Season 4 Episode 19

We're Off to See the Wizard

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2002 on The WB

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  • A good one.

    See this is where it's also annoying Paige is always "demon this, demon Cole that" like you have NO REASON to believe he's a demon. This is why I like Piper's anti-Cole. At least hers is mostly rational, and she's not condemning a man just because.

    BUT In their sort of defense, Phoebe was being a bit blind. I mean most of the 'fact's' Paige claims to have, are pretty ridiculous, but once they add up it is something you can at least question and not blindly ignore. But in her defense Cole is like the perfect husband to her, so why be suspicious of a man like that. Especially when there's more facts to attest to Cole being a good man than a bad one so.

    Paige acting like it's Phoebe's fault she's not there "rolls eyes - urgh hormones" .. um no that is NOT what happened at all. It's not like you said "hi Phoebe' and she said "oh eff you Paige get away from me" which is how you're trying to make it seem.

    I liked the wizard, he was good. Especially the loop he played and how long it took Piper to realise.
  • We're Off to See the Wizard

    We're Off to See the Wizard was another exciting and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written, developed and acted. There was a lot of character depth and plot progression as Cole/The Source prepared to be inaugurated with his Queen, Phoebe, at his side. The Seer had a hand in manipulating the situations and it was great to see her in action. Paige tells Phoebe her concerns about Cole. This was a perfect episode where the dark side and evil seems to have the upper hand. I was very entertained and certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Better to rule in Hell than to serve in San Fran...

    And thus begins what is essentially a two episode storyline that would be the darkest in series history- the Dark Phoebe story arc.

    This really shouldn't have come as any huge surprise. From the beginning we had to know that at some point the writers would allow Phoebe to play the dark side for more than just a part of an episode; it has always been obvious how good Alyssa is at it.

    This is basically Charmed's famous mix of comedy with dark drama, with the wizard supplying most of the comedy. Once again, there is early strife between Paige and Phoebe, over Cole. Fortunately, the whole mystery of Cole as the Source and the conflict between Paige and Phoebe over it will be finished at the end of this episode. As I have mentioned before, this is a prime strength of the series: the rapid progression of the story arcs. It would have been truly tedious to deal with Cole as the Source without the sisters knowing for even another episode. Instead, the writers cut it short, reveal the secret, and move on. Thank you.

    This is Debbie Morgan's best episode, as the Seer dominates the end of the show, manipulating both Cole and Phoebe one more time. Her character is fabulously written, and the delivery by Morgan is spectacular. Loved it. The camera going to her after Phoebe and Cole take the walk really reveals her as the mastermind behind this entire storyline. As i said before, the writers do very well here to establish Paige as the real heroine of the story who attempted to warn her sisters of the danger. Her mistrust of Cole is actually very similar to Prue's, and it is quite possible that much of this episode was conceived while Prue was still on the show. Regardless of how we got there, the final scene with Cole and Phoebe walking up to get crowned in the Underworld is one of the most dramatic scenes in series history. Absolutely fantastic! Until Forever Charmed, it probably made Long Live the Queen the most anticipated episode in series history.
  • Phoebe's Issues and Paige

    I am so suprised that Demons are against Cole's wife's love. Cole shows true love to Phoebe since she told him that she is pregnant. It is UNPLANNED PREGNANT! I felt that Phoebe is NOT ready for having baby. Cole seem ready and excited but demons told him that he have choices to pick. Demons refused allowed Cole to get true love and happy. I am so suprised for it. I am so against of Paige. Paige dislike Cole since Phoebe married him after it. Paige acts stinky attidute to him. Phoebe was outraged to Paige because Paige hate Cole and want Phoebe come back to Manor permantent! I hate Paige since I knew it! Phoebe and Cole are so perfect couple in this show!
  • It's official, Phoebe is expecting.

    Lots going on here! Phoebe learns that she is pregnant and tells Piper and Paige the news, along with the fact that Cole is the Daddy-to-be. The girls aren't sure what they think of THAT particular piece of information, but they have other things on their minds because, as usual, there is trouble in the underworld which, again, as usual, involves Cole and, naturally, the sisters get caught up in the whole thing. The sisters want to help a powerful wizard stop the new Source from being crowned, completely oblivious to the fact that the intended 'royal one' is Cole.

    This entire upcoming story arc is excellent. Alyssa Milano gives some of her best performances here and kudos to Julian McMahon for great work too. Terrific television, a must-see.
  • The one Grimoire to rule them all.

    The demon is finally out of the bag. Charmed will never reach this level of darkness again. While the episode has suffered over the years due to one too many viewings, it's still a really strong offering from the show. It's an hour that toys with the idea that things may very well work out, an excruciating occurrence on Charmed. But just as Cole is about to relinquish his powers, Phoebe embraces her dark side, no thanks to The Seer, and chooses Dark Magic over her sisters. 'Screw the power of 3' indeed. Strong performances and a solid script continues an impressive streak of Charmed episodes.
  • The Grimoire Reaper

    We're Off To See The Wizard-Phoebe tells Piper and Paige that she is pregnant, and that Cole is the father. Meanwhile, Piper and Paige team up with a wizard to stop the coronation of the new Source, unaware that it is Cole and Phoebe is soon to be his Queen of the Underworld.

    Now, here begins the darkest and finest story arc the writers ever came up with in Charmed's 8 year run as dark secrets are finally revealed and Phoebe makes a shocking decision. The concept of the Grimoire is brilliant, if not a bit obvious as it with it being the evil equivalent of the Book of Shadows. Also, the coronation plot is well written and the involvment of the wizard makes it so much more entertaining. Armin Shimerman, best known for playing Principal Snyder on "Buffy", is wonderful as the tricky, charismatic wizard and nearly steals the show in every scene, especially this scene between him and Paige:

    Paige(talking about the Source: "Well, we vanquished his sorry a$$."

    Wizard: "Actually, he was just reborn into another sorry a$$...wait...that came out wrong."

    There are tons of shocking revelations throughout, with most of them involving Phoebe. First, Phoebe reveals to her sisters that she's pregnant, which is shocking since the child will obvious be part demonic, if not all. The family dilemma it brings is excellently played by the leads, epsecially when Paige tells Phoebe about her and Piper's suspicions over Cole. Then there's the scene where Phoebe discovering her terrifying new power to throw fire, fears that she might be evil. After that, she finds out the fact Cole is a demon again, not to mention, the Seer seduces her to the side of evil, which Phoebe accepts whole heartedly. With so many dark plot developments, you would think an actress would have a hard time keeping up but Alyssa Milano gives a fine performance throughout, making Phoebe's transition from good to evil seem quite surreal.

    Other great twists is the wizard double crossing the sisters after they get the Grimoire and the Seer hiring Julie to seduce Cole to carry his child. I can't stop praising Debbi Morgan, everytime she's on screen, her performances just make episodes 10 times better and the scene where she seduces Phoebe to the dark side is flawless. The ending of the episode brings a sense of hopelessness and doom, which is surprising since Charmed is mostly light hearted all the time. But this time, the sisters have not only lost to evil, but they have lost a sister again to evil which leads to another classic hour of Charmed next episode. All and All, "We're Off To See the Wizard" is a superb first parter to the "Dark Phoebe" arc with such excellent acting and shocking revelations.
  • Going underground

    Lousy title, awesome episode. From the word "go" it's foot to the floor and the ending must surely rate as one of the best ever. Top marks to the writers for having the balls to go through with such a dark storyline.

    Everyone's up against it this week. Paige and Piper must warn Phoebe about Cole. Cole must defeat the Source. The Source must get his book back. The Seer must tempt Phoebe to the dark side. And Phoebe must make up her own mind about her husband. The sense of urgency is overwhelming and the plot keeps you guessing at every turn. Just when it looks as if Cole is about to kiss the Source goodbye, the Seer shows up and evil wins the day.

    The wizard provides a perfect distraction from the twists and turns of the main story and really adds to the drama at the end. I'm so glad he turns out evil. Guest actor, Armin Shimerman, does a sterling job.

    Phoebe's new flamethrowing power totally rocks. Such a shame she doesn't get to keep it. My only (very slight) criticism is that maybe her transformation happens a little too swiftly. It all seems to hinge on one brief conversation with the Seer. It's a minor point though, and Alyssa handles her descent to the underworld brilliantly.

    This episode will, of course, be remembered as the one in which Phoebe finally succumbs to evil. For me, though, the real tragedy is how close Cole comes to overthrowing the Source. Learning Phoebe is pregnant puts his human side firmly in the driving seat and he so very nearly manages to give away his powers. Sadly for him, it's too little, too late. The very fact that Cole is on top makes him vulnerable to Phoebe's premonitions, and this leads to his downfall.

    A few highlights:

    Cole announcing "I'm going to be a daddy". Could have been really cheesy but with Julian's brilliance it's incredibly touching.

    Phoebe's premonition. Love may be blind but seeing is believing. Perfect timing.

    Julie's vanquish. I'm so glad it was Phoebe who got her. She was a cow.

    A true classic.
  • pheobe has found out that she is pregnant with cole and also found that she has new fire ball powers when she defends her sister,but she also find out that cole is the source and she accepts her being evil to save cole and she went to the his cornation

    well it is a very nice episode .
    it has a lot that goes around in the episodes.
    y found that pheobe is pregnant and also that she is turning to evil.
    and also she knows that cole is the new source but she loves him so much that she even helps him by killing the wizard that wanted to take his powers althiught if she had waited a little longer she would have had him as human again because he was willing to give up his powers to be with her. but i think that even if he had make it , it wouldn't have made any difference cause she is turning into evil and i don't know if her sister can help her or not.

    but what i have on the latest episodes is that pheobe has a prominition power so she sleeps with the man and won't have any prominition about him not even one.
    well i guess the writer wanted that
    well i can't wait to see the rest of it
  • My favourite episode ever !!!

    Piper and Paige team up with a magical Wizard to stop the coronation of a new Source, not realizing that the new head of the Underworld is Cole, It turns out that the wizard is actually evil and is intending to take the Grimoire an evil book of shadows that the counsel need, to give Colee his full power to become the source of all evil and the wizard needs the charmed ones help to get it. Meanwhile Phoebe tells her sisters that she is pregnant and that Cole is the father after Cole is evil and he impregnanted Phoebe this means that their child will be half demon and half witch which leaves Phoebe with a demonic power thst the unborn baby is providing for Phoebe, that she thinks is just her powers advancing.
  • It’s all in the open, Cole is evil and is about to be crowned as the new source.The charmed ones face some life changing decisions.

    I liked this episode’s focus on the sisters relationship, the struggle in everyone’s choices, Paige trying to convince Piper about Cole being evil, Piper realizing it and deciding to do something about it. Phoebe’s tribulation upon finding out she’s pregnant, and the most powerful part of the episode, when she decides to stay with Cole.

    Choosing between family and a spouse, facing the consequences of such choice, good or bad, is something people in real life do too. Also, Cole’s reaction to parenthood was a treat.

    Demons and fiction aside, it was an enjoyable episode with some turning point decisions that prepared the audience for what was to come next.
  • The Underworld has a new queen?

    Finally Piper listens to Paige & decides that Cole may be evil. It's about time!

    They go off to tell pheobe who surprises them with the news that she's pregnant with Cole's baby. I just love it when Cole's evil.

    I just loved the wizard in this episode, and I should have seen that he was actually evil & wanted to vanquish Cole & become the Source.

    The best part of the episode is when Pheobe decides to be crowned Queen of the Underworld alongside Cole. Deciding to choose evil over good. So now what will happen to the Charmed Ones?
  • The Sisters Grimoire

    This episode and the two following are probably the best story arc Charmed ever did in its eight years on the air. Phoebe's descent into evil is excellently written and you can't deny that the acting, at this point, is pretty darn good.

    We're Off to See the Wizard sees a wizard coming to the Halliwells, asking them to steal the Grimoire, the demonic doppelganger of the Book of Shadows. Meanwhile, Phoebe discovers shocking new powers after finding out about her pregnancy and realizes Cole is still evil. But something happens which completely changes the Power of Three.

    The introduction of the Grimoire is an intriguing aspect to Charmed. It's always been a slightly obvious idea to introduce a black magic version of the Book of Shadows and it's good that the writers finally used it.

    Phoebe's transformation is well-written and thankfully not rushed. Charmed has always been a show where good and evil are clearly defined as, well, just that, but this "Dark-Phoebe" arc pushes that out of the way, with some interesting questions raised involving the actual definition of good and evil. Is Phoebe really evil and needs to be vanquished, just like the demons the sisters battle every week? Or is she just "corrupted" by evil? And can she be saved?

    Alyssa Milano never overplays Phoebe's "new destiny" and the transformation is handled with subtlety and grace. The acting all-round is pretty good, with excellent performances from Debbi Morgan and Armin Shimerman and special mention for Julian McMahon, who completely rocks as "evil-Cole".

    Though there is almost a little too much comedy for an episode this late in the season, We're Off to See the Wizard brings up some interesting questions and starts a story arc which is the darkest Charmed ever managed to do.

    Director: Timothy Lonsdale
    Writers: Allison Schapker, Monica Breen
    Rating: B+
  • Pheobe becomes the Queen of Evil. Cole shows his true colors and the Power of Three is once again challenged.

    I am very disturbed by this episode. When Pheobe decides to become the Queen, why doesn\'t her sisters\' magic turn dark, too? Like when Prue married in Season 3?

    If the sister\'s magic is all tied together then when Pheobe made the choise to be the Queen she should have either turned the book evil or broken the Power of Three.