alyssa is at it.

    This is basically Charmed's famous mix of comedy with dark drama, with the wizard supplying most of the comedy. Once again, there is early strife between Paige and Phoebe, over Cole. Fortunately, the whole mystery of Cole as the Source and the conflict between Paige and Phoebe over it will be finished at the end of this episode. As I have mentioned before, this is a prime strength of the series: the rapid progression of the story arcs. It would have been truly tedious to deal with Cole as the Source without the sisters knowing for even another episode. Instead, the writers cut it short, reveal the secret, and move on. Thank you.

    This is Debbie Morgan's best episode, as the Seer dominates the end of the show, manipulating both Cole and Phoebe one more time. Her character is fabulously written, and the delivery by Morgan is spectacular. Loved it. The camera going to her after Phoebe and Cole take the walk really reveals her as the mastermind behind this entire storyline. As i said before, the writers do very well here to establish Paige as the real heroine of the story who attempted to warn her sisters of the danger. Her mistrust of Cole is actually very similar to Prue's, and it is quite possible that much of this episode was conceived while Prue was still on the show. Regardless of how we got there, the final scene with Cole and Phoebe walking up to get crowned in the Underworld is one of the most dramatic scenes in series history. Absolutely fantastic! Until Forever Charmed, it probably made Long Live the Queen the most anticipated episode in series history.moreless
  • Phoebe's Issues and Paige

    I am so suprised that Demons are against Cole's wife's love. Cole shows true love to Phoebe since she told him that she is pregnant. It is UNPLANNED PREGNANT! I felt that Phoebe is NOT ready for having baby. Cole seem ready and excited but demons told him that he have choices to pick. Demons refused allowed Cole to get true love and happy. I am so suprised for it. I am so against of Paige. Paige dislike Cole since Phoebe married him after it. Paige acts stinky attidute to him. Phoebe was outraged to Paige because Paige hate Cole and want Phoebe come back to Manor permantent! I hate Paige since I knew it! Phoebe and Cole are so perfect couple in this show!moreless
  • It's official, Phoebe is expecting.

    Lots going on here! Phoebe learns that she is pregnant and tells Piper and Paige the news, along with the fact that Cole is the Daddy-to-be. The girls aren't sure what they think of THAT particular piece of information, but they have other things on their minds because, as usual, there is trouble in the underworld which, again, as usual, involves Cole and, naturally, the sisters get caught up in the whole thing. The sisters want to help a powerful wizard stop the new Source from being crowned, completely oblivious to the fact that the intended 'royal one' is Cole.

    This entire upcoming story arc is excellent. Alyssa Milano gives some of her best performances here and kudos to Julian McMahon for great work too. Terrific television, a must-see.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • When Cole/The Source beheads one of his guards in the beginning, shouldn't his body have disappeared? If he's a demon (which is most likely considering the boss), he should have magically cleaned himself up.

    • When the Wizard causes the massage girls to appear, one of them begins massaging his ears. This is called umox, which is a Ferengi massage technique. Armin Shimerman, who plays the Wizard, also played the Ferengi Quark in Star Trek: Deep Space 9, who was very enamoured of that particular form of massage.

    • A possible continuity error, in the episode Pardon My Past Phoebe's previous incaranation had the power of fire throwing, which Leo says is an upper level demonic power. She was not demonic in her past life and was still considered a witch. After she was killed, Leo said her powers had regressed because she used her powers for evil purposes. If it was a demonic power to start with it wouldn't explain why it regressed and didn't just change when she became good. The use of evil power would have only given her more power and made her even more evil in the next life.

    • TRIVIA: This is the eighth time that one of the Charmed Ones was turned evil.

    • When the wizard is waiting in the sun room for the girls, he asks, "What is taking so long?" and turns around three times in the exact same place and in the exact same way, because it was a looped illusion.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode Phoebe gets a demonic power, fire throwing - the same power that her past life had when she was in love with a warlock (much like present Phoebe with Cole).

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, the girls discover the truth about Cole - he is the Source.

    • When Piper picks up a potion to destroy the Grimiore, she throws the potion and misses, and then wonders why it doesn't work!

    • In the earlier season 4 episode "Saving Private Leo", when Cole is interviewing Julie, his demonic secretary, he asks her what powers she has and she mentions, amongst others, fireballs. However, in this episode she throws energy balls not fireballs.

    • When Cole, as the Source, beheads the guard in the beginning, the middle of the blade severs the head. When the blade is shown all the blood is up by the handle and is dripping down.

    • When Phoebe is telling her sisters she is pregnant, you can clearly see and hear that she is wearing white high heeled shoes. Later, when she abruptly leaves for work while talking to Cole, you can still hear the heels of her shoes on the floor, but after she picks up her bag and jacket and moves towards the elevator, you can clearly see she has on some bulky black boots.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Phoebe vanquishes Julie, Cole's assistant)
      Phoebe: Home-wrecker.
      Paige: Okay, Phoebe, you're scaring us.

    • Piper: "Screw the power of three"?
      Paige: Those were her words exactly. And then she practically flattened me while storming out of her office.
      Piper: Well, that sounds more than just hormones.
      Paige: Yeah. She was a little pissed.
      Piper: About what? Oh, Paige! You didn't! You told her about Cole?
      Paige: She was gonna find out eventually!
      Piper: Yeah. When we decided it was the right time to tell her. Now she's probably never gonna speak to us again! You might as well have crowned the new Source yourself!

    • Wizard: What's taking so long?
      Piper: Quiet!

    • Paige: I thought only evil could touch that book.
      (Phoebe touches the book)
      Phoebe: That's right.
      Piper: Phoebe, what's going on?
      Phoebe: I'm embracing my new destiny.
      (Phoebe and Cole flame out)
      Piper: What the hell just happened?
      Seer: That was the Source... and his Queen.

    • Piper (talking about the wizard): I can't believe we let that slimy Lord of the Rings wannabe use us like that.

    • Wizard (uses his illusions to get himself toast): Have you got any jam?

    • Phoebe: I'm pregnant.
      Piper: You're what?
      Paige: Oh my God, from Cole?

    • Piper: Well maybe you haven't heard. There's a new Source, the old one is dead.
      Paige: Yeah, we already kicked his sorry ass.
      Wizard: He didn't die. He was reborn into a new sorry ass. Wait, that didn't come out right.

    • Wizard: Merlin was an over-rated hack. Tell me he's not the only wizard you've heard about.
      Paige: Does Harry Potter count?

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Jsme na návštěvě u čaroděje (We Are Paying the Wizard a Visit) France: L'enchanteur (The wizard) Italy: Il Grimoire (The Grimoire) Germany: Die Krönung (The coronation)

    • This episode scored 4.2 million viewers.


    • Piper (talking about the wizard): I can't believe we let that slimy Lord of the Rings wannabe use us like that!

      This is a reference to the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy that was introduced in 2001, and was based on the books by J.R.R. Tolkien.

    • Title: We're Off to See the Wizard

      This is a reference to the famous song from the 1939 film "The Wizard of Oz".

    • Paige: Does Harry Potter count?

      Harry Potter is a young wizard and the main character in a very popular series of books (and subsequent movies) created by author J.K. Rowling.