Season 1 Episode 18

When Bad Warlocks Turn Good

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1999 on The WB
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Prue attempts to help a young man, who desires to become a priest in order to avoid fulfilling his destiny as a warlock of the Evil Charmed Ones. Meanwhile, Phoebe tries to get Piper to stop shying away from a date with Josh.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Just no.

    I love Michael, he's an awesomely funny actor, but just no. I paused it at that horse scene just to start writing this. I mean why does she have to interrogate a guy to find out why he's not interested, and just got that horse scene, he sees you can ride a horse and decides to share his deep dark secret?

    I did like Phoebe helping Josh get a date with Piper and people complaining about it seriously - when the man you've fallen for (Which for Piper is believable she is a romantic contrary to popular belief) leaves you, and you meet someone fresh and fun and human, you might be interested in them, doesn't mean you aren't still in love!

    And my god, Prue is annoying when she gets like this. Every time she sees a guy who's attractive she automatically goes completely out of character, the wrestling episode in S3 pisses me off the most about her. She becomes the biggest hypocrite and self-righteous person in episodes like this.

    But I'd be seriously suing the guy who was belaying Piper at the rock climbing course. The moment she lost grip of the wall she should've been floating there not falling to the ground! And if she wasn't being belayed that is hardly beginner friendly!

    Fashion - Phoebe as always was quite cute.moreless
  • When Bad Warlocks Turn Good

    When Bad Warlocks Turn Good was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development along with action, drama, and suspense. I liked the story and found it engaging as well as enhancing the characters. Andy decides to confront Prue directly after her name comes up in another investigation with mysterious circumstances. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • When Prue becomes Paige...

    The writers might have modeled Paige's entire character off of this one episode. In this slightly below average Charmed episode, though entertaining at times, Prue somewhat goes out of character by throwing all of her caution and overprotectiveness out the window for a guy she just met that she is absolutely CONVINCED is good, despite the concerns of her sisters and all circumstances. Sound familiar? If you have seen Seasons 4-8, then it should. Problem is- that IS Paige's character. Prue? Not so much. What happened to the protect her sisters at all costs that we just saw in "Which Prue is it, anyway?" Here Prue has a warlock sleep over. Hahahaha....

    This is also a rare romantic interest for Prue, outside of Andy.

    The entire Josh thing is just lame. Doesn't Piper confess her love for Leo in just a couple episodes? Well, how does that make any sense if she is dating Josh? Stupid, but this kind of behavior will last throughout the series, unfortunately. And what is with Phoebe and practically forcing Josh on her? Where is HER boyfriend? Hahaha... maybe she should be looking in the mirror. I thought SHE was the one that was all about love.

    Anyway, what I liked about the episode was the guest actor, who I found very likable and believable. I thought he had decent enough chemistry with Prue. The demons were perhaps too powerful, and their vanquish was original, though somewhat lame. I would have preferred the sisters and Brandon teamed up to dispose of them, but whatever.

    Prue merely got what she deserved from Andy here, but he doesn't have to worry. He'll find out her secret as soon as next episode.moreless
  • When Good Seasons Turn Bad

    An incredibly boring episode which is one of the first Charmed hours which I've never fully paid attention to, When Bad Warlocks Go Good has an interesting dilemma at the core of the episode, but it just isn't very well written and ends up feeling disjointed and hollow.

    The episode has Prue falling for a young priest, Brendan, who is in fact half-warlock. Prue must save him from his two warlock brothers, who are attempting to lure Brendan to the dark side in order to fulfill the prophecy of the Rowe coven, which turns the three brothers into the evil equivalent of the Charmed Ones.

    This hour could have been very good, with an intriguing main storyline and some decent guest characters, but turns out to be extremely dull and very lifeless. The relationship between Prue and Brendan doesn't convince and seems slightly forced. It's also really corny, with the horse-riding scene being the most vomit-inducing. I don't like it when religion is thrown in my face on a show which isn't 7th Heaven and this episode has Andy being really religious and wanting to seek vengeance for his priest's murder. It's obviously just something I personally don't like but whatever...

    This isn't a very good episode and I wouldn't encourage anybody to watch it. Unless you like your Charmed charmless...

    Rating: D-moreless
  • The sisters help a young man wishing to become a priest when his warlock half-brothers want him to team with them.

    A young man wishes to join the priesthood. He knows he is half warlock but wants to completely ignore that part of himself and join the church. His two warlock half-brothers are very unimpressed by this as they wish him to join forces with them and become the Un Chosen ones and, by making this alliance, defeat the Halliwell sisters. The brothers do everything in their power to persuade him to join them on the dark side but he refuses and, with the help of the girls and a priest, he is able to continue on the path he has chosen while Prue, Piper and Phoebe, after quite a bit of effort, vanquish the evil brothers. On top of all this, Andy and Prue have a confrontation.

    This isn't a very good episode overall, but the guest actors did a good job, considering that they had a weak script to work with and a rather convoluted plot. Good work from the three main actresses as usual though.moreless
Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty

Prudence 'Prue' Halliwell

Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs

Piper Halliwell

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

Phoebe Halliwell

Ted King

Ted King

Inspector Andy Trudeau

Dorian Gregory

Dorian Gregory

Darryl Morris

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • When Paul is stabbed, blood can be seen on his shirt, but when he pulls out the knife, there is no blood on the knife.

    • TRIVIA: Although it is previously established that Andy believes or is open to belief in witchcraft and the supernatural, this episode tells us Andy was raised Catholic.

    • TRIVIA: The spell that Brendan's brothers use to awaken his warlock side is - "Fratrem nostrum reconciliate, conventum nostrum consummate". This can be tranlated as - "Brother our to restore, coming together our completion".

    • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
      -A Charming Spell by Splashdown

    • Piper is still wearing casual clothes at night to save the victim of the warlocks. She was supposed to be at work so wouldn't she be dressed more nicely?

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks the first time that the concept of evil Charmed Ones has been used. Other evil groupings that are analogous with the Charmed Ones were The Triad, the Stillman sisters, Pilar, Patra and Phoenix, and the sisters Billie and Christy Jenkins.

    • When Prue comes to the church to find Brendan knelt over Father Austin (in warlock form) she later asked if he found the priest like that before or after he turned into a warlock. Brendan said after, and that he turned into a warlock because he saw what his brothers did to Father Austin. The way he answered the question, Brendan actually said he found Father Austin after turning into a warlock, which contradicts what he said to Prue.

    • The woman claims that the knife was felt on her skin. The knife never came close to her skin. It was always a few millimeters away.

    • When Prue and Brandon are going to kiss, Prue's arms are down. As they kiss, Prue's right hand is on her head, but one scene later, Prue's hands are still down.

    • When Piper leaves after rock-climbing with Josh, we can see that she is leaving with the harness that the rope was attached to - wouldn't the rock-climbing people want it back?

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Paul: He should've been here by now. I told you the spell wouldn't work.
      Greg: We still got time.
      Paul: I'm telling you he can't be taken. His mother's blood is too strong in him.
      Greg: Then we will have to kill him.
      Paul: I won't let that happen.
      Greg: You won't have a choice.
      (Brendan enters the room.)
      Paul: Brendan.
      Greg: The spell brought you here. But the rest you have to do on your own, little brother.
      Brendan: I understand.
      Greg: Do you really?
      Brendan: I feel only my power reaching out to yours and yours. To complete our triangle.
      Paul: All it takes is the life of a mortal. And then your initiation is complete.
      Greg: I'm afraid it's gonna take a bit more. We need proof that you have truly turned. To complete the Rowe coven you need to sacrifice a witch. Prue.

    • Piper: Where'd he go?
      Prue: Um, probably to the rectory to get ready.
      Piper: But you're not sure.
      Prue: No, I'm not.
      Piper: What are you gonna do?
      Prue: I'm gonna find him. Wake up Pheebs, okay?
      (Phoebe stands at the doorway.)
      Phoebe: I'm up. Do you want to know what the Book of Shadows says about the Rowe coven?
      Prue: Go.
      Phoebe: It's not good. Ever since the tenth century each generation has grown stronger. Nobody can find a spell or a weapon that can stop them.
      Piper: Some days you just shouldn't get out of bed.
      Prue: Let's just hope the power of three can beat them.
      Phoebe: Unless it's already three against three.

    • Paul: Amazing reflexes. Check it out.
      Greg: Should've kept a closer watch on Brendan over the years. Shouldn't have left him alone.
      Paul: Seriously, you gotta see this, watch.
      Greg: I'm sick and tired of you and this freakin' lizard.
      Paul: Yeah? Too bad. (Greg goes to hit him.) No! (Paul puts up a force field around the chameleon.) I'm sorry, okay. Just stay away from my pet. That's all I ask. Maybe we should let Brendan go. I mean, we don't really need him. It's not like we don't already have our powers.
      Greg: Without his powers we can't complete our triangle. Paul, the prophecy of the Rowe Coven. He must accept his heritage. He must be initiated as a warlock.
      Paul: Initiated how? We can't force him to kill an innocent.
      Greg: Well, maybe not, but we can stir his inner nature. The part he thinks he's suppressed. Make him wanna kill.
      Paul: By tomorrow? Not a chance. Once he's been ordained, he's safe. He can never become a warlock.
      Greg: In which case, we will have to kill him.

    • Greg: Give it up, little brother. You're praying to the wrong deity. Aren't you, Brendan? I mean after all, we can't deny who we are.
      Brendan: You don't scare me, Greg.
      Greg: Sure I do. (He turns into a warlock.) We've come a long way to find you. We're not leaving until you join us.
      Paul: Please, Brendan, we don't want to hurt you.
      (Greg hits Brendan and he falls to the floor.)
      Greg: Did you really think that the church could save you?
      (Greg picks up Brendan up off the floor. He goes to hit him again but Prue enters the church.)
      Prue: Hey! (She uses her power and Greg flies across the room.) Piper! Phoebe!
      Greg: We'll come back for you.
      (They run off.)
      Phoebe: Prue?
      Prue: You guys, over here! (to Brendan) Are you all right?
      Brendan: Yeah, thanks.
      (He runs off.)
      Prue: Wait, where...?
      Piper: Hey!
      Phoebe: What happened?
      Prue: I don't know, but uh, I'm gonna go find out.

    • Brendan: I wake up at night. My heart pounding, a voice whispering in my head: "You're a fraud. You can't fool God."
      Priest: These are not new fears, Brendan. I've watched you grow, wept for you, rejoiced in you, you are not a fraud. I know your heart.
      Brendan: You don't know my family, Father. Generations of evil. Evil that's in my blood.
      Priest: The blood of the sacrament washes it clean.
      (Brendan's brothers arrive.)
      Greg: Hello, Brendan.
      Paul: Long time, no see.
      Brendan: How'd you find me?
      Greg: Yeah, good to see you too. Didn't mean to interrupt your conversation. We'll wait outside for you so we can have a family reunion.

    • Piper: It seems like every guy I've liked lately has been either a warlock, a ghost or otherwise unavailable, like Leo. I was just trying to save myself some grief with Josh.
      Phoebe: But Josh is available. And human too, I think.

    • (As nuns walk past, talking excitedly)
      Piper: Now they've got the right idea.
      Phoebe: Who - the nuns?
      Piper: Yep, nice, safe environment.
      Phoebe: Yeah if you like monks.

    • (Piper is climbing up the wall but slips and falls, Josh catches her right before she hits the ground)
      Piper: Wow, talk about falling for a guy.
      (He puts her down and she freezes him)
      Piper: I can't believe I said that!

    • Prue: I'm just following my instincts, and they've never led me wrong before, at least not when I was really listening to them

    • Phoebe: If you're gonna lose a guy, you might as well lose him to the Big Guy.

    • Phoebe: You know, maybe I didn't do such a bad thing after all.
      Prue: I'd say helping her get over always falling for the wrong guy is a pretty good thing. Now maybe you can help me with it.
      Phoebe: Yeah, that's not fair, losing such a catch like Brendan to the priesthood. God's got all the studs.
      Prue: Well, at least he's not a warlock anymore.
      Phoebe: And at least Piper's not a nun.
      Prue: Oh.
      Phoebe: Right?
      Prue: Right.

    • Prue: Hey, um, you can sleep in my room and I'll sleep with Piper.
      Brendan: Why?
      Prue: Because Phoebe kicks.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Když se zlo mění v dobro (When Evil Turns Into Good) France: Le triangle maléfique (The unholy triangle) Italy: Il demone buono (The good warlock) Germany: Wenn das Böse erwacht (When evil rises)

    • Guest star David Kreigel (Paul the warlock) and Shannen Doherty have previously worked together on the TV series Beverly Hills 90210 when he guest-starred in the second season episode "Meeting Mr. Pony" as a 17-year-old robber who holds her character, Brenda, at gun point.

    • This episode scored 5.6 million viewers.

    • This episode is also known as "When Bad Warlocks Go Good".


    • Title: When Bad Warlocks Turn Good

      This is a reference to the common saying "when (blank) go bad" - where you can fill in whatever you want in the blank section (i.e. animals).