Season 1 Episode 18

When Bad Warlocks Turn Good

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1999 on The WB

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  • Just no.

    I love Michael, he's an awesomely funny actor, but just no. I paused it at that horse scene just to start writing this. I mean why does she have to interrogate a guy to find out why he's not interested, and just got that horse scene, he sees you can ride a horse and decides to share his deep dark secret?

    I did like Phoebe helping Josh get a date with Piper and people complaining about it seriously - when the man you've fallen for (Which for Piper is believable she is a romantic contrary to popular belief) leaves you, and you meet someone fresh and fun and human, you might be interested in them, doesn't mean you aren't still in love!

    And my god, Prue is annoying when she gets like this. Every time she sees a guy who's attractive she automatically goes completely out of character, the wrestling episode in S3 pisses me off the most about her. She becomes the biggest hypocrite and self-righteous person in episodes like this.

    But I'd be seriously suing the guy who was belaying Piper at the rock climbing course. The moment she lost grip of the wall she should've been floating there not falling to the ground! And if she wasn't being belayed that is hardly beginner friendly!

    Fashion - Phoebe as always was quite cute.
  • When Bad Warlocks Turn Good

    When Bad Warlocks Turn Good was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development along with action, drama, and suspense. I liked the story and found it engaging as well as enhancing the characters. Andy decides to confront Prue directly after her name comes up in another investigation with mysterious circumstances. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • When Prue becomes Paige...

    The writers might have modeled Paige's entire character off of this one episode. In this slightly below average Charmed episode, though entertaining at times, Prue somewhat goes out of character by throwing all of her caution and overprotectiveness out the window for a guy she just met that she is absolutely CONVINCED is good, despite the concerns of her sisters and all circumstances. Sound familiar? If you have seen Seasons 4-8, then it should. Problem is- that IS Paige's character. Prue? Not so much. What happened to the protect her sisters at all costs that we just saw in "Which Prue is it, anyway?" Here Prue has a warlock sleep over. Hahahaha....

    This is also a rare romantic interest for Prue, outside of Andy.

    The entire Josh thing is just lame. Doesn't Piper confess her love for Leo in just a couple episodes? Well, how does that make any sense if she is dating Josh? Stupid, but this kind of behavior will last throughout the series, unfortunately. And what is with Phoebe and practically forcing Josh on her? Where is HER boyfriend? Hahaha... maybe she should be looking in the mirror. I thought SHE was the one that was all about love.

    Anyway, what I liked about the episode was the guest actor, who I found very likable and believable. I thought he had decent enough chemistry with Prue. The demons were perhaps too powerful, and their vanquish was original, though somewhat lame. I would have preferred the sisters and Brandon teamed up to dispose of them, but whatever.

    Prue merely got what she deserved from Andy here, but he doesn't have to worry. He'll find out her secret as soon as next episode.
  • When Good Seasons Turn Bad

    An incredibly boring episode which is one of the first Charmed hours which I've never fully paid attention to, When Bad Warlocks Go Good has an interesting dilemma at the core of the episode, but it just isn't very well written and ends up feeling disjointed and hollow.

    The episode has Prue falling for a young priest, Brendan, who is in fact half-warlock. Prue must save him from his two warlock brothers, who are attempting to lure Brendan to the dark side in order to fulfill the prophecy of the Rowe coven, which turns the three brothers into the evil equivalent of the Charmed Ones.

    This hour could have been very good, with an intriguing main storyline and some decent guest characters, but turns out to be extremely dull and very lifeless. The relationship between Prue and Brendan doesn't convince and seems slightly forced. It's also really corny, with the horse-riding scene being the most vomit-inducing. I don't like it when religion is thrown in my face on a show which isn't 7th Heaven and this episode has Andy being really religious and wanting to seek vengeance for his priest's murder. It's obviously just something I personally don't like but whatever...

    This isn't a very good episode and I wouldn't encourage anybody to watch it. Unless you like your Charmed charmless...

    Rating: D-
  • The sisters help a young man wishing to become a priest when his warlock half-brothers want him to team with them.

    A young man wishes to join the priesthood. He knows he is half warlock but wants to completely ignore that part of himself and join the church. His two warlock half-brothers are very unimpressed by this as they wish him to join forces with them and become the Un Chosen ones and, by making this alliance, defeat the Halliwell sisters. The brothers do everything in their power to persuade him to join them on the dark side but he refuses and, with the help of the girls and a priest, he is able to continue on the path he has chosen while Prue, Piper and Phoebe, after quite a bit of effort, vanquish the evil brothers. On top of all this, Andy and Prue have a confrontation.

    This isn't a very good episode overall, but the guest actors did a good job, considering that they had a weak script to work with and a rather convoluted plot. Good work from the three main actresses as usual though.
  • Phoebe has a vision which leads Prue to save a man from Warlocks at a church. The man who is about to become a priest is their half brother and destined to be the third of the UnCharmed Ones. Prue attempts to save him from the evil within him.

    An entertaining episode with an interesting plot line. If someone is destined to be good or evil can their destiny be changed by pure force of will? Brendan Rowe played by Michael Weatherly knows he is half Warlock from birth. He has decided to change his destiny by embracing the church and becoming a priest. Unfortunately that is not OK with his two half brothers who wish for him to finish their triangle and become the UnChosen Ones. Three Warlocks with unstoppable evil powers.

    Prue and the sisters reluctantly decide to help Brendan and fight the brothers to save him. The brothers harm the priest who has been helping Brendan and Andy and Darryl get involved because the priest is attacked.

    Andy suspects Prue is involved as he is tracking Brendan and when a young mother is attacked and then the brothers try to sacrifice her the sisters intervene and save the mother and Brendan. The mother hears both Brendan and Prue's names mentioned even though she is blindfolded.

    Andy and Prue have an ugly confrontation at the manor but he keeps his cool and leaves.

    The brothers have not given up. In the end Brendan saves himself and his half brothers are vanquished with Prue and her sisters help. Brendan completes his vows to become a priest and all is right with the world.

    In a small secondary story Phoebe gets Piper to start dating again with Josh the man she met on Friday the 13th.

    An entertaining story but a little slow in places. Not as good as some of the really terrific episodes we've seen this season but worth watching for sure. Thanks for reading...

    Just got into this show recently, great show! Every episode before this kept my attention. But this story- so boring! Churches, priests, warlocks? Stale bread, tap water, and ramen noodles! Warlocks are NOT interesting, sick of the stories on them. 100 words minimum? No caps? God is this site picky!!! take this. this episode and the moderators of this site- bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad.
  • Disappointing and a return to the boringness of earlier episodes

    The concept of a Warlock (who just happens to be the third brother of the Charmed ones warlock counterparts) wanting to amend his ways and become a priest is interesting but the actual episode was just boring.

    I'm not a religious person so I couldn't give much of a toss in the first place but the fact that his brother's were so charactertured didn't help matters. The idea that actually becoming a priest would wash him of his sins and therefore they couldn't become the Charmed warlocks felt to me like it was far too black and white. If it wasn't for his brothers then we could have had an episode where the wannabe priest Warlock wrestled with his own heritage, instead they just influence him by magic. Like I said the idea was good but the execution was not.

    Interesting to find out that Piper has commitment issues mainly because of Leo. Even though she told them the truth Phoebe is keeping her mouth shut about Leo's secret still.

    So on a whole, Disappointing
  • When Bad Episodes Get Worse

    When Bad Warlocks Turn Good-Prue attempts to help a young man, who desires to become a priest in order to avoid fulfilling his destiny as a warlock of the Evil Charmed Ones. Meanwhile, Phoebe tries to get Piper to stop shying away from a date with Josh.

    What starts out as a very intriguing and dark episodes is quickly dragged done by uninspired performances and some scenes that are as dull as dirt. A pre-"Dark Angel" Michael Weatherly is quite mediocre in the role and the character just suffers. His only redeeming scenes are with Shannen Doherty, minus the ridiculous and random horseback riding scene...ehw! Anyway, Shannen pretty much carries the whole episode with Holly and Alyssa providing some good supporting performances, but the episode just doesn't hold together and the concept falls flat on it's head. The Evil Charmed Ones is a cool idea, if not obvious plot development, but the writers devoid the storyline of it's full potential. Would it have been to much to have seen the Charmed Ones and the Evil Charmed Ones go up against each other with Brendon finally chosening good just in time to destory his brothers?

    Shawn Christian (Josh) and Nick Kokotakis (Greg) are also poor in their roles. Shawn Christian tries too hard, but it's obvious his a limited actor and Nick Kokotakis just stands there mostly with his annoying blank emotionless expression. Frank Birney is also awful as Father Austin with his monotone delievery and awkward reactions like the scene between him and Prue which just dragged too no end. Then there was Andy who was very annoying in this episode as he mourns for the death of Father Austin by being a a$$**** to Prue trying to get information off her. Also, I found the scene when Brendon almost killing Prue to be laugable, especially his delievery of the line:

    Brendon: "Did I hurt you?"

    Yes, your acting did! By episode end, Brendon becomes a priest, couldn't the writers have saved 40 mintues and just had Brendon locked in the church for a couple of days until it was priest time. All and All, a rather dull and boring episode with bad performances from the guest stars and a decent plot turned into crap by end.
  • Sometimes good comes from evil...

    Brendan Rowe belongs to a family of evil warlocks, and his two brothers are waiting for him to complete a death ritual and together become the "evil power of three". However, Brendan wants to be ordained as a priest to escape from his fate. After a Phoebe gets a premonition, Prue meets Brendan and decides to help him to rescue his soul from the dark side. Meanwhile his brothers decide to kill him if he does not become an evil being.

    "When Bad Warlocks Turn Good" is good episode of "Charmed", with another battle between the good and the evil. The secondary story is about a romance between Piper and Josh, whom we've met in "Is There a Woogy in the House?".
  • Prue helps a trainee priest Brendan Rowe stear clear of his warlock brothers, who want him to join the Rowe Coven so that they can become immensely powerful and unstoppable

    A rather dissapointing episode, with very unimportant plots and storyline. The whole story seemed rushed and badly wrapped up with limited drama which very rarely happens in Charmed. The actors who played the Warlock brothers gave a very weak and unimpressive performance, with the three leads giving great performances as usual.

    Prue chasing Brendan on a horse seemed a little strange, but I guess funner then seeing her chase him on foot. The one thing I did like about this episode is Prue's feelings on instincts, and I agree that if you have strong instincts you should follow them, becuase you never know if they will be right

    Prue's instincts were right of course, as Brendan finally stood up against his brother in the final fight sequence, which in my opinion was the worst part of the show, the brothers end up killing each other, I would rather see the girls killing them, but hey that's what you'd expect from an average episode

    Overall, a rather weak episode and a step down from the previous episodes
  • Saving brother Brendan

    This is one of a number of episodes in which the sisters come up against another magical threesome, this time in the shape of three warlock brothers who are destined to become the evil Charmed Ones. The only problem is that the youngest brother doesn't want to play; he wants to become a priest.

    This actually makes for quite a good storyline and, with three pretty decent guest actors, this is a good instalment, despite the sleep-inducing subplot (Piper goes rock climbing and leaves Phoebe to run Quake). I mean, I realise Prue and Brendan needed to be alone to make their scenes work but surely the other two could have been given something more meaningful to do?

    The two elder brothers did have very cool powers, and the way they seemed totally nonplussed by the sisters made a refreshing change. We all knew Brendan would turn out good, of course, but the way his two brothers vanquished each other was a good twist. I felt a little sorry for Paul, as he didn't seem all that evil but, with his taste in clothes, the world was probably better off without him.

    I didn't get the whole scary ears and noses thing. Other warlocks don't change appearance when they are being evil. I think perhaps the writers got them mixed up with demons. And Prue on horseback? I guess there's a first time for everything.
  • I didn't like this episode or maybe i's just me ??

    Brendan seeks to become a priest so as to avoid fulfilling his destiny as a warlock to complete the triangle of the Evil Charmed Ones with his half-brothers. Prue tries to help Brendan resist the urge to succumb to his evil side and stay on the right path, after witnessing a confrontation between him and his brothers. Meanwhile, Phoebe tries to get Piper to stop shying away from a date with Josh.

    Pretty boring nad not my favourite story line :( sad a waste of an hour for me.
  • Prue tries to help a warlock who is trying to stay good.

    Not a the worst episode but not one of my favorites. I liked the story line with the ½ warlock Brendon struggling to stay good while his warlock brothers try and turn him. The subplot was a little annoying to me the way Phoebe kept trying to get Piper to go out with Josh. I can’t put my finger on why I didn’t like it better. I guess it was an interesting story but when played out I found it a little dull (if that makes any sense).
  • the evil charmed ones

    A priest is killed by two demons who have a strange connection to his friend another priest. Brendan is hiding something and the sisters plan on finding out what it is. The demons go by the names of Paul and Greg. We find out that if Brendan kills an innocent he will become evil and the three brothers will become the evil power of three. Brendan wants to be good but when his brothers help him to turn against brendans wishes an innocent is almost lost. The sisters help out and vanquish Paul and Greg. Phoebe tries to get Piper to go out on a date with Josh.
  • Piper is already saving herself for Leo. Phoebe is a busy body. Usually she is focused on herself. This is forshadowing how she develops later in the series. Can Pru ever smile? No real character development for her this time.

    It is really tough to believe that there is no one else at the restaurant to deal with the water leak. The script is weak. They use the same lines for the little girl on the horse and for Piper on the rocks. Doesn't Pru ever work? It was nice to see Piper doing something besides work. The exercise theme is not used enough. In the future shows, there are some jogging scenes and of course there is the hand to hand combat scenes with Cole....

    Branden is so willing to die. He has worked so hard to be good. It seems that he should want to fight to live.
  • Shouldn't unstoppable warlocks be scary?

    This episode had the potential to be much better than it was. The subplot involving Piper and Phoebe was cute, and certainly in character, after everything that Piper had been through in her love life during season 1. But the idea that Piper envies nuns...come on. Even in season 1, it was evident that Piper was an incurable romantic. The real power of the main plot lies in the conflict between Andy and Prue, but this gets hardly any air time. Andy's known Prue his whole life, yet he's on a downward spiral of coming to believe that she could be involved with something truly evil. Where's his anguish? Prue knows he distrusts her—where's her sense of betrayal? Where's her guilt that her secret is causing him such turmoil? And why aren't these warlocks scarier? Why don't they try to kill the Charmed Ones? Brendan says they could have if they'd wanted to. Why wouldn't they want to? And the idea of Paul the warlock giving his life to save his half-human brother just isn't believable. The scene of the sacrifice, with Brendan fighting his evil nature, should have been dark and suspenseful. Instead, we got the PG version. Either do the scene right or don't do it. The episode tried to do too many things and ended up doing none of them well. Plot was sacrificed for the development of one-episode characters, two of whom were pure evil and therefore undeserving of any character development at all. The doomed attraction between Prue and Brendan didn't inspire any tears (contrast that with Piper and Mark in "Dead Man Dating"). In fact, this episode didn't inspire much of anything.
  • Prue, the priest and the snore.

    As fond as I am of Prue and Shannen Doherty, Season One just isn’t their season. Prue gets a ton of episodes just to herself, and most of these, this included, are just a big snore fest.

    When Bad Warlocks Turn Good is a standard, unoriginal Charmed episode, featuring the usual warlock, the usual Prue is the leader scene and of course a one-episode-romance. Shannen has on many occasions proven to be an excellent actress, but she does not convince in this episode. The fact that everything from the main story to the ridiculously dull sub plot about Piper and her not daring to go out on dates, are just not making things any better. The idea of the “Evil Charmed Ones” is just plain bad, and badly executed, and the warlocks themselves are as original and threatening as a bowl of milk.

    Andy continues to bore me to death, and his suspicion of the sisters is getting so old. When Bad Warlocks… is just an embodiment of all the things that are wrong with Season One; cheesy demons, ay too stand-alone episodes, bad acting and writing, and overly moral conclusions.

    All-in-all, When Bad Warlocks… is a mighty disappointing hour of Charmed, with few good parts, and mostly just scene after scene filled with snores and yawns.
  • not the best episode

    this episode was b-o-a-r-i-n-g, boaring.i love charmed and all but this episode was just not the best.i mean it is good that they killed the worlocks and that 1 of them became good but this episode is not worth watching.i would rather be watching somthing else,somthing not boaring.this episode was one of my least favorite.i would watch it once in a while but not a lot.i like it a little bit but it is still a stupid episode.if i was watchimg tv and this episode came up i would change the not saying that the actors were bad or anything just the episode.
  • Stupid and boring

    Weird, and boring. This episode is one of my least favorite of all. It is so boring and it is stupid. If someone was just tuning into Charmed and this was on this one could turn someone away forever. There is several episodes in season one that just are not worth watching. I am glad the series stayed so we could see all the goods one that were to come
  • boring...

    the only cool thing about this episode is that they kiled the evil charmed ones! thats the only good thing. theres realy notin to say. a priest almost gets kiled, a (almost) warlock got to be a priest and not be evil. i mean thats a good thing but the episode was boring.
  • great episode

    in this episode Michael Weatherly (Brendan Rowe) who played logan on dark angel, plays a man who needs prue 's help in order for him to become a priest. This because his brothers want him to furfill his evil destiny as a warlock and become part of the Evil Charmed Ones.
    I think the brendan and prue relationship thing was a nice angle in this episode, even if it furfilled the whole losing guys thing for the sisters, in this case to God because he still became a priest even after his brothers were destroyed. i think he could have resisted evil and not become a priest and prue could have a love interest.

    Acting 9/10
    Story 8/10
    overall 8/10